What You Eat Affects Your Productivity

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You must have heard someone say “you are what you eat” at some point in your life but have you ever wondered what exactly does it mean?

We’re all aware that the food we consume fuels our body, yet we tend to focus only on the long-term effects of our eating habits instead of the short term consequences of the decisions we make during lunchtime. Perhaps, our eating choices have a profound effect on our mental performance and productivity levels throughout the day. But how exactly does FOOD have the power to do that? And how can you control your productivity by watching what you eat? If you want to find the answers to all such question, keep on reading this article and we guarantee a lot of things will become clear to you.

The Link Between Food And Productivity

Our diets have a much greater impact on our productivity than we realize. In fact, eating the wrong foods at the wrong times can turn your day upside down. Essentially, whatever you eat has a way of making its way to your bloodstream and eventually reaching your brain. This is because almost every food item that we eat is broken down into glucose in our bodies. Glucose is a simple carbohydrate that can easily cross into the bloodstream to fuel our entire body and keep our brain awake. So when our body is short on glucose, like on an empty stomach, our brain finds it hard to concentrate, focus and perform.

But since everything we eat is eventually broken down into glucose, what difference does it make if we eat a bowl of vegetable salad or two scoops of ice cream? Well, here’s the thing: the ability of a certain food to fuel our body and brain depends on the rate at which it can release glucose into our blood, also called the glycemic index (GI).

Foods with a low glycemic index like oats or healthy salads release glucose slowly yet sustainably in the blood, regulating blood sugar levels and optimizing brain activity. On the other hand, foods with a high GI such as white rice an ice cream rapidly release glucose in the bloodstream, providing a burst of energy which the body can use immediately. However, the downside is that you’ll be left unfocused and distracted only after a few hours of eating.

Moreover, starchy and sugary foods with high GI can impact sleep cycles and actually kill productivity. A sudden spike in blood sugar level increases insulin production in the pancreases which, in turn, floods the brain with hormones like serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that also acts as a precursor for the sleep hormone melatonin and regulates circadian rhythms which manage the internal clock of the body and the sleep-wake cycles. Thus, aligning your diet with the circadian rhythms allows you to harness your full potential and make the most of the day.

How To Improve Cognitive Performance With Food


Now that we have established the link between food and productivity, let’s learn how you can attain a greater mental efficiency by watching your diet and tweaking your lifestyle. Here are some research-based strategies worth giving a try.

Watch What You Eat

Perhaps, the most important thing you need to do is to keep a check on what you eat. Processed and junk foods spike blood sugars and have a negative relationship with productivity. Instead, make such healthier foods readily available and stack them in plain sight since you’re more likely to eat the first thing you see when you’re hungry. Here are some brain fueling foods you should consider:

  • Fish: A classic brain-food, fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are known to optimize brain function and development and maintain overall energy levels.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate has a high content of caffeine that is a well-known concentration booster.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants reduce cell inflammation and prevent cognitive decline.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Most fruits and vegetables have a low glycemic index and hence are excellent brain power foods. Carrots, avocados, and blueberries are some choices you can opt for to increase your brain activity.

Don’t Skip Breakfast


In a study published by Roy Baumeister in his book, all children in a class were asked to skip breakfast before coming to school. Then, half of them were fed with a healthy breakfast after coming to school and it was observed that these children displayed better learning patterns and behavior than the other lot. When the unfed children were given a healthy snack during mid-day, their performance also improved. This study perfectly depicts the significance of eating proper breakfast every morning so make sure not to skip on this important meal even if you’re running low on time.

Have Small Meals Throughout The Day

Since unregulated blood sugar levels can suppress productivity, it’s wise not to let your glucose levels hit the bottom throughout the day. Thus, feast on small and frequent meals during the course of the day to maintain consistent blood sugar levels. You can have small portions of meals during lunch and dinner time and supplement them with 2 healthy snacks at mid-day and evening to fuel your brain more efficiently.

Plan Your Meals Beforehand

Last-minute eating decisions are not always the best ones since you’re more likely to cave in on unhealthy food cravings that are quite an inefficient source of energy. Hence, it’s good to plan your meals before you get hungry so that you don’t make unhealthy food choices later on. You can prepare your weekly meals over the weekend to save time on weekdays and stay away from ordering unhealthy food out of sheer laziness. Or you can order weekly meal sets from healthy food delivery services like ActivEats if you don’t have the time to cook for yourself.

Perhaps, the key to productivity is in your own hands and making subtle changes in your lifestyle and eating habits like those mentioned above can be a step closer to achieving maximum productivity.

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Polydrug Use: What Happens When You Mix Cocaine with Heroin?

Cocaine and heroin are among the most potent and extensively used illicit drugs in the world with deeply addictive and destructive potential. When we think of these drugs, we usually think of individuals having either cocaine or heroin addiction, whereas in reality the practice of taking more than one substance at the same time - known as polydrug use - is on the rise. Individuals typically start polydrug use by combining substances to enhance the effects of one or both of them. A very common combination of drugs in polydrug use is cocaine and heroin and in fact, the practice has become so widespread that it now has its own street name: "speedballing." When speedballing, polydrug users take heroin to extend and enhance cocaine’s short-term effects to avoid the crashing come down, essentially by replacing it with opiate-induced euphoria. The Health Risks of Speed Balling with Cocaine and Heroin: Although the effects of speedballing are extremely pleasurable and compelling to users, it is incredibly dangerous. Both heroin and cocaine have significant health risks separately but when used in combination and injected at the same time, these risks are heightened considerably. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and depending on the US state studied, around 36.9% to 98.9% of heroin-related deaths involve other substances. There are few activities in life that have the potential to be more deadly than speedballing and yet it is now a significant issue. Young people experimenting with substances are increasingly being encouraged to participate in speedballing without being fully aware of the risks. Let’s take a look at the differences between cocaine and heroin when used on their own: Heroin: Heroin is made from an extract of the opium poppy and it has been used for hundreds of years as pain relief for significant trauma. The way heroin works are by flooding the brain with euphoria-creating dopamine so as to “trick” the mind into ignoring pain signals from other parts of the body. The euphoria created by heroin is considered the reason it is highly addictive, as it immobilizes the body in the most pleasant way so that the only thing a user can do is lay back and enjoy the feeling. One of the most common ways people develop heroin addiction is by becoming tolerant to its effects, which can happen very quickly after they start using the drug. When the euphoria they seek starts to wane when taking their usual amount of the drug, they will simply up the dose. After a very short while of this addictive behavior, the body will start to develop cravings for heroin every time the user comes down from their high. Some of the withdrawal symptoms emerging if cravings for heroin are not satisfied can be extremely unpleasant and so more of the drug is needed to make them go away. Cocaine: The kind of high cocaine creates depends on the way it’s taken, which is generally by snorting or injecting. The effects of cocaine are generally short-term, lasting around 40 minutes and they are quite opposite to those of heroin. Cocaine is a stimulant that makes users feel a rush of energy, often making them the life and soul of the party. Whereas heroin immobilizes, cocaine stimulates and while on a high from the drug, users tend to talk at a fast pace, enjoying everything around them in an animated way. Cocaine is equally as addictive as heroin although it has a very different kind of appeal. Some people become socially dependent on the drug before going on to developing an addiction, using cocaine as a prop to boost confidence. However, as with heroin, cocaine has a negative impact on the brain's function, which can introduce extra challenges for people seeking to overcome cocaine addiction in heroin and cocaine addiction treatment. The risks caused by speedballing with cocaine and heroin include the following: Whereas heroin stimulates the brain’s production of endorphins, cocaine prevents them from being reabsorbed naturally. This eventually erodes an individual’s ability to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life unless substance abuse is involved. Cocaine is the only drug with the potential to hyper-stimulate the body to the point where the user suffers a stroke. When used in combination in heroin, it is not possible to detect that this is happening and there is a risk of suffering a stroke without any warning and possible death. The effects of cocaine do not last for as long as heroin and so speedballers tend to use more cocaine to prolong their high. This is incredibly dangerous and places the individual at risk of a fatal heart attack. Heroin has a powerful effect on the central nervous system, slowing down its functions when a person is under influence including the heartbeat and breathing. If there is not enough oxygen reaching the brain because a person’s breathing has become shallow after taking heroin, there is a high risk of brain damage or death. Because cocaine is a stimulant, it reduces some of the effects of heroin if taken at the same time. This can mask the warning signs of heroin overdose which include: confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, body limpness, and unconsciousness. Cocaine and Heroin Addiction Treatment for Speed Balling: Addiction is an illness that can be treated so that individuals can move on from substance abuse and enjoy a life in sobriety. Although challenging, the path through detox, rehab, and recovery on a cocaine or heroin addiction treatment program introduces individuals to a world outside of substance use, motivating them to make the necessary changes to overcome their illness. Because of the potency of heroin and cocaine independently, people speedballing face significantly more risks from substance abuse than those abusing one type of drug. The effects on a person's personality, behavior, and psychological state can be extended with both substances which is why holistic therapies such as those offered at the best heroin and cocaine addiction treatment centers are now commonly available as a cocaine and heroin addiction treatment approach. Through learning skills such as meditation and yoga or becoming physically fit through a structured exercise regime, individuals can move on from the difficulties in their lives cause by heroin and cocaine addiction. 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Amber Teething Necklace

Health Benefits Of The Amber Teething Necklace

Having a baby is the greatest gift any couple or parent can ever wish for, but as they grow and start to teeth, the problems start. Teething is tough on both mom and baby, and like all the different stages that babies go through, they come, and well, they go. However, teething can cause your baby, sleepless nights and have you so confused that you are willing to try anything to ease your baby’s pain and ache caused by sore and itchy gums. If you have been searching for an organic and natural method to ease your baby’s pain, you are in luck. The Amber teething necklace at first glance looks like any other necklace, and not like your teething necklace. They are made out of real amber and parents that have tried it, swear that not only did it ease their baby’s distress, but they slept soundly, and were easier to be controlled. This unconventional method is being resented by many as being unsafe for the babies. Health Benefit of the Amber Teething Necklace Myth or miracle, the Amber teething necklace does more than relieve your baby of their teething problems. Other confirmed benefits of the necklace include: Controlling pains due to rheumatism Arthritis Joints and muscle pain Inflammation and general body pain Reduces stress and calm anxious nerves Relieve fatigue and tiredness Some users of the amber teething necklace also claim that it balances their emotion, balances the yin and yang, and even offers spiritual protection against negative energy. Furthermore, doctors recommend using amber as a remedy for heart diseases, convulsion, ulcers, diseases of the lungs and kidneys, cough, joint stiffness, and prevents hyperpigmentation too. The Origin of the Baltic Amber and its Qualities The Amber that used in making the necklace come from fossilized resin of conifer trees that grow in the cold regions of the Baltic and is claimed to have pain-relieving properties and remedy for centuries. The amber contains a chemical called Succinic acid and is believed to create a tingly sensation that alleviates the teething pain in babies. What is Succinic Acid? This is a naturally existing compound that is found in the human body and has an alkaline pH like lemon. Although it is alkalinizing, it doesn’t add to the body’s acidity level. In fact, a study shows that it actually lowers it. The compound is also approved by the US food and drug administration as a dietary supplement and food additive. So the Amber teething necklace is really pieces of amber resin that are strung together and placed on a baby. They serve two purposes – beautify your baby and ease their teething problems. Does the Amber Teething Necklace work and how Throughout history, the medicinal property of amber as a natural remedy for reducing pain and inflammation has given it the status of an organic teething item for babies. When worn on the body, the body heat causes the amber to releases soothing oil that calms and relaxes the body. Customers have used the Baltic amber as an alternative treatment for headaches, arthritis, pain resulting from inflammation and general body pain. Can my baby chew on it? Even though it is certified safe by the FDA, the amber teething necklace is not meant to be chewed or nibbled on by the child or anyone else. When can I start using the Amber Teething Necklace for my baby? The amber teething necklace can be worn for babies from the ages of 2 months until three years. It is a living thing and will continue to release its soothing property with proper care. How is the Amber Teething Necklace used? The strung beads fastened around the baby’s neck. It shouldn’t be too loose for the baby to put it in their mouth or too tight to cause strangulation or choking. Some babies don’t bother about it if your baby can’t seem to let go; just allow them to get used to it gradually with proper supervision For safety, remove the necklace at bedtime Unless your child is grown and understands the importance of the necklace, never leave a kid unsupervised with the amber teething necklace on Allow the amber to release its magical powers and ease your babies teething problems. How to recognize Real Amber Teething Necklace? To enjoy the medicinal property of the Baltic amber, make sure that you purchase the raw, unprocessed, and genuine amber. To ascertain if you have purchased the real Baltic amber, try these tests. Put a piece of amber near a hot surface or flame. If you smell a hint of pine from the releases oils, it is real Rub the amber teething necklace against a piece of cloth; it generates enough static electricity to pick up a piece of paper. You have surely gotten high-quality, original Baltic amber. Drop a piece of amber into a solution of one part salt and two-part water; real amber floats while a fake one sinks. How to care for the Amber Teething Necklace Gently wash the necklace with mild soap and cloth, dry under the sun for the heat to reactivate the oils. Your child can bathe with the necklace, but the jewelry should be kept from chlorinated water as it changes the ionic qualities of the resins. Where can I buy the Amber Teething Necklace? This piece of jewelry is available online and even so in Europe and New Zealand. However, you can check on most online baby stores and on Amazon. Is the Amber Teething Necklace Safe for Babies? Though it helps babies get over their teething pains, child experts don't think it is not the right tool to help teething babies. Parents can use plastics or teething toys or a natural method like frozen teething toys or prescribed drugs. Whatever your beliefs regarding the amber teething necklace are, it is worth trying to break the myths, or you can buy them because they are the perfect necklace, and they look cute on your baby. Moreover, the amber jewels are also suitable for adults too with their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and other health properties. Read Also :  7 Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil 8 Newborn Baby Care Tips For First-Time Parents

Vitamins And Minerals

The Top 6 Vitamins And Minerals All Women Over 40 Should Take

We are all aware of having a healthy mind and body gives us lots of benefits. And in order to achieve that, we must have and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well, which includes doing regular exercises and eating the right kind and amount of food. These things can also guarantee us a stronger and longer life. Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients for all women over the age of 40. However, as we age, manifestations of physical changes occur, which has an effect also on other aspects of our lives. The cliché “life begins at 40” is indeed true, because, at this age, women’s body is not the same as they used to have during their 20’s. Various fluctuations usually happen at this age, like deterioration of the muscles causing to have bone-related conditions like osteoporosis. With the onset of menopause, unusual things are also experienced like hot flashes, loss of appetite, and sleeping disturbances. Moreover, this is also the time where higher risks of diseases like cancer and heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes can happen because the immune system starts to weaken as well due to aging. In order to lessen these risks, aside from maintaining an established healthy lifestyle, consuming vitamin and mineral supplements are needed to support the nutrients needed by the body to make it healthy despite aging. While these supplements cannot fully guarantee the strength and the risks of not getting sick, knowing the vitamins and minerals that should be prioritized for the health is very crucial. Yes, Wellness Vitamins Canada the most essential vitamins and minerals women ages 40 and above must take to become healthier and stronger despite the age. The Top 6 Vitamins And Minerals All Women Over 40 Should Take:   Vitamins and minerals are essential for your body to survive in hostile condition. You cannot make things happen in a day. 1. Vitamin B12 As the body ages, the body is getting slower when it comes to absorbing this vitamin because the stomach gets depleted. And while this vitamin is needed for the proper functioning of the brain and blood, consuming 2.4 mg recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12 supplement is vital for the body at this age. Moreover, animal and meat products like chicken, milk, fish, and eggs are excellent sources of this vitamin. One thing good about this vitamin is that it is water-soluble, so it can easily release the unneeded amount through urine. 2. Calcium: During the younger years, the bones get most of the calcium it gets on from the foods and drinks we consume. And if other parts of the body are not getting adequate amounts of this mineral, it steals the calcium from the bones, which weakens it. This is what makes calcium another essential mineral, especially for aging women. Aside from the continuous bone health, calcium is needed by the body for other purposes- muscle contraction, proper functioning of the heart and nerves, and various biochemical reactions. Mostly, women at 40-50 years old need 1,000mg of calcium every day, while women ages 50 and up need 1,500mg. Aside from supplements, calcium can be attained by eating dairy products, tofu, broccoli, spinach, and sardines. 3. Vitamin D This is very important especially by the time a woman reaches 40 because it helps the body to better manage some of the body changes that occur at that time. It is also important for the better absorption of calcium. The insufficient dose of Vitamin D in the body is connected to the higher chances of having heart diseases, diabetes and multiple sclerosis and breast and colorectal cancers. Enough exposure to sunlight is the best way to get Vitamin D, plus consuming foods like fish, fortified dairy products, grains, and cereals. As for vitamin supplements, the expert recommends a D3, a vitamin D supplement that contains almost like vitamin D in the sun). The recommended daily intake of this vitamin should be from 600 IU for 40 to 50 years old, while 800 IU for ages 50 and above. Furthermore, a woman can take a maximum limit of 4000IU of this vitamin per day. 4. Magnesium: Aside from Vitamin D, magnesium also helps the body to absorb the calcium better. In addition, this aids in regulating blood pressure preventing the risk of having hypertension, which women at ’40s are very prone to. It also aids in controlling the glucose in the blood and also has a role in the proper functioning of nerves and heart. A woman must have a 320mg daily intake of magnesium, which can be attained from dark green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, soy, and avocados. Too much magnesium can cause side effects like diarrhea, nausea, and cramping, so a test must be done to ensure that the body has an adequate amount of magnesium before taking any supplements. 5. Potassium: Foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, chards, beans, and lentils are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that helps the body to regulate the blood pressure. A woman aged 40 only needs 2mg of daily potassium intake. Too much potassium can cause damage to the heart and gastrointestinal tract and cardiac arrhythmias.  That is why the careful intake of this mineral is very essential. 6. Omega 3 This may not be a vitamin, but this fatty acid has its own contribution to a woman’s health. According to research, Omega 3 helps in lowering blood pressure and the bad cholesterol minimizing the chances of getting heart disease and also aids in keeping the memory sharp. The recommended daily intake of Omega 3 depends on your present health. For a healthy person, 500mg is needed, 800 mg to 1000mg for those with heart disease, and 1200mg for those with high triglyceride levels. Read Also: Eating Good Quality Foods For Diet All That You Must Know About Prenatal Vitamins Best Super Nutritious Foods To Include In Your Diet Why Vietnamese Foods Are The UK’s Favourite Meals