Arabian Ranches – a Modern Family Living


16 July 2018


Arabian Ranches

Arabian ranches are one of the most established communities in Dubai. It is an ideal place for small and large families who wish to relocate to a relaxed and serene community. The community offers beautiful villas, social amenities, and landscapes.

The community is a residential abode known for its beauty and quietness, located on the emirate road in Dubai. The community has different housing project and entertainment centers, and they consist of different kinds of two to six beds villas and townhouses. All this makes it a perfect place to be for couples and families who want to settle in the beautiful community.

Most time the need to move away from the hustle of the city to an environment that is peaceful can’t be underemphasized as the Arabian ranches give you the platform to enjoy life at your own pace.


The Arabian ranches are a ten-minute drive away from the emirates mall and very close to the juncture of the three key ring roads that lead to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Those who love golf game will choose the Arabian branches above other communities as it has a golf club and polo club. It has an English school situated in the area, and that makes it ideal for expat families. The Arabian ranches have qualities facilities which include basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools as well as restaurants and shop with a shopping center.

How to get the Arabian Ranches

The community is found in the heart of the desert on the Emirates road in Dubai. It is just about 9km inland from intersecting the Sheikh Zayed Road near to the Emirates mall. One of the landscape which makes the community one of the best is that it is just 15 minutes to Dubai International Airport. You can easily move to anywhere in the town without hassles.

Accommodation option in Dubai

The accommodation in Arabian ranches differs. Some are expensive, and some are not, so it all depends on your budget and preference. There are more than 4000 residential properties in this community, and each also has sub-community which offers different types of accommodation.

The sub-communities include Alma, Palmera, Alvorada, Al Reem, Hattan Villas, Saheel, Mirador, Mirador La Coleccion, La Avenida, Savannah, Al Mahra, and Terra Nova. With this in place, there are still some in progress which are to be completed to extend the Arabian Ranches.

And while it is already established, there are still plans for further developments and sub-communities to be built to extend the Arabian Ranches. Arabian Ranches are in two phases in which the second is called Arabian ranches II and that as well includes sub-communities which include CASA at Arabian Ranches, The Golf Homes, Lila, Rasha, Samara, Yasmin, Polo Homes, Rosa, Assel, and Azalea.

Renting an apartment for those who can’t afford to build one is easier to do with lots of people involved in real estate housing property. The average rent fee start from AED 110,000 for a two bedroom villa, and this can increase to about AED 650,000 for a six-bedroom mansion

The Arabian ranches are a desirable community for people to reside in and get comfortable and satisfied. It has a village community area with retail outlets and the cafes and restaurant for relaxation and exciting time. It has open space, walkways, healthcare centers, and bicycle trials to inhabitants

List of top villas in Arabian ranches for a modern family living 

Arabian ranches – Palmera (AED 3,100,000)

The villa is situated up an area of 2,936 square feet plot size, and it is unfurnished but offers three bedrooms and bathrooms.


  • Balcony
  • Central A/C
  • Kitchen
  • Shared gym
  • Maids room
  • Private pool
  • Study room
  • Covered parking
  • Built-in Wardrobes

Arabian ranches – Savannah (AED 5,400,000)

The villa is partly furnished and constructed with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.


  • Balcony
  • Maid service
  • Shared spa
  • Security
  • Central A/C
  • Built-in wardrobe
  • Concierge
  • Private Garden
  • Shared gym
  • View of landmark

Arabian ranches unique villa – Saheel 2 (AED 7,999,500)

The villa is fully furnished with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Well situated on a plot size of 4,849 square feet.


  • Balcony
  • Central A/C
  • Private garden
  • Shared pool
  • Built-in Wardrobes
  • Private pool
  • Covered parking

In conclusion :

not everyone cherishes sophisticated building with some who prefer simplistic styling that avoids extra stuff, yet remains unique. Here is all that you need to know about Arabian ranches as a modern day family living.

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This sprawling reserve is home to the ‘big five’ including the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard, as well as hundreds of other animal species.At Kruger, you will also encounter unique species such as the endangered African Painted Dog and rare antelopes like the Sable and Grey Rhebok. If you are a bird lover, Kruger boasts large populations of local and migratory birds.If you are wondering where to stay- this beautiful reserve features some of the most luxurious bush accommodations in the world. From wildlife lodges to tented camps, you will be sure to find something to suit your budget and liking. To view the wildlife, you can opt for organized safaris atop an open safari jeep or do a self-drive. Whichever means you choose, you can be sure that the magic of Kruger will stay with you for a long time to come. 2. Masai Mara Game Reserve, KenyaLocated in South-Western Kenya, the Masai Mara Game Reserve is one of the most spectacular game reserves in the world. 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You can explore the fantastic reserve using a safari land cruiser organized by your safari expert, or you can do a self-drive. 4. Volcanoes National Park, RwandaLocated in Northwestern Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is your ultimate destination to view mountain gorillas. Predominantly a rain forest ecosystem, this park is home to five volcanoes that give it its name.In its borders is Virunga National Park in the DRC and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, and together these three parks constitute an important gorilla trekking corridor. In this area, you will also come face to face with the highly endangered golden monkeys, mostly found in the Virunga Mountains.Volcanoes National Park houses ten families of habituated gorillas. 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There are many restaurants and cafes for which people come to Chicago, and there are those establishments that have become an integral attraction of this glorious city. These are cult places that you simply must visit if you are going to visit the city. Here’s the list of the most famous Chicago cafes and restaurants. Sometimes these places are not popular among the locals, but if you are a traveler, then you need to try them for sure!Are you ready for a culinary journey to Chicago? Then book a car in advance, pick up your car rental in Chicago, prepare your taste buds, and go to the following dining places! Portillo’s Hot Dogs: title of the most famous restaurant in Chicago, perhaps, belongs to Portillo’s Hot Dogs. If you are a local, you have definitely been there, and in case you come to Chicago as a traveler, be sure to visit this place.When it comes to classic Chicago hot dogs, it means Portillo’s hot dogs. The name is definitely confusing, because its menu is not limited to hot dogs. Italian beef sandwiches, French fries, milkshakes, beer, and croissant sandwiches are also served there, so most people call this place simply Portillo’s.In this legendary establishment, you can order anything, for example, their famous chocolate cake. It doesn’t matter how you feel about this fast food restaurant with cheap and tasty food, you should take all your guests who have visited you from other cities and give them a chance to form their own opinion. Al’s Beef: a few steps from Portillo’s in downtown Chicago, you will find the next legendary establishment - Al’s Beef. In Al’s Beef, you will be served without any frills. The most popular dish in this place is beef.You can order a small, medium and a large portion of beef and add to it different types of pepper and cheese. When adding pepper to your Italian beef, you can choose between spicy and sweet one. If you consider yourself a big fan of beef, you can ask to be served a sandwich, completely filled with sauce.In addition to Italian beef, the menu offers other dishes. Local fries are also quite popular. You can add a variety of sauces - cheddar, barbecue, chili, nachos, chili-nachos, and buffalo-bleu or order an option with cheddar cheese, bacon, onions, and sour cream. It’s very hearty and tasty. Don’t forget to visit this classic diner – it has enough points throughout the city. Lou Malnati’s:’s no consensus as to whether Lou Malnati’sserves the best pizza in Chicago, but it’s certain that this is the legendary local eatery. When talking about Chicago food, two things come to mind: hot dogs and pizza. Moreover, the second one is synonymous with Lou Malnati’s Chicago pizza.As is the case with the places mentioned above, this is a classic Chicago establishment with a developed chain throughout the city. These three names are the most popular catering establishments in Chicago, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to visiting only one of them.Snack bars of these three chains are dispersed throughout the city and suburbs. So give Lou Malnati’s a chance. If not in order to tell everyone that you have visited the legendary Chicago pizzeria, then at least to say with certainty that its pizza is tastier. Big Star: of more nontrivial Chicago cafes, it’s possible to assert with a large degree of confidence that Big Star will soon join the list of cult places in Chicago. Now people from all over the city visit it to try Big Star tacos. So it’s only a matter of time before world fame will fall on Big Star.Big Star has only one place in Wicker Park, but every evening the crowd of visitors is gathered there. The decoration, food, and drinks create the secret of the success of Big Star. Just ask Google "where to eat in Chicago," and you will definitely see this name in the search results, so there is no point in arguing! Let it be the Big Star’s debut in the list of the most popular restaurants in Chicago. Margie’s Candies: is the first, but not the only cafe in the city, specializing in desserts. Margie’s holds a special place in the hearts of many Chicagoans. Under the 90-year-old Margie’s brand, two establishments are operating now in the city - on the North side and on Logan Square.All this time members of Margie’s family, which keeps a cafe, serve visitors. Among them, there were many well-known personalities. For example, even the Beatles have been there! Margie’s, which is famous for its delicious ‘Sunday roast’, will not disappoint you with other desserts. In the menu, you will find homemade chocolates and ice cream. In warm weather, you will have to wait until you are served, but even if the queue is on the street, you can always use a takeaway option.Read Also:Make The Most Of A Business Trip To Chicago The Best Restaurants To Visit In Newark NJ 4 Lafayette, CO Destinations That Foodies Will Love 4 Best Destinations In Western United States