How Cleaning Helps Us Feel Better and Why We Don’t Do It


26 November 2018

Home Improvement

Cleaning Helps

From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed, your days are filled with mostly routine stuff with preferably less out of the blue moments that force you to leave your comfort zone.

No matter what you expect or hope to do this day, it is very important to have a plan and be organized, to set small task you know that can be done, and feel satisfied and happy afterward.

This sort of task-reward plan helps you feel more in control over your life and more confident to try different stuff. No matter how good it feels, people easily fall out of that habit and return to their aimless daily grind.

We talked to guys at Happy Cleans to try to understand how cleaning, as a form of organization, can make us feel better.


It is in our society’s DNA to continuously buy and consume products. We just want more stuff and we don’t really care if there’s enough room at home or if that particular item is really necessary.

One day you realize that you are surrounded by a bunch of stuff you don’t know what to do with, yet there’s this emotional attachment that just won’t let you let go.

You feel relieved when you get rid of things you no longer need because cleaning has therapeutic properties as well. Maybe it’s an old vase that’s been sitting in the corner gathering dust, boxes of old magazines, or old clothes you haven’t touched in years.

Whatever it is and however you choose to dispose of it all, there is always the feeling of a restart. You’d be giving your home, and indirectly yourself, a fresh start and more room to breathe.

Lack of time:

This is the most common excuse people grasp for when facing their filthy home when they leave for work in the morning.

Cleaning is not an easy task. It takes a decent amount of time and energy, but excusing yourself with the lack of time is not the solution you are looking for.

Work, family, hobbies, these are all prioritized over cleaning, but being well organized by spending an hour, thirty minutes or less every day doing some cleaning, will show great results and the feeling of accomplishment of working towards a clear goal every day will help reduce stress and make you feel better about yourself.


It’s a great feeling when you are finally able to sit down in your clean home and just enjoy the sight. Don’t let that wave of good emotions trick you into remembering old habits. Before you notice, your home will return to that undesired state of neglect you worked so hard to change.

What you can do is just keep the trend of doing less cleaning but more frequently. This should be your new routine, you could also start doing dishes right after a meal or not leave dirty socks on the floor to camp for a few days, etc.

Don’t fall into passive state where you feel like you keep hitting a wall, so you choose to rather not do anything. Start with your home, the energy you spend there will boost your physical and mental health.

This flow of positive energy will come in handy when dealing with the rest of your daily tasks and smile about it, which consequently means that you’d be eager to do some more cleaning and feel rewarded for your effort. It’s a circle of positive energy and a way forward.

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Mounted Glass

Create Wall Mounted Glass Shelves with Custom Cut Glass

Mounted Glass shelves are very handy in improving the interior décor of your space in a classical manner. Glass shelves have been in use for many years now and technological advancement has led to the generation of advanced glass version with more desirable features and greater strength. This implies that glass materials today can support more weight and withstand higher pressure than earlier pure glass versions. One important feature of glass shelves is that they can fit the walls of rooms and there are many designs from which one can pick from. The main consideration when choosing the best wall mount glass shelf design is the purpose of the shelf as well as where and how the shelf will be mounted to the wall. This paper discusses the various designs of wall mount glass shelves that can be created using different custom cut glasses. The shape of Glass Shelves The glass shelves can be made with glass cut in different shapes. Rectangular and square glass shelves are the most common. Rectangular glass shelves can be installed in various places like the bathroom, in the living room, kitchen, office, and in the bedroom as well. Square shelves are mostly installed at the corners of rooms to provide sufficient anchoring for shelve. There are also specific shapes of glass shelves designed specifically for installation at corners. They include triangle, corner pentagon, and quarter circle glass shelves. It is important to consider the purpose of the shelf when choosing the glass material for the shelf to ensure the material chosen can support the required load without breaking. Glass shelves can also be L-shaped and these are fit into or onto corners of rooms. There are many types of glasses to choose from for wall mounted glass shelves. Tempered glass is the commonly used type of custom cut glass for glass shelves. This type of glass is hardened to increase durability and resistance to high temperature and pressure. Tempered glass also breaks into blunt square pieces that are less likely to injure people as opposed to angled sharp pieces obtained when ordinary glass breaks. The other suitable glass type for wall-mounted glass shelves is the acrylic glass. Acrylic glass consists of a very transparent material that allows the glass to allow more light to pass through it than normal glass. The downside of acrylic glass is that it scratches easily but the scratches can be removed by buffing. Other types of custom cut glasses suitable for glass shelves are low-iron glass, textured or frosted glass, as well as colored glass. Various Types of Mounted Glass Shelves Uses         There are also various wall-mounted glass shelf designs dependent on the shape of the horizontal cross-section of the glass. Some glass shelves are bent like the eclipse and triumph shelves. Eclipse glass shelves are slightly curved forming an arc while the triumph glass shelves have a bookend on one end, and are designed for keeping books and magazines. Another glass shelf type is the Fiora glass shelf which has a straight surface like the rectangular glass shelf. Fiora glass shelves are available in clear and colored glass materials. The other type of glass shelves is the Roya glass shelf which is simply rectangular in shape. Bent glass shelves are very decorative and are mostly used in the bathroom for keeping light-weight objects. Installation or Mounting to the Wall      The glass shelves can either be mounted directly into the wall of the building or attached using brackets. Glass shelves with straight edges are the most suited for direct fixation into the wall of the building. When fixing glass shelves directly to the wall, a groove is first to cut into the wall using a chisel and hammer if the wall is masonry. The glass shelf is then fixed into the groove and a suitable adhesive applied to stick the glass to the wall. The other types of glass shelves are attached to the wall using brackets. The brackets are made of a strong durable material like stainless steel. Brackets are screwed or riveted to the wall and the glass shelves fixed to the brackets. Other types of glass shelves can be mounted to a frame which is then fixed to the wall. This type of glass shelves is manufactured as a set that is first connected together then fixed to the wall. Mounted Glass shelves can also be hanging at the top. This type of glass shelves is referred to as the hanging glass shelves. The shelves are fixed to a frame that is suspended from the top of the building. Hanging glass shelves are manufactured as a set in the factory and are suitable for rooms where the wall is not strong enough for mounting the glass shelves directly to it. Also, when the walls are filled with other things, using the hanging glass shelves provides extra space for storing stuff. Choose the Right Glass Thickness As stated in the introduction, the intended purpose of the glass shelf and where it will be installed determines the type of glass material that will be used. The material chosen should be strong enough to support the anticipated load. The thickness of the glass also determines its ability to support a given weight with thicker glass shelves being able to support higher loads than thinner glass shelves. It is also crucial to consider the material that makes up the wall on which the shelf will be mounted as it has a direct relationship to the weight that the shelf can support. Brackets should be attached to hard materials like concrete, or masonry walls to ensure maximum strength. Mounted Glass shelves have many designs from which people can choose from. In addition to providing more storage space, glass shelves including bent glass shelves, add aesthetic value to a room making it possible to display one’s collections with ease. The shelves allow light to pass through them helping to maintain the room well-lit which helps to brighten the mood of the place. One can also consider finishing the corners of the shelves in different shapes to make them more stylish and appealing. When installed properly, glass shelves match perfectly with any interior design theme. Read Also: 7 Unexpected Ways to Use Glass and Wood for your Home 10 Fabulous Ways to Update Your Home Interior Using Wallpaper


How Activity Mirrors Add Value to Exercise Place!

The most important thing in anybody’s life is to get to know the best things around and to let it be in the right place. If you are going to win over a place and that too for a better reason for scope and action then think of making a positive change. It is right in front of different sorts of approaches that you can find a fair deal. You can provide a trendy look to your gym or the training center with Activity/Gym Mirror. At the same time, you can find a better reason for scope and action. You need to see the best sorts of things and that too for better exposure and reasons. The display is Very Important for Proper Ambiance You see things are going all well with the best sorts of things and reasons to explore for best products. It is just too important to look for the best sorts of deals and that too in a proper way of course. If anyone wants an exotic presentation at the gym with mirrors then you need to find the best sources, and how to look for the great opportunities around. Creating a proper display buzz for your best attitudes is a way out of different sorts of marketing tactics that you need to look for the best kinds of clientele. You need to see what kinds of things really matter and required as per marketing gimmicks are advertised. People are Getting Health Conscious Every Single Day The way of life is all too busy and it becomes more of a necessity to keep you all active and healthy. You are doing a typical 9 to 5 job, and then it’s all sitting and working. So, it is best if you join a proper job and do little exercise that is good for you. It is healthy and keeps blood circulation all moving. Eventually, it is all going to be the best way to look for the best kinds of options. If anyone enters any exercise arena with the purpose of regular joining then he will definitely look at the typical machines as well as the overall environment. Here keeping gym wall mirrors display all around is too good. [gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="1109"]   How to Purchase Great Quality Wall Mirrors Well, the range of wall mirrors is not limited and it varies from client to client. It is a need-based requirement and for bathrooms, there are different sizes. If someone wants to display it for beautification at an entrance then different sorts of designs and sizes are required. Here clients are going to look for their own preferences, and then gym mirrors will be best available through online stores. It is easy to select, pay and gets home delivery, without moving a single foot out of your exercise center. The sizes of gym mirrors are subject to walls, and how much a client requires and it will work great for sure.  It is an easy and effective method as technology develops and online shopping is paying off for sure.