6 Common Myths busted for the insurance agent exam

Recent years have witnessed the absolute rise in the insurance agent exam owing to the vast vacancies for a chain of specialization within the insurance companies. As per the growing number of insurance companies is concerned, the need for the required number of man force is equally important. The conduction of the exam is subject to the deployment of the desired amount of candidates to fill their job positions.

The intense competition arises the increase in the number of exam applicants. Still, the facts regarding the insurance agent exams undergo certain misconceptions owing to its unfamiliarity among the majority. The insurance agent exam is conducted by the insurance companies to fill their various positions of manpower in the diverse scale of operations. People who aspire to work with insurance companies, insurance agent exam, can be overwhelming to an extent where they feel that they don’t stand a chance.

General myths regarding insurance agent exam:

The myth factor arises due to several misconceptions regarding the idea of the concerned topic. Likewise is the case of an insurance agent exam where a major unfamiliarity still prevails. It is the direct outcome of the unglorified facts of the term insurance. As the popularity of insurance is relevant to the limited group of people opting for it. The untrue realities and ideas regarding the insurance agent exam refrain the people from choosing it.

Followings are the common myths about the insurance agent exam:

Need for high educational qualification:

educational qualification

One of the most common misconceptions affecting the existence of an insurance agent exam is the context of the eligibility criteria for appearing in the examination. It is misbelieved that one should possess knowledge in the respective subjects. But in reality, the minimum qualification to enter the exam is minimum graduation in any subject. You can even start your career as an insurance agent after merely completing secondary school. Thus creating ease to begin your career immediately at the early phase.

The requirement of a good command in English:

Although a good command in English is a must to qualify in several other examinations. An insurance agent exam is conducted to test your interpersonal skills and aptitude. Your command over English has nothing to do with qualifying for the insurance agent exam. Due to the fear of lack of unproficiency in the English language, many candidates step back from appearing in the exam and fail to execute their career plans.

It is better to belong from a commerce background:

It is wrong to conclude that only the commerce candidates have access to the insurance agent exam. There are plenty of candidates from different backgrounds, including science, engineering, and arts into this field. Every year, the insurance agent exam witnesses candidates of diverse careers appearing for the exam. Besides proper guidance and assistance in work are provided by the seniors who create an environment of growth through learning. Adequate training would be provided during the probation period until you become a successful insurance agent.

Cracking the exam depends upon luck:


The luck factor does not justify the clearance of your insurance agent exam. Getting through the insurance agent exam depends on the amount of your hard work and dedication. Thus it is wrong to state that one cannot succeed in the insurance agent exam despite his eligibility and good performance.

Self-study is not sufficient:

Yet another myth persists over the factor concerning the mode of study. According to this myth, one shall opt for regular coaching classes to pass the insurance agent exam and for which self-studies would be considered weak. Contrary to the misbelief, one can easily pass the exam by conducting a proper time on self-study. There is no need for long-duration coaching classes that consumes the maximum amount of your time.

People with higher IQs can get through the exam:


Well, this information is untrue to the best of the knowledge. IQ is never a factor concerning the insurance agent exam. To be brief with the context, the insurance agent exam is all about sharpening your skills related to the relevant topic of insurance. It has nothing to do with a whole lot of external knowledge, unlike the case of civil examinations.

These myths harm the preparation of the aspirants, thus offering a chance to back out from the chosen career field. The irrelevant knowledge and false assumptions often mislead the candidates over selecting their desired career path.

This article is specially designed to drive out the present myths in the minds of the candidates who want to fulfill their career in this field. So go ahead, breaking the boundaries of the fear arisen by the myths and give a kick to your career as an insurance agent and to know more about the insurance agent exam click here.

We wish you all the best!

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