How to clean up your Mac without any Problems?

Mac clean Problems

If you’re the regular user of Mac, then you may already be experiencing that your Mac slows down if there are no cleanups time to time. Here is the quick guide to clean up your Mac without any problems.

Delete the Large Unused Apps :

Many users have unused applications that are big and occupy the ample space on your Mac. With the view to clean up the Mac, make a note that you need the macOS Sierra or later version to have the cleaning characteristic operating. The earlier version lacks the storage control device. Make certain that you have taken the entire backup earlier than deleting the apps. Take the following steps for cleaning up the large unused apps.

1. Go to the Apple menu, choose the ‘About this Mac’.

Apple menu

2. Select the Storage option on the window that prompts up and clicks the Manage.

Storage option

3. Select the application that is available on the corner of the screen to the left.
4. Choose the size menu and click to the drop down to have the list of apps from largest to smallest.
size menu 5. You can also check the last access to the apps.
6. Locate the list of apps that you no longer need and delete them by clicking
‘X’ button.
‘X’ button7. Select the ‘Remove’ button in the prompting window.

‘Remove’ button Clean the Cache :

The top reason for slowing down your Mac is the cache that accumulates over the passage of time. Caches are the temporary files that enhance the speed of the data when reloaded again. These caches can be app cache, library cache, browser cache, system cache and plenty of more. For in-depth details on cleaning up your Mac, you can visit this page. Actually deleting them won’t solve your problem as there is the leftover which develops over the period of time. Follow the under-noted method to absolutely clean the cache.

  1. Select the Finder logo from the dock.
  2. Click the Go menu which can be found in the upper corner to the left.
  3. Select ‘Go to Folder’
  4. Get the list of caches by typing ~/Library/Caches
  5. Lastly, right-click the folder and sent it to the trash and then empty it.

Uninstall Unused Applications :

This is one of the essential steps in cleaning up the Mac. The primary area that is consumed on the Mac is through applications. You need to delete at least the unused apps from the Mac. If you think that by sending those to trash can delete the app then you’re truly incorrect and as there are several leftovers by the app that occupies the space in the memory. In order to clean them absolutely, you must navigate through the beneath folders and trash them.

  1. App preferences are located in ~/Library/Preferences/
  2. Support Caches can be found in /Library/Caches/ and ~/Library/Caches
  3. App states are found in ~/Library/Saved Application State/
  4. Application files are found in ~/Library/Caches.
  5. Binary and dock icons are found in /Applications/
  6. Crashes are located in ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/
  7. Plugins can be found in ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/
  8. The library can be located in ~/Library/

Remove Apps Consuming More Power :

Apps Consuming

There are some apps that eat up the extra power while running. You should use the activity monitor to see the apps that are consuming more power. In fact, you will easily see the five specific details including CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network. For the Mac to run the problem-free, you have to select the ‘-‘ button and clear away the apps that you think is occupying extra power and they are unused too.

Delete the Large Files :

Large Files

This is one of the crucial ways of cleaning up the Mac. You can carry out this effortlessly and quick by using Finder. Open the new window within the Finder. You may be able to see the search box in the top right corner of the display screen. Press asterisk inside the search box. Add the “+” which you will be able to see below the search box. Apply two filters in that window. First one for the size and the second one for the ‘is greater than’. Enter the size say 30 GB. You could also choose the alternative column for GB or MB. Whilst you apply those filters, you will able to see the effects matching your criteria.

These are the essential ways that help you to clean up the Mac without any problems. Follow them and you can have the best performing Mac.

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Alexa is a virtual assistant, which works with an echo dot in order to fulfill all the demands of its users. With its thousands of attractive features, Alexa has made the life of its users super easy and also entertaining at the same time. With its hi-tech features, Alexa can do almost everything from controlling smart home lights to set reminders, playing songs, jokes, news, quizzes, and much more things. But due to some reasons, you may find your Alexa not responding to the commands that you are giving it. Do not worry if you are facing the Alexa not responding issue. Here we have the most effective and easiest troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.  Troubleshoot The Alexa Not Responding Issue: Here are the troubleshooting steps that you need to follow for solving the Alexa not responding issue with your echo dot. There are a bunch of reasons for what you may be facing this Alexa not working issue. So, let’s head towards the troubleshooting steps.  1. Check The Microphone Button There are many instances when we find that the reason behind Alexa not responding is because the microphone is damaged or we forget to turn the button on. The microphone button is one of the most common reasons for this issue. So, check the microphone button first. If the issue persists and it seems that everything is totally fine there. You can step to the next process.  2. Reboot The Device This is one of the most effective and easiest ways in the whole troubleshooting process of Alexa is not responding issue. There is not much trouble, all you need to do is just restart the device and the issue will get resolved. But this restarting has a definite name called power drain, and it is more than just powering off the power button and power on it again. Here is the step-by-step guide for the power drain process.First, you need to check the power light. In case it is showing blue light, that means the device is able to hear you but simply the Alexa device is unresponsive to your commands.  Disconnect the power cable from the power source for at least 30 seconds. Wait for a little while, and after that, connect the power cord again with the power outlet. Now, when your device is ready completely, try to give it any command again. If the issue is resolved, then it is fine. But in case the issue of Alexa not responding continues, head to the next step. 3. Echo Dot Hard Reset In case the above described troubleshoot does not work for your echo dot. Here is the step-by-step guide to hard reset.You will find the reset button at the bottom of the device. You can use a pin to press the button. As soon as you press the button, the device will power off. Here, you need to wait for a little and then power the device on again. All the settings of the device will then reset to the original. 4. 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Tekmetric: Auto Repair Software and So Much More

Most people who get involved in the auto repair business are not there because they love business management. They are there because they are passionate about cars, learning about them, maintaining them and fixing them. But these days, an auto shop can only get so far with good mechanics. Customers come expecting great service, organization, and communication. They want the same customer care at the auto shop as they receive at other businesses. The Need for Something New: Up until now, for an auto shop to stay up-to-date, it needed to purchase new software for each part of the business. Written customer orders and inventory logs were replaced by management software. Labor and parts books were replaced by online labor guides. As expectations for constant communication increased, shops had to invest in instant messaging services.In early 2018, two auto shop owners, Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, released Tekmetric as an all-in-one auto repair software solution. At a base level, Tekmetric is auto repair software, but it is much more. It is auto shop management software that covers all the current needs of a modern auto shop business. Tekmetric Helps Customers: Customers often come into an auto shop feeling vulnerable. When something is wrong with your car and you are not an expert, repairs are a great unknown. You do not know how much they will cost, and you do not know how long they will take, nor do you know what is reasonable. Tekmetric allows the auto shop to produce an estimate quickly. It is already linked to standardized labor rates and parts costs, so customers know that the estimate is fair. In addition, thanks to the messaging component in Tekmetric, customers can receive real-time information about the progress of the repair. Tekmetric Helps Mechanics: A good deal of time in an auto shop can be lost when mechanics must do jobs other than being mechanics. Tekmetric includes features like digital inventory management which can bring an end to hunting for parts or manual counts of inventory. The software also includes the ability to create standard job packages. For example, if a shop bundles together oil changes with several other services, all the parts and labor can be stored as one task with a single price point, streamlining the path from a customer’s order to a mechanic’s work. Tekmetric Helps Managers: Tekmetric is auto repair software that helps owners and managers, whether they are working with a single shop or several. One of its most important features is a workflow management platform. With a glance at a screen, managers can see which jobs have been ordered and which jobs are underway. They can see the profiles of all available employees and assign them to jobs. Another important feature from Tekmetric is the ability to produce paperless estimates, invoices, and authorizations. By operating through a single, digital platform, managers, mechanics, and customers will all be on the same page. More Than Auto Repair Software: Since it is designed specifically for auto repair shops, Tekmetric represents something new in management software. Like all business management software, it is meant to make things run more smoothly, saving time and money for the business owner. But for auto shops, Tekmetric does something more important. It allows managers and mechanics to spend less time on management tasks and more time doing what got them in the auto shop in the first place, working with cars.Read Also:Top 10 Signs You Might Need Auto Repair Services 8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Get A Vendor Management Software

High Technology Devices

High Technology Devices for Better Life

Nowadays, human civilization brings more technology to the new era. Technology brings people’s life into an easier way for life. There are many technologies that have been updated from human history. Started from the weapon for hunting, humans use their brain to create something more and new while the thing that made has its function to help people to do something they are working on with easier ways.High Technology Devices applications can make things more effective for your business. Different Ways The Application Of High Technology Website can make things work for you  There are different ways the application of high technology website that can work well in your favor in a short time span. How the iPhone changed the Technology Industry?Today, we have our gadget with many functions and features. Meanwhile, as long as we use our gadget, in this case, it is a smartphone for use, we need more memories for supporting our daily uses for our gadget. One thing that we know the best today is the iPhone. iPhone comes from its founder that is Steve Job who bring a smart device which helps people to get their phone with many features like cameras, compass and the others. However, the iPhone seems like a lack of memories for its storage. Increased Memory Technology for iPhones: Here, the iPhone memory stick is available for those iPhone users who want to get more memory space for their iPhone. iPhone memory is available for two optional choices that are 32 GB and 64 GB. However, only those iPhone which has IOS 7.1.2 or later that is compatible with this iPhone memory using.This memory stick can save files like text, HTML, PNG, JPEG, AAC, MP4 and etc. Built with an aluminum metal material, this memory stick has dimension at 39 x 28 x 7.5 mm with 47 grams including packaging weight. iPhone is also supported with many devices which can enhance this device using such as iPhone wireless earphone.There is also a supporting device for the iPhone that comes from the way it is charged. Wireless charging for iPhone is also available now. This is being followed by many smartphone brands in bringing wireless charging pod for their smart devices. Technology Devices that help in Sleeping: A device can help people doing their sleeping activity better with data. This is coming from a bracelet that named sleep bracelet. This is a device which people can use as a bracelet for every time we sleep. This bracelet is built with technology inside which has functions for monitoring SpO2, HVR test, a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, Lorenz plot analysis, and the other functions that can be connected to our smartphone. Can be connected with Bluetooth 4.0 connection, we need to install GOO sleep care first. Designed with waterproof IP67 and OLED screen, this bracelet has only 25 grams weight. Benefits of an Activity Band: By using this technologized bracelet, we have our next generation activity band that is made for controlling our sleeping activity that has purposes for knowing our health condition properly through the data. We can know how much our steps, calories burned, sleeping quality, heartbeat rate, and others. However, as modern as the technology today, we must not dependence with the technology. For a healthy purpose, we need to keep our body healthy by doing exercises and eating well. For more healthy body, we need to keep our sleep needs in enough sleep.Read Also:Smartphone Addiction In Our Era Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jail Breaking Erase Photos Form iPhone Without Any Possibility Of Recovery 5 Things To Cross Check Before Purchasing A Used iPhone 8 Incredible Tricks That You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Can Perform Removal Of Android Screen Lock With ISkysoft 7 Ways Technology Can Help In Customer Management And Sales