A Brief Guide On Applications of Spray Dryers

Published on: 27 June 2017 Last Updated on: 09 August 2019

 If you’re unfamiliar with the spray drying process, you might be wondering what it’s used for and how exactly it works. Plus, you’ll learn about some applications you’re probably already using.

How does a spray dryer work?

A slurry is a mixture of liquid solution and other solid materials. Companies like Elan Technology use a spray dryer to produce dry, granular powders from this mixture. This is achieved by applying the spray dryer, which uses hot air coming from a rotating wheel or nozzle to rapidly dry the slurry.

Why is it used?

In simple terms, a spray dryer is used to turn a liquid into a powder. There is a multitude of applications for spray drying that stretch across many different industries. One application that you’ve definitely seen, heard of, and likely even used before is powdered milk products.

Milk is 80% to 90% water,  which means spray drying is an effective way to reduce its bulk down and make it last longer on the shelf. Using spray drying for milk products allows milk to be taken to areas where it would otherwise be unreachable.

 Spray drying is also used to make whey protein supplements and countless other products, along with instant coffee and corn starch.

Outside of the food industry, it is used in the manufacturing of soap products, detergents, fertilizer, resins, and mineral ores and clays.

Is it like dehydrating?

Spray drying is similar to the traditional dehydration process (usually used for solid foods) in that it applies hot air in order to remove the water from a substance. The liquid is rapidly dried out, producing a fine powder that will later likely return to a liquid when the end-user adds backwater (like with powdered milk).

How old is the process?

Spray drying is nothing new. And although still very prevalent today, the concept of it has remained unchanged for decades.  It is a patented process and is traceable back to 1872. Samuel Percy is considered to be the inventor as he was the first to describe the process. However, it was 50 years before the process was fine-tuned and finally began being used in commercial manufacturing.

While it sounds simple, it does take a bit of science to get the perfect temperature to produce a usable end powder.

A certain amount of moisture has to be removed, or the powder will be clumpy due to some water being left over.

Spray drying is a very useful technique that is in place in countless industries. Without it, people would not be able to enjoy powdered milk, instant coffee, or many kinds of detergent—like the most common dishwasher and clothing detergent products.

Samuel may have been the first to invent the process, but thousands of companies use it today. While the machines have been upgraded to work faster and produce more product, the basic concept has remained the same, and thanks to 50 years prior to fine-tuning, it always will.


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buying locally-made furniture

Furniture In Utica: Benefits Of Buying Locally-Made Products

In recent days, globalization has allowed the world to become everyone’s marketplace. Goods and services can move around easier. People from any country can enjoy products manufactured from halfway around the world. E-commerce has its advantages and disadvantages but sometimes the global competition hurts local manufacturers. These days, anyone can purchase pieces of furniture from different parts of the world at a very competitive rate. This trend can be a challenge for local furniture makers and can result in inferior quality or shipping damages so it’s important to entertain the idea of buying locally. Here are some benefits to buying locally-made furniture pieces: 1. Local commerce and economy thrives: One of the best ways to support and encourage local business is to patronize local brands. If their companies are growing because of local consumer patronage, then they are likely to expand their businesses. Others who have an entrepreneurial mindset who haven’t started their venture yet will get an additional drive to start a business locally. Aside from that, the money that you earn revolves locally as you purchase local products. The members of a society are interconnected with each other. The effect of buying products made by your fellow resident would affect the earning and purchasing power of those that they employ. Family-run businesses do not answer to outside big corporations. Their profit is at their own disposal thus giving them a choice to provide better compensation to their employees. If this sounds like something you’d support, click here to buy from a family-owned furniture business in Utica. Your local products showcase your community and culture, and patronizing them would help support their production.  If more people in the community engage with business, then it entails availability of variations of products and services to choose from. Also, supporting local products is way more than supporting the business itself; it means you are helping to sustain the identity of the actual products produced in your town or city. 2. Localized and personalized service: The people behind the pieces of furniture in your house have faces and names that you are familiar with. Some may even be your friends and relatives. If any issues arise with your purchase, you can contact them without going through a lot of hassle. From the delivery to the installation of your furniture, you are confident and comfortable because you know the people and you know how they work. You can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best pieces of furniture with quality service. 3. Local engagement: The more you buy locally, the more you get to engage with your community. You help each other leverage the products made by your community and can find ways to work with each other to achieve common goals. There is no better place than a community where everyone helps each other out. 4. Guilt-free purchase: Safeguarding the environment is a top priority because of the climate change issues that affect all of us. Buying a local product gives you the confidence that the materials are obtained legally and, in many cases, sustainably. You can take solace in the fact that the locally-made furniture was created within the bounds of environmental laws. You can assume that the logs weren’t illegally cut for your beautiful furniture piece. To add to that, you may be surprised to find that your locally-made chair, bed frame, or table was made with materials sourced from your community or region, which entails less contribution to carbon emissions because there was minimal transportation involved. 5. Labor laws upheld: It’s a great feeling when you know that you sit on a sofa made by artistic folks who are also well taken care of. They are well-compensated for the beautiful pieces they crafted and have medical insurance to keep them doing what they are doing best. Buying locally-made products oftentimes means enhanced transparency when it comes to the treatment of the workers. As local owners generally uphold labor laws, safety and security of workers are also guaranteed. They don’t follow laws because they are forced by legislation. They follow them because the people working in their furniture shops belong to the community that they are also a member of. That sense of responsibility comes with the fact that within a tight-knit community, everyone’s welfare is being looked out for by each other. Conclusion: It can be tempting to buy imported products for various reasons ranging from affordability to the appeal of owning furniture from another country. Whatever your reason is, give it a thought or two as you decide whether to get your pieces of furniture from a store that sells locally-crafted pieces or those from abroad. Consider the benefits you and your community will reap. Read Also: Unique Furniture To Transform Your Home How To Salvage Your Furniture After A Flood

Best Multi-Tools for Woodworkers

The Best Multi-Tools For Woodworkers -Top Awesome Inventions

Being a woodworker can be rewarding work for a man or woman who enjoys this kind of hobby. It doesn’t have to be just a hobby either as it can be turned into something that can bring another income into your life. Although woodworkers like working with their hands, they have multi-tools and awesome inventions to help ensure the person doing the woodworking can get the job done right, the first time, every time. How can Multi-Tools Help Woodworkers?  Multi-tools are useful for woodworkers who want to have a variety of tools at their disposal without compromising on quality, convenience, or performance. They can help woodworkers complete their projects faster, easier, and better. Multi-tools are versatile devices that can perform multiple functions in a single unit. They can help woodworkers in various ways, such as: Saving space and weight: Multi tools can reduce the need for carrying or storing multiple tools for different tasks. They can fit in a pocket, a belt holster, or a small pouch, making them easy to access and transport. Saving time and effort: Multi tools can simplify the workflow of woodworkers by allowing them to switch between different tools quickly and easily. They can also handle tasks that would otherwise require specialized tools or equipment, such as cutting, drilling, sanding, or scraping. Enhancing creativity and flexibility: Multi tools can enable woodworkers to tackle a wide range of projects, from simple repairs to complex designs. They can also adapt to different materials, shapes, and sizes of wood, as well as other materials such as metal, plastic, or leather.  Some Common Examples   Some examples of multi-tools for woodworkers are: Pocket hole jigs: These devices help woodworkers create pocket hole joinery, which is a fast and easy way of joining pieces of wood together using pocket screws. 1-2-3 setup blocks: These metallic blocks help woodworkers take quick and accurate measurements for setting up and aligning blades, fences, bits, and other cutters¹. Multi-mark tool: This tool can be used for squaring, leveling, and transferring measurements from one workpiece to another. Folding plier multi-tools: These tools feature a pair of pliers as the main tool, along with other tools such as knives, screwdrivers, scissors, saws, files, and wire cutters. Scissor-style multi-tools: These are tools that feature a pair of scissors as the main tool, along with other tools such as knives, screwdrivers, tweezers, bottle openers, and nail files. Here are the best multi-tools for woodworkers, and the top awesome inventions for woodworking: 1. Cordless Drills Cordless drills are hand drills that are powered by a battery. Because of the battery power, this multi-tool can be used anywhere a person needs it. This even includes a small, upside-down space that other tools may not be able to reach. Not only this, but cordless drills also come with a variety of different drill bits that can be used on anything. This is why this is a great multi-tool for woodworkers. 2. Wood Router The possibilities of getting the job done with a wood router are endless for woodworkers. Check out Here for some of the best wood routers. Almost every woodworker knows they can get just about anything done with this awesome invention. This invention is light enough to be used in small and tight spaces. It also has an electrical version for ease of use. Not only this, but you can mount it on a table to get more accurate work done. The variety of bits for this tool comes in three different sizes. They include the helical style which can be used for drilling, trimming, and shaping. The second style is the profile style which can be used for many different things including shaping the rounded edges to carving and you can also use it to round edges on corners or angles. Finally, the third style is called fluted bits and they can be used for cutting or shaping the edges or even trimming them. To select the best wood router to have to really decide whether you want to go corded or cordless. See how much work you can get done with this awesome invention? 3. Wood Lathe The wood lathe is actually two centuries old and keeps improving over the years. The woodworker can use this multi-tool to spin the wood and shape and trim it any way they want to. Although this tool is over two hundred years old, it now comes in a variety of sizes. This tool is great because it can hold the largest piece of wood to the smallest piece of wood. 4. Chisels Chisels are great woodworking tools that are used by the woodworker's hand to shape and trim the wood to any size the person wants it. They come in tempered steel with a variety of shaped ends. They mainly have wooden handles on them and can be used to hold the wood by one area while hitting it with a hammer or a wooden mallet to shape or trim the wood. However, there is one common use for this tool and that is to finish joint holes. Although the woodworker uses the router for making the shape, they come back with a chisel to make the exact cut they need. Chisels are also used for hand carving wood. When you want to carve wood into a different shape, chisels are the best tool to use. 5. Oscillating Tool If you are a beginner woodworker, you won’t want to start out using this tool until you get used to all of the other tools. This is because it is more powerful than any of the other woodworking tools used today. If you are a woodworker, you will need to learn to use the oscillating tool before you try it. Asking someone who is more experienced with it is a good idea. However, the woodworker will not regret taking the time to use this tool because it has so many uses. With the oscillating tool, it is so different that the blades move back and forth instead of around or up and down. With this tool, there are five different types of blades for the different uses it. One type of blade for the oscillating tool is that it can remove the wood molding that was put into place. Another type of blade can be cut through nails or wood without a problem. There are also a few different types of blades that cut through a variety of different wood and can also make a specific corner cut for the wood. There are also blades for this tool that can make square cuts through the wood as well as blades to grind areas of wood down. Final Thoughts There are many different types of tools a woodworker can explore, try, and use when they are woodworking. Trying the different tools and exploring different things that can be done with these tools can be enjoyable and make the imagination run wild. Remember, this doesn’t just have to be a hobby. If you enjoy woodworking, why not make some money with it too? There are many different ways to make money with a woodworking job. One great way is to make different wooden furniture that can be sold to the public. The person enjoying this type of job can even open their own store to sell these items. Although there are many different ways to use these tools for woodworking, it is always up to the woodworker to try the different tools and make the best use out of them. Letting their imagination run wild when playing and working with different wood can bring joy to the woodworker and money as well. Read More: Home Hacks: Stuff You Can Clean In One Hour Or Less Hardwood Timber Flooring: Gives A Classic Look To Your Home What Species Of Wood Is Right For Your Wine Cellar Furniture?

garden sheds

Best Material for Garden Sheds: A Guide for Everyone

In your garden, you can add more style and storage with the help of outdoor garden sheds. Once you are ready to invest in a garden shed, you have to decide about materials and design. Nowadays, sheds come in several materials and styles. For this reason, it can be confusing to choose the best storage shed. What Are The Material Which Is Using For The Garden Sheds? People find it difficult to choose between concrete, metal, and wood. Each material offers different benefits and drawbacks. However, it is essential to compare each material before finalizing your decision.   The materials of the garden sheds depend upon your requirements of the sheds. For the fancy sheds lover, the lightweight materials are ok, but when you want to fulfill some extra purposes like the storage and organizers, the heavy metals are good to select. 4 Best Materials For The Garden Sheds The best decision may depend on security, customization, appearance, and durability. If you want to make an informed decision, make sure to understand the characteristics of each material. Here are the four materials which you can use to build the garden sheds. 1. Metal Sheds Metal sheds are lightweight and durable. These are famous because of their designs and cost. You have to anchor them to the floor. Typically, the metal garden sheds are made of galvanized aluminum or steel. You will get different colors and styles of metal sheds in the market. Remember, Absco sheds at Wholesales Direct can be the best choice for you. These sheds are available in different colors, but you have to paint them. Remember, repainting will help you to maintain a classic fresh look. Unfortunately, metal sheds may have to dent and rusting according to the weather. For this reason, you should choose a durable foundation to store in heavy equipment. 2. Wooden Sheds For garden sheds, wood is a favorite choice. People often prefer it to increase the aesthetics of their garden. Remember, wood is customizable; therefore, you can change things with time. You are free to paint them if desired. Remember, the nature of wood allows you to increase storage options because you can add cabinets and shelves. In the case of wood sheds, you are completely free to create a shape or size. You can use your desired colors to complement your surroundings or house. Feel free to dress them with desired features, such as window flower boxes. Kits of wooden sheds can be expensive as compared to metal or resin sheds. Undoubtedly, wood is a strong material but vulnerable to deterioration and rot. The paint finish on the shed may fade and peel over time that requires frequent maintenance and repainting. 3. Resin Sheds Resin sheds or plastic sheds may contain high-density polyethylene or vinyl. These are made of high-quality material. Yet, it is durable and more robust than wooden sheds. For ultimate durability and strength, people use steel support. Remember, these sheds are free from maintenance. You will get several size options. Undoubtedly, the kit is solid and easy to assemble. Resin sheds look decorative and attractive with neutral colors garden sheds. Put perfect choice able potting benches, and get astonished seeing the entire combination how damn transform your garden! These come with a nicely finished interior with plastic floor and wall panels. 4. Concrete Sheds Indeed, concrete garden sheds are durable and offer incredible security for valuable possessions. It will help you to increase the security of your room. Unlike wood and metal, concrete sheds are permanent fixtures. You are free to customize this shed according to your needs. It will be easy for you now to compare different materials and choose the best one according to your needs and budget. Conclusion: The decorative garden sheds are not only looking very glamorous for your garden interior but also provide ample benefits to your garden. Apart from that, your garden is going to look more organized and subtle with the niche selections with the all purposes garden sheds. Choose the right one for your garden, and do not compromise the quality of the materials. You may be thinking this is an interior part. But your garden sheds are going to need weather protection. So choose wisely. Read Also: Garden Edging for Beginners 5 Summer Garden Maintenance Tips and Tactics You Have To Know Grow these flowering plants in your home garden