5 Ways to Get a Better Work-Life Balance for Remote Employees

Published on: 03 September 2020 Last Updated on: 19 February 2021
Work-Life Balance

The sudden shift from working in an office to working at home has been sudden and drastic. While managing your business is still very much possible to do remotely, you also have to consider how your teams are coping with these changes.

It takes some adjusting and settling in when working remotely. While it may seem like it’s a good idea at first, especially if you think of the time spent in traffic and waking up early to get ready for work, it now proves to be quite challenging for some. With that said, here’s how you can get a better work-life balance.

Here are 5 Ways to Get a Better Work-Life Balance for Remote Employees:

1. Stick to a working schedule

When working remotely, it’s tempting to lounge around all day and put off some work. This may even result in lowered productivity. Challenge yourself to still get up early and go through your morning routine.

If it helps to think that you’re going to work in your office, so you have a set routine, then do so. But what’s important is you have a set schedule and see to it that you follow it religiously. It might take some time to get used to having a work schedule even if you’re just at home but eventually you’ll get used to it.

2. Check-in regularly with your team


Remember the small talks you had with your colleagues while working in between tasks? You can still make that happen. Make sure that you check in with your team every now and then. You’re not the only one who’s going through it alone; your colleagues are new to the idea of working from home too!

So even if you can’t talk to your team in-person, you can still get in touch with them instantly with team collaboration tools like Cisco Webex Teams. You can use this when you’re brainstorming for an idea, discussing the next stages of your plan, or just casually checking-in with the team. With this, you can easily share files, present reports, and connect with your team without having to worry about the connection’s not being secured or having it abruptly interrupted.

3. Have a dedicated workspace

Have you experienced working on your bed while still in your pajamas? To some extent, it’s nice to work like this, but the bed is definitely a distraction when you’re working. There’s a chance that you might even be tempted to just lounge around or sleep instead of doing your work.

To achieve a nice work-life balance, you should create a dedicated workspace. You can think of it like you going to your office but you’re just transferring to a different room this time. In this way, you’re creating that separate space that will serve as your boundaries. See to it that your workspace is free of distractions and noise so you can fully focus on what you have to accomplish. At the end of every working day, you should leave everything related to your work in your workspace.

4. Eat your meals

Have you ever encountered skipping your lunch or afternoon snack because you’re in the zone? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one! Some of us are guilty of skipping meals, too. When you’re working from home, it’s very easy to lose track of time. It doesn’t help that you’re not around your colleagues and see them get up from their workstations to eat.

You have to ensure that you follow your breaks. If you have a one-hour lunch break, see to it that you follow that. Don’t eat in front of your computer or in your workspace. Eat your meals away from your workspace and maximize your break time. It doesn’t mean that you have to work just because of your computers within your reach.

Take this time to recharge your brain and rest your eyes. You’ll have to deal with work after your break. It’s bad enough that your home is also your work area, so put in some extra effort to set that boundary.

5. Exercise regularly

One of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to worry about commuting time and traffic. If you didn’t have much time before to exercise, now you can make time for it! It’s very important that you do some physical movement at least three times a week. It’s enough of a sedentary lifestyle that you’re working at home; and, it’s really tempting to be a couch potato. But after sitting in front of the computer for at least 8 hours, and just walking around the house, your body deserves some more TLC!

Besides, exercise releases endorphins, which can help you feel relaxed and at ease with your stress levels. If you still think you can’t make time for it, remember about the time you’ve saved from not traveling to and from work!


Now that most of us are working remotely, it’s important to prioritize work-life balance. You are literally working and resting in your home, which makes it hard to establish that boundary of when to stop working and start resting. It may just be a temporary set-up, but you still have to make the most out of it.

The last thing that you want to happen is for your productivity or rest to be compromised just because you weren’t able to set your boundaries. Learn how to draw the line on where work starts and the rest ends. The tips written above are five simple but effective ways on how you can achieve that work-life balance.

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limo service

Why Should I Hire A Limo Service?

Professional transportation is more than just a means to get from place to place. There are certain elements that play a key role in singling out good companies from bad ones. Choices are plenty and many people don’t put much thought into it, but doing some research and knowing what exactly you should expect as a customer is good for everyone. Remember, whatever you do, try and classylaxcarservice.com and make sure you arrive at locations with style because first impressions are always important. Travel with style Everything you do leaves a certain impression on people, from the clothes you wear, the way you speak, the way you act to the type of vehicle you arrive at a business meeting. Everything plays a certain role in building up your image and letting the world know you mean business. Limos are the perfect companion for your business meetings and trips. If you want to have a successful dialogue, leaving your partners in awe even before you open your mouth makes it so easy for you to dominate in the upcoming conversation. What is even better, if you are a host and expecting business partners to arrive at the airport, you can instantly score important points by organizing a classy limo to wait for them. People don’t usually expect this amount of hospitality and showing how much you care is a strong foundation for your future cooperation. Limos are big and cozy, there’s enough room for everyone and drivers are professional, pleasant and experienced. Travel with comfort People are usually in a hurry. They just want to get somewhere as fast as possible no matter what. That is perfectly normal today, but sometimes it is better to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Have you ever really considered enjoying this type of service? These small gestures can make your day and a comfy limo will make you feel like a king. You can genuinely relax and enjoy the moment even if you have an important business meeting to attend to. A fast, secure and comfortable vehicle makes the difference. Avoiding the usual stress from everyday commuting can make your day, a limo provides just that, an enjoyable ride with style and taste. You’d probably wonder why you had never used this service before. A limo is also a perfect companion for your night out with friends as well. There is enough room literally for everyone, and nobody is denied the fun as a designated driver. Limo is also great for sightseeing. You are new in town, or you want to take your friends sightseeing, a nice-looking and cozy limo is the choice of champions. Good drivers, great service The last thing you want when you sit in a taxi or Uber or whatever is to have an irritated or chatty driver who is unfortunately annoying you and making your ride uncomfortable. There are plenty of examples of services that don’t really treat their customers right. What you want for your money is respect, good manners, but most importantly, a professional, safe and efficient ride to your destination. Every limo you rent at a serious company will make sure you are happy with both the vehicle and the driver. If they pick you up at the airport they will help you with the baggage or in and out of the vehicle, you are also free to ask some general questions about the city. They should recommend the best route, but it’s up to you to decide. Read Also: 5 Essential Tips For Hiring Prom Limousine 10 Reasons To Splurge On A Limousine For Celebrations What To Look For In Shuttle Bus Services For Visiting Tourists And People On Business