How to use Video Animation on your Website

Published on: 21 August 2018 Last Updated on: 07 October 2020
use video animation on your website

Using video animation services is an essential strategy for improving customer engagement and can have a direct impact on increasing the value of your website. It can help you to communicate more effectively than text and so helps your business to communicate more effectively with your target audience. Plus, it marks you as forward-thinking, contemporary, and higher-tech than your competitors.

There are several possible uses for animation on your website, from full video to small, functional motion animations. Keep in mind that animation should always be used for a purpose. Visitors have little patience with video content that doesn’t have a point or moving items that slow down navigation and functionality.

Product/service animations detail the features and benefits of the product or service in question. Your website already has some kind of text description of your offerings. Add video to connect with potential customers who may not have the patience or inclination to read descriptions, and to add nuance and detail. A good product/service video engages potential customers and gives them a sense of you as a company and what the experience of using your product or service will be like.

Explainer videos walk viewers through a process and can be invaluable in helping potential customers really understand and envision how they will engage with your product or service. This raises confidence and makes them more likely to take the next step because they get a more thorough sense of what’s being explained. Explainer videos can also help existing customers operate or troubleshoot a product with greater clarity and confidence. A good explainer video can cut down on service and support calls, and please customers. You can take this one step further by producing teaching videos that become their own product.

Storytelling videos take viewers on a journey and create an experience around your brand. These are often used on landing pages, in the “about” section, and in the “team” or “careers” sections. They focus less on a specific product or service and more on who you are as a company or team. They might talk about history, values, locations, or key team members. These tend to be some of the most creative animated and video content on the site and offer a chance to really showcase your brand.

One key area to use video on your website is in the career or hiring sections. Using animations to better connect with job seekers gives you an opportunity. You can reach the right candidates by giving a better sense of culture, style, and ethos.

There are better ways to make your own animation than ever before. While creating an online video used to require high-powered computers, expensive professional software, and extensive specialist skills, online video tools make it fast, accessible, and simple to create your own animations. Use templates, stock content, and your own creativity to create an effective, professional video for your website on demand.

There are many parts of your website that could benefit from animations, and that’s before considering the power of their use on blogs and social media. Start repurposing content into video today to connect more effectively and with a wider range of visitors.

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App Development

Securing Mobile App Development with Blockchain Technology

Ever since mobile app development was introduced, it has not been without its own challenges with security being the most pertinent. Developers have always seen mobile application security as a big challenge owing to increasing cyber-attacks which has made the entire process even more vulnerable. The major reason why mobile apps are the prime target of attackers is that they contain private and confidential data such as passwords and bank details. While several app development agencies have managed to come up with various measures to curtail the menace, it is, however, evident that mobile users cannot comprehensively rely on other third-party software. This is why has become relatively pivotal to consider the role of blockchain in-app security. What is blockchain? Before considering how relevant blockchain technology can be to app development, it is needful to first understand what blockchain itself is all about. Commonly referred to as the “base of all cryptocurrencies,” blockchain is generally regarded as the new big thing. In fact, there are those who consider this technology to be the next internet. Thanks to its revolutionary working principle, blockchain has not only managed to take the mobile app world by storm but it’s also influencing other sectors around the globe. Simply put, blockchain is an open-source for all databases that cannot be tampered with or rewritten. It is designed as a digital database that contains several pieces of information such as financial transactions and other records that can be shared and used simultaneously within a wide decentralized network that can be accessed publicly. Blockchain technology functions in a way that is different from every other technology in the IT world. Basically, it seeks to enhance the speed, efficiency, security, and transparency of transactions performed across a peer-to-peer network. While blockchain has been in existence long before now, it was, however, less prominent until the recent success of Bitcoin. Just so you know, Bitcoin is a product of the blockchain technology. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the usefulness of blockchain cuts beyond cryptocurrencies and can affect different other sectors. Due to the massiveness of its scope, virtually every industry is seeking to adopt the technology as their first choice, including the mobile app development sector. Securing Mobile App Development with Blockchain Technology Importance of blockchain technology in mobile app development : Apart from its relevancy in performing peer-to-peer transactions, there are several other ways blockchain technology can be employed. When it comes to mobile application development, app developers and development agencies are very optimistic about incorporating this technology into their development process. Generally, they believe that blockchain technology can help to greatly make mobile applications secure than ever due to the unaltered database it provides. Undoubtedly, this is amazingly true as there are several areas in which blockchain adoption can greatly impact mobile app development, including DNS/PKI, anonymous voting system, digital money transfer, maintaining healthcare records, managing property, accrediting the supply chain process, making online payments, and proving identity. Enhancing mobile app security with blockchain : Well, it is no more news that blockchain technology can effectively boost mobile app security. But this cannot be achieved if mobile app developers fail to understand properly the basic functionalities of blockchain and how it can affect app development. When it comes to making peer-to-peer payments (i.e. transferring funds between users on a network), there is every guarantee that such transactions are safe. This is why many mobile app development agencies are confident that technology will offer better app security. Here is how the technology can enhance mobile app security. Safe transactions : The incessant issue of hacking has made most mobile users afraid of online transactions. Obviously, there will be no more financial security worries with blockchain tech. This implies that users will enjoy the privilege of making funds transfer from and into their mobile wallets with absolute trust in the app knowing fully well that they are in safe hands. This will also help to drastically reduce the costs of making global payments as users will be enabled to make easy cross-border blockchain payments via their mobile apps. With these applications, users will be able to use the blockchain tech to make transactions on their smartphones and tablets. This implies that mobile users will not need to worry about owning a blockchain-enabled phone as every needed access will be provided on the app. Absolute transparency and protection Unlike other technologies available in the IT world, blockchain offers a unique feature that makes it uniquely different. With this technology, it is interesting to know that users’ data and information will remain securely safe as they cannot be breached. Here, absolute transparency and protection are maintained at the highest level. Even while everything on the network is carried out publicly, one thing users should know is that there is no breaching of information on the blockchain. To this end, it is imperative for mobile app developers to ensure that their development process is performed in line with blockchain’s principles so as to enable users to gain direct access to the network without having to hide anything. Secured identity : The main reason why hackers are gaining easy access into people’s account and stealing sensitive information is that many mobile users’ identity is not secure. But this is not the case in a decentralized platform. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to steal data from a decentralized system. In the blockchain, every user is provided with an encrypted private key that cannot be used by another user. To this end, it is highly difficult (if not impossible) for anyone to alter another user’s information or data on a decentralized platform. No password required : With blockchain tech, app users will no longer require a password to protect and access their mobile applications or devices. Just so you know, the technology has been designed to keep user information and data safe without the need for authentication. 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FilmoraPro review

Have you ever wondered how professionals bring out those beautiful videos despite initiating shootouts in chaos and so much noise?  The Color contrast, HD quality and everything just perfect require a subtle video editing tool. Henceforth, Wondershare Technology has finally given a solution by launching an amazing tool called FilmoraPro. Why choose FilmoraPro? Professionals who wish to give extra quality to the shot videos can choose the wondrous video editing program that is designed for better control, productivity, and flexibility. FilmoraPro is a perfect option for professional YouTubers, filmmakers, videographers and you. After being compared with a lot many video editing tools, FilmoraPro came out as one of the finest and user-friendly software that takes your video editing skills to the next level. You don't have to initiate those monotonous and lengthy editing steps to do the needful. Using FilmoraPro - Filmora's video editor for pro, you can build up various interesting stories and express things better. Primary features of FilmoraPro includes- Dynamic editing You can alter unlimited tracks with advanced editing mode that lets you initiate splits, range markers, and group time clips. The exceptional editing features of the application make flawless clips for more enjoyable moments. FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editor offers vectorscope, parade, color histogram and waveform for making consistent changes and highlighting certain portions. Powered audio editing Do you wish to get a perfect audio sound with noise reduction and transitions? Choose FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editing software for the perfect audio sync. If you want, you can separately record the video and synchronize it properly with the video. One of the most unwanted parts of video recording includes unexpected high and low pitch. The unbeatable video Editor can equalize the high and low pitch of the audios to normalize everything in a subtle way. You can also get away from unwanted background noise and cut down the level so that nothing feels annoying. The background noise can be evaluated by using a good quality microphone. Motion graphics keyframing you can generate animations for text and graphics besides replicating and adding ease to real-life motion. Impeccable color selection choose among sophisticated color tuning for controlling shadows, highlight and mid-tones of the clips. Hollywood style effect Chroma key, lens flare, and customizable visual effects are only possible in the Hollywood style editing option. FilmoraPro - Filmora's video editor for pro has access to a large library of customizable Hollywood style effects. FilmoraPro can help you to raise your standards If you have always kept wondering what makes perfected video clips, FilmoraPro can give a permanent answer to all your questions. You can raise your standards by using ordinary editing features it has. Refining video footage and increasing the audio level gives better clarity to the video. Furthermore, you can experience detailed color corrections and high quality presets for interesting output. The more editing tools you use for a video, the more interesting it becomes. Even if you do not have a very good story in the video, the editing skills can make the overall video quite capturing Customizable animation options literally add life to the videos. You can establish your signature style and set keyframes for regulating effects and choosing your own animation style. Alter video duration You can change the overall speed and duration of the animations for generating fluid motion. Certain parts of the videos that require more attention of the viewers can be slowed down. The customizable text effect and Motion Graphics for the more and taglines to particular areas of the videos so that everything is clearly comprehensive. Add that oomph to your videos with Hollywood effect The movie magic effect feature in FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editor shall always meet up your imagination. In other words, you can create Hollywood style visual effects by blurring and highlighting certain areas. The magnanimous feature allows the audience to focus upon the important part instead of getting plunged into the unnecessary details of the video. Different features embedded in FilmoraPro make it one of the highly competitive and versatile video editing tools out there in the market. It can even give a cut-throat competition to the professional video editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. How to edit videos using FilmoraPro Once you install FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editing software on your laptop or computer, it is time to create well-organized videos that hold everything interestingly. The editing tool allows you to trim the live preview section and import all the audio and video files for better management. Steps for editing videos using FilmoraPro- Drag the files from the media section and eventually drop it in the timeline editor. Select the options that include stretch, cut, slips, rate and so on. Unlimited undo and redo options help you to edit the video without feeling worried about anything else. Edit a part of the video that you think is important. You can move back and forth towards the particular part that needs to be edited. Identify different parts of the video and label them correctly. Access audio mixer and add an effect for enhancing the overall quality of sound in the video clip. As soon as you are finished with the trimming and editing of the video, choose a customizable animation option and add it in between the videos. You can set keyframes and change the speed and duration of the animations for better quality. Customizable motion graphic and text effect give proper detail to the videos and make it much impressive. Finally, choose the view section and you are done with the editing needed to create a flawless video. Final words FilmoraPro is a good choice for video editing veteran and novice users. It is an amazing software that is geared for better performance and outputs. It has everything to create the best quality videos. The advanced features of the software allow you to have better control on your project so that you can work better. You can finish up with video editing within just a few minutes using the great tool. Choose the preprogrammed theme or music and analyze your clips for generating a video. Using FilmoraPro - Filmora's pro video editor to edit your storyboard and timeline in a pro way is also a good idea. With unlimited editing tracks, Filmora Pro (or filmora login or filmora sign in) outcomes in unbeatable video editing results that grab appreciation from all. Read Also: How To Use Video Animation On Your Website Movavi Video Suite Review: A Comprehensive Tool To Create Videos Why You Should Always Use Special Effects For Video Productions

brushless servo motor

Types of servo motors: The brushless servo motor

Essentially, a brushless servo motor is a machine capable of developing high torques in order to oppose any effort that tries to take it out of synchronism. The name brushless comes from the simple fact that it does not have brushes and this is a way to differentiate it from other types of servomotors. Compared with other types of motors, the inertia of a brushless servo motor is substantially less. Both these characteristics - important overloads and reduced inertias – are appreciated and useful features for movement control because they allow rapid accelerations and decelerations, as well as precise position control at high speeds. The most commonly used brushless servo motors in the industry, are those formed by a segmented stator in which the space filled with copper is almost double that in the traditional ones. This allows developing a greater power within a lower volume. Constructively, the brushless servo motor has a stator with a laminated core and a uniformly distributed three-phase winding. The rotor is constituted by a group of magnets fixed on the axis of the rotation. The shape of the rotors varies according to the design and can be cylindric or with outgoing poles. Due to the high centrifugal forces to which they are submitted during the acceleration process, the fixing of the magnets to the rotor has been one of the critical points in the construction of brushless servo motors. This has been solved by using mechanical fixings of different types glued together using special adhesives. In order to compensate for the greater amount of thread in the slots and its greater generation of heat, the free space of the winding is filled with heat-conducting resin. The rotor incorporates a series of permanent magnets that provide greater flow density and better performance. The positioning time is reduced thanks to the reduction of rotor inertia that allows reaching high speeds in short times. The Main Characteristics of this type of servo motor are: Performance and high torque Reliability of operation Low maintenance Great accuracy in speed and position control Very high-speed capacity Very low rotor losses Rotor with low inertia Closed construction, useful for working in dirty environments Wide range of powers (from 100 w to 300 kW) The main advantages of the brushless servo motor are given by the possibilities that this type of motor offers in the control of its speed and positioning. Moreover, the possibility of construction of brushless servo motors allows the adaptation of the same to diverse industrial applications. The brushless servo motors of compact structure, incorporate within it an encoder absolute which provides information on the status of the process to the controller. Those who work in a vertical position, incorporate a mechanical brake on which blocks the axis in case of lack of tension to avoid possible falls of parts in case of failure. Inside the brushless servo motor is included as an element for the control. The encoder is formed by an electronic circuit, in which a laser diode emits a beam of light, which is interrupted by the grooves of a metal foil, giving rise to a flashing signal. Each signal, through the corresponding connector cable, arrives at the control element for processing. Read Also: The 4 Factors To Determine Which Valve Type You Need Set Your Lead Generation On Fire! 5 Tips For Marketing Your Heating Repair Company