5 Ways To Fix Chromecast Source Not Supported Error


01 April 2021


Chromecast source not supported

Modern smart televisions are designed to connect with several external devices in order to enhance our entertainment experiences. And casting videos from your mobile devices to your Tv is one of the most popular options. You also can cast any content from your laptop or computer. But in case your television does not support this feature, you can use streaming devices for establishing the connection. Now, let’s begin to solve the issue “Chromecast source not supported”. 

Google Chromecast is a device that fulfills a similar purpose. It is packed with many streaming applications. With the help of this device, you will be able to cast content from the Google Chrome browser as well. And in case you are using this device and facing an issue like Chromecast source not supported, here I will guide you with the techniques to eliminate them. 

Fixing Chromecast Source Not Supported Error 

Here are the ways that you can try to fix the Chromecast source not supported error in your device. There can be several reasons behind this issue, so here are all the solutions for different kinds of reasons that are causing this issue. 

1. Enable Mirroring Service

Suppose you are using The Chrome browser in your system and unable to cast to the Chromecast. Then you need to check whether the Mirror service option is enabled or not. The users mostly recommend this method as it is really effective in solving the source not supported Chromecast issue. 

Here are the steps to enable Mirror Services to eliminate the Chromecast source not supported the issue.

  • Open the search browser, Google Chrome.
  • Into the browser, type chrome://flags.
  • Hit the Enter button.
  • Press CTRL + F on your keyboard for bringing up the Find tool.
  • Type in Mirroring, that we are searching for.
  • Hit the Enter again.
  • Find Mirroring Service option.
  • On the right side, click on the drop-down menu.
  • Now select it as Enabled
  • Close the Chrome Browser completely and again Open it so that the changes are saves. 

Now you can check whether the issue is resolved or not. Try to cast something from your system to your television using Google chrome. And check whether the issue is still there or not. 

2. Restart your Chromecast, Wi-fi Router, and Computer

Restarting your Chromecast also can solve your Chromecast source not supported issue. But for added measure, it is also recommended to restart your Wi-fi router and your computer also. This will make sure that if there is an issue that is causing the error will get resolved at the same time. 

Here are the steps to do that,

  • Firstly, you need to power off your TV, with which your Chromecast is connected.
  • Unplug your Chromecast from your television.
  • Also, unplug the power cord of the Chromecast device.
  • Now leave it unplugged for 1 minute at least.
  • Now, you need to power off the router or modem, depending on whatever you are using.
  • Wait for 1 or 2 minutes. 
  • Power on your router or modem.
  • Now is the time to restart your system.
  • After your system restarts back, connect it again with the WiFi
  • Give your Chromecast sometime to reset up everything.
  • Now try to cast something and check. 

3. Turn Off all VPN and Ad Blockers

Ad blockers generally block pop-ups and prevent Javascript from running. This sometimes causes the Chromecast source not supported error. So, you can try turning off the add blockers and also any VPN if you are using them. 

Here are the steps to disable those Google Chrome browser extensions.

  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Click on the three-dot icon.
  • A drop-down menu will open. 
  • Select More tools.
  • Click on Extensions.
  • The Extension page will open.
  • Search for the add blocker that you are using.
  • To turn off the extension, Toggle the blue switch. 
  • Close your browser completely.
  • Reopen it and try to cast. 

4. Enable the option of Cast Media Route Provider

Though you have enabled Mirroring service options, you also can try enabling the option of Cast Media Route Provider. This will also can solve the Chromecast source not supported error that you are currently facing. 

The process is similar to the enabling process or Mirroring Service. Here are the steps. 

  • Open the Google Chrome search browser.
  • Into the browser, type chrome://flags.
  • Hit the Enter button.
  • Press CTRL + F on your keyboard for bringing up the Find tool.
  • Type in Cast Media Route that we are searching for.
  • Hit the Enter again.
  • Find Cast Media Route Provider option.
  • On the right side, click on the drop-down menu.
  • Now select it as Enabled
  • Close the Chrome Browser completely and again Open it so that the changes are saves. 

5. Check The App You Are Using To Cast

There is a reason behind the Chromecast source not supported issue, and that is the app that you are using. Maybe the particular app that you are using for casting is not working properly at that very moment. 

So what will you do in this case? 

You can check by restarting the spp. In case you are trying to cast from your desktop or laptop, you can simply close the app and start it again. But what if you are casting from your Android device? You can restart the app by using the “Application Manager.” before you start the process, there are some things that you should know. 

In case the particular app is not storing your user settings online, everything might get reset after this process. You may also need to log in with your credential once the process is completed. So, just make sure you have all those details. 

  • Open the folder, Apps.
  • Tap the icon, Settings.
  • Open the Application Manager.
  • Scroll down and search for the application with which you are facing casting issues on your TV. 
  • Tap the app.
  • The app menu will open.
  • Tap Force Stop.
  • Go to the Storage Section.
  • Tap on Clear Data.
  • Go to the Cache section.
  • Tap Clear Cache.
  • Now back to your Home screen.
  • Restart the app. 

This will solve the issues if it is caused by the app instability. 

Final Tips

In case you are done with all the above-mentioned steps and the Chromecast source not supported, the error is still there. There are some other ways you can try installing the latest version of chrome. I believe the issue will get resolves. But in case the issue persists. Lastly, you can factory reset the Chromecast device. It will lose all the previous data, and you will also need to log in again with your credentials. 

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Avast UI failed to load

Top Easy Way To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2024

Avast Antivirus is the most famous Antivirus in the world. It is so popular among PC users because it offers both a Free Version and a Premium Version, which can be used in computers such as desktops and laptops. There is an Android version of this application as well. If you are not so tech-savvy, let me first tell you in short what Antivirus is. An antivirus is software that protects your system from viruses, malware, and Spyware. Ever since the Windows 10 update, people have been reporting that they are getting an error message saying Avast UI failed to load. Windows is infamous for providing buggy updates. The same thing was reported in Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. It's quite sad to see that Windows, even after becoming the most used Operating System on the planet, has failed to achieve proper security, and adding to that, most of their updates are quite buggy.  However, they fix the bugs in later updates. But the avast UI failed to load has been bothering people for quite some time now. In this article, we will suggest a few troubleshooting methods, following which you can sort out the issue.  What Causes Avast UI Failed To Load? Here are some of the root reasons listed below for this error. There is a good chance that this error pops up because of some error in the configuration of Windows.  Another reason for showing Avast UI Failed to Load pop up is that you might be using more than one antivirus simultaneously on the same device. The last reason we could think of is if there is any problem with your system's Remote Desktop Services. How Can You Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Issue? In order to fix the "Avast UI Failed to Load" issue, you need to check a few things first. Make sure that you have exited the Antivirus. Restart Avast Antivirus. But still, if the issue is not fixed, you can follow these procedures to say bye-bye to this issue.  Procedure 1: Turn On The Remote Desktop Services What you need to do is press the Windows key and R simultaneously. This will open up the RUN box.  After having that box on your screen, you have to type 'services.msc' in that box and press the enter key. Now check for the Service Page. After finding the Service Page, you have to search for Remote Desktop Services. After you have found the remote desktop services, what you need to do is right-click on it and then select the option of 'Properties.' After clicking on properties, you have to double-click on the button that says start and set the startup type to automatic. After you have done that, click on 'OK" to confirm the changes you have made. Now, you have to close the services page and manually restart your PC, laptop, or whatever you are using. It will complete the process. If you are still facing Avast's problem, UI failed to load, then kindly follow the next procedure closely.    Procedure 2: Try Repairing The Avast Antivirus Software Kindly follow this procedure closely to repair. You have to go to the Control Panel Section. You can find the Control Panel in the settings section of your computer. If you do not know how to open the control panel. Click on the start button and type the control panel. After opening the Control Panel, search for the Program & Features option, find it, click on it, and look for Avast Antivirus software. Now, you need to right-click on Avast; you will get the option to uninstall/change.  Be very careful while doing this, as a single mistake can uninstall Avast from your PC. Select the option to repair after having clicked on change. Now, you need to wait for Avast to repair itself, and after Avast completes its repair, reboot your PC. If the error of avast UI failed to load persists, kindly follow the next procedure. Procedure 3: Uninstall And Reinstall Avast Antivirus Software  If any of the above methods did not work for you, then you try to uninstall Avast Antivirus. To uninstall Avast Antivirus Software, you need to open the Control Panel. You can open Control Panel by merely typing Control Panel in the Run dialog box; another way to open Control Panel is by searching the control panel after clicking on the Start button.  After opening the Control Panel, go to the programs and features section and find the Avast Antivirus software. Right-click on it and select uninstall this time instead of selecting change as you did in the previous procedure.  Please wait for some minutes for Avast Antivirus Software to completely uninstall itself from your computer. Reboot your computer as the final step of the process. Switch back on your computer, download Avast from the official website, and install it again as a whole new software. Make sure you do not do anything else on your computer while Avast Antivirus is being installed, as it puts extra pressure on the computer's RAM. After the installation process, open Avast and check if the Avast UI failed to load the error persists. If it does, kindly follow the next procedure.  Procedure 4: Get The Recognition Issue Fixed If the error of Avast UI failed to load persists, you could follow the last and final procedure.You need to look up from the Avast icon on your desktop and Open the shield's control. In shields control, right-click on the Disable to disable the shields. You will get the option to disable it for 10 minutes to an hour. Disable it for 10 minutes, wait for 10 minutes, and check if the 'avast ui failed to load' issue persists. If the error is still showing, then try out some other methods. Press the Windows Button and R buttons simultaneously. It will open up the Run dialog box. Type cmd in that box so that it opens the Windows Command Prompt Box. Type 'winmgmt/verifyrepository' on the search field and hit the enter button.  If it shows the status as inconsistency, you need to type 'winmgmt/salvagerepository' in the search field and press the enter key to finish the process. If the result shows that the Windows management instrument was consistent, you need to type 'winmgmt /resetrepository.'  After doing that, Windows will send you a message showing that the WMI repository has been rebuilt successfully. Finally, you need to reboot the system and start Avast antivirus, and hopefully, it will not show the error of Avast UI failing to load. We are sure that after trying all these steps, your Avast Antivirus will run just fine. But still, if the error exists, we suggest you contact Avast Customer Care as soon as possible. Procedure 5: Update Your Avast Software Most of the time, what can fix such an error message is a simple update. Fortunately, you can update the app without the hassle of having to re-download the app. Redownloading can be a viable option if you cannot access the interface at all. Here is how you can update Avast Antivirus as well as other Avast applications that offer easy updates to its users. Press the Windows+X keys at the same time, then select the app and features from the context menu. Find the Avast Antivirus or any other app that is causing you to see the UI failure arrow. Click on it, and from teh options that unfold, choose Uninstall. Click the Update button and wait for the software to locate any new updates that might be ready to download. It will automatically install the latest version, which will take quite a bit of time, depending on the configuration of your system. When the repair process is complete, launch the Avast app that you were having trouble with. This should get your app up and running. It is possible that updating the Avast app the way mentioned above will fix the internal corruptions or missing files, thereby restoring the UI. But if you are still facing the same issue, try speaking to Avast Customer Support. Conclusion Avast is one of the best antiviruses in the market. The story of avast goes way back to 1995. Initially, it did not offer the best of services, but they have been improving their services year by year. It's one of the few antiviruses that offer a premium version and a free version as well.  Do not think that the free version has limitations like other antivirus software because it's not so. The free version provides a few premium features, which include a WIFI inspector and ad blocker, etc. However the recent trend of Avast showing that the Avast UI failed to load is not what users are expecting. Whether it's the fault of Avast or Windows 10 is yet to be found out. Rest assured, you can try the above procedures to get rid of the issue. 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virtual data room pricing

What Is Virtual Data Room Pricing? A Beginners Guide

Do you want to know about the virtual data room pricing? If yes, then this article can be of great help to you. Proper and effective planning can help you to achieve your objectives better. How the virtual data room prices affect your business makes the essential part of your business. You need to identify these facts while you want to achieve your objectives effectively. Work out the perfect strategy to achieve your goals in the correct sense. The more you can think optimistically in this regard, the better you can reach closer to your goals. What Is Virtual Data Room Pricing? A virtual data room is also known as the deal room as it offers a secure online depository online document storage and disposition. The former day's group of investors will sit in physical rooms and undergo all the paper documents within a specific time frame. It can make things work well in your way. The data room pricing can vary with the time, and you must prepare your budget to meet your organizational requirements. Different Parameters Of Virtual Data Room Pricing There are multiple parameters depending on which virtual data room pricing is being set by the user. Some of these parameters are as follows:- VDR charges from the clients on a per-page basis, around $400-$850 per page.It also charges based on data usage, like the Cost per GB. However, VDR  charges on the cost per gigabyte instead of setting depending on the page.Different administrators provide VDR as per the cost per room basis to make things work well in your favor.Another essential structure for the cause of VDR pricing is the monthly fee level, which you need to make the charges at your end. Features Of Virtual Data Room Pricing There are several features of the data room pricing in this article. You will get to know all the details about it. Some of the core features of the virtual data room pricing are as follows;- 1. Ensures Higher Security VDR ensures a higher level of security where it imbibes in itself two-factor authentication, digital watermarks, and auditing capabilities. As a result, it can make things easier and work in your way at the right time.  2. Helps In User Management It involves the factor of how the user makes use of the Data room by using the virtual data room using the permissions roles and the password protections. Reduce the timelines; it allows for making the arrangements in the group levels.  3. Document Management The ease of uploading and downloading the documents is possible with the help of the VDR. It enables you to make the proper document management at the right time. Proper planning can help you to achieve your objectives in the correct sequence.  4. Develops Report Tracking Proper report tracking is possible when you make the appropriate document management with the help of virtual data room pricing. It is essential for report tracking and appropriate depository agency. It can make things work well in your way at the right time.  5. Collaboration It ensures accessible communication between the people within a shorter version of time. In-room chat interface will work well in your favor within a stipulated time frame. Proper planning can help you to achieve your goals effectively. 6. Ensures Ease Of Use It offers an easy interface for the users to make ease of use. It can help the user to track things effectively. The virtual data room pricing is higher because it is easy to learn, and you can use it as per your wish.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1. How Does A Virtual Data Room Work? The virtual data room is basically the deal room, and it offers a safe online repository for document storage and warehouse. In addition, it is used at the time of the company merger and acquisition process to review, share, and disposition company documents. Q2. What Is The Intralinks Virtual Data Room Pricing?  The Intralinks data room pricing starts at $25 per month, and it can raise its prices with the growing demand for data in the market. Therefore, you need to understand these factors while achieving your goals effectively. Q3. How Can You Create Virtual Data Room? You just need to follow specific simple steps for creating the virtual data rooms. Some of the procedures are as follows:-   1. First, you have to select the best VDR solutions.2. Identify which documents to play in the VDR.3. Establish some of the user roles as well as access.4. Organize folders and files. 5. Establishes NDA’s.6. Establishes access and roles.7. Try to confirm all the software settings. Q4. What Is A Virtual Data Room Provider? The virtual data room provider ensures secure document exchange between the parties by effectively granting the offer for an online deal room. As a result, it can make things work well in your favor. Q5.  What Is The Best VDR? Some of the names of the best VDRs are as follows:- 1. Intralinks deal room. 2. Deal Room.3. For data, Virtual deal room. 4. Merill Data room. 5. Firmex deal room  Final Take Away Hence, these are some of the core factors you must take care of if your business is highly dependent on IoT. It can help you achieve your goals effectively; proper application of strategies makes sense here. Proper planning can make things easier for you. Feel free to share your comments, views, opinions, and ideas on this matter. The more you can think optimistically, the better you can effectively achieve your goal. The virtual data room is also considered the deal room, and it offers a safe online repository for document storage and warehouse. In addition, it is used at the time of the company merger and acquisition process to review, share, and disposition company documents. You must share your thoughts and feelings with us so that we can offer you quality services within a stipulated time frame. Therefore, you have to understand these factors while you want to achieve your aims at the right time effectively. Read Also: 8 Simple Tips To Pay Off Your Loans FasterA Digital Asset Management Solution OverviewAre Debt Consolidation Loans Recommended for Credit Card Consolidation

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Everything You Need to Know About Website Development Services

In today's digital world, a website is a crucial aspect of any business or organization. It serves as the online face of your business and can be an excellent tool to attract and engage with potential customers. However, creating a website is not as simple as it seems. It requires expertise in website development services which include website design, website development, website maintenance, and website optimization. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about website development services, and it's benefits. What are Website Development Services? Website development service refers to the process of creating, designing, and maintaining a website. This process includes everything from designing the layout and graphics to programming the website's functionalities. Website development services can deliver by freelance web developers or web development companies. Types of Website Development Services There are several types of website development services that businesses and organizations can opt for. These include: Front-end Development: This type of website development service deals with the website's user interface (UI) design. Therefore, it will include the layout, graphics, and overall look and feel of the website. Back-end Development: This type of website development service deals with the server-side programming and database management required to run a website. Full-stack Development: This type of website development service covers both front-end and back-end development. Therefore it includes everything needed to build a fully functional website. E-commerce Development: This type of website development service specializes in developing e-commerce websites and includes features such as shopping carts, payment gateways, and inventory management. Website Development Process The website development process involves several steps, including: Planning: This involves defining the website's purpose, target audience, and website goals. Design: This involves creating the website's layout, graphics, and overall look and feel. Development: This involves writing code and programming the website's functionalities. Testing: This involves testing the website's functionalities to ensure that it is bug-free and works correctly. Launch: This involves making the website live on the internet. Maintenance: This involves keeping the website up to date and fixing any bugs or issues that arise. Benefits of Website Development Services Here are some benefits of investing in website development services: Increased online presence: Hence a well-designed and optimized website can help improve your online presence and attract more visitors to your website. Improved user experience: A well-designed website with a user-friendly interface can help improve the user experience. Also, it increases the time users spend on your website. Competitive advantage: A well-designed and optimized website can give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors. Better brand awareness: A well-designed website can help improve brand awareness. Therefore it creates a positive image of your business. Choosing the Right Website Development Service Provider Selections of the right website development service are another important thing. If you want to have the best services, theses are the first thing that you must know. Your website development service requirements and what types of services your website development service can provide you. To select the best website development services you can match up the following qualities. Therefore choosing the right website development service provider can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a website development service provider: Expertise and experience: Look for a website development service provider with expertise and experience in your industry. Portfolio: Check the website development service provider's portfolio to see their previous work and ensure that their style and quality match your requirements. Pricing: Compare pricing from different website development service providers and choose the one that offers the best value for your money. Customer service: Look for a website development service provider that offers excellent customer service and is responsive to your needs. Conclusion Website development services are essential for businesses and organizations that want to establish a strong online presence. Hence from designing the website's layout to programming its functionalities, web development services can cover everything which required to build a fully functional website. By investing in web development services. Read Also: How You Benefit From Getting Custom Approach To Software Development Looking To Build A Photography Website: Here Is How You Can Build One Ecommerce Software Development Trends