The Best Star Wars Gifts this Christmas


11 December 2018


Star Wars Gifts

Modelspace, in its website, describes the various Star Wars gifts that can suit this festive season. As a fan of Star Wars, you might be interested in getting a Star Wars that is not only interesting but also affordable. The company is offering a 40% off the price of all the Star Wars toys they sell to its customers during this season. In this article, we will review some of the best Star Wars gifts that you can give to your loved ones during this Christmas. You will find a selection of our top Star Wars picks below.

1. Thunderbird 2 1 1:144 Scale I Full Kit:

This is a kit that will provide you with materials to enable you to construct your own Thunderbird 2 which fully resembles the one used in the British 1960s series. The Thunderbird 2 was used in rescue missions to carry vehicles and equipment. It has a length of 540 mm and comes with LED lights, speakers and remote control. It also has the ability to raise or lower its legs to create a scene of load and offload. By buying this kit, you will be able to build your loved ones a Star Wars model that will give them the intense feeling of the series thus making this the perfect gift this Christmas. It currently costs 909.99 pounds down from 1299.99 pounds.

2. HMS Victory 1 1:84 Model I Full Kit:

By ordering this kit, you will be able to build your loved ones a ship that completely resembles Lord Nelson’s flagship which was used in the Trafalgar war. The kit comes with a guidebook that will show you how to construct the model hence you don’t have to read any book or hire anyone to build it for you. Everything you need to construct an amazing Lord Nelson’s HMS ship is included in the package right from armaments to crew members. Order it today and give your family an intense feeling of standing before the legendary ship during this festive season. It also costs 909.99 pounds down from 1299.99 pounds.

3. HMS Sovereign of the Seas 1 1:84 Model Full Kit:

Want to build a Star Wars model that resembles the most powerful warship used in the 17th century? Well, if you do, order this kit now and get the materials and a guidebook on how to construct it. After building the warship the person you are giving the gift to will be able to feel the experience of standing in front of the “Golden Devil” that was launched in the year 1637. This kit also costs 909.99 pounds during this festive season.

4. The Millennium Falcon I Full Kit:

This is one of the best Star Wars models that you can give to your loved ones this season. With this kit, you can construct a model with a scale of 1:1 and which resembles the Millennium Falcon which featured in the Empire Strikes Back movie. Your model will measure 808 mm by 596 mm by 192 mm and will weigh about 24 pounds. It will also consist of moving parts, LED lights and other components that will make your loved ones feel the presence of the original Star Wars models. It currently costs 1199.99 pounds and it comes with a step-by-step guide on how to build it.


There are various Star Wars models that you can give to your loved ones during this Christmas season. The ones described above are just some of the best Star Wars that you can order. You can visit the link provided above for more information about the Star Wars models appropriate for this season.

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Are you having trouble thinking up an impressive Father’s Day present this year? Maybe you’re struggling because you’re stuck on novelty neckties and personalized mugs, two of some of the worst gifts you can give. Dad’s closet and kitchen cupboard are already full enough as it is. He doesn’t need any more of these last-minute gifts. This year, get your dad the tech that he can actually use—and that he actually wants. Whether it’s a smart barbeque or a drink chiller, there’s something for every kind of dad on this list. Just scroll down to find a perfect gift for Father’s Day. 1. A smart barbeque : By the time Father’s Day rolls around, most dads head outdoors with a beer in one hand and a rack of ribs in the other. If your dad takes his barbequing seriously, consider surprising him with Lynx’s smart barbeque. Just like a smartphone or Google Home, the grill is a voice-activated device that can take instruction from its owner. Dad just has to let it know what it’s supposed to be cooking, and the smart BBQ will take it from there. It connects to Wi-Fi to access millions of recipes and cooking times, and it will automatically turn off once the food is done. And with convenient text notifications reminding him of the grill, it makes an overdone burger a thing of the past. 2. The ultimate streaming situation : Don’t worry if dad’s perfect evening involves wedging himself into his butt groove surrounded by snacks while watching the latest Netflix original. Just because dad’s a homebody doesn’t mean you can’t get him something nice for Father’s Day. In fact, his indoor activities make your job even easier. Set him up for another season of extreme binge-watching with a Roku Streaming Stick. Once this dongle fits into the HDMI port of his TV, dad can stream any TV show, movie, or song from any subscription service he has a profile with. If he just has a subscription to Netflix, sweeten the deal by paying for a year’s subscription to MLB TV, Amazon Prime Video, or Crackle. 3. The coolest iPhone wraps : When dad cares about the way he looks, impress dad with a personalized wrap for his iPhone X. This covering protects his device with a grip-enhancing vinyl layer that shows off designs so stylish you’ll want to make a whole set for dad. When it comes to wraps iPhone fans know to shop from brand's exclusive selection of skins. Check out their premium wraps and use their skin builder to see what your custom iPhone X wraps look like on the X in real-time. With exclusive designs you can’t find anywhere else, including the newest black camo and dragon skin textures, they have a look for every dad. 4. A perfectly chilled drink : You know how annoying it is to realize you forgot to put the beer in the fridge. Instead of an ice-cold brew, the bottle rests at a tepid 72-degrees. Nobody like sipping from a lukewarm pilsner while under the hot sun, but who has the patience to wait for it chill in the fridge or freezer until it reaches the perfect temperature? Probably not dad. Save him such a fate with a Cooper Cooler. This gadget puts cans and bottles through a flash freeze, rotating them over a specialized ice bath to cool down drinks 90 times faster than a fridge. Whether dad’s a beer aficionado or wine enthusiast, this chill-on-demand item means Dad never has to wait for a perfectly chilled beer, cooler, or glass of wine again. 5. A summer soundtrack : Has dad taken up residence in the pool now that summer is just around the corner? Does he also love to listen to some tunes while he takes a dip? Help him chill out on his floaties with a WonderBoom waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Though small, it delivers a powerful punch of crisp and clear audio that’s perfect for a one-man lap or a whole pool party. Best of all, its waterproof design means it can be thrown into the pool and still deliver quality audio. Wherever he takes it, its Bluetooth 4.1 lets him connect with any device set up with tunes, so he can use his smartphone or tablet to switch between playlists. Learn from your mistakes in the past. Dad doesn’t want something that doesn’t have a purpose, so put back the ties and other novelty gift items. They’ll only collect dust after he opens them. Find inspiration in the tech that actually interests him, and you’ll land on a gift that’s sure to impress. Read Also : A Fashion Gift Guide For Special Occasions Make Your Boyfriend Feel Extremely Loved With These Gifting Ideas Men’s Gift Guide Cheat Sheet

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Appropriate Sympathy Gifts for the Deceased’s Family

Losing a beloved family member or a friend isn't easy. Their death signifies a huge loss in your life that cannot immediately be replaced. A person must grieve and realize that they need emotional support from their loved ones. Sometimes, a person can lend a shoulder to cry on and sometimes provide the grieving person with a gift that shows they care about them and are ready to help them overcome their sadness. If you want to provide an appropriate gift for the deceased's family or a specific member, that's an option that you can explore. However, if you need proper guidance about what gift can suffice, you can consult with the funeral professionals at, and they can guide you accordingly. Here are some appropriate sympathy gifts you can consider giving during the wake or memorial service. 1. Flowers You can always send flower arrangements or funerary wreaths to express your sincere condolences on their loss if you're the traditional type. You can choose an appropriate flower that can help memorialize the deceased. 2. Food basket  Another traditional offering to the grieving family is a food basket. In several cultures, accepting food will help sustain the people who participate in the wake. Any leftovers can also help those who don't have time to cook because of their mourning. You can send a basket of snacks and refreshments, or you can also leave behind a home-cooked meal that will feed those in attendance for the wake. 3. A cleaning service gift card If you wish to go the non-traditional route, you can give the bereaved family respite from cleaning their own houses while they're at the funeral home. Giving them a cleaning service gift card will allow them a place to withdraw after the burial that's clean and ready to provide comfort in their time of loss. It may seem strange to give this card as a sympathy gift, but the thought of arriving at a clean house after such a grueling event will always be welcome. 4. A memorial guestbook  The wake usually is a blur for most family members, so it is pretty appropriate to send them a memorial guestbook that would help ease their pain. Those coming to the service can sign the book and perhaps share a memory and a photo of the deceased. The personalization of the guestbook will help provide closure for the family when they read about how other people remember their loved ones. 5. A gift for the kids Another non-traditional gift is a present for the kids. Children are often unacknowledged when people grieve, and most don't realize that death can also affect them terribly. If you know the deceased left behind kids, try to think about what can comfort them during their mourning. A stuffed toy, activity book, journal, or even a video game can be a great gift to help them pass the time. Conclusion There are several ways to express that you're one with the family in their time of loss. Giving them a gift that can help them overcome their grief will be a great thing that you can do for them. Read Also: Top 3 Gift Ideas For Men – Cool Gifts That Will Impress Any Guy How To Find A Perfect Birthday Gift For Someone Special? A Fashion Gift Guide for Special Occasions

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7 Interesting Gifts for Your Best Friends

Gift giving can be a tricky business, especially if it's your best friend. They’re someone that holds a special place in our lives. We want to give them the best, but sometimes we get too far in our own heads and overcomplicate the process. Of course, this is normal. It’s our brain’s way of making sure that we don’t let down our friends. Buying a gift for a friend doesn’t have to be a major financial investment. Some of the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, among other places. This is the best motivation to keep in mind when searching for a gift. It’s easy to figure out if a good amount of thought and planning went into the gift. A good combination of aesthetic appeal, personal connection to the friend, and the sentimental value will deliver the best results. The most convenient way to go about buying a gift for your friend is by doing it online. This will save time and there will be a larger selection available. A site that specializes in gift giving like will offer very interesting gifts for special occasions. 7 Interesting Gifts for Your Best Friends: Jewelry: We’re not talking about getting engaged, but something as simple as a necklace can mean a lot. People are been fascinated with jewelry since our encounters with shining rocks. Accessories like watches, rings, or other trinket serve as great memorabilia. Jewelry is one of the most versatile gifts. Some may use it as a fashion statement. Others use it for many gestures. Check out the glamorous jewelry collection at One thing to keep in mind is the size of the jewelry. Ring sizes tend to be a bit harder to estimate. Anything that goes around the neck is usually easier to pick. High Heels: For girls or guys, high heels can be a boast of self-confidence. They add an air of grace and elegance. If you know someone who always likes to always look their best, then consider buying stunning heels. If paired with the right style, they may just be looking at a new opportunity to be hired as a model. Coffee Mugs: There are so many ideas that can be put on a coffee mug. It’s like a blank canvas for ideas to be written on. Many people use coffee mugs to celebrate events, loved ones, and personal memories. Coffee mugs can be bought in a variety of designs, or they can be decorated. They also don’t just have to be for drinking just coffee. There are no rules for pouring other beverages in a coffee mug to have a good time. Art: This is open to interpretation. Art is completely subjective and can offer perspectives that may be hard to come across elsewhere. For this reason, gifts in art and culture are excellent choices for a friend who is very open-minded. For some people, the art may transcend its physical appeal. Many people find representation and empowerment in art. It can be central to their lifestyles or core beliefs. Buying something based on your friend's belief sends a strong message that you support them and value their beliefs. Caution should be exercised for art. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and not all the words may agree. In some cases, you can buy something obscure to confuse your friend, which will also make a great gift. Gift Cards: Gift cards are always a good fail-safe. It allows the friend to make their own decisions and it saves you time on figuring out what to buy. While your best friend may not tell, sometimes they may prefer a gift card. You may want to take the cost into account. Like any gift, buying something that is too expensive might make the friend feel guilty. Of course, you know your friend better than most people so buy whatever suits them best. Party: If you really want to go all out, consider getting a party together for your friend. There are services that specialize in different events, including private parties. This is more for the outgoing type of friend but is open to everyone. It may also be a good way to get your friends out of their comfort zone. Another appeal to this gift is that other friends can join in. This takes pressure away from you because other people can help you out. Then everyone can enjoy the festivities by the end. This is a great gift for celebrating big events or to have an excuse to throw a party. Gifts for Sexual Wellness: Life can be mundane. That’s why it’s important to take care of ourselves, including sexually. A decrease in sexual libido is also linked to decreased enthusiasm, which is not good for work productivity. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced work lifestyle, but at a certain point, our drive for work begins to diminish. Depending on your relationship with your best friend, buying them a gift that speaks to their primal side with elevating the relationship to another level. The best part is that there are no limits on these types of gifts. The only limits are the ones that exist between you and your friend. This is a great way to feel rejuvenated. The mind and body are one entity. Therefore it is important to take care of intimate desires that are fun and enjoyable. What Your Gift Means to Your Friend: Regardless of how bizarre the gift, if it's your best friend, they’ll appreciate it because it came from you, At the very least, they’ll be amused. Who knows, you may discover something between you and your best friend that you never knew existed. Life is too short to buy mundane gifts, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. There is no secret when it comes to gift giving. The only thing that matters is how far you are willing to push the boundaries of your friendship. Read Also: 7 Of The Most Funny, Geeky & Cool Star Wars Gifts For Him Unique Christmas Gifting Ideas- Gifts For Everyone The Best Star Wars Gifts This Christmas 5 Exciting Father’s Day Gifts For The Tech-Obsessed Dad