5 ways employee perks can dramatically enhance your personal life

According to this research from Clutch, 53% of workers who experience employee perks say the perks give them a better quality of life and an improved relationship with their employer. Such additional benefits can help enhance your job satisfaction as well as your personal life.

Here are a few of the most popular employee perks and what they can do for you

Financial Well-being

Companies want the best people working for them, but with a competitive job market, attracting the best isn’t always about the paycheque. Platforms such as LifeWorks offer financial perks and savings for employees on all kinds of events, from cinema tickets to holidays or even buying a house. Financial security is a worry for a lot of workers, and so being able to save money here and there will significantly help to reduce that stress and allow you to save your pennies for a rainy day.

Gym Membership

Gym memberships are a popular employee perk. Sitting at a desk for too long can bring a host of negative long-term health issues, so it’s important to be exercising as often as possible. Accessibility to a work gym membership or exercise classes allows you to be active whenever you wish, rather than feeling as though you have to go consistently to make it worth your money.

Regular exercise will significantly enhance all aspects of your life, improving your health and wellbeing as well as boosting your productivity and attitude towards work.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexibility is becoming quite a sought-after employee perk for the modern worker. Trying to balance personal and professional responsibilities can be overwhelming, so having the option to work from home where necessary allows you to keep these responsibilities under control.

The offer of a flexible schedule will further demonstrate trust from your employer, creating a sense of value and respect that a salary never could, and ultimately enhancing your quality of life.

Performance Bonuses

As an employee, you’re more likely to stay in a job where you feel you are trusted and provided with a sense of ownership over your work. Taking ownership over a task and subsequently being rewarded for its outcome is a real morale booster.

Receiving a monetary reward for your success doesn’t only help you out financially, but it also creates a feeling of pride – it is something that you have earned and deserve. This helps the employer too, producing engaged employees who are excited and motivated to work for their business.

Office Perks

Offices can often be pretty drab and dreary environments, and so having perks that create a happy workplace makes space feel more fun and allows you to relieve the stress of the day. Some of the most common office-based perks include a relaxed dress code, games, and free drinks and snacks.

A more casual environment will help maintain relationships among colleagues, boost productivity and make the working day more fun – all things that will subsequently have a positive impact on your personal life.

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