The Best Star Wars Gifts this Christmas


11 December 2018


Star Wars Gifts

Modelspace, in its website, describes the various Star Wars gifts that can suit this festive season. As a fan of Star Wars, you might be interested in getting a Star Wars that is not only interesting but also affordable. The company is offering a 40% off the price of all the Star Wars toys they sell to its customers during this season. In this article, we will review some of the best Star Wars gifts that you can give to your loved ones during this Christmas. You will find a selection of our top Star Wars picks below.

1. Thunderbird 2 1 1:144 Scale I Full Kit:

This is a kit that will provide you with materials to enable you to construct your own Thunderbird 2 which fully resembles the one used in the British 1960s series. The Thunderbird 2 was used in rescue missions to carry vehicles and equipment. It has a length of 540 mm and comes with LED lights, speakers and remote control. It also has the ability to raise or lower its legs to create a scene of load and offload. By buying this kit, you will be able to build your loved ones a Star Wars model that will give them the intense feeling of the series thus making this the perfect gift this Christmas. It currently costs 909.99 pounds down from 1299.99 pounds.

2. HMS Victory 1 1:84 Model I Full Kit:

By ordering this kit, you will be able to build your loved ones a ship that completely resembles Lord Nelson’s flagship which was used in the Trafalgar war. The kit comes with a guidebook that will show you how to construct the model hence you don’t have to read any book or hire anyone to build it for you. Everything you need to construct an amazing Lord Nelson’s HMS ship is included in the package right from armaments to crew members. Order it today and give your family an intense feeling of standing before the legendary ship during this festive season. It also costs 909.99 pounds down from 1299.99 pounds.

3. HMS Sovereign of the Seas 1 1:84 Model Full Kit:

Want to build a Star Wars model that resembles the most powerful warship used in the 17th century? Well, if you do, order this kit now and get the materials and a guidebook on how to construct it. After building the warship the person you are giving the gift to will be able to feel the experience of standing in front of the “Golden Devil” that was launched in the year 1637. This kit also costs 909.99 pounds during this festive season.

4. The Millennium Falcon I Full Kit:

This is one of the best Star Wars models that you can give to your loved ones this season. With this kit, you can construct a model with a scale of 1:1 and which resembles the Millennium Falcon which featured in the Empire Strikes Back movie. Your model will measure 808 mm by 596 mm by 192 mm and will weigh about 24 pounds. It will also consist of moving parts, LED lights and other components that will make your loved ones feel the presence of the original Star Wars models. It currently costs 1199.99 pounds and it comes with a step-by-step guide on how to build it.


There are various Star Wars models that you can give to your loved ones during this Christmas season. The ones described above are just some of the best Star Wars that you can order. You can visit the link provided above for more information about the Star Wars models appropriate for this season.

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