How to Find Someone’s Phone Number Online


27 September 2018


Phone Number Online

Finding a person’s phone number online isn’t always as easy as you may expect. For one, since cell phone numbers aren’t public, finding one online through traditional means can be difficult. Luckily, finding public landline phone numbers can still be done in a number of ways. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to find someone’s phone number online.

Use Google:

The first thing you can do is run a search on Google. However, while you can find a lot of information on people through Google, it is still somewhat limited. But there are some chances that you might find someone’s phone number simply by entering their full name and their geographical area. However, this will only bring up a few third-party websites and not everybody will be listed.

Use an Online Directory:

There are tons of directories online that will allow you to find information on people online, including their phone numbers. These services will gather all the person’s public information in one place and will facilitate your search. Services like Intelius, for instance, allow you to browse the NY White Pages easily and find people and public records online in seconds. And for a fee, you can run an extensive background check on the person as well. If the person’s information can be found in a paper phone book wherever the person lives, you’ll be able to find them on these websites easily.

Finding Business Phone Numbers:

Things are much simpler when it comes to businesses, however. It’s actually in their interest for you to find them, so they will usually make their phone numbers very public. Finding an actual person to speak to may be much more difficult, however, but we’ll get to that later.

Most businesses will have their contact information clearly displayed either on their homepage, customer service, or “contact us” page. And even if it’s a small local business with no website, they’ll usually at least have a Facebook page that you can look up for their information. Many will just use their social media page as their main website and have their numbers listed there.

However, if you want to actually get in contact with a customer service rep, there are some shortcuts you can take to bypass automated menus and get direct help. There are plenty of services that will allow you to get the best toll-free numbers to get in direct contact with an actual person. Some will even give you the estimated wait time before you are able to be put through, or give you some tricks to get to a rep faster. These tips can be very useful if you’re dealing with a bigger, faceless corporation or a company that’s notorious for elusive customer care.

Finding information online is easier than ever and finding a phone number should be done fairly easily when you know how to use the different tools that are at your disposal.

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Google Play refund

Everything You Need To Know About Google Play Refund In 2023

“How can I get a Google Play refund?” Is this something that you want to know? If your answer to this question is a YES, then you have reached the right place. You'll desire a refund for your purchase whether it's a game that doesn't function properly or an app that doesn't suit your needs. Google makes the procedure of asking for a refund comparatively simple. This blog will be helpful if you purchased one of the newest and best Android tablets, downloaded the best Android apps like crazy, then decided later that you wanted a return. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about Google Play refund… How To Get A Google Play Refund With Ease?   Image Source We've all experienced buyer's remorse at some point, whether it was after purchasing a pair of tight pants that make you look foolish or a new television that disappointed you when it first turned on. Physical goods can simply be returned or returned to the store for a refund. However, what should you do if you wish to exchange a digital purchase? Like the one that you made last week on Google Play? Well, if you want to know how to get a refund on Google Play, then you have reached the right place. In this blog that is exactly what I am planning to explain. So, without further ado, let us get started! How To Get A Google Play Refund On Mobile?   If you want to use your smartphone or mobile to get a refund, here are a few things that you can do: Go to the Play Store page of your purchased app and tap Refund. Click Request refund in the pop-up window. After confirming the refund, you'll receive an email confirming that your refund request was processed and the funds will be refunded. How To Get A Refund For An In-App Purchase?   Image Source If you have made an in-app purchase, there are a few things that you can do to get a Google Play refund. Take a look at these: Open the Play Store and tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner of your screen. Tap Payments & Subscriptions from the pop-up window. Tap Budget & History. Tap your purchase and tap Refund. Confirm your refund by tapping Yes on the pop-up window. How To Get A Google Play Refund After 48 Hours Of Purchase?   If it has already been more than two days since you bought the app or game, then you’re going to have to go directly to the developer to request a refund. Here are some of the things that you need to do in that case: Open the Google Play Store app. Tap the three horizontal lines at the top left to open the menu. Choose Account > Purchase History. Find the app or game you want to return and tap View. Scroll down until you find Developer Contact and tap Email. This should open a new email in your email program. Explain that you want a refund and why. It’s best to be polite and explain your reasons fully, because it’s up to the developer whether to grant the refund or not. How To Get Google Play Refunds For Movies?   Image Source There are many similarities when it comes to the returning rules for movies, TV shows, music, and e-books in the Google Play Store. The standard consensus is that you can return any product penalty-free within a week of buying it. This will afford you a full refund, as long as you haven’t downloaded or played the item. Sadly, you can’t ask for a refund through the Google Play Store app itself, so you’ll need to use your browser. Here are some simple steps: Navigate to your Play Store account in your browser and sign in to your Google account (you may already be logged in). Scroll down to Account in the left-hand menu and click Order History from the top menu. From here, search for the content you want to return. Choose to Request a Refund. Pick the specific reason from the drop-down menu and confirm by clicking Submit. You’ll automatically receive an email about your refund request, usually within 48 hours How To Get A Google Play Refund Using Desktop Or PC?   You can also request a refund through the Google Support page on the desktop. Visit the Google Play Help section that addresses refund requests. To request a refund, click. You are then sent to a page with a link to the return policy. At the bottom of the page, click Continue. To view your most recent purchases, choose Yes and then click Continue at the bottom of the page. You receive a link and a request to sign in to the appropriate Google account after choosing No and choosing Continue. To access a confirmation page, select the item you want to be reimbursed and click Continue. Click Continue after selecting the justification for your refund request. The explanation for your cancellation is also requested on the next page. However, before the Continue button turns blue, you must enter text into a field. To finish, describe your problem and select Request a refund. Bonus: What Is The Google Play Refund Policy?   Depending on the refund policies described below, Google may give refunds for some Google Play purchases. You can also contact the developer directly. If a purchase was accidentally made by a friend or family member using your account, request a refund on the Google Play website. If you find a Google Play purchase on your card or another payment method that you didn't make and that wasn't made by anyone you know, report unauthorized charges within 120 days of the transaction. If your refund request has been approved, see how long your refund will take. Wrapping It Up!   In case you wanted to know about the Google Play refund, I hope that this blog has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you! More Resources: Best Business Meeting Agenda Examples How To Plan A Successful Corporate Event? Be Safe From Google Click Fraud: Read This Blog To Know How


Why Server Colocation Hosting in India is becoming more popular than Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated server hosting has been there for a long time and has become a preferred choice for large enterprises because of the control they get out of it. In fact, the security of data achieved in a dedicated environment is much more than shared or VPS hosting. However, dedicated hosting is very costly in nature. This is the reason why server colocation hosting in India has become so popular. It also gives you full control of your hardware and software resources of the server. But it can be availed at a far lesser price. This is possible because you are only buying rack space to put your server machinery. In another popular colocation arrangement solution, businesses rent server and rack space from a data center that provides server colocation services. One of the important features of server colocation hosting in India is that you as a business entity retain complete ownership of the IT hardware, thereby having full control of the same. In a sense, it provides you dedicated control of server resources. It is preferable to dedicated hosting because colocation is available at least possible price. Also read: What Makes a Web Hosting Good? However, in case of a dedicated hosting solution, the data center from which you are getting the service is the sole owner of the hardware system and other IT resources. Though the client gets full control of the server, the infrastructure, build, and content, ownership rights remain with the data center. Though you have dedicated control, you don’t really have ownership rights. When to choose Dedicated Hosting and when Colocation Server? If there is a huge traffic inflow into your site or group of websites and there are some mission-critical missions that require dedicated hosting environment, dedicated hosting is preferred. This is because of the high level of security provided to the stored data. However, to avail this service you have to shell out a lot of money, which may not be always possible. In the case of server colocation hosting in India, you get increased security, enhanced scalability, enhanced connectivity, and extremely high availability. This is especially suitable for companies or businesses that don’t have the means of creating in-house hosting solutions (which are outrightly costly). Let’s dig more into Colocation Services In this kind of hosting solution, both software and hardware are purchased and owned by the business entity itself. In fact, the onus of properly setting up and configuring the hardware IT of the server rests with the business itself. For effectively managing inflow and outflow of traffic, the business entity can also buy one or more network devices such as VPN appliance, firewall, router, switch, and others. The combination of network devices a business wants to choose rests with that business itself. The server colocation hosting in India has no role in deciding on these factors. Therefore, the control and flexibility one gets in colocation are even much more than in the case of dedicated servers. Moreover, colocation comes at a far lesser price. Read also: Top Torrent Sites For Games Download

CDN- Content Delivery Network

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a CDN with WordPress

What is CND? CDN is the short form of Content Delivery Network. It helps in creating a baseline for the functionality of the internet. When an individual visits your site, his browser queries your web server for the information it needs to load. The web server will then respond with all the necessary data required to render your site in the browser. There is a difference between the necessary infrastructure for hosting CDN and a site. Below are some of the reasons that will make you use CDN. Speed Speed is the aspect that most people consider as a selling point for CDN. Many individuals believe that using the CDN will improve the loading speed of the site. Speed improvement is the aspect you need to concentrate on as it goes from fifteen seconds to six seconds when loading. Improving from six to seconds will be a greater improvement, and it fully attributes to the addition of the content delivery network. The configuration and capabilities of your web host are also vital. Nowadays, many premium web hosts possess an internal setup that looks like CDN for serving up your static sites on the file servers. Traffic amount your site can hold Performance and speed are different but go hand in hand. Your site loading fast when with visitors is one thing and your site loading fast when without visitors is another thing. If you want your site to load fast when it is under heavy load, you will have to scale out the pressure needs that require several servers to handle. You can implement content delivery network as a redirect static resource so that your site loads from the CDN servers and not the host server. This will involve changing the structure of the DNS for it to point to the service you will be using. You can also use CDN as a reverse proxy that requires small DNS changes that will make your name to point to the CDN server rather than the host. The host servers will receive traffic after it hits the CDN servers. The bulk of loading activity will be the sole role of the first servers that receive the traffic. Your site will handle more traffic than normal when CDN is in place. Security Content delivery network companies recommend and implement mechanisms which make sites secure. Fixing hacked WordPress sites is not an easy task and installing defender applications on your site will enhance its security. Embedding CDN in your site is also advantageous as it has built-in mechanisms that deal with malicious traffic. Prevents your site from going down What happens when your site is under a DDoS attack? This attack will bring down your site for as long as it is under attack. This attack occurs when an army of servers and computers flood traffic to your site making it gets overwhelmed. Hackers might attack you when they want you to pay them or when your competitor wants to ruin your income, brand, or reputation. Implementing WordPress on CDN is easy Implementing CDN is easy on WordPress. This system is easy to apply as it is not complicated. The best CDN will offer plugins that will make setting it up to take a few minutes. You can decide either to get a free or a paid version of the CDN. Read also: The 10 WordPress Plugins Every Successful Blogger Uses You will get access to global audiences Most services of CDN possess a Singapore data center and makes people visiting your site enjoy the experience throughout the world. CDN will make sure that your site becomes pleasant to all your audiences. You will enjoy SEO ranking CDN does not promise to get you to the top instantly, but the SEO friendly content you post on your site will take you a step further once you have CDN servers. The bottom line is that your site will experience improvement regarding performance when it implements CDN. With a lot of free CDNs in the market, you do not have a reason for not starting to serve your data from the global delivery system. Read also: How To Maintain WordPress Website For Free? 4 WordPress Plugins To Make Your Blog More Powerful