Top 10 Computer Security Mistakes

Published on: 30 August 2018 Last Updated on: 08 August 2019
Computer Security

So you’ve gone out and purchased a brand new laptop, and now you have plans of using that laptop in the workplace. Well, for anyone who has experience running a company, knows that laptops can be conduits for spyware and viruses. Once data is being processed, thought must go into who is capable of stealing it, where they might store it, how they could archive it, and how valuable the data is to the company.

Well, if you want to ensure you’re never in any unfortunate positions, then I suggest you check out my list of common mistakes most new computer users make.

 1. Connecting to an Unsecure Network

If the network is open, then it should be fine for you to connect to, right? I wouldn’t say that. You should always be suspicious of open networks, especially ones at hotels and airports. If it’s possible for you to connect to a network without using a password or agreeing to any terms, then there is a good chance you could be leading yourself into a trap.

 2. Opening Attachments from Unsolicited Emails

You want to check the content of your emails, if anything in it looks suspicious, or if the sender is asking you to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing then there is a good chance its spam.

Check the sender, if you’re not familiar with the person, then try searching for the email on any of the major search engines. If you’re at your workplace, then consider contacting your email administrator for verification on whether or not the email is spam.

3. Using Common Passwords

While the vast majority of people are wise enough not to fall into this trap, especially when signing up for services online, there are still many work colleagues that have a knack for using basic passwords, like their birthday or their username123.

You’ll want to re-work your password by combining uppercase letters, numbers and uncommon symbols. If you chose London as your password, then you could rejig it to something like L0nd3N. Even though it isn’t the most complex password, it would be much more difficult for a hacker to guess.

4. Not Making Backups

When it comes to archiving files, many end users make the common mistake of backing up data too infrequently. I can see how the lazy approach can be more comforting, but if your company files are that important to you, then you’ll want to ensure that they are backed up as often as possible, using a number of different mediums, such as the cloud, external hard drives, etc.

 5. Leaving Your Webcam Enabled

It’s a great idea for you to familiarise yourself with your webcam so that you can determine when it’s disabled or active. Hackers are very adept at hacking into your webcam, especially in the workplace, and they can even record meetings if you’re not careful. Covering the webcam with tape won’t do much since audio can still be recorded; it’s for this reason why you’ll want to ensure its disabled when not in use.

6. Searching the Deep Web

The deep web, unfamiliar to most internet users, is the shady part of it, not accessible from the major search engines like Bing and Google.

Work systems should be used for work only, there are many deep websites out there that will stick malicious code onto your computer and use that to track whatever you say and do.

7. Assuming Your Hard Drive Will Never Fail

In this world, there are two different kinds of computer users, those who have lost computer files and those who will eventually lose computer files. You want to back things up as often as you can. You also want to think about alternative media, like using an external hard drive to save certain confidential data onto it.

8. Using a Suspicious Thumb Drive

Everyone needs a place to store their work documents. If you’re in the office, it’s not uncommon for you to find a thumb drive lying around. My advice is not to use it, especially if you don’t know where it came from, that’s because there’s a good chance it could have a virus on it.

9. Using the Same Password across Accounts

It’s very important that you make a habit of changing your passwords. It’s not uncommon for end-users to keep the same password for many years. That is something you do not want to do.

For business-critical, sensitive data, you want to ensure that all passwords are changed at least once every three months.

Make sure all your accounts have different passwords. Having multiple passwords for your many accounts reduces the chances of all your accounts being compromised. With the increasing amount of cyber-attacks, the age of your password, along with its length and complexity are far more important today.

10. Agreeing to Install Anti-Virus Software

Have you ever visited a website that asked you whether or not you wanted to check your system for a virus? You may have asked how or why it knew you needed a virus scan. In most cases these prompts to install antivirus software are in fact attempts to install malicious software on your system.

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Cloud Diffuser

How To Choose The Best Cloud Diffuser: Your Guide To Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere

In today's fast-paced world, creating a calm and soothing environment at home has become more important than ever. One effective way to achieve this is by using a cloud diffuser. Cloud diffusers not only add a touch of tranquility to any space but also provide a range of health benefits. If you're in the market for a cloud diffuser, this guide will help you select the best one for your needs. Here, we'll explore the qualities to look for in a cloud diffuser, the different types available, and some popular options like the [Weljoy Zen Raining Cloud]. With the right diffuser, you can create a relaxing atmosphere and promote a sense of wellness in your home.  What Is Meant By A Cloud Diffuser?  In order to understand the essentialities of a diffuser, one must first know what it is all about. A diffuser lets you experience the advantages of safe aromatherapy where inhalation is possible. Simply put, essential cloud diffusers help by purifying the air and making the ambiance pure.  People generally confuse cloud diffusers with humidifiers, but they are quite different. While the former mostly boosts the humidity level and improves health, cloud diffusers are exclusively meant for improving the mood. So, if you are thinking of getting a cloud diffuser for yourself, here are a few things to consider. The Qualities to Look for in a Cloud Diffuser A good cloud diffuser should have a few key qualities that set it apart from the rest. If you want the best results, it is better to search the listed qualities before purchasing. Hence, look for these features when making your selection: 1. Water Capacity The size of the water tank determines how long the diffuser can run before needing a refill. Opt for a cloud diffuser with a larger water capacity if you want to enjoy continuous mist for an extended period. Diffusers are responsible for releasing fragrance into the air, so it is a good idea to determine their water capacity.  2. Mist Output The mist output determines how much fragrance is dispersed in your space. Some cloud diffusers offer adjustable mist settings, allowing you to customize the intensity as per your preference. A lot of newbies are not acquainted with the various diffuser types available in the market. Hence, do not forget to consider the mist output as well.  3. Timer Settings The option to set timers can be a great addition to your cloud diffuser. It allows you to control the duration of diffusion, ensuring that it aligns with your daily routine. Apart from the timer, you might also want to consider the noise it produces. Generally, cloud diffusers do not produce sound, but if they do, try not to purchase them! Types of Cloud Diffusers Cloud diffusers come in various types, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are a few popular choices: 1. Raindrop Cloud Humidifier This type of cloud diffuser mimics the appearance of raindrops falling from a cloud. It creates a soothing visual effect while diffusing your favorite essential oils. Those who find solace in raindrop sensations after a long, tiring day should definitely opt for this cloud humidifier. The good news is that it is quite cost-effective in nature.  2. Raining Humidifier With a design inspired by rain, this cloud diffuser creates a calming atmosphere. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or meditation spaces. Let’s admit, who doesn’t love rain? People with troubled sleep and extreme stress should consider buying this. Almost 94% of consumers said that after the use of this humidifier, they could experience better sleep.   3. Weljoy Zen Raining Cloud This unique cloud diffuser combines the calming effect of a rain cloud with the functionality of a night light. It provides a multi-sensory experience, making it ideal for relaxation and unwinding before bed. There is nothing to worry about for sinus patients because this cloud diffuser relieves congestion, too. Relieves symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, along with providing relief. Popular Cloud Diffusers When it comes to cloud diffusers, the market offers a wide range of options to choose from. Here are a few popular choices to consider: 1. Rain Cloud Humidifier and Oil Diffuser This versatile humidifier not only adds humidity to your space but also works as an essential oil diffuser. It combines the benefits of aromatherapy with the soothing visual of rain clouds. Bring it today to experience what it feels like to be in the open space on a cloudy day. With the first use, you can experience the changes in your sleep as it offers heightened mental peace.  2. Cloud Diffuser with Rain This cloud diffuser features a unique water drip design, simulating rain falling from a cloud. It creates a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation or meditation. They are completely noiseless and promote healthy living by purifying the ambiance. Experience the calm of nature with rain-type cloud diffusers. Further, it doesn’t even block your nose or something- so sleep and relax peacefully! 3. Cloudy Melatonin This innovative cloud diffuser combines the calming effects of a cloud with the sleep-inducing properties of melatonin. It is designed to help you unwind and promote a restful night’s sleep. If somebody is seriously sick, just place it near their room, and they might feel a lot better. Most cloud diffusers come with features that relieve cough, headaches, and body pain. In conclusion A cloud diffuser can transform your space into a peaceful haven. By selecting a cloud diffuser that aligns with your needs and preferences, you can create a soothing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being. Whether you choose a raindrop cloud humidifier, a Weljoy Zen Raining Cloud, or any other type of diffuser, the key is to prioritize quality and functionality. Invest in a cloud diffuser that brings you joy and enhances your overall well-being. Read Also: What’s the Difference Between a Public Cloud and a Private Cloud? What’s The Difference Between A Public Cloud And A Private Cloud? Hosted Mail Service That Runs on the Cloud Read Also:

Future Of VoIP Technology

The Future Of VoIP Technology And Its Impact On Business Communications

The Voice over Internet Protocol refers to a technology that lets you make calls on the Internet. Thus, you no longer have to use cellular connections or conventional phone lines. Modern VoIP technologies are even more competent and provide options like calling, group conferencing, and file transfer. VoIP uses new technology like UCaaS, 5G, and AI to offer businesses more sophisticated voice solutions. These solutions will enable more efficient communications with customers and colleagues. VoIP is easy to use and flexible. It is also affordable and delivers better audio quality. Plus, its scalability means that moving phone lines around is simple. Enhancing VoIP's Global Reach Virtual phone numbers are a pivotal innovation in VoIP technology, providing a seamless way for businesses and individuals to establish a local presence worldwide without the limitations of traditional geographic constraints. These numbers allow calls to be made and received over the internet, significantly simplifying global communication processes. By leveraging VoIP to operate without direct ties to physical phone lines, users can enjoy substantial reductions in the costs associated with long-distance communications and the necessity for physical infrastructure. A key advantage of this technology is its simplicity in allowing users to effortlessly get a virtual phone number, thereby enabling businesses to easily establish a local presence in any market. This capability enhances customer trust and satisfaction by offering local contact options without incurring high international call rates. The scalability of virtual phone numbers ensures that companies can adapt their operations with minimal effort, expanding or reducing their footprint without significant commitments or alterations to their communication setups. Additionally, integrating these numbers with essential VoIP features, such as call forwarding, voicemail to email, and customizable greetings, elevates the efficiency and professionalism of business communications. The decision to integrate a virtual phone number into a business's communication strategy is invaluable, especially for those looking to support remote work, expand into new international markets, or track the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. This approach not only positions companies to maintain a competitive edge in a digitally connected world but also navigates the challenges of compliance with local telecommunications regulations and the need for reliable internet connectivity. Embracing virtual phone numbers through VoIP technology marks a significant stride towards fostering innovative communication solutions, underscoring the dynamic evolution of global business operations. AI-Integrated VoIP Systems Integrated with AI, VoIP systems can automatically handle certain tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. For example, AI chatbots can assist customers with simple queries and help them navigate the system. They can also handle basic conference call tasks like setting up meetings, sending reminders, inviting members, etc. This frees customer service agents to focus on more complex inquiries and improve the overall customer experience.  AI can also be used to strengthen VoIP security. It can detect suspicious activity and prevent hacking attempts by analyzing network traffic. This ensures that businesses’ data is protected and their communication platforms remain safe from cyber threats. VoIP technology is already transforming many industries, and it’s only expected to continue growing in popularity. AI integration with VoIP will enhance its functionality and improve how businesses communicate. Because of its features, you will find this very useful for your business. This includes a more personalized experience, reduced fees, and increased reliability. This will boost the appeal of UC to customers and make it more attractive to small businesses. Integration With Ucaas VoIP allows businesses to call over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines, reducing telecommunication costs while providing the same features. Its scalability also makes it ideal for remote work. UCaaS, which includes VoIP among its many technologies, helps businesses reduce their reliance on hardware by eliminating the need for dedicated equipment. This allows them to cut their telephony costs and boost productivity simultaneously. UCaaS also integrates team messaging, videoconferencing, and VoIP into one platform. Employees can seamlessly switch between communication channels without leaving the app. For example, if they are in the middle of a conversation on Slack and need to talk to someone on the phone, they can click and start a voice or video call with a single tap. Streamlining communication platforms also increases employee efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple apps. This is especially important during peak contact times when teams can easily become overwhelmed by incoming calls. The Rise Of Remote Work The VoIP market has grown rapidly thanks to the increased adoption of cloud services, the rising popularity of mobile VoIP systems, and the rise of remote work. VoIP costs are incredibly cheap, and businesses save huge amounts when adapting to the system. One study found that companies protect 32 minutes of daily calls per team member after switching to VoIP. VoIP works by converting voice signals into digital data segmented into smaller packets. It then sends these packets across a data line, ensuring they are recovered and timely by congestion. It also provides useful business features that bring voice calling into the modern age. These include visual voicemail, digital faxing, call recording, and more. Employees can access these features on any mobile and desktop computer. This means they can work from anywhere – as long as they have secure and high-speed internet access. AI-Powered Customer Service Most business communication still takes place over the phone, and a VoIP system makes this work easier. It enables businesses to route incoming calls to the right people, allows for digital voicemails, and ensures no call or message goes unanswered. The technology also has additional features that make business communication more efficient. For example, it offers conference calling options and customizable on-hold music, which can help keep customers engaged and improve the company’s overall customer experience. Businesses can choose from private on-premises or cloud-based VoIP systems. Remote systems can be deployed as hardware PBX appliances or converged with other infrastructure, while a telecommunications carrier or service provider typically manages hosted systems. In either case, the systems can be stored in datacentres that are geographically relevant to their users. This allows them to offer scalability and flexibility for businesses with remote offices or a distributed workforce. In addition, hosted systems allow for rapid deployment as traffic ebbs and flows. The VoIP Technology: Benefits Associated When it comes to considering the benefits, VoIP has a lot of them to offer. A primary reason why users love VoIP is due to its cost-efficiency. You can either make free calls or even if you pay for it; the cost is less. Unline cellular cells or conventional landlines; you do not have to pay a lot.  Apart from that, the technology offers great features in comparison to usual voice calls. Based on what kind of device you deploy to make VoIP calls, accessing video calls, group calls, and everything is very easy. Obviously, standard call features such as call waiting or regular caller ID is also available. Consolidated communication technologies are its other benefits. With a VoIP system, you get a streamlined form of communication. Typically, a user receives video, text, or audio-based communications under one roof. This is beneficial for both the business and individual users.  Wrapping It Up There is a great chance you have already been using VoIP technology in multiple apps. These might be FaceTime, Whatsapp, Skype, and even Telegram. But in case you don’t, computer and smartphone VoIP applications are the best starting point for leveraging internet telephony.  Apart from these apps, you might also select VoIP for your business or residence. However, that is typically more expensive and complicated. Much of the complexity is, though, limited to its initial setup.  So, that was all about VoIP technology and its future growth prospects. Let us know how relevant you found this article by sharing your comments below. Thank you for reading! Read Also: Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention To Cryptocurrencies In 2021 Crypto Staking: Locking Up Crypto Holdings To Earn Interest Can I Convert My 401k To A Gold IRA?


The New Global Project PRINCE2 Management Forum

I recently attended the 2022 Global Project Management Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event has been an incredible PRINCE2 management system for a learning opportunity for me to become acquainted with the lives of my neighboring colleagues. I was in awe as each person spoke with such a different accordion. They would never have thought of speaking with someone from out of their own country like me. So how we nurture this en Exhibition has bearings in this " slated of lanes" hidden gem, as on a prince2 Course Belfast training. What Is The Best Part Of PRINCE2 Management? The climate of this particular event was fantastic, and everyone was able to speak some English. This has been me on porch natter time of yard. We were helping each other with really "old-fashioned" cultural status conversation. It was apparent that not all presenters were from down under or even North America. Attending and participating was something of a cultural education about global cultures.  The project PRINCE2 management is not one and the same here, yet we seem to be practically un-spawned, walking around in one spirit. Mostly, I felt if I were at any party in the USA from that part of the planet, we would almost treat each other the way we did as partners on the Aircraft carrier.  Why? Sure, they had many things that made us uniquely American, such as our freedom. And I wanted to know what precisely the creative people in Project Management were doing. I noted many gave the opinion of " Martin Amigos." They said there is no success in life without learning as you move forward (in accord with the program by the same name).  What Are The learning Material In PRINCE2? Learning is essentially the same way we learn in creative training. But instead of just being there, recognizes what you are putting into practice, with results in your Projects. Fatalities are crashing websites, firms, and construction projects on their own doors without ever having to meet your co-workers. But for here folks, I wanted to find out how they were getting the creative minds "up and running" and developing. Optimism could always be heard, even if it was half-hearted. This group could clearly see the positive aspects of their organization. The way their organization ran appears more like a good thing than a bad thing.  Every January worker had a job that took him away from his family. It was a " mission" based world. Each man who worked in an office seemed to have a list of people that he wanted to be " near" or be to them, to always be both their best friend and their own best employee.  This group seemed to have productivity, an analysis of what their time was worth, and how to improve it with the PRINCE2  management system. What Does Work Not Exist In That Type Of Environment? The word productivity is open to as many interpretations as the word term itself. It may be how long it takes to run 100 miles in a car or light truck.  It could be how long a person can produce in a day or week, or how much a piece of cake could be filled to the Parkerizzle because it was worth 5 pounds; it could be the pressure someone felt to pull that gauge off that the toleration of someone, or how good or unlucky it felt to be just making a full page of " syndicate."  So what happened to the author of this article. The number of meetings at the event and how many of the people who turned up were in a job that did not provide them the amount of compensation they wanted to perform and earn the hours they did, were meeting their creative minds. When money was left on the table for those who failed, " slew them aside," as the saying goes, the leaders of these companies had the right to conduct free business at the forums as long as they met the expectations of each of the workers and their families to invest their life sweat equity. Stepping back and viewing the overall picture, we needed to come together as a global organization.  How Is This Forum Helping For Better Understanding Of PRINCE2? We used the events, and the work pulled from other countries to begin to formulate and develop the proper cultural idea of a successful global organization. Each determined spot would be an indicator of success either next door, above water, or underwater.  Ideology and a vision for a better way of everything, for our clients we PAT force the hunger to salt families customs, family relationships, and other many relationships in an open and professional way, to honestly think about the stake of life, and where it all feels like oxygen. Conclusion: Perhaps this group was not properly managed, or it did not spark their passion or attitude in them to its full effect. This is why it was so important that I had someone to remind me what was important to me, also helping me to do things differently to change the atmosphere in our already in sync environment. It is really very easy when you sense there is a huge need to lose perspective and think that things will change for the better. Read Also: What to Know About Location-Based Data Importance Of A Project Manager In An Organization Using Project Management to Maximize the Holiday Season at Work Top Ways Contract Management Software Helps to Mitigate Contract Risk