3 Indispensable Tips For Choosing The Best Proxy To Use

Published on: 14 October 2023 Last Updated on: 08 December 2023
Best Proxy

If you are planning to access the Internet from a public place like a library or a university campus, then you will need to use a proxy server. The proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. Proxies can be used for several purposes, such as maintaining anonymity, protecting your privacy, or simply bypassing regional restrictions on content. However, using proxies can also open you up to security risks, so it’s essential to choose a proxy wisely. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to choose a reasonable proxy:

1. Check Customer Support

If you want to get the best results from your proxy, you need to make sure that the service provider is reliable. This means checking whether or not they offer good customer support. The best way to ensure that your proxy is reliable, like proxys.io, is by checking their customer support. There are several ways in which you can do this. You can search for reviews on various websites and see if other people have had similar experiences with the service provider. You may also want to look at some of their previous customers’ reviews as well as their ratings on various websites.

Other ways in which you can check customer support include:

  • Checking their website for contact details.
  • Ask friends and family who have used their services before if they could recommend a good company for you.

2. Speed 

The speed of a proxy server can be measured in a number of ways. It may be measured by the number of connections that it can handle at once, as well as the overall speed at which it processes requests.

The number of connections that a proxy server can handle depends on how fast it is able to process requests and send them back to their destinations. With more connections being handled, there will be fewer delays in completing those requests and receiving responses from servers. However, there will also be more traffic passing through the network, which could slow down network speeds for everyone else using that route.

Another way to measure the speed of a proxy server is by looking at how many requests per second it can process without crashing or freezing up on you. A good proxy will allow for thousands of simultaneous connections without crashing or freezing up on you, allowing you to access websites quickly and efficiently without any problems.

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3. Security 

The security of the web is a priority for most people. It is essential to use the right proxy so you can enjoy your privacy and stay safe.

The following tips can help you choose a secure proxy:

  • Choose a VPN provider that offers anonymous payment methods,
  • Ensure that your VPN provider has a good reputation, with many satisfied customers who have tried it.
  • Check for any possible malware on their servers by visiting their website and downloading an antivirus program from their site that can scan for viruses and malware in web pages.

If you’re just getting started, it may be hard to choose the best proxy, like proxys.io. Luckily, there are a few key features to look out for. In other words, don’t get hung up on finding a proxy that has lots of inbound and outbound bandwidth; instead, focus on the best proxy from the features offered by the application. For example, most of these applications offer customizable VPN protocols with different levels of encryption.

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Fastest Available Internet

How To Find The Fastest Available Internet In Your Area?

Fast internet speed is a must-have for every online task from streaming videos to playing online games, no one is ready to compromise on the internet speed provided by the ISP. With our increasing dependency on the internet, we are becoming more cautious about internet speed too, as it is something we are mainly paying for. To find the fastest internet connection available in your area you can get started by searching through your zip code. Once you’ll enter your zip code in the search bar, you’ll be provided with a list of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that serve in your area. You can easily compare plans, prices, and internet speeds offered by different providers and pick the one that is best suitable for your speed requirement. An easy and practical way to find out if a provider offers reliable high-speed internet is by contacting their customer service. For instance, if you want to sign up for AT&T internet you can start by calling the AT&T customer service, get directed to a human agent, and gather up all the information about their internet speeds and plans. The best part is that their customer service staff is highly trained and professional so you’ll be navigated correctly. What things you should consider if you want fast-speed internet? Once you know which service providers are available in your area it becomes easy for you to pick the one among those with the fastest internet speed. But there still are several things you need to consider before opting for a service if you want to have the best internet speed and i.e. Data caps Data caps are the monthly limits on the amount of data you can use with your internet connection. Usually, data caps are mentioned on the plans of different service providers that how much of a data plan do they impose but in some cases there might be a chance that a hidden data cap is there which causes you to inconvenience with your internet speed later. It’s better to check beforehand if the internet service provider you are planning to ick has any data cap restrictions or not. To be on the safe side go for a service that doesn’t have any data caps imposed so you can enjoy unlimited access to the internet and your speeds are fast and consistent. Equal upload and download speeds For some users download speeds might be more important than upload speeds because their internet activity involves more downloading stuff and they generally pay more importance to it too. If that is the case then prefer having a service that offers a download speed higher than the upload. But to have a good experience overall, you need to have a symmetrical internet connection that doesn’t create a difference between the upload and download speed. The biggest benefit of having equal speed for both uploads as well as download is that you experience the same high speed regardless of the applications that you’re using, all the time, regardless of the direction of data. Your online experience will be more reliable, cloud access will be easier and you’re likely to faceless data clogging. Type of internet connection Another thing to keep in mind for having fast internet speed is the type of connection you should go for. There are multiple types of connections available in the market and different types of connections deliver different speeds. The most common ones are DSL, Cable, Satellite, fixed wireless, and Fiber optics. Among these Fiber optic is best known for delivering the fastest internet speeds. But the issue that still comes with fiber optic is its availability as it is still not available widely. Most people in rural areas face this issue with the availability of fiber optics, in that situation having a stable internet connection becomes more important than having fast internet speed. In those areas cable internet, satellite service, DSL, and fixed wireless are safer options to opt for. But if you are lucky enough to have a service that delivers fiber-optic connection then go for it to experience blazing fast internet speed. The bandwidth of the internet Considering the bandwidth is highly significant as it will determine how fast your web pages will load. Higher bandwidth will improvise your online experience and let you get the best from your website. It also enhances the multi-user ability to facilitate from the internet connection at the same time. Streaming, gaming, and all the other high-capacity activities get boosted up when your internet has higher bandwidth. Multiple users can attach their devices to the internet without facing any lagging issues online. Higher bandwidth also decreases the latency rates, in short, the more bandwidth your provider is delivering, the faster you’ll be able to get tasks done. So to have high internet speed, consider the bandwidth your service provider is ready to deliver. You can get more information related to bandwidth from the customer service of the internet provider you are willing to pick. Wrapping it up: Our dependency on the internet is not even a question anymore. And to be online we need fast internet speed. This will not only enhance our work efficiency but also increase the productivity rate.  Also dealing with slow internet speeds can be really frustrating for all. So it is better to bid farewell to your constantly loading internet connection and get yourself a fast and reliable internet connection that delivers high speeds. Don’t forget to consider the things mentioned above before choosing an ISP for fast internet.  Read Also: 5 Tips to Improve Your Internet Privacy Fax Over the Internet 5 Easy Ways of Improving Internet Access with Speed Tests


Tips to Make a Solid Start with Fiori Development

SAP Fiori, the all-new UX from SAP offered a new opportunity for the SAP developers. Besides allowing unprecedented access to some of the most used SAP processes, this new UX strategy for the first time will allow focus on design more than anything else. When usefulness and user engagement remains to be the primary driving factor for the majority of app development and design processes, this new UX strategy will address both these aspects of the SAP environment. The key value propositions of SAP Fiori are performance and speed, productivity and cost advantage. Before offering some experience-driven tips for SAP Fiori developers let us familiarize ourselves with few of the guiding principles concerning SAP Fiori implementation. Start from business objectives and business process Fiori is delivered by SAP to add simplicity to your business apps and thus to elevate user experience. Thanks to Fiori apps the users can gain deeper access and engage with the business processes more. It is almost a reinvention of the business process with user-friendly apps. That sounds great and quite impressive. But the main challenge remains to implement this UX as a means to add value to the business process. This is why we are focusing here so intently on implementation part. Fiori Development with a 5D Approach 5D approach consisting of Define, Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy can play a really effective role in SAP Fiori development. Basically, this approach simplifies the entire process and helps to create focus areas. Define: In this step, you can describe the objective, your target audience and desired impact from the app. Discover: In this step, you need to find ways to simplify user experience and user interface to ensure usefulness and user satisfaction. To find out or discover such ways you can take other Fiori apps or case scenarios as the reference. Design: In this step, you need to optimize user experience with design elements. You can create wireframes and introduce visual design elements, mock-ups, etc. You can follow some best app design principles or can consult users to make navigation, layout, typography, color scheme, and content flow look better and useful. Develop: Now this is the execution step involving actual coding. In this step, you need to develop the workable version of the app and then allow integration with the back-end system. Deploy: In this step, you will deploy your Fiori app after going through extensive unit and integration testing. Useful development tips that helps to build robust apps Finally, the journey of a developer with SAP Fiori app projects will invariably have some unique learning scopes. Let us offer below some useful tips from the developer’s point of view. 1) Know SAP Fiori design guidelines Go to the website of SAP Fiori Design Guidelines and read it to understand the design principles that this UX strategy works upon. There are few design-oriented aspects that you need to remember. SAP Fiori design elements are not accidental by any means. All design attributes are deliberate in character. By making use of different design controls, patterns and filters you can achieve your desired design for the app. 2) In-depth knowledge of sap.m and sap.ui library is necessary The Fiori developers of SAP were the first customers of the UI5 toolkit that includes a sap.m library with a range of controls. For the first few Fiori apps, these first batch of SAP internal developers used these controls for app design needs. For building clean and visually engaging apps they took the building blocks from this toolkit. Till date, this toolkit along with its sam.m library and controls offer a robust pool of tools for designing Fiori apps. Besides that, there are other useful libraries like sap.ui.layout. A Fiori app is designed by visual building blocks and they are only available at sap.m library. The letter's’ stands for "mobile", referring to controls for mobile-friendly responsive design. Another extensively used and helpful library is the sap.ui.layout library which offers grid controls to develop simple and engaging app layout. To know about the sap.m library controls go to the Explored app section in the UI5 SDK and the resource will give you a clear idea of how each control works with real app examples. You can also see the codes used in each case. 3) Understanding UI5 toolkit components and routing Obviously, as a Fiori app developer, you would like to include your app in the Fiori Launchpad to allow navigation to your app from other Fiori apps. Without understanding and integrating the UI5 toolkit components and without routing, you cannot do that. UI5 components and routing allow outreach to other Fiori apps. With these two elements, you stand at par and on the same platform with other Fiori apps. 4) Get help through MVC and XML MVC technically speaking is inseparable with Fiori development. There is a wide range of implications of an MVC based development approach and all of them are good. First of all, know how the app structure is built through invisible and some screen-sized controls. Then know-how within the structure various views relate to each other. Most of the lovable SAP Fiori apps used XML for producing definitive views of their apps. Through XML you can create declarative views in a crisp, efficient and clean way. 5) Manipulating both Chrome Developer Tools and UI5 Support Tool In this new arena of SAP Fiori development, both Chrome Developer Tools along with UI5 Support Tool offer an excellent debugging option to ensure glitch-free app performance and speed. Chrome offers the most developer-friendly editing tools. Having this tool will take many of your concerns as far as meticulous monitoring and editing are concerned. Manipulating Chrome Developer tools with support tools of UI5 can ensure superb development and consistent debugging and trace features. 6) Gain expertise in data binding Data binding is the specialty that allows frontend meeting the backend of an app. To master this skill set you need to focus on a few aspects. Let us have a look at them. Know the nuances in an object. Understand property and aggregation bindings. Understand and learn the intricacies of complex embedded binding syntax. Learn to specify factory functions, sorting, filtering, grouping, formatting, etc. 7) Learn from other Fiori apps Finally, it can be revealed to study other Fiori apps and the design practices they adhered to. Though it may sound generic, it actually works as an eye-opener and helps you learn things that you cannot learn otherwise. Learning from existing app instances, you can gain insights on the best practices and the aspects that you still need to master. Often by looking at other people’s code, you come across solutions that were otherwise invisible.

Viral Content

The Art Of Creating Viral Content On TikTok For Marketing Apps

Did you know that TikTok users spend an average of 90 minutes daily on the app? Making it a perfect platform for those wondering how to market an app successfully. Whether you're a content creator or a brand aiming to expand your reach, TikTok offers a vast pool of potential users. Particularly for mobile app marketers. Consider this: Over 60% of TikTok users belong to Gen Z, a tech-savvy generation that prizes authenticity and creativity. The gender distribution on the platform is almost even, offering a broad spectrum for targeting. A whopping 90% of TikTok enthusiasts access the app daily on their mobile devices, emphasizing the synergy between TikTok users and potential mobile app consumers. Numerous apps, such as the popular Duolingo, have harnessed TikTok’s power, witnessing exponential growth after trending on TikTok. If you are looking to launch your app or are simply looking to find new users then it is crucial to master the nitty-gritty of TikTok content. Understanding the Art of Creating Viral Content The statistics speak volumes about TikTok's potential for mobile app marketing, especially if you're figuring out how to market an app. But the question remains: how can one truly harness this potential? To get the answer, we turned to Inigo Rivero, Managing Director at a reputed TikTok Agency. House of Marketers is a powerhouse in TikTok marketing. Their illustrious track record showcases successful campaigns for industry giants like Jodel, and Euroleague Basketball. They specialize in influencer marketing and paid media campaigns, as well as more. We reached out to them to ask: What makes TikTok content truly authentic, and how do you ensure this authenticity when crafting content for brands? How do you prioritise engagement over direct promotion on TikTok, and what strategies have proven most effective for you and your partners? What is the importance of storytelling in TikTok content, and how do you weave a brand's narrative seamlessly into the platform's ecosystem? With the ever-evolving trends on TikTok, how do you strike a balance between leveraging what's trending and maintaining a brand's unique voice? Let's dive deep into the strategies behind content that not only trends but also leaves a lasting impact on TikTok. The Blueprint for Viral TikTok Content for Marketing Apps Here are the insights they shared with us: In our years of experience at House of Marketers, we've found that the heart of TikTok lies in its authenticity. When we collaborate with brands, our primary focus is to craft content that feels genuine and resonates with the TikTok community. It's not just about promoting; it's about creating a narrative that TikTok users can connect with. We agree TikTok isn't the platform for hard sells. When you showcase genuine user experiences, behind-the-scenes looks, and real stories, your ideal user naturally gravitates toward your content. Instead of trying to follow a formula, let users see the humans behind the app. Can you reverse-engineer viral content? The answer is yes and no. The thing is that creating or re-creating viral content on any platform requires a bit of trial and error and a lot of dedication. But fear not, we asked the experts to help us figure out the blueprint for viral content. But how do you create content that not only entertains but also serves a marketing purpose? Let's delve into the anatomy of viral content, starting with understanding the cogs that power this massive platform. Engagement Over Promotion TikTok thrives on spontaneity and real moments. Unlike other platforms where polished aesthetics are the key to success, TikTok values raw, genuine interactions. This is the platform's unique strength and the key to crafting content that stands out. While leveraging trending sounds or challenges is effective, it's vital to infuse your unique brand voice. How does the trend align with your app's value proposition? Whether it's a challenge related to your app, a poll, or a Q&A session, interactive content boosts engagement and fosters a sense of community. Highlight the problems your app solves, but in a fun, TikTok-friendly manner. “Whenever we strategize for our partners, we focus on achieving entertaining the audience, whilst seamlessly (but directly) promoting the brands. TikTok isn't the place for hard sales. It's a platform where brands can build genuine relationships with their audience. We always advise brands to be a part of trending challenges, use popular sounds, but most importantly, to be authentic." - House of Marketers Understanding the TikTok algorithm is the cornerstone of creating viral content. Over recent years, the platform's algorithm has evolved, reflecting a deeper commitment to user experience. Brands like Gymshark have optimized their approach by posting consistently and using trending sounds, thus amplifying their visibility. Read the in-depth case study on the House of Marketers website, here. The TikTok algorithm functions primarily on the 'For You Page' (FYP), a curated feed personalized for each user. A few factors heavily influence content visibility: User Interaction: This includes likes, comments, shares, and even the account follows stemming from your content. Video Information: Details like captions, sounds, and hashtags play a role. Using trending sounds and relevant hashtags can boost your content's discoverability. Account and Device Information: Although lesser-known, TikTok uses device type and account settings to serve content. In a nutshell, the more engagement your content garners, the higher its chances of being propelled to many more FYPs. But remember, it’s not just about visibility; it's about striking a chord. Storytelling: The Backbone of TikTok Marketing Interactive content, like polls, Q&A sessions, and challenges, boosts engagement and fosters a sense of community. It's about making the audience a part of the brand's story. "At House of Marketers, we believe in the power of storytelling. Every app has a unique story, and our job is to tell that story in a way that captivates the TikTok audience. Whether it's showcasing user testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks, or the journey of the app, it's all about creating a narrative." - House of Marketers If there's one golden rule in marketing, it's this: Know your audience. While global trends can be tempting to jump on, local nuances play a critical role. For instance, while a dance challenge might be viral globally, regional humor or cultural trends can offer a unique spin, making your content more relatable to a specific audience segment. Defining Your Users: Are they teenagers looking for entertainment, or professionals seeking productivity apps? Understand their interests and behaviors to fine-tune your content strategy. Content Alignment: Ensure that your content speaks directly to your target audience. If you’re marketing a fitness app, trending dance routines can be an apt choice, showcasing app features while keeping it fun. A clear vision of your audience is akin to having a compass. It might not dictate every step, but it ensures you're heading in the right direction. Read House of Marketers' in-depth guide on how to use storytelling for your app growth here. Strike a Balance between Trend and Originality While it's essential to tap into trending challenges and sounds, it's equally crucial to infuse content with a brand's unique voice. It's about finding the perfect balance between what's trending and what's true to the brand. "At House of Marketers, we often say that riding the wave of trends is essential, but it's your unique touch that makes the ride memorable. While trends provide momentum, it's originality that ensures your brand leaves a lasting imprint. Every time we collaborate with a brand, our goal is to intertwine the essence of the brand with the pulse of TikTok's trends, creating content that's both relevant and distinctive." - House of Marketers. Originality and authentic ideas stand out. Be genuine and let your brand's unique voice shine through. Jump on trending challenges or sounds, but always with a twist that aligns with your app. An engaging story keeps users hooked. Even if it’s a short video, build a storyline that captivates. Crisp visuals and clear audio can make a significant difference. Invest in good equipment and editing tools. While there's no fixed formula for virality, mixing these ingredients with a pinch of creativity can help you craft content that drives success. Read more about how to market to your audience in this guide. Harnessing TikTok's Tools for Maximum Impact TikTok isn't just about 15-second clips; it's a platform brimming with features that can amplify your message. But the trick lies in knowing which tools to use and when. With TikTok now allowing videos up to three minutes in duration, brands have a larger canvas to tell their story. It's crucial to keep abreast of such updates. For instance, longer formats might be ideal for showcasing a detailed app tutorial or a user testimonial. Optimizing with TikTok's Inbuilt Features Effects & Filters: TikTok constantly releases new effects. For app marketers, this is a golden chance to frame their content innovatively. For instance, use the 'green screen' effect to showcase your app's interface or features in an engaging backdrop. Music & Sound: TikTok is as much about listening as it is about watching. Leverage trending sounds: Often, trending sounds are synonymous with viral content. Embed these in your videos, making sure they align with your message. Create your sound: Originality can set you apart. If it fits, consider producing a catchy jingle or soundbite related to your app. TikTok's array of tools can be overwhelming, but master them, and you'll be a step closer to crafting content that resonates and reverberates. Amplifying Your App through Engaging Narratives Direct selling on TikTok is a no-go. The audience seeks engagement, not advertisements. Every story has a hero. In the context of app marketing, the hero could be the user benefitting from the app. Crafting narratives around user transformation, say, someone becoming fit using a fitness app, can create a more personal connection. How then, does one subtly introduce an app? Integration over Promotion: Rather than overtly showcasing your app, weave it seamlessly into popular formats. If it's a meditation app, maybe a calming 60-second morning routine video could subtly highlight its benefits. TikTok Challenges: Create or tap into existing challenges. Challenges are TikTok's crown jewels, and they can virally promote your app if executed right. For example, if your app is about photo editing, launch a challenge where users transform an ordinary picture into art using your app. Celebrate User-generated Content: Encourage satisfied users to share their experiences with your app on TikTok. It adds authenticity and relatability. Every app has a story. It’s not about selling; it's about sharing that story in the most engaging way possible. Tapping into the Power of Collaborations No man is an island, and in TikTok's universe, collaboration can be the bridge to wider audiences. Collaborations not only boost visibility but also ensure the brand's ethos is communicated effectively. Influencer Partnerships: Identify and collaborate with TikTok influencers whose audience matches your target demographic. Their endorsement can lend credibility and expand your app's reach exponentially. Duets and Shoutouts: Engage with the community. Duets can be a fun way to interact with popular creators or users, while shoutouts (especially from larger accounts) can offer significant visibility boosts. Sponsored Content: While organic reach is golden, don't shy away from sponsored collaborations. They're a guaranteed way to place your app in front of a vast audience. In TikTok’s ecosystem, collaborations aren’t just beneficial; they’re often essential for rapid growth. Beyond TikTok: Cross-Promoting Your Content While TikTok is a potent tool, combining its forces with other platforms can amplify your impact. Platforms like Instagram have different user bases and algorithms. While TikTok thrives on spontaneity, Instagram values aesthetics. When cross-promoting, tweaking your TikTok content to match the platform's vibe can yield better results.  Here's how you can cross-pollinate your content for broader reach: Integrate with Other Social Platforms: Share your TikTok videos on Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, depending on your audience. This not only drives traffic to your TikTok profile but also increases the chances of your app being noticed. Embed in Blogs & Websites: If your business maintains a blog or website, consider embedding popular TikTok videos. This offers an interactive way for visitors to engage with your content. Newsletter Inclusions: Regular newsletters? Highlight engaging TikTok content or campaigns. It adds a fresh element to your communications and drives subscribers to your TikTok page. Engage with Communities: Join forums or groups related to your app's niche. Share your content there, but ensure it adds value to the community discussions. In the vast digital universe, your TikTok content is a star. Make sure it shines across the galaxy. Success Stories: Analyzing & Iterating The digital landscape is rife with stories of brands that changed course based on feedback. Coca-Cola's 'Share a Coke' campaign, which began as a small test, exploded in popularity. TikTok is no different. Brands that heed feedback and aren't afraid to iterate, often find greater success in the long run. Now that you've crafted and shared your content, how do you measure its impact? TikTok Analytics: Dive deep into your profile's analytics. Observe metrics like video views, followers, and engagement rate. This data is a goldmine, offering insights into what's working and what's not. Feedback is Gold: Engage with comments on your videos. They are raw, unfiltered feedback. Users might even share suggestions or desires related to your app. Adapt and Evolve: Digital landscapes, especially TikTok, change rapidly. Stay adaptable. If a strategy isn't working, pivot. If a new trend emerges, consider how you can align it with your app. Remember, success on TikTok isn’t just about virality; it’s about sustained growth. Regularly reviewing and iterating is the key. Final Thoughts on Viral Content on TikTok On TikTok, where trends come and go with the wind, the art of creating content that resonates lies in striking the right chords of authenticity, engagement, and originality. As we've journeyed through the intricacies of TikTok content creation, one thing stands clear: if you want to learn how to market an app, you need to learn to strike a balance between leveraging trends and maintaining a brand's unique voice. A special shoutout to the experts at House of Marketers for their invaluable insights and proven strategies. Their mastery in blending the art and science of TikTok marketing serves as an inspiration for brands aiming to make a mark on this platform. If you’d like to work with House of Marketers, then this is your chance. Get your free app marketing campaign proposal here. Read Also: Content Marketing: Tips For Better Results Get TikTok Unblocked: How To Unblock TikTok From Anywhere? Where can you seek support if you need to promote your page on TikTok in the shortest time possible?