5 of the Biggest Myths about 3D Printing

Published on: 17 September 2019 Last Updated on: 07 May 2021
3D printing

3D printing is a paradox to many with a lot of myths and misunderstandings. Many folks talk about 3D printing with so many misconceptions and false information. Dubai is leading in many areas, including technology, such as 3D printing. Although many people do not understand how this technology works, a 3D printing company Dubai specialist and other key players know the benefits.

Why 3D Printing is Popular

3D printing is not only used by inventors, but also by enthusiasts to turn their concepts into reality. Printing a model is easier and affordable compared to creating one from scratch by hand. When it comes to low quantities in production, this technology can be used to create and test products. This process can be done severally, cost less, and produce effective goods compared to the conventional way.

Printing from home or seeking a 3D printing company Dubai specialists keeps your designs private, reducing the possibility of imitation. Likewise, you can share your designs with an online community and interact with like-minded individuals.

Apart from printing models, 3D printers can print end products ready for the market. In today’s world with mass manufacturing, things like tailor-made toys are expensive; however, 3D printing solves this problem.

3D Printing Myths

3D Printing Myths

3D printing has been around for over a decade, but most folks still hold on to their myths about this great technology. The misconceptions are both positive and negative.

Below are the biggest myths about 3D printing:

1. 3D Printing is Expensive

Many people believe that 3D printing is not only expensive but agonizingly slow. However, this was true in the previous years, where you needed expensive equipment and materials. You also used the tiresome trial-and-error method to improve the designs.

This changed when a variety of new methods were introduced. These techniques allow any 3D printing company Dubai specialists to improve their products. You can also print in minutes, and the printers are cost-effective. The prices continue to fall as the manufacturers use cheaper but effective materials.

2. You Can Only Print Small Products

Any 3D printing company Dubai specialist will tell you that a 3D printer is not large. They are made this way because they need an airtight chamber to work. Most folks believe that printing in bulk would be a waste of time, while others claim that plastic filament cannot make strong products. However, methods, such as Big Area Additive manufacturing, function in the open air, and produce sturdy pieces. They are used to create a wide range of products from jet fighters to automobiles. Recently, the printer bot has been used to rapidly add fast-hardening materials in the construction industry.

3. 3D Printing Results in Poor-Quality Products

The most laborious process of creating a 3D product is ensuring that the result looks good. A common myth that many people stand by is that you cannot print quality goods using this technology. However, some new methods like Digital Light Synthesis help generate elaborate products from the start. The high-quality finish happens because the process does not require layering. The outcomes are monolithic meaning that they come out as a smooth liquid. Other people also combine hybrid systems that used 3D printed goods with traditional finishes.

4. 3D Printing Can Make Artificial Organs

Bioprinting is an exciting element in additive manufacturing. Many patients wait eagerly waiting for 3D printed kidneys, hearts, and other vital organs. Today, any 3D printing company Dubai specialists can easily customize orthodontics, prosthetics, and hearing aids. Some people believe that with the advancement in technology and especially in 3D printing, we could develop organs very soon. However, scientists are yet to discover how to create such sophisticated items. We can create a network that can support muscles and living tissues; however, we cannot create the tissue itself.

5. Small-Scale Players will Dominate the Market

Some folks believe that 3d printing would usher in a new era of people using this technology to produce small quantities for their use at home. In reality, only a few folks own 3D printers. Educational institutions and corporations own the majority of these machines, and this might not change any time soon.

3D printing might bring an era where manufacturers benefit more from this technology when compared to civilians. This technology can help industries to create a different product every month depending on consumers’ demands. This way, companies can reap more by specializing in a wide variety of products. Eventually, the market will get a new wave of diverse industrial giants that cater to different customers.

3D printing might be new to some, and it might be complicated to others. Although the art of 3D printing has been around for over a decade, some folks still believe myths. Creating vital organs such as hearts and other internal organs is only a myths. It is important to get information from specialists to avoid misinformation.

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Pros & Cons Of IoT

In the modern world of technologies that are rapidly developing, people are increasingly asking: What is IoT? Today we will try to answer this question, analyze this topic, and identify the pros and cons of this technology. Enjoy reading. What Is IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that unites devices into a single computer network. In this network, devices can transmit data both to people who are responsible for providing them and to "communicate with each other. The Internet of Things was created with the aim of making human life easier. To make production or other activities easier. The IoT system uses various protocols and languages for its operation. Usually, IoT devices operate on their own (but people can still interfere with the operation of the system in order, for example, to correct some mistakes or make new tasks for technology). Various Use Of IoT Such systems began to be popularized in 2015 2017 when the level of High tech development was good enough to massively develop this area (where possible). The IoT system is already in use: In the power industry. IoT can control power plants, parts of these power plants, and more; In medicine, IoT can diagnose and examine a patient in an automatic mode. This will significantly reduce the time required for treatment; In farming and agriculture. IoT can control various equipment that works in this area; In transport. IoT can manage the vehicle fleet; In an urban environment. IOTs can control various areas, such as traffic or lighting without human intervention; In logistics. IoT can monitor cargo transit and more; In the field of sales. IoT can help sellers to work with customers by selecting suitable advertising or proposal; In the field of mining of field minerals. IoT can analyze the places of collection of field minerals. In networks and Telecommunication. It has become one of the major networking investments. Despite the huge amount of capital that is pouring into this area and the vast prospects of this system, nothing is perfect. IoT has its pros and cons, and now we are going to take a look at them. Adopting The IOT Technology Advantages: IoT systems can be a very profitable business for many IT corporations (mainly in the USA, Canada, and Europe, since only there are now enough financial resources to support such projects). The list of corporations involved in IoT includes Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, and others. 1. System Saves A Person's Time      The system saves a person's time and not only. Many processes that were solved by human labor will not take time. A person will be freed from routine or even hazardous work. In addition, due to the introduction of this system, it is possible to seriously increase the quality and quantity of the work performed. This will drive even more progress. 2. Security The technology is based on complex advanced algorithms. These technologies are created by the largest companies on earth that are very concerned about the security of their systems. It is almost unbreakable. This means that the user is protected from attacks. 3. Safety For Human Life Safety for human life is also important here. This system will do all the dirty work for the person. 4. Reducing Business Costs The user does not have to hire many qualified specialists to perform a specific task. For example, pay wages, pay for a vacation, sick leave, think about insurance for workers.  The IoT system will help to cope with the work with minimal human cooperation. And also, there can be an increase in income due to a significant reduction in labor costs and an increase in the performance of the work itself. 5. Easier Automation  The Internet of Things is essentially the connection between machines, which makes automation easier and more possible. IoT is an enhanced version of M2M in which consumers can also communicate with these devices to control and automate services.  Cisco estimates that M2M connections holding IoT applications account for more than half of the 27.2 billion devices and connections. Cons Of IoT Technology: With the help of the Internet of Things, this addiction will become even greater in everyday life. No app is free of bugs, and every technical app has its drawbacks. The use of IoT devices can create problems if the IoT framework fails or fails. 1. Accord Currently, millions of devices are connected to IoT devices and their ecosystem. Since smartphones are developed by different businesses, there is an accord issue in tagging and monitoring. Many phone devices run into network issues. It’s all because the original supplier didn't think you would connect your smartphone to any IoT device, so they don't care.  The accord issues can force buyers to choose specific businesses, which can also lead to a monopoly in the market. 2. Complexity The Internet of Things does not mean success, as it cannot eliminate human failure. For example, you and your partner receive a message from the device that you are out of milk, and you both pick it up on the way.  There will be two packages and a waste of money. Things like this make every process more complicated. So it would be better if you only registered for IoT-enabled devices. 3. Privacy And Security Everyone loves the privacy of their information. With IoT devices, the risk of losing privacy is enormous as your data travels across IoT devices over the network. You cannot see if the data is encrypted or not.  Due to the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, it faces security and privacy concerns. And despite the good security of the system. There is a risk. 4. Less Employment Or Service Personnel The Internet of Things is growing day by day, and the process is becoming more automatic. Because of this, he replaces jobs, dismissing unskilled specialists. All this creates problems of unemployment in society. 5. Technology Controls Life  The Internet of Things has impacted almost everyone's life in every possible way. Whether it's the older generation or the younger generation, they are all passionate about technology in their day-to-day activities. Conclusion: So what is IoT? The Internet of Things has made our lives easier and smarter since its inception. We cannot ignore its weaknesses, as these are also important aspects to consider. No matter how good a technology is, you always need to consider its downsides. You should also choose the right devices to help make your life better. Read Also: The significance of face-to-face networking for freelancers


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Nothing can be more frustrating than a blown head gasket in your vehicle. The worst nightmare is if you cannot access a mechanic to fix it for you. You have only one option left in that situation; do it yourself. You may consider several options to fix the problem, but the ideal solution will be a steel solution to solve the problem permanently. The steel seal solution is a combination of various chemicals that react under given conditions to form a permanent seal to the crack that is causing leakage in the engine. Therefore, if you were wondering how to fix a blown gasket, find out here how to use a steel seal solution for that purpose. Remove the Radiator Cap When learning how to fix a blown head gasket, please remember not to start the engine if the coolant is not in place. You need to ensure that the engine radiator is cold before removing the cap. Carefully pour the clear steel seal solution into the radiator. If you unload the coolant, put the sealant into the system, then follow with the coolant. Start the Engine Switch on the fan and heater and turn them to the maximum. Start the engine and run up to maximum operating temperature. On reaching operating temperature, run the engine for thirty more minutes. It may take approximately half an hour, though the time depends on the automotive’s condition. If your vehicle is roadworthy, you can drive on a freeway for up to five miles at 3000 to 4000 RPM. After that, cut the engine and let it cool down. Refill with antifreeze or water, then secure the radiator cap. Drive the Vehicle as Usual After finishing the second step, your vehicle is suitable for the road. Let the steel seal fix in the system and start your ride usually. However, if you use an expansion tank to put the steel seal, please be careful that the sealant does not remain in the tank reservoir. Ensure there is enough space for the solution to go inside the cooling system. If you complete the treatment with only water, please replace the coolant once you finish the repair before driving. Further Instructions on Steel Seal It is possible to try various substandard products to fix a blown head gasket. If this happens, please use clean water to flush the cooling system once you remove the radiator hose at the bottom. Nb, avoid using a flushing agent. Directions for Backpressure Some vehicles have a lot of back pressure building up in the cooling system. Read more here on fixing a blown head gasket if you are facing the backpressure problem. Find the cylinder producing the bubbling in the spillage tank or backpressure. You can achieve this by removing one plug after another until the bubbling subsides. Remove the injector from the cylinder with the bubbling in the backpressure before you start to drive. That is to limit the volume of unburnt fuel flowing to the combustion chamber. To Sum It Up Trying to fix a blown head gasket can be a nightmare if you lack the necessary knowledge. It can drain your money and time to look for an expert. However, steel seal fix is your number one DIY solution. This step-by-step guide will help you do your head gasket repair yourself. Read Also: LPG Safety Tips and Precautions for your Home Which Type Of Forklift Your Industry Need: Have A Look At Them! Portable Generators: 5 Ways To Keep Them Clean and Running

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What are MS Outlook Pii Errors? 3 Secret Ways to Fix Them

Before fixing MS Outlook Pii Errors, you must know what exactly Microsoft Pii is, and then you can find ways to fix them. Read further to know more. There are few PII error lists that can destroy your online experience to a great extent. There can also be a large amount of knowledge that can be used unitedly to identify someone. Now, let’s know what exactly MS Outlook Pii Errors are. What Are MS Outlook Pii Errors? MS Outlook Pii Errors is the data that is used for identifying a particular person. For example, phone numbers, social security numbers, postal and email addresses are regarded as personal information. PII stands for Personal Identifiable Information and with the rise of advanced technologies, PII is growing simultaneously. On the other hand, Pii errors can be due to several reasons and these are described below: i). Your app is not downloaded from a reliable source. ii). Using an outdated version of MS Outlook. iii). Large Cache files. iv). Using various email IDs at the same time. How To Fix MS Outlook Pii Errors? PII errors can make your task complicated. However, there are several ways to fix MS Outlook Pii Errors and these are described below. 1. Change Port Number Particular port numbers are kept to distinguish specific services so that an arriving packet can be quickly forwarded to a working app. By changing these numbers, most of the errors can be solved significantly. One of the best ways to fix the Microsoft Outlook Pii Error is by changing the port number. To do this, you need to follow certain steps that are described below: Open MS Outlook. Click on ‘Account Settings’ Select ‘More’ and then click on ‘Internet Email Settings’ Modify the SMTP port number from 465 to 587. Click ‘OK’ 2. Reinstall MS Outlook If you are not comfortable changing the port number, you can view another option on our list, i.e., Reinstalling MS Outlook. Keep in mind; you must have the latest version of MS Outlook. You can download this version from the official website of Microsoft office. Moreover, to understand in a proper way, you can follow the below steps: Go to Google and type Microsoft’s official website. Click on Microsoft’s official website. Click on ‘Install’ Install it with the default settings, and all your Pii email errors will be solved automatically. However, if you are still facing PII errors and are not satisfied, then you can go to the below step. 3. Eliminate Several Accounts From MS Outlook Now, the last step to eliminate several accounts from MS Outlook is by eliminating several accounts from MS Outlook. Using several accounts in MS Outlook can give rise to MS Outlook Pii Errors. At the same time, your MS Outlook can malfunction with multiple accounts. Here are the steps to follow for this issue: Open a new tab and go to MS Outlook Accounts. Logout of all the accounts. Then, log in with a single email account. List of All Microsoft Outlook Pii Errors You must be aware of all Microsoft Outlook Pii Errors so that you can solve them easily. Here I have listed all the major Pii Errors. [pii_email_654fbfc0ac64aec32e9c] honor society [pii_email_491af3a6264a7d75cbc9] [pii_email_b354aaf30dd14fba6a62] [pii_email_4dd09cddea0cd66b5592] [pii_email_57bde08c1ab8c5c265e8] [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] [pii_email_9f2fe6037cc1578fa726] For more ms outlook PII errors, read here: https://hubpost.org/what-are-microsoft-outlook-pii-errors-and-how-you-can-fix-them/ Read also: What Is SMS Gateway And How It Works Which Of The Following Items Is Not A Component Of Quality Score?