Different Ways to backup your hard drive explained

Published on: 17 August 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
hard drive

If you have not been backing up your data, you are not playing safe. It is a practice that you should make a habit of. Why? There is a high risk for you to lose your data when your hard disk drive fails when your computer is stolen when a disaster strikes, or when malware infects your computer. It is imperative for you to safeguard yourself from these incidents, and the only effective way to achieve this is by backing up your hard drive. Besides, backup methods save you time and money, and they could give you a competitive advantage. Additionally, some data is irreplaceable and losing it would be a disaster. That’s why this article will explain some of the ways to back up your hard drive.

Local drive :

One of the best and most efficient ways to back up your data is by transferring all your data to a local drive – one that is separate from your computer. Backing up on another hard drive is an easy and quick process, especially if you have several drives attached to the system. You could back up your databases and files to an external drive, a USB flash drive, or even a secondary drive. Moreover, you could save your hard drive data to a different drive on a computer that is connected to your network. Keep in mind that the backup process when using a local drive varies. You have to ensure to carry out the backup steps appropriately. It could save you a lot of trouble when your data gets lost.

Cloud storage :

Another effective way to back up your hard drive is by relying on cloud storage services. In recent times, this backup method has become one of the most revered. Its popularity has risen because it can be done automatically, and you get a particular amount of storage space for free. Moreover, you could access your files and data from any location so long as you have a good internet connection.

There are some cloud storage services, and you should choose the one that works best with the size of your data and files. You can test these services for yourself by logging on to ottomatik.io, which is one of the best cloud storage services. Other reputable cloud storage services include OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Some of these storage options are free, some require you to pay, while others are free but with paid extras.

Drive cloning :

Well, if you have considered other backup options and you are still not content, you might want to consider drive cloning. It is another effective backup option; albeit not as popular as the methods above. So, what exactly does it entail? It works through a clone hard drive, which is a second drive that has an exact mirror image of your original hard drive. Unlike in the earlier days when drive cloning was an expensive strategy, storage management companies have come up with excellent software, making the process more seamless. Using the software available, you can create an exact image of your hard drive fast add efficiently.

3-2-1 strategy :

The whole idea behind backing up data and files is to ensure that all vital information is fully protected. That is why you should consider a 3-2-1 backup strategy. It is a strategy that requires you to rely on multiple backup options. When you choose this strategy, you should ensure to create three copies of your hard drive data to avoid losing it. You should also ensure that you store one copy of the data you’ve backed up off-site. This ensures that your data is safe from natural disasters and theft. Also, you need to utilize two data formats. With this strategy in place, you will hardly lose any data.

Conclusion :

There are numerous backup options, and all are meant to protect your hard drive from total data loss when a natural disaster strikes or your computer crashes. Backing up your data helps you save a lot of time, effort, and money that you would spend trying to recover lost data. You might want to consider one or all of the methods mentioned in this article. They could save you a lot of trouble. 

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Tekmetric: Auto Repair Software and So Much More

Most people who get involved in the auto repair business are not there because they love business management. They are there because they are passionate about cars, learning about them, maintaining them and fixing them. But these days, an auto shop can only get so far with good mechanics. Customers come expecting great service, organization, and communication. They want the same customer care at the auto shop as they receive at other businesses. The Need for Something New: Up until now, for an auto shop to stay up-to-date, it needed to purchase new software for each part of the business. Written customer orders and inventory logs were replaced by management software. Labor and parts books were replaced by online labor guides. As expectations for constant communication increased, shops had to invest in instant messaging services. In early 2018, two auto shop owners, Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, released Tekmetric as an all-in-one auto repair software solution. At a base level, Tekmetric is auto repair software, but it is much more. It is auto shop management software that covers all the current needs of a modern auto shop business. Tekmetric Helps Customers: Customers often come into an auto shop feeling vulnerable. When something is wrong with your car and you are not an expert, repairs are a great unknown. You do not know how much they will cost, and you do not know how long they will take, nor do you know what is reasonable. Tekmetric allows the auto shop to produce an estimate quickly. It is already linked to standardized labor rates and parts costs, so customers know that the estimate is fair. In addition, thanks to the messaging component in Tekmetric, customers can receive real-time information about the progress of the repair. Tekmetric Helps Mechanics: A good deal of time in an auto shop can be lost when mechanics must do jobs other than being mechanics. Tekmetric includes features like digital inventory management which can bring an end to hunting for parts or manual counts of inventory. The software also includes the ability to create standard job packages. For example, if a shop bundles together oil changes with several other services, all the parts and labor can be stored as one task with a single price point, streamlining the path from a customer’s order to a mechanic’s work. Tekmetric Helps Managers: Tekmetric is auto repair software that helps owners and managers, whether they are working with a single shop or several. One of its most important features is a workflow management platform. With a glance at a screen, managers can see which jobs have been ordered and which jobs are underway. They can see the profiles of all available employees and assign them to jobs. Another important feature from Tekmetric is the ability to produce paperless estimates, invoices, and authorizations. By operating through a single, digital platform, managers, mechanics, and customers will all be on the same page. More Than Auto Repair Software: Since it is designed specifically for auto repair shops, Tekmetric represents something new in management software. Like all business management software, it is meant to make things run more smoothly, saving time and money for the business owner. But for auto shops, Tekmetric does something more important. It allows managers and mechanics to spend less time on management tasks and more time doing what got them in the auto shop in the first place, working with cars. Read Also: Top 10 Signs You Might Need Auto Repair Services 8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Get A Vendor Management Software

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World’s biggest chip will help train AI.

The tech world heard one of its biggest announcements, courtesy of Cerebral Systems. The Los Altos based tech manufacturer announced that created the world’s most powerful processor. In terms of comparisons, the Cerebras’s new processor is faster, stronger and bigger than anyone of its competitors, including Nvidia. Even though this was big news, the company did not stop there. Known for its hardware capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, it announced the creation of a specialized server for the chip, which would be solely directed at enabling, improving and building different AI capabilities and applications. The new chip from Cerebral has been titled as the ‘Wafer Scale Engine’. Just to give you a quick glimpse of its might and processing prowess, the company claims that in terms of mere comparisons, the WSE is nearly fifty-seven times mightier than Nvidia’s biggest offering. This means that the world has never seen a General Processing Unit (GPU) on the scale of the WSE. As the chip is expected to power strong AI-based applications, it boasts of 3000x on-chip memory capabilities. The new chip is expected to churn terabytes of data with ease. Its main application will be in cloud servers and large-scale SaaS businesses. Cerebral CEO, Andrew Feldman told Data Center Knowledge that the major applications of the new WSE chip will enable tech businesses to take their AI capabilities to the next level. The Founder of former chip company Sea Micro (Feldman sold the same to AMD for a record $334 Million in 2012) told the journal that this is the most revolutionary chip that has come out from any of the major manufacturers in recent times. Does size matter?  Semiconductor companies of the world have spent decades developing ever tinier chips. These can be combined to create super-powerful processors, thus why create a standalone AI mega-chip? According to Cerebral, the answer is that hooking lots of small chips together creates delays that slow down training of AI models causing a vast industry bottleneck. The company’s chip binds 400,000 cores or parts that operate processing which is tightly linked to one another to speed up data-crunching. It can also transfer data between memory and processing extremely fast. Fault tolerance:  But if this incredible chip is going to overcome the AI world, it will have to show that it can overcome some significant hurdles. One of these is in manufacturing. If contaminants sneak into a wafer being used to assemble lots of tiny chips, few of these may not be affected by impurity; but if there’s just one mega-chip on a cracker, the entire thing may have to be damaged severely. Cerebral alleges it’s found innovative ways to assure that contaminants won’t endanger a whole chip, but we don’t yet know if these will work in quantity production. Power play:  Another difficulty is energy performance. AI chips are spectacularly power-hungry, which has both economic and environmental assumptions. Shifting data between lots of tiny AI chips is a massive power suck, so Cerebras should have an asset here. If it can help solve this energy challenge, then the startup’s chip could determine that for AI, big silicon is pretty. Cerebral has done its homework when it comes to the WSE. Before making the announcement, the company has already started working with some companies with regard to the chip’s AI capabilities. CEO Feldman was proud of the fact that the next-gen chip would be particularly helpful in enabling researchers in several fields including those studying neural networks to make the most of this next-gen technology. In other words, the impact of this chip for the next levels of human advancements would be huge, to say the least. The principal analyst of Tritias Research, Kevin Krewell stated that these are interesting and exciting times for the industry. With Cerebral pushing the boundaries of what is possible in chip development and advancement. Several technologies and studies, which were limited and curtailed till now, would be able to power through with the help of WSE chips.www.wordcounttool.com Read Also: How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Banking And Financial Institutions? New Technologies And Consumer Protection 6 Software Technologies That Will Dominate 2018

data recovery

The best free software for data recovery

It has happened to us all on more than one occasion, we have lost important data on our computer. Whether we removed them by accident, a malware attack or you formatted your computer without having backed up the information, among other causes, the truth is that it is an exasperating situation that makes us have a hard time. Quiet! This is not a catastrophe as it may seem, in a situation like the ones described above, it is necessary to have data recovery software that allows us to have those documents that we so desire. It is well known that there are many programs that offer to recover deleted files, however none like the one offered by EaseUS - the best program to recover deleted data from any situation is accidental or intentional. This day I want to talk to you about a unique program that offers several options to recover deleted information, I mean EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. This is a wonderful data recovery software that impresses any computer expert given its enormous advantages. What does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free offer? EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free allows you to recover deleted files, even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin or deleted them directly. You can retrieve data from the USB flash drives, hard drives, SD memories, and other storage devices. It supports dynamic disks and all Windows file operating systems, from FAT to EXT and NTFS, and can bypass defective sectors automatically for the faster scanning process. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a fully functional software with a recovery limit of 2 GB that serves as proof for a paid update that is really worth it if you appreciate the value of a deleted file. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a data recovery software essential in case of data loss. This free data recovery software guarantees a safe and accurate format and eliminates recovery from numerous threats such as formatted or damaged drives, critical file system structures, file deletion, application blocking, computer viruses, partition or boot issues, damage due to a power failure or current increase, etc. When a data loss disaster occurs, it is then that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free does its incredible work. As if that were not enough, it allows you to recover more than 1000 file formats of different types: documents, videos, images, audio, among others. What devices does it support? EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free supports a large number of devices including Hard Drives, Pendrives, External Disks, Cameras, SSD and many more. What operating systems are compatible? The systems in which you can use this fabulous software are from Windows XP to Windows 10 and also in the versions of Windows Server since 2003. Do you use Mac? Do not worry EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free also has a version for Mac users. As I mentioned before, it supports various file systems among which I can mention: FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5. Is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for me? If you are in the uncomfortable situation of having lost valuable information that you want to recover as soon as possible, this software is the ideal one for you. You can recover your deleted data easily with the help of EaseUS recovery software, regardless of the circumstance in which you have lost them. There is no better software available today that offers everything that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has, so do not hesitate and download it now and recover your all data with the help of this file recovery software. Read Also: Recover Your Data From SD Card Through EaseUS Data Recovery Software Recover Data From MacBook Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review On Free Data Recovery Wizard Based On Photo Recovery