Aircon Chemical Wash Services by LK Brothers

When you continue to use Air conditioning for a long time, they may exhibit the foul smell of breakage in the internal parts, which lead to dust, germs. This might reduce air quality and can increase the probability of allergies. But how to repair this effectively? Chemical washes are a better way to do so. But there’s a misconception that chemicals can damage the air condition easily. That’s not always true, and if you can find a good company, they take care of your things as their own and work mindfully. If you’re in search of some reliable company, LK Brothers provided aircon chemical wash service in Singapore for over 10 years and still do. Read through for more details on what they exactly do:

How to Identify if the Aircon requires a chemical wash?

Most of us don’t understand if our Aircon at home or office requires a repair and in what conditions it needs a chemical wash. If you observe any leakage or a bad odor, you need to call for service. These conditions refer to internal damage, which can lead to reduced performance and failure of working eventually if ignored.

How often does your Aircon require a chemical Wash?

Aircon Chemical Wash services

If you see any of the above cases, you’ll have to get a chemical wash done as soon as possible or before it messes up more. Otherwise, an annual chemical wash would be sufficient. This yearly maintenance can remove any unseen faults in the aircon and improves the performance rapidly, helping the aircon works longer than usual.

What exactly is a chemical wash?

Chemical wash might sound different and hazardous, but this is more beneficial than regular washing. The process is similar to frequent washing, but this involves deep cleaning with some suitable chemicals. Any random chemicals are not ideal for aircon, and only a professional can understand which type of chemical is perfect for your Air condition.

Uses of Chemical Wash:

  • The internal and deep cleansing can eliminate the bacteria, gems hidden in the closed aircon, and enable the pure air.
  • The cleaning of filters makes the airflow easier and better.
  • The usage of Air conditioners is different in each season. In summers, the air conditioning process might get complicated with the over usage and wherein winters because of less or no usage. In these cases, the chemical wash would help keep the machine running well.
  • If you maintain well, anything lasts longer. So do Air conditioners. Regular maintenance can keep the performance going or improve performance.
  • This also reduces the chances of hardware failure.
  • A piece of well-maintained machinery always seeks less electricity than the faulty one. Reduces the rust of the internal parts.
  • Water or air coolant leakage, Bad smell reduces, and eventually, performance improves.

After all this information, you must be wondering why you need to choose LK Brothers for Aircon Chemical Wash and what makes them unique. Well, read the points below and understand what makes them best:

  • First things first, LK Brothers have been in this industry for 10 years and have more than enough experience to identify the problem and provide the best solution for that.
  • Their firm, as well as the workers, everyone holds the required licenses to pursue your work.
  • LK Brother’s work is commended by their thousands of customers, and they became the single point of contact for any of their Aircon chemical wash issues.
  • You can check reviews on google and other local listing websites to find how the other customers experience with them, and it’s more than exceptional.
  • When it comes to chemical washing, it can get hazardous or not packed or appropriately used while working. LK Brothers carries the required chemical in protective containers and follows all the safety measures required.
  • Once the work is done, they do several checks to make sure the wash doesn’t cause any more repairs further and fix everything correctly.

Along with the above, LK Brothers provide you the advice on how to maintain the air conditioners after the chemical wash, the care you need to take, and other required measures you need to follow. So, in case you require an Aircon chemical wash service, you know whom to get in touch with.

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