How to Design an Effective Company Website


29 October 2018

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Company Website

A website for your business gives you a lot of benefits. It makes information dissemination a breeze, allows potential customers to find you easily, provides your brand with an excellent professional image, gives you brand visibility and credibility, provides a way to showcase your work or market your product and services, and best of all, it saves you money in the long run. That’s why a company website should be well-designed.

It must be able to provide a great experience to your customers when they visit. Whether they use their computer, tablet or mobile phone, they should be able to access your website and use it without a problem. Most important of all, it must be able to serve and respond to your customer’s needs. Whether they want to check your price list, find a product, browse through your new collection, or ask you a question, your website must be able to provide what they are looking for quickly.

But, to be able to serve your customers well, you must know what elements are essential to a company website. Here are the things you should put on your site:

Customer testimonials:

Nothing beats hearing satisfactory remarks and praise from your customers. You shouldn’t just keep this to yourself. You should let these be part of your website, and you can do this by crafting a customer testimonial page.

Having customer testimonials gives your business more credibility since these reviews are unbiased. Furthermore, customer testimonials are free marketing, so you can have a broader reach and attract many potential clients in the future.

About page:

An about page is crucial since it shows your brand identity. It will make you appear more credible and authentic to your customers. It also allows visitors of your website to know more about you and your company. Especially if it is the visitor’s first time to enter your site, most probably, he or she will first click on the about page to learn more about your business first before anything else.

Contact us page:

Of course, you cannot forget to put your contact details. This is critical information your customers need should any of them want to reach you to address their concerns or queries.  Having a contact page will also make your business look good since it means you are readily available to attend to your customers’ needs anytime.

List of products and services:

You should enumerate all your products and services on your website so that visitors of your site are well-informed of the product details and specifications including the benefits they’ll get with the product.


A blog gives you a way to make yourself a thought leader in the industry. Writing informative articles that offer tips or advice to customers who visit your website will make you look credible. It means more people will trust your company and it will boost your sales.

These are the essential elements you should put on your website. If you are unsure how to integrate these into your site, you should ask an expert in website design in Oxford to show you how to do it.

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simple packaging

Simple Packaging: Your Guide to Branded Design

Packaging. Such a common, everyday word.It has become embedded in the lives of consumers that, unfortunately, many businesses have forgotten just how important and valuable it is.The thing is, even that seemingly simple packaging holds immense power. It can either make a buyer spend money or make them put it back on the shelf and pick up another similar item.After all, consumers, for the most part, see only the packaging when they purchase items directly from a store. Just think about it, packaging covers about 100% of most products you see in stores.There's also the fact that what covers a product - and what's on it - makes up about a third of most purchasing decisions.If you’re having trouble thinking up methods on how to design packaging and custom boxes, worry not, as we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll give you some of the best packaging design tips. It All Starts with Understanding How Packaging Works : First, let's talk about what packaging is and how essential it is to branding. Why it has grown to become a $9-billion industry.At its core, the packaging is the method and the materials used to contain, cover, safeguard, and transport items. The methods can vary from cleaning to preserving. Materials differ too, with the most common being cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, glass, and metal.The thing is, packaging has many more roles than just giving products a pretty face. Indeed, it's a powerful tool to attract the attention of buyers. It's crucial in branding awareness and recall.More than that though, it's vital in helping reduce product waste. For instance, research has shown its great importance in keeping food and beverages edible.In other industries, its ability to protect items significantly reduce potential damages, which then lessens the need to throw them out for replacement products.In the food industry, effective packaging for food products can be made with sustainable materials.In fact, a recent study noted that socially-responsible packaging now plays an important role in buying decisions. More than half (52%) of the study's participants noted they spent money on a product/service from companies using eco-friendlier packaging methods.Also, take note that packaging also has a lot to do with product safety. This is especially true for products that are for human consumption, including food, beverages, and medication (including vitamins and supplements).You want your customers to safely reap the most out of their purchase, and at the same time, remain in compliance with packaging laws and regulations. Simple Packaging and the Immense Branding Power It Boasts Of : You want to make sure your product, as soon as it's ready, goes on display right away. But you can't really say it's ready, not unless you've also made certain that its packaging is 100% ready to go.Whether you go for a box, bag, wrapped, taped, or glued packaging elements, every element of your packaging should incorporate what's mentioned above. You also need to ensure that it possesses all the right components for effective branding.Consider this:The average grocery stores now sell 40,000 more products than they did two decades ago. In a place where your products compete with many of these said items, how you package your brand's offers can make or break the deal.Again, it can either make consumers want to put it in their shopping carts and pay for it or put it back on the shelf and buy a competitor's product instead.Essentially, product packaging is your primary selling tool. After all, it's the most tangible method to represent your product and brand to your target market.Keep in mind that you only have seven seconds to leave a positive impression on consumers, so you need to make them see instantly why they'd want to spend money on your offers.All these said you need your product packaging to have eye-catching features. But it also needs to retain functionality and should be economical. And for eco-friendly consumers, sustainable materials. The Right Elements that Go into Successful Packaging : Just as how you'd carefully review all the elements of your social media marketing campaign on Facebook, the same goes true for inspecting all your product packaging elements.Again, how you package items can instill better brand awareness and recall. For it to help your brand achieve success, it needs to boast of the right elements.What elements are these? Brand logo, color, shape, and typography are the most essential. Brand Logo : The position itself of your brand on your packaging can also make or break a buyer's decisions.Therefore, you want to implement the best positioning strategy for your brand logo for consumers to notice it right away. Also, keep in mind that logo placement affects brand recall. Color : Color affects - either in a positive or negative manner - consumer buying decisions.For instance, studies reveal that 85% of consumers buy products because of its color. They also cite that color can raise brand awareness up to a whopping 80%!Of course, you still need to base the colors you choose on your products/services. For example, if you want to stir emotions of urgency and leave an "energetic vibe," you'd want to consider using red as a primary color.Just check this service and see how your mind and body reacts to it. Shape : Even the shape of your product packaging can already say a lot about the product it contains!You should then use this as another tool to better market your brand's offers. For instance, angular shapes speak to men, while curved shapes are more ideal for female-centered products. Packaging for Ease of Use and Better Branding : These aren't the only reasons you need to be more aware of the great power behind the packaging.Even simple packaging can elicit an "Ooh" from potential buyers rather than just a regular "Ahh." So, as early as now, especially before launching new products to the market, make sure your packaging has all the vital elements for better branding.And for more business tips and tricks that'll help you better shape your brand, make sure you check our blog.Read Also :5 Ways To Reduce The Packaging Cost In Your Business Make Sure Your Product Hits The Market As Soon As Possible

Ecommerce Software Development Trends

Ecommerce Software Development Trends

In the past year, eCommerce has expanded from being something that would guarantee convenience to become somewhat of a necessity. In fact, according to experts, it has been one of the major avenues that have kept the global economy going.When the pandemic hit and lockdowns ensued, policymakers quickly realized that Ecommerce could be a major way for enabling people to access resources.Even before the pandemic hit, Ecommerce commerce was growing at staggering double-digit growth rates. According to UNCTAD, global Ecommerce has hit 25 trillion in 2018!For businesses, this means an exciting new opportunity. You can either take your physical brick-and-mortar store online or you can simply start an eCommerce platform and become an aggregator.In this resource article, we are going to focus on the best Ecommerce software development trends for businesses. List of 5 Major Ecommerce Software Development Trends 1. The Rise of Ecommerce Platforms- Retail software development has benefitted from the emergence of easy and simple eCommerce platforms. You do not need to spend a ton of money to start your own venture. You can easily choose between great platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, and BigCommerce. This has made it easier for people with lower investments to get into business in a short time. 2. The Growth of PWAs to boost Ecommerce- Ecommerce is all about the app experience. The rise of smartphones and internet technologies have made it possible to create immersive shopping experiences in apps. However, just like the last point, small businesses cannot afford to break the bank in terms of custom app building. Enter PWAs or Progressive Web Apps. These mimic the website experience like an app. 3. Voice Search Influencing Ecommerce-Look around you. There is a huge proliferation in the number of smart devices we are using to communicate with the internet. From home assistants like Alexa to connected Car technology and Google Assist on our phones, we are speaking to search engines and allowing them to help us. Ecommerce web development should take into account the role of voice search. 4. Social Media and Omnichannel Ecommerce Sales- You would have heard your friends or relatives bragging about how they got a great lamp from Facebook’s Marketplace. In fact, for experts, this is the next logical step in the evolution of eCommerce. As a business that is looking to get into this field, you must focus on omnichannel eCommerce sales and marketing. This can open up entirely new avenues for sales. 5. The Impact of Augmented Reality on Ecommerce- Tech innovators and software developers are now looking at ways and means of creating as realistic an eCommerce buying experience as possible. This is why Augmented Reality or AR is going to become the next big thing in eCommerce software development. People want to see how they would look if they would be able to have a virtual try for the products they buy. The Ecommerce Software Development Support System: What is it? While the above technologies are some of the biggest trends in the eCommerce software development ecosystem, there is more that meets the eye.Every developer or entrepreneur who has started an Ecommerce venture knows one thing for sure- it is all about the experience.To support this, there are three major verticals that you need to take into consideration. In this section, we are going to list them down- The Cloud Support- When you are hosting an Ecommerce website you are handling tons of data and details that not only need lightning-fast processing speeds but also guarantee a safe and secure environment. This is where the Cloud becomes important when it comes to creating a good user experience for the platform. Payment Solutions Providers-The growth of Ecommerce happened around the same time when the Fintech industry started booming. The better the payment solutions providers, the easier and comfortable will be the user experience. As a business, you will have to pick the ones that can benefit the business to the greatest possible extent. Mobile Commerce- Do you think that the Ecommerce industry would have taken off in the way it did if smartphones did not exist? Probably not. This is why mobile or M-commerce has become such an integral part of Ecommerce software development. Mobile responsiveness, experiences, and speed are what make a good platform great. The Bottom Line: There is a reason why the advent of new technology is taking Ecommerce software development to new heights. In this article, we have tried to look at some technologies that are redefining the Ecommerce ecosystem. We have also looked at technologies that are considered as the bare foundations that help in setting up an Ecommerce platform that is solid in terms of UI and UX. If you have any other questions that you want us to answer, drop them in the comments section below. 

Photo Editing Software

The Best Photo Editing Software You Need to Know About

We all know the Photoshop tool, so much so that we call Photoshop retouching any photo editing. However there are many other photo software, but in this article, we are just highlighting the top 8 best photo editing software which you can use to edit your images without downloading the program. You can edit the image you want from any computer, and you will only need an Internet connection. But the best of all is that some are so simple that without any knowledge you can use them because they are very intuitive. How about? Has the bug bit you? Well, keep reading! So, let’s discuss more. Eight Best Online Photo Editing Software:  1. PicMonkey:I start with this one because it is the one I use the most, it will surely not be the best, but it is effortless to use, and if you do not know Photoshop or other similar programs, it will be beneficial. With it, you can also create collage, design cards or make up the face of a photograph. Some of their tools are paid, but you can do thousands of things without having to pay a penny. 2. Adobe Photoshop Express:Very similar to the original program allows working by layers, select elements. It requires more knowledge and practice, but everything is to put and learn. Besides, some necessary actions you can perform without problems. 3. Skylumluminar:Skylumluminar is the more professional photo software that offers many editing features. Its artificial intelligence feature differentiates it from any other photo software. Skylumluminar’s beautiful Interface offers a sleek canvas to enjoy and enhance your photography without additional distraction. It is a one-stop-shop for photo editing that can be used by itself or as a plugin in with other photo software too. 4. PixlrIt is a complete editor with three variants:Pixlr Editor: With an interface so similar to Photoshop Express that it seems that you are in it. It is complete and more professional, with a lot of tools and filters. You can also use keyboard shortcuts and even the right button. It happens to you like Photoshop, and it requires a bit more learning for more advanced editions. Pixlr Express: More basic and at the same time more intuitive, it is above all for quick touch-ups. It allows us to open photos from the PC, a URL or even from Webcam. You can also make collages with this program. Pixlr O-Matic: Much more comfortable to use, ideal for automatic retouching. A quick way to apply frames, filters, and effects. Of course, you will not find anything else, and you will not be able to select where to add them since they apply to the whole photograph.5. Fotor:A very careful interface consists of five complete sections that will serve to edit, make collages, covers for your social networks, greeting cards and even "makeup." As the last option offers to merge an HDR image by uploading three photographs with different exposures. Read for more information in Fotor Review.The handling is very intuitive, you can add texts, and it offers a massive amount of creative filters, frames and clip art. And when you finish, you can share your image directly on social networks. 6. Phixr:The editor is quite complete, allows to focus, blur, adjust exposure levels and color, reduce noise and many other options as well as filters and effects. I find it somewhat uncomfortable to work, but the worst is that the photo takes a long time to load at the beginning and can despair a little. 7. Editor:It happens the same as the previous one. It takes to load the image, although not so much. The options are minimal because the settings such as saturation, temperature, and filter application are automatic, so you cannot choose the intensity or graduated. It is simple to use and also allows you to share the result directly on social networks. 8. Befunky:To edit and create collages. You can upload your photo from your computer, webcam or some social networks. The highlight is the number of filters, textures, and effects it offers, in addition to the frames. You can include your image in a lot of ways and even letters. It is effortless to use, and the changes are applied to the whole picture although you can choose the intensity or the size of the brush and they are displayed at the same time.Read Also:5 Things To Take Into Account To Hire Custom Software Development Services Why You Trust Your Photographer?