Cider Goes From Viral Sensation To Global Fashion Force With Gen Z Insights!


06 December 2023


Cider Goes From Viral Sensation To Global Fashion Force With Gen Z Insights

In 2020, Yu Oppel co-founded Cider, a clothing brand with a modest marketing background. Fast forward three years, and Cider, having secured $140 million in funding, hit the spotlight when K-pop sensation Jennie from BLACKPINK wore a $16 floral top, turning it into a best-seller.

However, Cider Clothing isn’t relying solely on viral moments. The brand, shipping to 130+ countries, recently opened its first pop-up store in New York’s SoHo, marking its venture into brick-and-mortar. Chief Marketing Officer Yu Oppel emphasized the role of Gen Z employees in shaping the brand’s global marketing strategy.

Cider’s global approach extends beyond pop-ups, focusing on worldwide out-of-home advertising and fashion events. The brand has hosted over 20 events in cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, and Mexico City, featuring games, DJs, and influencer collaborations.

Clare Thompson, Cider’s Global Head of Marketing, highlighted the brand’s authentic engagement with influencers, valuing their unique representation of the diverse Gen Z customer base.

In a recent music festival-themed campaign, Cider collaborated with NYC-based influencer Haley Kalil, leveraging her 3 million Instagram followers. The brand utilized digital content and city-wide posters, showcasing its dedication to diverse influencer partnerships.

Cider doesn’t just stop at traditional social media engagement. With 5 million Instagram followers, the brand maintains a public Discord server connecting with over 15,000 fans.

This tight-knit community provides valuable feedback and fosters a sense of belonging among consumers. Discord played a crucial role in the launch of Cider’s plus-size line, Curve, now constituting over 15% of the brand’s business.

Expanding its online presence, Cider sells through platforms like TikTok Shop in the UK and is venturing into the US market. The brand’s 600-strong team across 15 countries, many of whom are Gen Z, offers unique insights into regional cultures and trends, allowing Cider to tailor its approach.

As Cider’s New York City pop-up opens its doors, the brand eyes permanent stores in the US, marking another milestone in its journey from viral success to a global fashion force shaped by the pulse of Gen Z.

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