Content Marketing: Tips For Better Results

Published on: 20 June 2023 Last Updated on: 19 January 2024
Content Marketing Tips For Better Results

Content marketing has been around for quite a long time, and it is the go-to marketing strategy for many businesses nowadays. But everybody uses it, and the results they get are more or less along the same lines…in terms of the time they take to materialize.

What if you’re looking to get better results from your content marketing endeavors? What if you want to do some smart work rather than hard work?

In this post, let’s take a look at some answers to this question.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is basically defined as the type of marketing that involves creating and publishing/distributing content to a certain audience. The purpose of distributing this type of content is to increase awareness of the product/services so that they can be sold more. While “content,” in this context, refers to the content of all types, mostly written stuff is utilized for marketing purposes.

This type of marketing takes different shapes and forms.

Some people can engage in content marketing by writing and publishing blogs regularly. Others can utilize their product pages as a medium to engage in marketing, i.e., by making the descriptions and the visuals, etc., appealing and attractive.

Actually, instead of mentioning them here somewhat haphazardly, let’s look at some of the content marketing methods in detail before moving on to the tips.

What Are Some Common Methods Of Content Marketing?

Common Methods Of Content Marketing

Here are a few of the common ways in which content marketing is employed.

  1. Blogs: Blogs, especially when created by a professional writing service, have a key role that goes beyond just advertising products or services. Their main goal is to educate and engage readers. This approach helps grow a brand’s readership and audience. By providing valuable and informative content, the brand naturally attracts more people. This isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s about genuinely helping readers. As more people find the blogs helpful, they start to trust and follow the brand, leading to increased business opportunities. With the help of a blog writing agency such as, brands can consistently deliver high-quality content that connects with their audience.
  2. Emails: Email marketing is technically a marketing strategy on its own, but since it almost always utilizes content of some sort, it can also be mentioned in content marketing. In an email marketing campaign, individuals are reached out separately by the brand. These emails can either inform the recipient about some sort of new product release, a sale or a special discount, etc.
  3. Newsletters: Newsletters are technically emails, but they are not like other messages that are typically used and sent in an email marketing campaign. While the latter, for the most part, directly promote the offerings of a brand, newsletters are geared toward educating the readers. You can think about them to be a type of hybrid between a blog and a typical email marketing message.
  4. E-books: While this one is a more elaborate step than what brands usually do, it is a good way to engage in content marketing.

Now, with all that out of the way, let’s take a look at some tips that you can follow to get better results from your content marketing endeavors.

Tips For Getting Better Results From Content Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, while content of all types can be employed in content marketing, written content is the most common…and perhaps the toughest to create. That is why our tips will be geared towards it in particular.

Don’t Write Like A Robot, And Don’t Write For Robots

In that rather wordsmith-is line, we’ve summed up one of the most important principles of writing online content.

Firstly, when you write content for marketing purposes, be it of whatever type and kind, you should make sure that your tone is friendly, communicative, and human-like. Mind you, there are exceptional cases where a totally opposite tone would be more suitable, but we are talking about the common cases here.

This is what we mean by not writing like a robot.

Here is what you can do to make your writing tone fall into this criterion. Of course, depending on the situation at hand, some of these tips may not be very applicable.

  1. Try and refer to the reader as “you” and yourself as “I” or “we.” This is one of the basic and simplest ways to make your tone look more natural and human-like.
  2. Since you have to make your written content look more like a conversation than a piece of written text, you should reduce your overall use of passive voice. People hardly use passive voice when they speak. I mean, I could have just said, “The passive voice is hardly used by people when they speak,” but I did just make my point.
  3. Keep sentences short. Keeping your sentences short can also give a natural touch to your writing and make it more reader-friendly.

The second part of our tip was Don’t write for robots.

We should actually clear this up a little before moving on.

Nowadays, a lot of content marketing is done via search engines. When people write blogs, they channel them to their readers via search engines. The same goes for a lot of other types of content, like product descriptions and e-books, etc.

Now, in a bid to make their content look nice to the search engines, a lot of people can end up making it look too mechanical, erratic, and awkward for human taste.

Consider the following example:

We offer the best ramen in Tokyo. Our quality ramen store in Tokyo is very good. Buy quality ramen near me in Tokyo. (Note the atrocious keyword usage)

Good content? For the search engine, maybe. For the reader? It’s just gibberish.

You have to avoid doing this sort of stuff when writing content for your audience. You should strike a balance between making the content appealing for SEs as well as your human readers.

Do Proper Research…And Use It

When it comes to content marketing materials such as blogs and newsletters, your aim should be to provide reliable and educative content to your audience. This can only be done if you do proper research and then utilize it when writing the content itself.

In this part, let’s look at how you can do research properly and what benefits you can get from it.

Here are some things that you can do for effective research:

  1. Look for popular and reliable sources on the internet. Before you start gleaning information from anywhere, you should establish its reliability first.
  2. Once done, be sure to find out relevant facts and figures to add to your content. This tip is, of course, subjective. In some types of content, adding facts and figures may not be very suitable. However, it can be a good idea in things like blog posts, emails, and the like.
  3. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to use some material from a source verbatim in its actual form.

(More important than implementing theoretical and conceptual information is the utilization of the data you get from audience research. In other words, you should conduct audience research and then use the details that you find to adjust your content as per the needs of the audience. When we say “audience research,” we basically refer to using analytical tools to find out necessary information and details about your audience, such as the details about their age, gender, location, and so on.)

Now let’s look at what benefits you can get by doing and incorporating research into your work.

  1. Authority: When your content is backed with research, it comes off as authoritative. For example, when you present a stat for a certain situation or occurrence, it looks more grounded as compared to an opinionated guess.
  2. Up-to-date information: Conducting research can also get you in touch with up-to-date information. By not researching your material before writing it, you can get stuck with old, outdated information that can neither help you nor your readers.
  3. Value: When your content is based on research, it provides value to your readers. For problems, it can provide solutions. For choices, it can provide expert opinions.
    This sort of content is a lot more potent in building a better readership and for growing your brand.

Aim For Content Perfection

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

  • Vince Lombardi

It’s a bit of a dramatic way to start off this heading, but it does make the point that we want.

No content is perfect because perfection (least of all in written content) is not achievable. But if you aim for the bullseye, you can land somewhere close to it.

That is why you should make all the effort possible to remove all types of imperfections from your content.

  1. Grammar errors: Grammar errors are by far the most common and most harmful errors that you can make in your content. You should be proactive about avoiding such errors during the writing phase. And once you do write the content, you should take steps like proofreading the content and using an online grammar checker to weed out the remaining ones.
  2. Clunky readability issues: Readability issues, such as confusing words, long-winded sentences, and weird phrase choices, can also adversely affect the quality of content. you can remove these types of imperfections from your content by using an online AI-driven paraphrasing tool. A good AI paraphraser can improve the readability of the provided content during the rephrasing process.
  3. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is like the diamondback of content imperfections. You can’t spot it quickly enough, and it can kill the quality of your write-up without you realizing it. Removing this imperfection is necessary and tricky at the same time. The best way to go about it is to use an online plagiarism checker and then analyze the results to take the steps you need.


A lot of brands do content marketing nowadays. But, to bring yourself a cut above the others, you have to follow some best practices. We’ve outlined a few of those in the post above.

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They are like digital chameleons because they are able to blend in with the audience’s feed for increasing awareness and driving traffic to your website. While the demographics of the social network is similar to that of Facebook, Instagram has distinguished itself with a greater level of engagement and creativity and gives you exposure to the right audience. Tactic 2: Reviews The online reputation of a business can be hugely influenced by customer reviews. Businesses with no reviews, no recent reviews or with negative ones are at a significant disadvantage as opposed to their competition. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of people have stated that their buying decisions are influenced by negative customer reviews. Thus, it is essential for every business to get positive customer reviews and should also respond to them in a timely manner. Positive reviews can be showcased on the website and on social media and negative reviews can be addressed before they go viral. Improving the customer review score boosts SEO ranking and improves online reputation. The best way to get reviews from your customers is by contacting them directly. By using a tool called GMass, you can email all of your customers at one time asking them to write a review of their experience. They would be more likely to write a review if they are already online checking their emails than having to remember to write one after they got home from their shopping trip. Tactic 3: Evergreen Content This is content that stays relevant and interesting for a long time, regardless of any cultural change. This can include industry resources, tutorials, tips, and product reviews. While this usually refers to white papers and blog content, evergreen content can also be used for video content, infographics, and email marketing. Tactic 4: Crowdsourced Content Yes, the statement ‘content is king’ might be getting old, but it remains true still. Content remains very powerful in today’s competitive market and can turn the tide for a business. The problem is that turning out heaps of creative and useful content requires lots of resources and time. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a new trend emerge; businesses have begun to collaborate and crowdsource because this allows them to get access to meaningful and relevant content. By soliciting ideas from others, a business is able to get the best quality content and save a ton of its valuable time without making any compromises on quality. With crowdsourcing, you leave the idea and word generation to someone else, mostly in your industry. This enables a business to get insights it may not have come up on its own. Also, using this content allows you to reach a greater audience because the ones who created the content will also share it out. Read also: Improve Your Local SEO Via Content Marketing Tactic 5: Retargeting Ads You just checked out an amazing new camera on Amazon and now when you visit Facebook, YouTube or any other website, you can see ads about cameras. This is a feature of Google Adwords and ad serving networks of other search engines, which is called retargeting or remarketing. When you check a business’s website, they can serve you with relevant and interesting ads wherever you go. Marketers are thrilled with this tactic whereas customers feel a bit creeped out. The best part? Your business already knows what the customer is looking for and targeting them with similar products will actually bring them back to you. Tactic 6: Video Content Marketing Traditionally, video marketing for dispersing content was termed unfeasible and getting an ROI from the video was quite difficult. However, this is the era of smartphones that have spectacular cameras and video streaming services that show you videos in just a few taps. This means that now the benefits of video content marketing can go beyond its cost. Every business needs to use video for product launches, Vlogs, tutorials, and tips because they provide value to the viewers. Videos allow a business to use humor, appeal to emotion and aid apprehension for relating to your customers in a better way. The same cannot be achieved with a written blog. Tactic 7: Custom Landing Pages Simply put, landing pages are webpages describing a piece of content, which require users to enter their information to unlock the said content. It is regarded as a lead capture tool because you want to be able to convert the readers into leads and customers when they go over your content. Otherwise, it is only a waste of time and resources. Landing pages linked from an email or blog should be connected to digital marketing content. 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Times have changed. Commerce no longer waits for customers to head into a brick-and-mortar store, but instead takes on a proactive approach. Marketers must rely on various tools to reach out to their consumers, create sales channels, and generate revenue. Gone are the days when newspaper ads and billboards took center stage; with technology, digital marketing outreach becomes a necessity as it can reach a considerable amount of users in the shortest amount of time. Marketers often ask us about the most effective platform they should first choose, and our answer always goes back to good old email marketing. Singaporeans are so comfortable with technology, and the majority of the technologically-savvy generation will check their emails at least once a day. Even though it’s one of the most traditional methods, it’s still used frequently because it simply works. Here’s the tricky part: email marketing has to be implemented correctly. Use it right, and it’ll become an incredibly powerful tool. Use it wrong, and you’ll risk turning away customers, both potential and returning ones. Unconvinced? We’ll give you two reasons why email marketing is the best digital marketing outreach, and how you should use it effectively. Whether you’re on a limited budget or hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore, it’s important to understand email marketing so you can use it to your advantage, especially after your lead generation agency has delivered new prospects for your business. 1. Email marketing provides endless possibilities. Like we’ve mentioned, email marketing may be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, yet marketers in most industries still use it today as it’s efficient and cost-effective. It involves sending emails to a target audience’s inbox and gives companies a chance to promote their product or service, create brand loyalty, deliver value to consumers; the possibilities are endless. Since there are so many ways to use email marketing, there is no reason for you to stick to one type. As sending the same emails too frequently may turn consumers away, you should find the right balance to keep your readers interested and hopefully increase sales.  Here are two different types of marketing emails that you can send out to engage your subscribers. Welcome emails are usually the first email a subscriber receives after giving you their email address. As it’s the first connection, it’s essential to not only introduce your brand but also make it a memorable one. There are several ways you can do this: you can either share with them more about your brand’s story, invite them to connect via other means (such as social media) or get to know more about them (such as asking for their birthdays). Since the purpose of welcome emails is to increase your engagement with your subscribers, an excellent way to start would be to give them a gift, either a trial or discount code. Informational emails are a series of emails sent to users to keep them engaged with your brand. There are several ways you can do this, depending on your brand. If sales are your priority, you can send out targeted emails informing your subscribers of promotions, discount codes, and holiday sales. If you’re providing software, and your main goal is to increase brand awareness, you can release a series of tips and tutorials on how to make the best out of it. There are so many ways you can continuously engage your subscribers, but remember to keep a steady pace; you want to provide your readers with value, not flood them with dozens of emails. As there are so many ways to use email marketing, if you’re hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore, be sure to let them know what you’re trying to achieve. Different goals require different types of emails, and your agency needs to know what you need before they can help you get the results you want. Email marketing lets you personalize your engagement. Although every business has a buyer persona, it may not always be the same. As a brand, you may have a range of audiences that differ based on age, gender, and other demographics. The best way to reach out to different audiences is to cater to them differently, and email marketing helps you do so by segmenting your audiences into categories. The idea is to tailor various emails that will resonate with each audience segment and provide them with something exciting and of value. If you use email marketing correctly, you can not only address your subscribers by name but also provide them with something that they want. For example, you can email your VIP members about an exclusive event or reach out to your teen audience about a back-to-school sale. By targeting each segment differently, you can increase the effectiveness of your emails. This is extremely important as an email can only be successful if your subscribers open it, read it, and appreciate it. We can go on and on about how effective email marketing can be, but the best way for you to find out is to try it yourself. If you’re confused and not sure where to begin, now’s a good time to ask for help. Reach out to a digital marketing agency in Singapore, let them know what you need, and they’ll help you achieve it. Read Also: Why Every Business Holder Should Start Using The Drip Marketing Campaign Snov.Io Review: The Missing Piece Of The Marketing Outreach Strategy Puzzle