8 Reasons to Have a Pre-employment Background Check in Facility


20 September 2018


Background Check

It is risky to entrust your business to a total stranger who is seeking a job in your organization. For your business or organization to reap maximum benefits, it is important to make sure that you have a team of employees who you can trust. You don’t have to entirely depend on contract terms as the primary basis for the trust! Make sure that you have background knowledge of the employees before even employing them.

8 Reasons to Have a Pre-employment Background Check in Facility

The following are the reasons why you need to have a pre-employment background check facility in your organization.

1. Keep away from criminals:

Having criminals in your organization is very risky. They can steal from you, tarnish the name of your organization or cause scandals which can even lead to permanent closure. To make sure that you are not employing criminals, it is important to have a background check before hiring any employee.

It is vital to make the job seeker to provide the relevant criminal records or what is commonly referred to as “Certificate of Good Conduct”. By doing this, you will be sure that you are not employing a convict and your organization is safe.

2. Scrutinize documents for authenticity:

Some of the people seeking jobs may forge documents to make their resumes look impressive. If the employer is not keen, underqualified staff may be hired! Having underperforming staff has detrimental effects on the organization’s profits and operations. It is important to make sure that the documents provided by the prospective employees are authentic and verifiable.

You can call the particular institutions indicated to verify the information. In this modern age, it is possible for a high school drop-out to possess a degree! Go through the paperwork to ensure that every detail provided is correct and true.

3. To ensure the proper social conduct:

Many companies or organizations spend a lot of money to brand their image. It is very important that the image is upheld to the highest standards to make sure that it remains trustworthy in the eyes of investors and the public. To safeguard the organization’s image, it is necessary to have a background check of the employees to ensure that their social conduct doesn’t compromise what the organization stands for.

You can go through their social media accounts and see what they post. If you find that a particular employment seeker has consistent ideologies that compromise the organization’s image, drop him/her.

4. To employ sober people:

Most organizations today carry out pre-employment drug tests. The organizations require sober and productive employees, not drug addicts! Drug users normally underperform their duties and cause many workplace accidents. The accidents not only result in physical harm but also huge losses which become difficult to recover from.

Furthermore, the insurance cost increases due to such accidents. Your business or organization does not have to go through such risks if you are able to avoid them. Have the employment seekers to take a drug test for the illegal drugs. You can employ a urine drug test, blood test, hair follicle or even a saliva drug test.

5. To ensure physical and medical fitness:

Most jobs require the physical and medical fitness for maximum productivity. Certain medical conditions can only be worsened by the type of work being done. Example, a construction company may avoid people with respiratory conditions like asthma. It is important to ask for a medical report for particular tests to ensure that the employees are fully fit to carry out different tasks without taking medical leaves.

6. To check past employment records and reasons for being laid off:

Research has shown that a person’s behavioral character is likely to remain the same under similar authority or conditions. Before offering employment, make sure that you have checked the employment records of the job seeker.

You can do so by going through the recommendation letters provided or calling the organizations indicated. You don’t need to employ a person who was fired for coming to work late, stealing or even insubordination. There is a likelihood for your organization to suffer from the same!

7. To make sure that the employee is legally eligible to work in the country:

It is against the law to hire illegal immigrants or underage people. To make sure that none of these happen, make sure that you have a proper pre-employment background test facility in your organization. For non-citizens, ask for work visas and all the legal documents. Make sure that you ask for the national identity cards for the citizens. You don’t want your organization to be on the wrong side of the law!

8. To ensure a high level of responsibility:

A job seeker might possess the sufficient education and skills for the job but is irresponsible when it comes to filing taxes (tax-noncompliance) or repaying loans. It might seem to be a non-issue until the same predicaments hit your organization. In your background check facility, make sure you inquire about tax certificates and loan statements. You need to employ people who show some degree of responsibility even in the small matters!

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that you have a fully functional pre-employment background test facility in your organization!

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