What Embracing Crypto-Backed Lending Means for the Finance Industry


22 May 2021


Embracing Crypto-Backed Lending

You probably know that cryptocurrency is becoming more in-demand with each passing year. Bitcoin is extremely popular, but other forms, such as Ethereum, are also making a splash. However, some financial institutions are reluctant to fully embrace cryptocurrency, thinking it’s just a flash in the pan.

In time, they may want to change their tune since the finance industry seems poised to allow companies and individuals to use cryptocurrency for more mainstream transactions. Once they do so, they can take on new clients in a variety of industries and niches.

The LQD Business Finance company is one that recently started embracing crypto-backed lending. Let’s look at what they have to gain by doing so and what this strategy means in the larger finance industry context.

The First Bitcoin-as-Currency Commercial Lending Platform:

The First Bitcoin-as-Currency Commercial Lending Platform:

For LQD Finance, transforming the finance industry is nothing new. They periodically use emerging technology as it becomes available if they feel it will benefit their would-be clients.

By setting up the first Bitcoin-as-currency lending platform, they can take away the mindset that it’s strictly a digital asset. If you’re a business owner, and you have invested in Bitcoin heavily, as so many have, this is probably what you have anticipated. Now, you can utilize that cryptocurrency for buying and selling various business assets that your company needs.

There are three particular ways this step by the LQD Business Finance company will alter the financial industry’s cryptocurrency outlook. Let’s go over each one.

Broader and More Wide-Ranging International Applications:

Many businesses want to take their sales to the next level, which means going international. US-based companies often take this approach at a certain point, but so do foreign ones.

Either way, these businesses can face logistical challenges. For instance, they might generally utilize their own country’s currency, and they find that foreign suppliers are reluctant to accept it. They can use banks or finance companies to exchange their currency, but that’s time-consuming and potentially frustrating since they must pay fees if they go this route.

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is an international monetary form. When a well-known company like LQD Business Finance says they’re setting up a lending platform using it, many businesses are likely to want to jump on that opportunity. They know they can use Bitcoin in any market because the world decides its worth.

Customer Satisfaction is More Likely:

The second way this decision will shake up the finance industry is that customer satisfaction with this type of lending platform is highly likely. Cryptocurrency investors have certainly made plenty of money off trading this commodity up to this point, but they have more ambitious plans for it. This is the first huge sign their patience is paying off.

Bitcoin reaching the mainstream market through a lending platform in this way means the larger and more prominent lending companies are starting to come around. Many small and mid-sized businesses that own Bitcoin and have waited for this day are going to move aggressively within their niche because they know they have a reputable financial institution backing them.

Individuals Can Diversify Their Portfolios Like Never Before:

The third shakeup that’s likely to occur is that investment-minded individuals can diversify their portfolios more aggressively than they could previously. A major commercial lender treating Bitcoin as actual currency instead of a mere niche investment means that clients can completely rethink their investment strategies.

For instance, someone who would not sink any real money into Bitcoin up to this point might make their move now and buy up quite a bit of it. Cryptocurrency mainstream success is something that serious investors can’t ignore.

You might have an individual investor or day trader who buys Bitcoin aggressively now. You may have a hedge fund manager who has hundreds or thousands of clients in tow, and they decide Bitcoin is the new must-have. Either way, a diverse portfolio from this point forward is almost always going to be the one that includes Bitcoin.

This is probably far from the last lending company that will accept Bitcoin in this broader way. It was likely to happen at some juncture, and the moment has come.

It will certainly be fascinating to see which other cryptocurrencies will reach this favored status. Some seem to be on the mainstream success borderline, but watching lending companies like LQD Business Finance will always be a strong indicator. You know they would not make this move unless they were certain of Bitcoin’s newfound legitimacy.

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Virtually everyone will need a loan at some point in their life, whether it’s finding a home, a car, a business, or a passion project. The ubiquity of loans in today’s market means that lending is as stable as it is competitive. So as a lender, you’ll always be looking for that extra advantage over your competition and focusing on improving borrower experiences.Borrowing is often a complicated and stressful experience for consumers. If you can make your lending process as painless as possible, you’ll be able to draw higher caliber clients. As the adage goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and your loan business could be the next honeypot. Here are six tips and tricks for enhancing your borrowers’ experience and closing more deals.  6 Tips To Improve The Borrower’s Experiences Borrower experiences and the good impression of your services are bringing more consumers to your business. Consumer connections are like a chain system: one single consumer’s good feedback brings back at least two more clients for your business.Here are the six easy tips to improve your borrower’s experiences. 1. Enlist A Mobile Notary A mobile notary makes the loan signing process a cakewalk. Mobile notary services find the closest mobile notary near you and send them to your office. By using this service, you and your client can avoid those frantic lunch-hour runs to the notary public’s office. These notaries carry a two-fold benefit: they cut back on your borrower’s stress and make your agreements more legally secure. These clearances on the legal issues are directly improving borrower impression for your business. 2. Build A Close Working Relationship With ClientsWork at building a good relationship with your clients. Ask about your clients’ lives and make sure you go the extra mile in understanding their needs. Doing that will help them feel more comfortable about taking a loan from your institution. Most financial institutions come equipped with a dull and business-like atmosphere. You leave a better impression if your customers feel like they’re people rather than numbers. Your borrower and clients will come back to do more business with you, and they’ll also be comfortable enough to refer their friends and family.  3. Have An Uncomplicated Application Process Cumbersome is often the name of the game when it comes to loan approval and collections processes. However, you can change the narrative by creating a less complicated procedure for your borrower. Create a list of necessary documents and other necessary steps for the approval of loans. Then create a straightforward system that your clients can follow. If customers can survive a meeting with you without needing their financial dictionary, it’s sure to leave an excellent impression.  4. Use Online Loan ApplicationsOne way to improve the borrower experience is to use online platforms. Having to queue in an office and filling forms is a turn-off for most people. Your clients should not have to come to a physical office before they gain access to top-notch service. Create a website or application that allows online loan applications. Your online platform should allow virtual payments and account access.  5. Have A Precise Payment Plan As a financial institution, you have to dot your Is and cross your Ts. It would help if you made the loan application and collection process as straightforward as possible. Your clients should also understand the payment plan, whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly payments. Communicating clearly and effectively will create a lasting relationship between yourself and your borrowers.  6. Have An Open Communication System Clients experience a lot of uncertainties when they want to take out a loan. Consumers want to know the organization's policies, interest rates, and other specific information. Always be transparent with every lead so that clients know what to expect and never feel cheated. Be available to answer questions, give advice, and provide any explanation they may need to improve the experiences of your borrower. Parting Shot The growth and longevity of every business depend on its clients. A gold-standard borrower experience is a water you use on your blooming client relationships. More you focus on building up the relationship with your clients. You can make positively massive growth in your business. Read Also:Insurance Business: What Startups Need To Know 6 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business 7 Important Advice for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs