Things to look out for while hiring health app developers

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According to a recent report released by Research2Guidance, the market for healthcare applications will reach around $25-$30 billion by 2018 and hence you can see around thousands of healthcare applications lurking in the app stores. And most of the applications are mainly based on fitness and health that helps you to track your basic health parameters. And if you are having an exciting idea for a mobile healthcare application, this is the best time to start building one. But if you are not well-versed in application programming then you need to hire health app developers to assist you in developing the application.

Things to consider while hiring health app developers

When it comes to hiring developers for building your healthcare application, you can find a lot of application developers on many freelance websites. But the important thing is to make sure you hire the right and an efficient team of developers that can help you complete the application on time and within the specified budget. It is often good to spend enough time upfront in considering various factors before hiring the app developer as it would definitely help you in avoiding the delay and the headaches from the team later. So to hire the best health app developers, make sure to consider the following factors:


The first thing to consider while hiring health app developers is to look at their portfolio. If they have experience in developing healthcare applications before, then it is a big plus as they may know exactly the way to go about building your app. Take a look at the apps they have developed and also look at the reviews and ratings posted by other users.


An experienced app developer will be able to implement all the features you may require and also would provide valuable suggestions for your application. Inquire to the developers about what kind of frameworks they will be using and the plan of action in completing the app. A highly skilled developer will be able to provide you a complete action plan from the design stage until the launch of your application.


Price is always not an important factor as at the end of the day you need a quality product that satisfies the needs of the intended users. But that doesn’t mean you need to pay a huge sum that can be completed for half the price. Make sure to clear budget and hire an app developer who agrees to the pricing and is also efficient enough to complete the app.


Unlike other apps, healthcare applications need to communicate with other existing clinical management systems already available in the hospital. And in those cases, you may need to ensure the development team is well aware in building a compatibility layer over the application for integrating with other systems in the future.

Data Security:

Another important aspect is to look for the data security provided in your mobile applications. Make sure to employ developers that are experienced in developing apps that have a high-security cover.

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Spot It Early: 9 Common Signs of Addiction You Need to Look out For

Almost ten percent of Americans have used some sort of illicit drug in the past month. Many of those people won't develop any signs of addiction. Typically, people start to use drugs on a recreational basis and over time move from only using in a social setting to using on their own. As time goes on and the disease of addiction progresses, they will begin to exhibit more signs and engage in riskier behavior. Fortunately, there are ways to catch addictions while they are forming. You can approach a loved one before their habit becomes a real problem, but only if you know what to look for. Learn more here. 1. An Increase of Stress and Feelings of Paranoia: Most people turn to drugs and alcohol at stressful times in their life. If you know someone who has a history of turning to substances when they are upset and you find out they are going through a stressful period, you may want to reach out to lend them support. If you reach out and you notice your friend responds with feelings of paranoia, they may be already headed towards developing an addiction. Talk to them about their recent drug and alcohol use. 2. Changes in Behavior: Depending on how often you are able to see your loved one, you will be able to notice changes in their behavior developing. They may start to miss work more, have problems in school, and not care about showing up at social engagements. They may also start to isolate themselves more so that they are able to make more time for using. Their conversations will become dominated by talk of drug and alcohol use. And, they will most likely fall on hard financial times and constantly need more money. 3. Cold or Flu-Like Symptoms: Cold or flu-like symptoms can develop due to long term use of many drugs including meth and opioids. For those who inject the drugs, they will often develop a cough and a runny nose as well as puffy eyes. If you notice that your loved one has some of these symptoms but they don't want to go to the doctor, it could be because they have something to hide. 4. Manipulative Behavior: Drug and alcohol addictions are expensive. Depending on how much access a drug user has to cash, they may frequently be in need of more money to feed their habit. When combined with the threat of withdrawal symptoms, many addicts will choose to steal or manipulate their loved ones in order to get the money they need. They will come up with lies and tell stories in order to borrow more cash. They may also steal valuables from their loved ones that they can sell later for cash. 5. Unexplained Disappearances: Unexplained disappearances are a common indicator of addiction. In order to become an addict, you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. The more time an addict spends high, the less comfortable they tend to feel around friends and family members that don't use. Over time, they may start disappearing for a few hours. After a while, it could become more frequent with disappearances that last for days or even weeks. 6. Dishonesty: If you are using drugs and alcohol frequently, there are very few people in the world who will allow you to openly continue to your behavior. Many addicts feel they have to lie in order to support their habit. If you notice that you keep catching your loved one in lies but aren't sure what's at the root of it all, you should consider whether they might be using drugs or alcohol. 7. The frequency of Use: As mentioned earlier, many people who abuse substances start off by having more control over their use. Over time, they begin to develop a tolerance that causes their body to feel like it needs more just to get high. The more you ingest, the higher your chance of getting addicted. Many addicts feel like they can quit any time they want. This should be a red flag about someone's use since if the problem is being talked about, they probably should have already stopped. 8. Discovery of Drug Paraphernalia: If someone is using drugs, you may not always find their stash. But, you can usually find some evidence of their use, such as drug paraphernalia. Make sure if you confront a loved one about what you have found, that you have all your facts straight before you make the accusation. Most addicts will deny any evidence they are confronted with. 9. Development of a Tolerance: If you have been using drugs and alcohol yourself and you're concerned that you may be pushing it too far, you should consider whether or not you have developed a tolerance to the substances. Tolerance is your body's way of telling you that it has made a permanent adjustment to craving that substance. It's a dangerous indicator of addiction. Other Signs of Addiction: If you have any of the signs of addiction on this list, then it may be time for you to consider a recovery facility. But there is one more major sign left to mention - continuing despite negative consequences. If using substances has been leading to problems in your relationships or finances, then you need to take the problem seriously and get help today. Learn more about rehab here. More Helpful Advice: Now that you know the signs of addiction, you can keep an eye on your loved ones to make sure they stay safe and healthy. For more health and fitness advice, check out our other posts today. Read Also: Famous Alcoholics And The Symptoms Of Their Addiction How To Know If You Have An Addiction: 7 Common Signs Not On The Straight And Narrow: 4 Telltale Signs Of Drug Use In Teens

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What Are Virtual Reality Workouts And How Will They Affect Exercise?

When pondering on whether or not to workout, your mind will usually think of the hassle of getting to the gym or the stench of sweat surrounding the rowing machines. But, technology is making advances that could render these uncomfortable associations null and void. There is no denying the leaps and bounds technology has made, and the ways in which it is impacting our lives. One of the most prominent pieces of technology to date is Virtual Reality (VR). While variations of practical applications have been in development for many years, devices that are capable of displaying VR experiences are more reliable now than ever before. One of the more recent applications is its role in recreating the workout experience. The following article will outline how, through the use of devices like the Oculus Rift, VR is changing the exercise landscape for the better. While VR may prove beneficial for an individual’s workout, supplements can further increase your ability to achieve your health goals. For example, CLA supports weight loss and Moringa boosts energy. These are just a few products that may promote slimming down or enhance your performance. But, finding the right supplement is not always an easy endeavor. If you wish to make your search as painless and efficient as possible then check out Research and You. Their in-depth reviews on all the latest products will guide you towards a wiser purchase decision. And with your health supplements in check, is it time to start investing in the VR revolution? Read on to find out how it could improve your workouts: From the Comfort of Your Home: As we have already mentioned, it is often more strenuous to get to the gym than it is to actually work out. After all, the decision to leave your home doesn’t solely rely on your productivity. While laziness plays a big part in steering people away from their gym’s front doors, being uncomfortable can cause major workout neglect. Quite simply, many people are not happy with their bodies. You may feel disheartened when seeing the macho and slim figures sprawl themselves across the exercise machines. Or, you may not feel so lively when you catch a whiff of the trainer on the machine next to you. These are all ways in which going to the gym can seem a terrifying and daunting challenge in itself. VR can change that. Learn more about it here. VR allows individuals to transport themselves to another ‘location’ without having to leave their homes. It caters to the individuals that do not wish to make the trek to the gym or simply do not have time. Strap on the headset and you’re off for your workout. Anywhere Goes: Beyond conducting your exercise within your own home, you can do it just about anywhere around the world without having to step into a gym. Taking a much-needed vacation? Take your headset along with you for a quick morning session. Visiting family for the weekend? Avoid the family politics and step outside for a quick yoga practice on the beach. These are all ways in which you can use VR to workout anywhere. This is because all you need is the headset and decent internet connection. Saving on Memberships: Gym memberships can take a lump sum out of your pocket every month. In fact, signing up to a gym is one of the most expensive ways to workout. Click here to read the truth about the costs. While VR is not exactly cheap, it can prove more cost-effective than memberships. The initial cost of purchasing a headset is likely your biggest expense. After that, there are many workout apps that offer free trials and you can even download some for free. The fact that you can use these experiences just about anywhere is another appealing and sustainable reason to invest in it. If you wish to relocate or visit another country for a few months, you will not need to purchase a new membership or increase the cost of your existing one. Gamifying the Experience: Another extremely appealing factor is VR’s ability to gamify your workout experience. Rather than the mundane environment, you can transport yourself to an isolated beach and conduct your routine there. For the more adventurous, certain apps will encourage you to beat your best bench press by scoring you and offering rewards. The satisfaction of earning a new badge or bragging right is what will bring individuals back to this gamified experience. The potential to create inspiring and invigorating new ways of exercising is limitless. Here are a few games to get you started. For those that want a more classic workout, then the VR headset will offer that to. While the implementations are relatively new and glitches may be present, the future of workouts is positively changing through the introduction of tools like VR. You can harness the power of technology to re-inspire your love of exercise and efficiently achieve your health goals. Read Also: Eating Versus Exercise With Your No Contract London Gym Membership What Are Popular Mind And Body Exercises Available At A Gym?


Know What To Expect On Your First Visit To A Dermatologist

A visit to a dermatology clinic may be required for a variety of reasons, from persistent acne to chronic rashes, severe sunburns, suspected skin diseases and appearance of suspicious-looking moles. Alternatively, you may choose to visit a clinic for purely cosmetic reasons such as hair loss and age-related problems. Whichever may be your concern, you need to know what to expect when you visit a skin specialist for the first time. Here are a few things that you should know before your first visit to a dermatologist. You should not wear makeup when you go for an appointment: You may be habitual to wearing makeup like concealer and foundation to cover the flaws and imperfections but these are the very reason that you are visiting a skin clinic for. On your end, you should ensure that you arrive with clean skin, preferably without makeup so that the doctor can assess your skin properly. Even if you do wear your makeup to the clinic, you will probably be asked to remove it for the specialist to get a closer look at your skin. Ideally, you should follow the daily clean and care routine that you normally do and then step in for the appointment in your natural skin. You will be asked questions about your complete medical history: To start with, the dermatological appointment will be quite similar to that with a general practitioner because the doctor would want to know your complete medical history first. You will be asked questions related to your medical history, health issues, routine medications, allergies, family history, and current symptoms. It is important to disclose all the facts because several skin issues are not just superficial and may point to underlying causes. Skin Doctors in Philadelphia recommend that patients get all the facts on paper so that they remember everything that they need to share with the doctor. Also, keep a list of over-the-counter products and cosmetics that you use in the routine. Share information about your daily skin care routine as well. You will get a full body examination: If it is your first visit to a dermatologist’s clinic, expect a full body examination even if you are there only for getting a consultation for acne. The doctor would want to check thoroughly for any anomalies and suspicious moles, which could be early symptoms of some major concerns like skin cancer. You will be asked to disrobe and wear a gown so that the doctor can examine you from head to toe. The dermatologist may use an instrument called dermatoscope, which resembles a magnifying glass, to assess the lesions more closely. Try not to be apprehensive because this is done to detect any skin problems early because timely diagnosis and treatment can make all the difference. You should have your questions ready: After answering all the questions related to your medical history, you should have your own questions ready too. If there are specific problems that you experience or suspect an allergy or drug reaction, convey it to the doctor. You may also ask them about the optimal skin care routine that you should follow for your skin type. Check out the insurance-related formalities if you are recommended an expensive procedure. Be honest and open with your queries as this is your chance to clarify everything with an expert. Concealing concerns and information will not help your treatment. Rest assured that your specialist is the best person to help you overcome even the most embarrassing skin issues. You will get a prescription if needed: Once the specialist gets all the information and performs a thorough physical examination, he or she will have a probable diagnosis. Further testing may be recommended in case of any suspicious diagnosis. On the other hand, you may be given a prescription of the dermatologist has a confirmed diagnosis of the condition you are suffering from. Further, there will be some instructions related to medication and general skin care routine. The doctor may also recommend a revisit after a certain period of time to assess the condition after completing a course of medication. Ask for scheduling a re-appointment for the next date if possible or understand the procedure for the same if you need to book from home. Knowing what to expect right at your first appointment with your skin doctor will go a long way in making it a success. It will help you ask the right questions and give the right answers, which ensures the best possible treatment and fast and effective results for even the most complex problems. Read Also: Ways To Rejuvenate Your Skin In Montrose 7 Tips For People With Hypersensitive Skin 10 Foods For Vibrant, Glowing And Younger Skin