The Diet To Follow For A Healthy Gut


06 October 2022


Healthy Gut

The fact that a healthy gut can improve your well-being and maintain your fitness levels is no secret.

When your gut is unhealthy, it’s difficult to control your weight, your immunity isn’t as effective, and your heart and brain might also be impacted.

So, with that in mind, there are a number of foods that you need to avoid to ensure your gut remains healthy, as we explain below.

Foods To Avoid To Maintain A Healthy Gut

1. Excess sugar

Although the body requires sugar to function, too much sugar is bad for you and can impact your body in a whole host of negative ways. When you eat sugar, it is absorbed by the upper section of your gut.

Excess sugar

However, when your sugar intake reaches a certain level, it moves down to the lower section of your gut, which is where the vast majority of your healthy bacteria can be found.

As a result, the excess sugar can prevent healthy bacteria from colonising your gut, which leaves space for unhealthy bacteria to thrive. Therefore, limit your daily sugar intake to 24g (women) or 36g (men).

2. Highly processed foods

If eaten infrequently, highly processed foods won’t do you a great deal of harm. However, if they make up a substantial part of your diet, they will cause issues for your gut. Typically, foods that are highly processed contain very little fibre.

processed foods

Instead, they are high in fat and sugars that your body digests quickly. As a result, there is very little food available for your gut microbes, which love to eat complex fibres found in whole foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables.

In the UK, most people take just 18g of fibre a day, which is way short of the recommended 30g. Although it’s difficult to change your eating habits, try and switch out foods like crisps and sweets for seeds, nuts, and fruits if you can.

3. Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can negatively impact so many aspects of your general health and well-being, and the gut is no exception. Specifically, alcohol is known to reduce the strength of your gut wall, which can lead to a condition known as leaky gut.


As a result, you become more susceptible to a range of bad bacteria and toxins that pass through the wall and into your bloodstream. To help you plan your alcohol consumption, you should aim for no more than fourteen units per week.

4. Red meat

When enjoyed as part of a healthy diet, red meat isn’t bad for you. However, generally speaking, microbes prefer plant-based foods over animal products. Eating excessive amounts of red meat can be a problem due to a compound called L-carnitine.

Red meat

When broken down by your gut microbes, it produces TMAO, a chemical that can harm the health of your heart. Consider halving the amount of red meat you add to your lasagne, replacing it instead with lentils – this is a great way to limit your consumption.

Consider a Gut Health Supplement

In addition to improving your diet and limiting your intake of certain foods, taking a gut health supplement can be an excellent way of boosting the health of your gut. Sons’ gut health supplement is effective in 9/10 men, and when taken regularly, it can improve your overall health and well-being.


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So you have found the perfect dress -- congratulations! Now it’s time to decide on your accessories. All brides know that a wedding gown isn’t complete without the right finishing touches. Your accessories can even make your gown look more gorgeous than ever. Whether your gown is simple and sleek or an extra embellished one, here’s a list of accessories that will further define your wedding style. 7 Perfect Accessories to Match Your Wedding Dress: 1. Veil:Not all brides prefer to wear a veil on their wedding day, but to those who choose to, know that there are many different types of veils for every bride. Of course, you have to make sure that your veil suits your gown, be it a classic or an edgy one. Try on some varieties with your dress so you can decide which one is best.Although it’s always a good idea to have a motif, you might find that the opposite style actually works with your gown. 2. Necklace:Some brides feel that a necklace will define the look they want to project on their wedding day. Often times, a matching earring and necklace set is chosen because it’s a safe choice. Your decision should be based on the type of neckline your dress has when choosing a necklace.For example, if your dress is already busy with details on the neckline, it’s perfectly OK to go without a necklace. On the other hand, a simple gown with a strapless neckline is befitting for necklaces. 3. Garter:Garters are a traditional part of the wedding, especially for the bride. Who doesn’t look forward to a garter toss, after all? But did you know where the garter tradition originated? Back then a belief of many people is that you have to own a piece of the wedding gown to bring good luck, so guests would often end up attacking the bride in an attempt to get a piece of her gown. This led to wedding garters, so brides don’t have to end up with a torn wedding dress and simply remove a piece of article to be given to one lucky guest.You can still opt out on the garter, but it’s still fun to have one even if your wedding isn’t exactly the traditional kind. 4. Hairpins:If a tiara or a crown isn’t an option for you, you can still add some accessories to your hair by incorporating hairpins. These accessories will bring out a girly vibe and works best in keeping your hair in place too. Hairpins are ideal for brides who prefer a subtle way to accessorize the hair without too many embellishments. 5. Crown:If you want to go all out on the princess vibe, a crown will do the trick. And you don’t have to go for a bejewelled crown if you think it’s too much. You can always choose to wear flower crowns, which are becoming hugely popular these days. History has depicted women wearing crowns as a representation of beauty, fertility, and love. You can bring all these things to your wedding with a crown or tiara that matches your motif. 6. Earrings:The beauty of earrings is that they're old enough to complete an outfit. You can choose to go without any other accessories but a pair of gorgeous earrings, and you’d still feel that your outfit is complete. Again, you should make sure that your earrings match with your gown and they don’t have to be super expensive too.This season, tassels are in, so you may want to take a look at those. 7. Anklet:Although not all brides are cool with the idea of wearing an anklet, this piece of accessory works best for beach weddings or boho type gowns. This especially works if you opt out on the shoes -- the anklet will be a major attraction. Guidelines for Accessorizing Your Wedding Gown: Don’t go overboard: This is the first rule in choosing your accessories for the wedding: don’t overdo it. It is tempting to load up on jewelry, but you have to remember that all eyes should be on you, the bride, and not on the bride’s trinkets. Always remember that less is more, so choose pieces that will complete your whole look and not overpower it. Don’t be overwhelmed: Picking out accessories for the wedding can be challenging and overwhelming, but no matter how you’re feeling, remember to focus. Choose an accessory that you love and not just for the reason of wearing it because the event calls for it. Wear something that you have no trouble investing in.If you’re still unsure, diamond studs or a pair of pearls will never go wrong. Or let a friend help you out. A second opinion might be the only thing you need. Match your accessories with the dress: This rule doesn’t have to be said out loud. All brides know that the accessories should always go with the dress. But there are some specific guidelines you have to keep in mind.For example, your jewelry set should have the same metal base, whether it’s gold, rose, or silver. If your dress already has beadwork, allow it to set the tone for the accessories you should wear. If you're wearing a bright white dress, compliment it with hints of platinum. For a dress with an ivory shade, gold always works best. Be yourself: This might be the most important rule of all. In weddings, there are some instances where you have to compromise, but at the end of the day, you know it’s your wedding and it’s essential that you have fun and be able to show your true self. So when choosing accessories, always pick out ones that you like the most. If you’re not comfortable wearing dangling or bulky earrings, it’s okay to go for studs. If you don’t want to wear a necklace, an embellished neckline will do it for you.Always be confident and keep the day genuine. And of course, wear Wedding Dresses Melbourne with your best smile, which is the best accessory of all.Read Also:How To Avoid Buying A Cheap Looking Prom Dress Sarees – The Identity Of Indian Women Top 3 Factors While Selecting Mismatched Dresses For Your Bridesmaids Choose The Latest Collection Of Women Clothing For A Stylish Look Make Your Pre-Wedding Amazing: 8 Bridal-Shower Planning Ideas 7 Tips To Serve The Most Memorable Food On Your Wedding Hottest Plus Size Shapewear Ideas for Your Big Day