6 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Home


13 February 2018

Real Estate

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There are 101 things to know before selling your house. However, you cannot possibly take care of everything, but there are very important things that you ought to bear in mind. Getting cash for your home must be your main goal and knowing the following things will help you get the best value for your home.

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1. People Want To Envision Themselves Living Inside The House

That is right, so go ahead and get rid of all of your personal items from the house. Make it as neutral as possible so that other people who want to see the house can envision themselves living there in their mind. You cannot take chances with this. To remove your personal effects, but you can maybe leave a curtain, a few things just so you can stage the home for the buyers. You want them to see how they would fit in the home.

2. Homes Sell Faster When Sold By Realtors

Only 10% of all the homes for sale by owner are going to be sold. And this is on a higher side. The rest 90 percent will have to be handed over to real estate agent to sell them. You could think that yours will be among the ten percent that sells, but in most cases, this is not true. Therefore, you should enlist the assistance of a real estate agent if you would like to make some good money out of the home and if you would like to sell it faster. If you still want to sell your site by yourself, know the normal steps in the home selling process.

3. Buyers Know The Prices Of Similar Properties In The Area

That is right, buyers know the prices of similar properties in the area and therefore overpricing your home is not going to help at all. Because you will buy another home after selling the current one, are you going to just pop into the market and take the first one you come to? Apparently not. You will do research, find the market rates and then you will be crazily determined not to pay a dime more than you should pay. Now, set the price right, after you know that.

4. Non-Disclosure Can Cost You A Lot In Future

If you do not disclose any issues that the house may be suffering, you may have a legal tussle in the future. Of course, buyers know that house have effects and they will not be unreasonable when pushing you to disclose the issues in your house. Hire a house inspector to do a full report so that you can take care of any repairs to make more money, or make sure to disclose them to the buyer.

5. Buyers Are Not Going To Buy A Dirty Home When There Is A Clean One

No buyer wants to buy a dirty home and in any case, any buyer wants to visualize a home for sale just the way they think they will be living inside the home. Thus, do take the time, or pay someone to spruce up the house. If you know you will sell your home in the near future, you ought to give it a touch of paint. That is the only way that you are going to get some good money out of the home. Remove your trash, get all the junk out of the garage, and dust the place up.

6. Some Buyers Are Not Really Buyers

Many people get annoyed when so many people turn up to see home but it soon becomes clear that they do not intend to buy. However, be courteous, it comes with the business. Many people just pass by to see what is on offer, or just because they are in the neighborhood.

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Home Renovation

Top 3 Home Renovation Considerations for this Spring

Finding the lowest priced home in the best location possible, while ideal, is like finding a diamond in the rough. Home buyers will search high and low, near and far to find the perfect new living space. This presents a terrific opportunity for you as a potential home seller to make the look of your home your selling point. Home Renovation projects can make things more effective for you. It can help your home to look more beautiful and organized than before. Different Ways Home Renovation Projects Can Help You In Future    There are multiple ways home renovation projects can help you in future. In this article, you will get the complete details of it from your end. If you are serious about this flipping, and renovation of real estate, you can take help from the experts at A&A in Singapore. 1. Home Improvements Will Help You Sell: Upgrading the look of your home — both the outside curb appeal and the indoor aesthetics will help make a solid first impression.It’s likely you’ll find that people are willing to go the extra mile — and spend the extra dollar — in exchange for a certain standard of living. It’s human nature to want to make the most of your nest.Unless you’re selling to an investor in the business of flipping houses, you’d be hard-pressed to find a buyer that will overlook issues with design and layout – and if you do, they’re going to expect a lower price tag to account for the money they’ll have to put into renovating themselves.That also means, more often than not, they’re willing to a spend a little extra for the extras: the bay windows, the awnings, the solarium, the heated floors — you get the idea.A good first step in deciding what features you’d like to invest in is to create an inspiration board and establish some creative direction. That way, you have some idea of where you want to go with woods, moldings, and carpeting. It’s a good exercise in design to reconcile different design picks to complement what you already have. 2. Budgeting is Key: Just like your mother always told you, budget, pre-budget, and then budget again. It’s best practice to inflate your numbers so that you’re accounting for any unexpected expenses that may arise.During the hustle and bustle of prepping your home for sale, costs can inflate, and so you’re going to want to anticipate any potential problems. If you’re making any window or door replacements, make sure you find a reputable installation company that you can trust with making the most of your home improvement budget. The right company that brings transparency and customer service to the fore can help you say goodbye to ugly old doors and windows without going over your budget. 3. A Reputable Installation Company Should Be a Top Concern: Doing your homework before making your choice is key, and you would do well to find a company that is known for the quality of its product, the integrity of its service, and the innovation of its design.Find a company that offers end-to-end solutions for replacement windows and doors, one that sells, manufactures, installs, and services a line of award-winning and energy-efficient windows and doors.The best company will offer in-home consultations to make certain they are in tune with your creative vision. The right company will also pride themselves on their commitment to accountability and transparency.Not only can finding the right installer help to set your home apart from a cosmetic standpoint, but it also promises to make your home energy efficient. That way, you can add low energy consumption to your list of perks.Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect home sale.Read Also:7 Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home 7 Ways To Add Character And Style To Your Home A Quick Guide To The Legal Steps Of Buying A House 10 Points To Remember If You Are Building A Residential House

Selling a Property

Benefits of Working with a Realtor When Selling a Property

Selling a property is a very complex transaction, especially if you are selling your home. From setting the right price, to advertise the property, presenting it to potential buyers, and finally closing the deal, this process is very time-consuming, and it can cost you a lot of money. This is where a good realtor comes in handy, as they take care of most of the work, without requiring any assistance from your part. Moreover, a good realtor can actually get you a much better deal than you had ever hoped for. So, if you are still not convinced that the 3% commission is worth it, keep on reading to learn the main benefits of working with a realtor when selling a home. List at the right price : When you sell your home on your own, your only option is to compare other similar properties that are currently on sale and estimate how much your own property is worth. There are also online tools that you can use to estimate your property, but most of them are very inaccurate. On the other hand, a good realtor with local experience will tell you from the start how much your property is worth. Sure, you can ask for more than what they advise, but even in this scenario, the realtor can help by telling you approximately how long it will take to find a buyer willing to pay the demanded price, or whether or not you have any chances of selling at all. Marketing expertise : A good marketing plan should include more than just some online adds. Realtors will expose your property to the general public, but also to other agents through multiple listing services. This means that there will be other agents that could bring in potential buyers. If you don’t want your property to advertise the property, a good realtor will have valuable contacts that can make the deal happen as privately as possible. For example, say you wanted to sell an expensive property in the West Hollywood Real Estate market. You would have to work with a reputable dealer, whose network includes celebrities and wealthy investors. Moreover, a good realtor can also provide you with better home presentations. Since most of them also work with buyers, they know what small presentation details usually make a positive impact on potential buyers. Security : When selling a home on your own, you need to take a lot of precautions to ensure your safety. Bringing strangers into your home can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to private presentations. Keep in mind that not everybody will have the availability to attend open house events, so you will often have to bring potential buyers at home in the evening or early in the morning. However, if you work with a realtor, you don’t have to worry about these problems, as they will take care of screening the candidates, and they will handle all the presentations on their own. Negotiating and closing experience : First of all, the negotiation process is very tough, and inexperienced sellers can often be fooled into lowering their price on account of small damages. An experienced agent, on the other hand, will stand their ground, and they will know how to highlight a property’s advantages, in order to balance its disadvantages. Moreover, they will also take care of all the paperwork, including the written offers and counteroffers. If potential buyers ask for repairs, the realtor can tell you whether or not it is convenient for you to satisfy their demands. As a seller, your judgment will be clouded by subjective reasons, but you can count on your agent to be objective and protect your interests at all times. Expert advice : Whether or not you are a first-time seller, this type of transaction is a significant financial decision, so it pays to have an expert on your side to guide you through this process. There are countless details that can cost you money when dealing with the process of selling a property. You might save a little money if you handle it on your own, but you will increase the risk of encountering problems that could cause you to waste a lot more money than the realtor’s commission.Read Also :6 Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Home How To Sell Your House Fast?! Five Must-Know Tips To Move Your Property! Buying Or Selling A Home In Seattle?

Estate Planning

5 Mistakes To Avoid In Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital process of wealth management that ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your passing. It is a process that involves careful consideration, documentation, and, often, professional guidance.  While everyone’s estate planning needs are unique, there are common mistakes that can derail even the most well-intentioned efforts. To ensure you have a seamless process, our wealth management advisors at Whittier Trust have compiled a list of five common mistakes to avoid in estate planning.Why Real Estate Planning Is Important? Gone are the days when real estate planning was just a source of high net worth. Nowadays, everyone from a middle-class family to a luxurious background must come with efficient estate planning. It is true that there are various sources to invest your money. But the importance of property planning is truly unparalleled. Estate strategizing is all about keeping your loved ones protected, at least from the IRS. Under the Internal Revenue Service, it is integral to transfer your assets to heirs with the aim of creating the least possible tax burden on them. The right estate plan also saves families from falling apart. Just like a will, estate planning helps you choose your assets and finances in the right way possible. Finally, it can be said that estate planning safeguards beneficiaries. If you are the sole breadwinner of the family, there is nothing to worry about, even if something happens to you. But for that, you will first have to curate a properly structured and evenly distributed estate plan. What 5 Mistakes Must Be Avoided In Estate Planning? It is good that you have come up with an exclusive strategy. But is that all to make things work? After all, you are risking your entire life’s savings in this endeavor. So, here I am listing down 5 mistakes that one must be devoid of at the time of estate planning:  1. Procrastination: One of the most common estate planning mistakes is simply procrastinating. It is easy to put off creating a comprehensive estate plan, especially when you are focused on the present. Life can bring unexpected twists, and a thoughtfully crafted estate plan can offer you and your loved ones a comforting sense of security.  It is never too early to start estate planning, so regardless of age, taking action now ensures that your assets are protected, and your intentions are clear. A well-structured estate plan can alleviate the cloud of uncertainty about the future of your assets and the well-being of your loved ones.  2. Neglecting Regular Updates: Estate planning is not a one-and-done process. Life is constantly changing, and your estate plan should reflect those changes. Failing to update your plan can lead to unintended consequences. Major life events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of children, the acquisition of new assets, or changes in financial circumstances all warrant a review and, if necessary, an update to your estate plan. Without consistent evaluation, your assets may not be distributed as you intended. You update things like your phone, car, and closet without hesitation. Why neglect something as valuable to you and your family as your estate?  3. Inadequate Consideration of Taxes:  Failing to incorporate tax sensitivity into all areas of your wealth management strategy will inevitably diminish the impact of your estate and the eventual assets available for your intended beneficiaries.  Consulting with a knowledgeable wealth management advisor can help you navigate the complexities of tax planning and ensure that your estate is as tax-efficient as possible. It’s also important to consider what state you’re establishing trust in. For example, Nevada is one of the most trust-friendly states. It offers strong tax benefits, asset protection, trust longevity, and flexible decanting provisions.   4. Overlooking Beneficiary Designations: Many assets, such as retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and bank accounts, allow you to designate beneficiaries. These designations supersede instructions in your trust. It is crucial to review and update these beneficiary designations regularly to ensure they align with your current intentions. Failing to do so can lead to unintended consequences, such as assets going to a former spouse or someone you no longer wish to benefit.  Oftentimes, emotions get roped into our decision-making processes, leading to impulse decisions or skewed perceptions. It is also important to think about the long-term effects of your beneficiary designations, considering every possible scenario. Having a third party like a wealth management firm help you with this process can prove to be extremely advantageous. The third-party can either serve as your trustee or help advise the trustee to make objective decisions and look after the estate and family. In either scenario, a wealth management company helps create a neutral, mutually beneficial relationship in the estate planning process. 5. DIY Estate Planning: Assembling a personalized wealth management team by handpicking lawyers, investment professionals, and other specialists may appear to offer a tailored approach to estate management. However, the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of this DIY approach are often outweighed by the advantages of partnering with a multifamily office.  While individual experts bring their own strengths, a multifamily office excels in curating a team personalized to your needs and capable of seamless collaboration, ensuring that your financial objectives are pursued with synergy and precision.  Multifamily offices are usually more cost-effective and time-saving as well, even providing family office services to help stay on top of the day-to-day expenses, documentation, and management for an estate. However, a good wealth management firm is also capable of working with outside experts, whether to account for a non-traditional area of need or comfort with a longtime and trusted source of counsel to prioritize your peace of mind.Conclusion Estate planning is a critical process that should not be overlooked or delayed. Avoiding common mistakes can help you create a robust estate plan that protects your assets and provides for your loved ones as you intend.  Trust services, like those provided at Whittier Trust, are committed to assisting individuals and families in developing comprehensive estate plans tailored to their specific needs and goals. You are not in this alone. The right wealth management advisors are ready to help you create and maintain an estate plan that is designed just for you. Read Also:How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts? Using Direct Mail To Build Trust With Real Estate Prospects How To Invest In Real Estate Business Dubai