Five Ways an Employee Recognition Can Help Employees Perform Better


29 July 2022


Employee Recognition

If you’ve been paying close attention to the world today, then you probably notice a shift and the way workplaces are doing things.

Largely due to the fallout of the covenant, organizations had to adapt to changes in the way human resources are performed, changes in the way business are done, and deal with issues like the supply chain or employee retention problems.

There are many factors that play a role in this, but one of them is not recognizing or encouraging employees. People who work in teams want to receive constructive feedback and recognition for a job well done.

It’s just part of being human. That’s where an employee recognition program can really come in handy.

Employee recognition can help employees perform better and ultimately create success for the business. In this article, we’ll go over five ways an employee recognition program can be beneficial for your business.

Check it out below.

5 Employee Recognition Can Help Employees Perform Better

Employee Recognition benefits

1. Performance Management

One way an employee recognition award program can help your staff is by helping them work within a model of performance management. Instead of receiving an evaluation or performance review every six months to a year, performance management works on a continuous basis.

As part of an overall employee recognition platform, continuous performance management can help coach, train, and develop talent as they work throughout the organization. In continuous performance management, employees receive coaching and development regularly.

It’s usually accomplished through a platform that allows for performance reviews, counseling, rewards, and even termination if that’s necessary.

It’s a comprehensive system that can help develop talent and retain them instead of forcing them to deal with performance review bias, performance issues, and a lack of direction from their management.

2. Regular (360 Degree) Feedback

Feedback can take all shapes and forms. But 360-degree feedback is probably one of the most comprehensive and best ways to provide feedback to a team.

In this model of feedback, instead of receiving feedback once in a while, you get feedback regularly from everyone who works with you.

This might be somebody who is a direct report, your supervisor, a coworker, or anyone within the organization that works with you regularly.

The idea behind this is to get a comprehensive overview of your strengths, and weaknesses, where you’re doing high-quality work, and where some work might be needed. In this model, employees can work together and create camaraderie instead of just getting feedback when a goal gets accomplished.

It has to be done in a continuous and professional manner in order to be effective. But, if you get it right, 360-degree feedback can be a boon to employees across the organization.

employee recognition programs

3. Learning Management Systems

Deep down, employees want to learn and grow with their company. Most people don’t want to stagnate or be left behind when things change within their industry.

It’s important to build up soft skills and skills related to the industry throughout their tenure with the company. One thing that managers can do during check-ins and meetings is to follow up on skill assessments and learning goals to help encourage growth within the company.

But another aspect of employee recognition also involves helping your employees learn. That’s where Learning Management Systems come in. Most companies have some sort of proprietary LMS that they can use to help their employees learn new skills.

Recognizing the potential in a staff member and putting them through the proper courses to encourage it is critical to helping them grow and Thrive at your organization. Implement a learning system along with recognition to get the most out of your employees.

You can also sign up for a leadership learning course to understand the gaps that need to be filled when managing your workforce. A good leader can have a stronger grasp over their employees and simplify the workflow better.

4. Rewards

Just like recognizing individuals for their accomplishments, providing rewards and incentives is important. People like to receive something tangible along with accolades whenever they accomplish something worthwhile.

Even if it’s just a milestone or anniversary, it’s still vital to ensure your employees are getting something back for their hard work. Monetary awards like bonuses and paid time off can be quite beneficial.

Non-monetary rewards like gift cards, dinners, a free class, or some work-from-home days, can also be great incentives to encourage your employees to recognize each other. Whatever you decide to do in the rewards department, make sure it’s something worthwhile and valuable.

Somebody works hard for your company, the last thing you want to do is insult them with something that isn’t going to make them want to work to the best of their ability.

Rewards are integral to any employee recognition program, so make sure you offer the best ones you can think of when setting up your program.

5. Social Recognition

Social recognition is what employee recognition programs are all about. People like to know that they’re doing a good job, especially right after they’ve shown what they’ve accomplished. In order to be effective, employee recognition has to be prompt, specific and performed often.

That’s the beauty of using a technology platform to do it. With regular interaction, social recognition plays a key role in any strong employee recognition programs.

By implementing an employee recognition platform at your company, you can keep everybody on the same page by recognizing each other’s accomplishments, helping to create a positive working environment for everyone at the company.


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Employee Recognition Awards

7 Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas For 2021

When you are running a business, your employees become your assets. If your employees grow, so does your organization. Hence, it becomes very important that you take care of your employees.Custom employee recognition can be one of the best ways to make your employees feel comfortable and encouraged working in your organization. Showing your employees that they are being valued for their hard work and reward them accordingly will help your business in the long run.The key to achieving this goal is understanding Employee award wording ideas. If you can develop the best and innovative ideas, you can boost your employee's morale and motivation. Why are Employee Recognition Awards Important? It has been seen that the employees who have been appreciated by their organization are more likely to feel satisfied with their work. Once you start encouraging employees for their good work, you will see a boost in productivity.As we have started cruising through 2021, we hope that this is the best time to understand employee recognition's importance to boost your business productivity this year. Fulfilling Careers Workplace loyalty is not derived from the job. The workplace environment and fulfilling careers nurture it. According to a report, it has been seen that 78% of the employees agree with the fact that they will stay with the currency employers if they know they have a career in this organization.With employee recognition, you can motivate your employees and ensure that they see your organization as the best career opportunity rather than a job. Respect Knowledge Everyone works hard to build their skills set and expects others to respect that. According to a report, almost 53% of the employees believe that if their knowledge and skills are being respected, they will spend more time with the respective organizations. Understanding Progress Yes, goals are important. But that can only be achieved by understanding the working process. Employee recognition is not limited to big win; it can also support and nurture the next generation of employees in your organizations. Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas There are multiple ideas that you can adopt to recognize your employees. We have prepared a handful of them. Let's explore. 1. Formulate A Proper Plan To Recognize Your Employees Before you can prepare yourself to recognize your employees, you need to formulate a proper plan to track their achievements. Remember that these awards programs and recognition events are not just for show. They are meant to boost your employee's morale and the organization's productivity.Hence, it becomes very important that you figure out an appropriate strategy. Do not forget about your work culture. Employees' recognition ideas should be relevant to your work culture. 2. Celebrate Employees Birthdays Birthdays are the best event to make your employees feel special. You can start targeting your employees' birthdays. This will make them feel special and a part of the organization. When you celebrate your employees' birthdays, they will feel connected to the organization on a deeper level.This practice can make them feel an inseparable part of the organization. This will act as a driving force and help them to boost their productivity. Even a small event like celebrating employee's birthdays can motivate them to give their best performance to the organization. 3. Cheers From Peers Creating the best working environment is the role of the pers. The working environment should be like this where the co-workers can celebrate the achievement of the other co-workers. And when the time calls for it, they stand alongside the organization's bad times. This will ensure that the whole organization can perform as a team and bring positive results day in and day out. 4. Reward Them With Trophies Every sport has trophies. These trophies change hands every year depending on the champions. You can use the same concept in your organization. This practice will motivate your employees to be the best in the organization. Once they know what they can achieve by working hard, they will try their best to achieve that goal. 5. Collect Employees Feedback We have hardly seen any organization taking feedback from the employees. Feedback is a necessary part if you want to improve your organization as a whole. Taking feedback from the employees will give them an idea that their views matter in the organization.You can take feedback on the followings:What do they feel about the organization? What do they think needs to be improved? What drives them to work for you? What will drive them further?Ask your employees these questions, and take their answers as suggestions. This practice will kill two birds with one arrow. Not only are you getting valuable feedback, but you are also getting to know what your employees think about you and your organization. 6. Public Your Appreciation Recognizing your employees is a good thing but recognizing them in public is even better. You must devise a perfect appreciation program where you or the employee can recognize the best performer among the employees. By appreciating the best employee in public, you are not only boosting the morale of the employers, but you are also giving them a goal to achieve.The public execution of the appreciation shows that you are confident in your employees and want others to step up their game and reach this podium. 7. Track Team Wins Every organization has several teams, and every team competes among themselves subconsciously. You must track your team every year and award the winning team. This will not only help you understand how other teams are performing, but you will have an idea of how the organization can improve.Working with the team will help you understand the working of your organization, and you will know what you need to expect from them. This is a perfect device to find out non-performing teams and motivate them to work better. Conclusion From the points mentioned above, you now know how employee recognition can help you develop a perfect plan for your employees' recognition. If you want to cope with the market and stand back on the feet again, employee recognition might play an important role.Read Also:Why In-Company Training Results in Better Employees 3 Steps to Hire the Perfect Employee What Are the Ways to Prepare a New Employee? Possible Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Too Productive and What to Do About It How to Increase the Safety of Your Employees


Six Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Although they may already have a traditional 9-to-5 job, many people today are slowly beginning to realize that in order to have financial security, and they need to have multiple sources of income. Because of it, many people are looking to give up their daily jobs in order to become self-sufficient and start their own businesses. Even if they prefer not to completely leave their job, the general population has already realized that with the economic strain on income generated these days, they will need to have more than one source of income.Unfortunately, people are generally hesitant to do so and they might have a valid reason too. Starting your own business is not as easy as it sounds; in fact, successful entrepreneurs seem to think that if anything it is even harder than it used to be because of the many restraints present in today’s world. The main restraint being the amount of funding required in starting a business which, due to inflation, has gone up day by day. However, there still are many other options one can take to start a successful business which does not require a huge sum of money so here are 6 low investment business ideas that you can start today. 1. Offering services: While every business idea does require at least little funding, offering services to people requires no funding cost at all. It is a great way to earn money if you are looking to avoid taking small business loans or any other loan although that might be beneficial for some people. There are many services you can perform that do not require funding and are easy to master too as described below.Recruitment Services: Many local small or mid-scale businesses are interested in hiring suitable employees, and you could provide that service for them. It only requires you to build a database of potential employees and match them to the respective companies depending on what they’re looking for. If the person you recommended does get hired, they will pledge their first month’s salary or part of the salary to you, and in this way, you can earn money without investing a heavy amount of money. Party Planning: Providing party planning services might be a hectic job, but it is a job that pays well. Many people will pay a good amount of money to avoid going through the hassle of party planning and this is where you can provide that service for them. It won’t require any of your investment, and you can easily make a profit off of it. Once you’re experienced enough, this can easily be turned into a full-time job and then you can look to further expand your business.2. Online Freelancing:In today’s modern world, almost every one of us has access to an internet connection and a computer, online freelancing is one of the best options, if not the best, you can still take it if you’re looking to avoid a major business investment. If you feel like you possess an IT skill that people are willing to pay for, online freelancing is the way to go. With various freelancing portals like Fiverr or already available to you, all you have to do is to invest in a decent computer and a fair internet connection (if you don’t already have one). 3. Marketing Services: Businesses are always looking to expand their market reach and many local businesses in your area will be looking to do exactly that. That presents an opportunity for you as it is a service you can provide through either affiliate marketing or digital marketing, both of which require little to no investment at all. If you’re going the affiliate marketing route, the companies will provide you with their products that you’ll have to sell or the operations you have to advertise, so none of your investment is in play.Similar is the case with digital marketing in which companies are always looking for digital marketers to be able to provide marketing copy that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly and can transform websites visitors into actual customers. You can provide this service through the comfort of your home provided you have an internet connection and a computer. 4. Online Product Marketer/Seller: Online product marketer or seller is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing with the only difference being that you’ll have to sell products directly to customers online. The only requirement from you will be to be familiar with the directory of the products of the company, and you won’t have to have any of your investment. The more products you’ll sell the higher you’ll earn as the earning is directly related to the commission made selling a product. Online market places like eBay and Alibaba have this option, and you can easily master it as it requires no real training. 5. Being a personal assistant:There are a lot of people who will pay a handsome salary to get all of their work organized and are looking for a personal assistant. Although this does require you to be available at times your employer demands so it may put a strain on your job; however, once you get around the timings, it is an easy to do a job that requires no investment and pays well. If you feel like this isn't the job for you, then its alternative is available which is to become an online assistant. 6. Social media consultant: With almost one billion people using popular social media today, businesses are looking to promote their products/service on social media. You can provide this service for them, and all you’ll have to do is to search for the right people/pages online and market the products to them. This is a risk-free business that required almost no investment since you can do this even from the comfort of your phone.Read More :  1. Make Your Business Popular Online 2. Building A Brand For Your Small Business3. Top 5 Types Of Startup Business Loans