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26 February 2019


Digital marketing

If you’re starting your own business in digital marketing; congratulations! Digital marketing is in and has a lot of potential in the job market. It is very lucrative for young entrepreneurs who are changing the way the world looks are business. There is a vast number of digital marketing jobs and career opportunities in the future.

Having been born into an era of technology, Generation Z has a natural affinity toward technology and computers. It doesn’t hurt to be equipped with the knowledge and even though you may have talent, it is important to enhance it with learned skills. Now, apart from talent what do you need to have a successful digital marketing business? Read on to know more.

Know your target audience:

For any marketing strategy, it is very important to know who you’re targeting. You have to segregate consumers according to their economic status, age, sex, and location. A local company targeting another city won’t get much business so it’s of no use. Besides the digital market is not exactly cheap so you have to narrow down your options to the demographics that will get you the most business. Teenagers won’t buy diapers, and a strategy that is targeting this age group will fail. If you are a digital marketing firm or a single entrepreneur, ensure that you thoroughly study the market as well as the client product and service. You need to have thorough knowledge to be able to empathize with consumers

Decide location:

After setting the demographics, analyze the locations where the advertisements may be relevant. Some products can be shipped across cities. In such cases, you can target any location that has not been targeted by your competitors yet. Unless you’ve got great content and a great marketing team, play safe with the location. A lot of investment goes into digital marketing and unless you’ve got money to burn don’t experiment recklessly. If your client ships the product across cities, you may still have to decide a relevant area to start targeting. An untapped market is always the best choice and you can market aggressively if you have the budget.

Decide content for  marketing:

The consumer is king! For a digital marketer, content is king. With the right content and action words, you can sell any deal. Now, how do you decide what kind of content to add? It depends on the demographics. You will market brands, products, and services differently. Each of these has different methods of campaigning and so is the content. Brand marketing is different because here you’re establishing trust. You’ll target the audience with content that tells them why they should choose you. Products and services will have descriptive campaigns where you explain why the audience should spend their money on you. You can pitch the brand to a bigger audience whereas products and services will have a limited relevant audience only.

Allocate budget:

The next most important thing is budgeting. Now that you’ve decided upon the content and the demographics, you now need to identify the resources that will go into marketing. Do you have enough to do everything that you’ve planned? Allocate budget to each campaign according to their utility. Each campaign needs to be developed according to the content and budget available. Bear Newman from says that spending more time and money on marketing will make a business more successful. Take cognizance of the platforms you’re advertising on. Platforms like Google and Facebook cost more than organic SEO practices. Which niche of digital marketing are you an expert at? Only stick to that and optimize marketing.

Do competitor analysis:

A very important component of digital marketing is competitor analysis. Unless you know what your competitors are up to you will not be able to build a good strategy. A good digital marketing strategy is one where you outsmart your competitors or target an area where you don’t have much competition.

Analyzing the strategies that your competitors make use of is a brilliant idea. Fortunately, this is easy now because everything is visible online and you have tools that can measure competitor growth.

Doing this is very important even if you are not running active campaigns to keep abreast of the trends in the industry.   Analyze how they place their content and the catchy slogans they use. Remember you can learn a lot from others’ experiences too. This will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t in the world of digital marketing.

As interesting as digital marketing is, the gruel is just as much. If you want to be good at what you do, choose your information sources carefully and go through case studies for the best results.

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing : Selling Your Product And Services

Online marketing is just another way of selling your product and service online through the web and mobile phone systems. The art of selling things online is very difficult, you need to find the right mix of strategies that suit your product and reach your audience which can then convert into real deals. Many people think this is the easiest way to publicize but there are a lot more ways to fail at this than is successful. So we today at AdsBridge will try to explain to you about online marketing. Benefits of Online Marketing: A key advantage of taking the help of the internet for marketing your product is that you can quantify the effect that a strategy has in publicizing plus you know how many clicks you get for each publicizing platform and how they interact with a website. Then we can analyze how many of these visitors are converted into paying customers and which strategy is most profitable to you. Examples of Online Marketing: EA sports pays different search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to post ads on people desktop which search for keywords such as "Games". Grammarly hoards up email delivers on their site through a free trial and then send emails regarding discount and services. A recent trend is to make memes and then share them on the official handles on Facebook, Twitter, and etc. to engage with their audience and create a favorable image of their product. This technique is mostly used by condoms or tobacco companies. Online marketing seems to be the future as everything is available online. This definitely opens new doors but it is very difficult to build your audience. One of the things, companies should understand is that the internet is a virtual field and so should be your content to lure people, you can’t go old fashion on the internet. Companies should develop their strategy keeping in mind their customer, and the product which we do at Ads Bridge. People use various techniques such as surveys, user testing, and in-person conversations. Online Ads: Google earns the most through internet ads because it works for businesses but there are ways through which you can be looted. There are various other platforms that offer online ads, they won’t be as popular as Google but they are very much effective Marketing through emails: As discussed above, a lot of companies used this strategy. They will find a way to collect your email address. Then they will send you a mail regarding the discount and offers. If you like their trial product/service, receiving those offers can tempt anybody to buy. Marketing through social media: This has taken marketing to a whole different level. You can reach out to your audience even in their most secluded moment as using mobile is stable for all. But on social media, you need a 24/7 presence, it doesn’t work if you than posting ads for your products or services. Blogging: Having a business blog is another way to reach out to your customers. You can use these blogs to keep people informed about the latest development in your product or service. One important use of the blog is you can write luring article which can tempt people to buy your product or service. Or you can simply use it for reviews or feedback from customers. Read Also: How To Market Your App Successfully Mobile App Marketing Agency Marketing – What’s Right For Your Business?

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How to find the best products to sell on Amazon and some examples

What can you sell online? It is obvious, that you can sell anything online. But here, selling online means to sell a product with a decent profit margin. To become a successful Amazon seller you need to find the right product that has high demand; low competition; and many other characteristics. Once you select a product that has all these characteristics, you can see a decent profit selling them. In this article, some of the ways of finding the best products to sell on Amazon are explained along with some examples. Table of Contents Finding the best product Manual methods of product research Automated methods of product research Popular and profitable products on Amazon 1. Finding the best product There are many ways by which you can find a profitable product to sell. This process of analyzing the current trends in the market and ending up with a good product is known as product research. Product research can be done in two ways namely manual product research and automated product research. These processes are explained below. 2. Manual Product Research This is the process of analyzing the current trends in the market manually through various strategies as follows. Checking Amazon’s bestsellers list – Amazon has its own listings of thousands of products as bestsellers categorized based on their niches. You can just go to this list and check what are all the niches and products that sell well. You can also go through those product listings to find out the special features and characteristics of a product that attracts more customers. The product reviews under each bestselling product will be the bible for you to shape your own product. If you just look at the bestseller list, you will get to see the products with high competition. So, you can go through the sub-categories to find more specific products with high demand and low competition. You can get excellent product ideas from this. Pinterest – Pinterest acts as a great platform for finding different product ideas. It may seem like a social media platform like Pinterest cannot help in developing product ideas. But it is very helpful in finding new products since millions of people are searching and uploading millions of pictures almost in all niches. You can just search your keyword and get thousands of product images to develop an idea from. Contacting your suppliers - If you have traded on Amazon already or you have a product supplier with you, you can get much information on the current trends in your niche. He will provide details about the movement of specific goods and products in that niche. This may help you in developing a product idea that actually sells. Spying on Competitors – Although it sounds like illegal activity, it is legal in terms of an online marketplace. You can look at the strategies used by your competitors; the keywords used by them; their customer service; and many more. You should not try to copy the exact strategies of your competitors since you may not have the same reach and capabilities of your giant competitors. Lookout for bestselling products on eBay – You can get product ideas by looking at the trending products on other e-commerce sites like eBay. 3. Automated methods of Product Research  This includes the same processes of keyword research, competitor analysis, monthly search volume calculation, etc. But all the processes are automated using various free and paid tools available online. An example of automated product research is the use of Google trends. It helps to notify you of all the recent trends in the market along with various numbers and statistics. 4. Popular and profitable products on Amazon Some products are there known as evergreen products that will definitely make more money. These are the products with low cost of production; high demand; and high-profit margin. Some of these evergreen products are listed below. Books – Books are always a great product to sell online. Since the online market place is like an open library and the product is delivered directly to the residence of the customer, books are always high on sales. You can easily get books in bulk from any publishers and sell them online at your own price with a profit margin. Accessories and apparels – Although this category is oversaturated with millions of sellers providing the same cosmetics; jewelry; clothes; and accessories, this niche is always evergreen. It is because of the everlasting need for apparel and accessories in modern society. Toys and Games – Surprisingly, this niche is also one of the bestselling categories in the whole market place. Baby products and toys for both children as well as adults are another evergreen choice to be successful. Electronics – Although it is an evergreen niche, only authorized brands will dominate this niche. Read Also: Beginners Guide: How You Can Grow Your Biz With Amazon Your Review of Amazon’s FBA Wholesale Marketing Course

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Five Ways to Help Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out From the Crowd

Have you ever attended a trade show with boring displays and unenthusiastic salespersons? You probably walked out uninspired and disappointed that you wasted your time. Don't be a vendor that fails to make an impression on interested attendees with a dull trade show booth. Grab a visitor's attention and get them excited about your brand and what it has to offer. Here are five tips to help create a striking trade show booth that'll stand out from the crowd: Target Your Audience You'll be most successful if you have a trade show booth that matches the trade show theme. Attending Comic-Con? You'll want to be modern and edgy. A flower and garden show? You'll want to show your softer side. You may want to rent a booth instead of owning one. When you own a booth, you are limited to one design, but with a rental, you can choose from multiple styles that allow creativity and flexibility for different trade shows. Create a Crowd People are attracted to trade show booths that have a crowd. Help create a group by staffing your booth with friendly and enthusiastic employees who can welcome people into your exhibit. Offer light snacks or coffee so people will linger and browse your products. Make sure your staff knows how to manage the booth so they can generate leads and connect with both new and old clients. Create an Eye-Catching Display You have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. Create a presentation with your company name prominently displayed so everyone can see it. Use lights and multimedia—think videos or music—to get people's attention, but don't go overboard and deter visitors because your booth is too loud or distracting. You should always look to invest in your trade show displays. This helps build credibility for your brand, attracts the right audiences, and improves chances for sales queries and conversions. Make sure you are setting up the displays to make it customer-friendly, informative and aesthetically pleasing. Use short, simple headlines to convey a bold message that'll pique visitors’ interests. Lastly, don't forget to publicize your social media links so people can connect with your brand both during and after the event. Turn It Into an Experience Bring a product demo so event attendees can experience your product firsthand. If you can't bring in a product demo, then create an experience for your attendees. For example, if your product helps eliminate odors in a workspace, create a space with perfumes, colognes, food, and other typical office smells. People can step into the enclosed space, try out your product, and have a sensory experience they won't forget. Use a Contest or Prize to Create a Buzz Everyone loves to get something for free, so don't hesitate to give away swag or have a raffle. Use brightly colored stickers, light-up bracelets, and other eye-catching trinkets to get your brand noticed on the event floor. Giving out swag with your brand name extends your reach beyond your booth. If your swag is good enough, people not only wear it on the event floor, but they also may bring it home with them. You can further your engagement by offering a door prize to those who wear your promotional items during the show or share them on social media. Don’t just fill up space at a trade show—let your brand make an impression! Keep these tips in mind as you prepare your booth and staff for your next trade show. Read Also: Top 8 Advantages Of Effective Web Design And Development Execute the Perfect Expo with This Trade Show Checklist How to Plan For a Successful Trade Show Exhibits?