Behavioral Targeting – A potential DSP strategy for media campaigns


15 February 2016


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Aren’t you happy that you are finding the perfect leads that automatically convert into customers in your digital media campaigns? Behavioral targeting, a recent technique in digital advertising, has enabled marketers to achieve 90% success from their campaigns.

Although the name itself tells about the kind of marketing strategy behavioral targeting is, let’s find out more…

Behavioral targeting effectively uses a customer’s past activity while displaying an ad. While matching an ad with the user, the media planning software uses non-personal and anonymous information from the user.

The fact that identifying user behavior is not just limited to the desktop makes media planning software a versatile technology. There are some mobile media platforms that help companies to target users depending on their mobile search patterns. One of the key factors in mobile tracking is where the users are located when they conduct a particular online search.

How behavioral targeting functions

The agencies use demand-side platforms (DSPs) for buying the advertisements across the networks in real-time. As there is media software that can track the user’s IP address and content type, the user browses using deep package inspection
(DPI), and the marketer is able to identify the ad appropriate for the user. The marketers then buy relevant ads via real-time bidding (RTB) and put them up on the websites. This media planning software allows marketers to focus on ads for granularity specified audiences. The tool uses different kinds of data to show the right ad to the right audience.

Information marketer’s use for behavioral targeting:

  • The demographic information that the user has shared with partner websites
  • Data extracted by cookies from the websites visited by the consumer
  • General assumptions based on the types of websites visited by the user
  • Social networking sites for collecting data for this kind of targeting

Types of behavioral targeting

Several technologies and approaches are used in behavioral targeting. Every company in space has its set of nomenclature and approach. However, the entire gamut of behavioral targeting can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Targeting based on affinity

Also known as traditional targeting, the tracking is based on the information the users take in. Here, the user is tracked within a particular category. By consistent consumption trait, the tracking is based on the interest the user shows in web search. This way, advertising is based on unique profiles of users rather than by focusing on the current search that the user has keyed in.

  1. Re-targeting

This tracking is simpler than affinity-based targeting. Here, the user has already visited a website, made some pre-decision stage activities, but has not completed the action. Usually, users get tagged through cookies and they can be targeted again via some cross-selling prospects. According to the user’s latest interest, an advertisement can be tailor-made using re-targeting.

  1. Predictive targeting

Predictive targeting is based on a series of data collected both, online and offline. The first step is gathering data online— analyzing user behavior through their clicks and real-time internet surfing. The user gets monitored through the websites they visited the amount of time spent on each website, etc. The first profile of the user gets created through online monitoring. Complete data is then collected by some kinds of socio-demographic survey, which provides complete information on the lifestyle and interests of the user.

Predictive technology is used to analyze the survey data (offline) with performance data (online) to complete the profile. Thus, there is the extrapolation of socio-demographic data of the sample population to a larger user base, using the similarities in the behavioral patterns observed in the sample users to a larger population.

Behavioral targeting is definitely a valuable media planning software for digital advertising. However, you need to beef your strategies up with adequate tactics. Start with the identification of the right audience for a certain media buy, the required accomplishment of the campaign, and consequently its appropriate channels and communication media. Within this framework, identify if behavioral targeting can achieve better or not.

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Having a dedicated web app is the most commonly followed digital strategy by most of the businesses. It helps their services and products to reach out to their targeted audiences anywhere and anytime even when they are on the go.However, creating a web app that is useful and effective is not easy as you will need to stick to the cultural values of your business as well as your audience. In addition to that, you must ensure that:Is good Creates a positive impression Impacts the users’ minds with a clear image of your company and product Is useful for the industry Is easy to access from mobile devices and Is easy to navigate and self-intuitive.It must also vary with different tastes and requirements of the users and all should be available in one place. 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This will make your investment fruitful and protect your hard earned and valuable money.For this matter, you must include only those options in your web app that are necessary for the user to make a buying decision. Incorporating others in the app may confuse the user resulting in leaving it soon. You must deliver your user what they want along with your vision as well. You will need to be more creative in designing your app to make a better appeal and stay in the business as well as follow your innovative and unique marketing strategies.Apart from designing a really good app that will deliver your vision, it is also necessary to ensure that it is scalable enough to assure the best and most effective results. This will ensure that you offer your users with more dynamic and useful solutions to their queries and issues.In order to reach out to a more targeted audience, you should customize the ideas, needs, and features that are specific to your specific industry. In addition to that, you must also keep in mind that you need to establish a relationship with your users when they use your web app. The users must be comfortable to use and work with your app which is why you should use more than the tried and tested features in your app to be truly useful.You may experiment more with the approaches, features, and ideas to implement but in the end, you must make sure that till it provides the best solution to the users. This will not only ensure that you achieve the best results for your business but it will also allow you to measure the success level of your app and how much it is able to contribute to your revenue generation.Ideally, the use of a web app is not only to get more business but also to create the best brand recognition with your expert marketing strategies. Wrapping it up If you find all these are too tall ask for you hire a professional agency. 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