Don’t Get Caught in a Heatwave: 5 Signs That Your AC Is About to Go Out

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Air conditioners cost Americans homeowners about $29 billion each year. But of course, you don’t want to pay for a new home AC until you have to.

Read on for a list of 5 signs that you need emergency AC repair before a heatwave strikes.

1. Not Enough Cool Air:

Is your home AC running and running but the air streaming from the vents just isn’t cold?

A sign that you have a broken AC is when it begins to blow hot or warm air. It might mean that your AC has a problem with the compressor. Or the Freon levels are too low.

Even if the air is cool but not as cold as it used to be, it’s time to consider air conditioning installation.

2. High Utility Bills:

As your AC unit gets older, it becomes less efficient. Each year, a unit’s efficiency goes down a little bit. When an AC reaches around 10 years, it may be half as efficient as it was when new.

If you keep getting high utility bills, it’s time to look at the condition of your home AC.

3. Little Air Flow:

You hear the AC unit kick on, but when you put your hand in front of your AC vent, you only feel a slight push of air.

Lack of air flow will cause some parts of your home to get cooled air but not others. Usually, low airflow means there is a problem with your compressor.

But it could also be a problem with the ductwork in your house. Especially if you aren’t in the habit of getting regular vent cleaning.

4. Strange Sounds:

Another way to know that you need AC repair is if you start to notice strange sounds and smells coming from your home AC unit.

There are all sorts of sounds you might hear such as grinding, squealing, grating or squeaking. These noises are signs that things are wrong inside your unit.

A high squealing sound means that your AC belt has come loose. Or that one of the metal parts in the unit needs lubrication.

Grinding noises tend to mean that the bearings in the motor are broken.

You may be able to get your AC repaired if you act quickly. Wait too long and you may need to replace the entire system.

It’s best to have a licensed HVAC technician come to your home to inspect your unit every year. This way your technician can alert you to possible issues that could crop up if left unattended.

It’s wise to use a springtime monthly home checklist so you can be aware of the conditions in and outside your home.

It’s often cheaper to repair or replace the part then let the problem go on for a long time.

5. Bad Smells:

A strong stinky smell flowing out from your AC vents is a bad sign. It can mean that the wire insulation has burnt out.

Musty smells coming out of the vents typically mean there are mold and mildew either in the ducts or in the AC unit. Mold can cause respiratory illness. You should have this issue fixed as soon as possible for the health of your family.

Final Thoughts on Home AC Warning Signs:

We hope these 5 home AC warning signs will help you avoid an AC malfunction during a heat wave.

Remember, it’s better to maintain your AC than it is to neglect it and pay for costly repairs.

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A busy household is one with a lot of love. Whether it is a lot of people all living together in one home or just neighbors and friends dropping by at all hours of the day and night, keeping up with a barrage of feet across your floors can be difficult. A stylish wood flooring might be exactly what you need in terms of aesthetics but what can you do in terms of protection? Keep reading to find out. Choose the Right Floor:Protecting the floor actually begins a long time before it is even laid. One of the most crucial decisions you can make when it comes to choosing the right flooring comes from which wood you pick. If you opt for a design which has been treated to be resistant then you know it will be a little longer lasting than something else you could choose.You should also choose something on the neutral side so it will always be in style no matter how much you change the rest of the room about. The right color will blend in with everything and can even help to disguise stains depending on what you choose. Enforce “Shoes Off” Yes, you might have to be one of those households which enforces a shoes-off rule. If you want to maintain clean floors as often as possible, you need to ensure that no-one is trekking mud and dirt through your home on the soles of their shoes. Some people only like to use this rule when they have carpets, but it can also be used when you have wood flooring you want to keep pristine. Keep a collection of slippers just for guests if they aren’t comfortable walking around in just socks. Use Protector Pads on Furniture: Head to any hardware store or even your local supermarket, and you will be able to find a square of felt which you can cut up and used to cushion the feet of your furniture. This can be bought either in the pre-cut shapes or you can do it yourself. If you have furniture like chairs which frequently get dragged along your floor, this felt will help to protect the floor. Long scores and other damage on the floor can be extremely difficult to fix and you should instead try to focus on preventing such damage.Put the pads on any furniture will be resting on the floor even if it will not be moved often. It might not be the most convenient for you to try to place the pads on your heavy dresser, but it will be worth it if it means your floor won’t be damaged. Just the natural shift of people walking around the house might be enough to cause it to move and damage your floors. Wipe up Spillages ASAP: Wood floors are great as they do not require that much in the way of maintenance but there is one thing you must be exceptionally vigilant about. This is spillages from liquids; something which might happen quite a lot in households with a lot of people. From drinks being dropped to vases getting knocked over, there is plenty of scope for things being spilled on your beautiful wooden floor.If this spillage is left unattended, you can risk the wood warping and become irrevocably damaged. There is not really any way to correct wood once it has warped so it is easier to just be vigilant and clean up the spills as they happen instead. If you have young children, make sure that you instill in them the knowledge that spilling on the floor is not wrong if it is an accident, but it must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Gentle, Regular Cleaning:A wood floor can look beautiful, but you need to be very careful about what you use to clean it if you want it to remain as good as possible for the longest amount of time. First of all, a regular sweep will work wonders. Build one into your routine. If you do a daily clean down or tidy of the room with the wood floor just to keep things nice and neat, running around with a broom is not a massive addition to your cleaning routine.When it comes to something a little more, all you need is a good microfibre mop. These are brilliant as you can really wring them out to ensure that they are merely damp as opposed to wet. You should not want to use anything too wet to avoid the warping problem mentioned above. A damp microfibre mop and a suitable cleaner which can be used on wood flooring are all you need to ensure that the wood is left sparkling clean.Read more: Use Floor Polishing For Keeping Your Flooring Looking New A Stylish Rug or Two: If your wood floor is in somewhere with a lot of traffic, for example, a hallway or the kitchen, then you might want to take an extra precaution to protect the floor through the use of a rug. 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Home Maintenance Plans And Cleaning Tips During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak rages on as many fall victim to the deadly virus. Everyone started with the assumption that it is something benign that will soon be over, but no one speculated that the virus could evolve into something so catastrophic. Entire countries beat down by the virus are now practicing strict precautionary measures and complying with the imposition of a house quarantine. The damage can't be reverted, but everyone is playing their part to minimize it and save as many lives as possible. As unfortunate as the condition is, it is onto us to play an active role and do the needful to ensure our safety.Local authorities and governments have published and requested people to observe a set of rules to minimize spreading the virus when out of the house. Exercising these measures have helped people take a step towards securing themself from a host of the COVID-19. However, it isn't sufficient as we can do a lot more to raise the bar and tighten the grip to avoid catching this virus. Staying indoor at all times doesn't mean that we are not susceptible to this virus as it can survive on surfaces, especially metals, from where others can get it. What we should be doing to guarantee our safety is to go to extensive lengths and adopt extraordinary hygiene practices. Not just of ourselves, but the surroundings where we are living should also be in exemplary states. If you feel that you have ever been half-hearted in cleaning up your house, now might be a good time to make up for it and show some diligence.Practicing personal hygiene includes all the necessary steps like bathing regularly, washing hands after short intervals, and maintaining distances. People can do this even if they don't have a quarantine handbook to follow, but exterminating the traces of this virus from your house can be a challenge. There are many ways that you can do this, but there are certain subtleties that you need to practice while at it to do it right. It may sound easy, but it heightens the risk of contracting the virus. That is why you need to be extra careful and make sure that you are prioritizing your health and safety while doing this. With that noted, here are some maintenance and cleaning tips that you should follow to build your defenses against this virus. Here are home maintenance plans and cleaning tips during COVID-19 1. Secure The Entrance In a normal situation, this would mean placing a security guard on your front door to keep anyone from intruding. However, under these circumstances, the objective remains the same, but you need to use inanimate objects to secure the parameter. Like many other counties, people in Australia have started covering up windows with solid window shutters to avoid anything floating in from there. You can find some high-quality window shutters in Sydney to help you do this.The next step would be to cover the basement, since it is an area likely to have an opening from outside, like a water inlet. If you find anything like that, keep it sealed unless you have no other option but to use it. Besides this, look for openings and cracks in your flooring or ceilings, and try to patch them up, even if it is temporary. Follow these to ensure that whatever is outside, stay outside. 2. Cleaning LayersDon't panic and start applying the disinfectant everywhere. It is neither the best effective nor the right way to go about the situation. If you see dirt on a surface, use some water and soap to clean it first, and then use the disinfectant. Don't forget to target the areas that are most frequently touched by everyone. These include doorknobs, staircase railings, switches, remote controls, desks, toys, electronic devices, and similar other stuff. Be thorough. One thing that the quarantine has granted us is time, so don't rush with your cleaning. 3. Cleaning The Cleaners What's dirtier than the surface that you are cleaning are the tools that you are using to do it. Wash sponges and wiping clothes after using them to clean a surface so that you don't pass on the germs of one place to another. Don't miss out on the internal surface of your vacuum cleaner. After removing the dirtbag, apply a disinfectant and wait for it to dry off before placing the dirtbag back in. Don't use your bare hands to pull out the dirtbag. Try putting on some gloves to avoid catching anything from it. And between all this, don't forget to clean your gloves when moving on to another task. Take them off, wash them, and don't forget to wash your hands at the end of it all. That should suffice. 4. Get It Off From Your Clothes If the virus can survive on surfaces, then it can survive on your clothes as well. Wash things that are used regularly, like undergarments, towels, and linens between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. Try and use a bleach-based detergent or a bioproduct to ensure that the clothes get rid of anything that can spread. Handle the dirty laundry with care and maintain minimal contact with it. Don't touch them unless you have to. Once done, let your washing machine run empty for a while to get everything out of the system. And in case if you don't have a washing machine, then don't think of doing your laundry inside the house. You will risk spreading the virus. It's better to take it outside and bring it back in once done. Summary These were some primary maintenance and cleaning tips that you should follow to disinfect your house. Try to start early and do it daily to minimize the risks. In case you feel unwell, don't act tough, and distance yourself from all these tasks. Try to stay isolated until whatever you were experiencing subsides. If your condition doesn't improve, reach out to the relevant health care services immediately to get yourself checked. Practice strict personal hygiene and don't neglect minor symptoms if they aren't going away. The best way to survive this is by exercising caution, so don't slack off on it.Read Also:The Need for End of Tenancy Cleaning 5 Tips on effectively picking a tile floor cleaning machine Vancouver House Cleaning Services with Local Home Cleaners Near You