Gel Blasters Vs. Airsoft Guns – What To Choose For Your Next Game


02 May 2023


Gel Blasters

If you are looking for high-adrenaline activities that will get your heart pumping – you should play airsoft or any other game that involves toy guns. If you are not into airsoft, you could opt for gel plaster guns.

But – how are gel plaster guns different from airsoft guns? If you are wondering about the same thing, then you are here at the right place.

Let us assess the essential differences between both toy guns and determine how the gel blaster guns are a better alternative to airsoft guns.

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What are Gel Blaster Guns?

Also known as gel blasters, gel blaster guns shoot gel beads. The gel beads contain water, which makes them a safer alternative to the plastic pellets used in airsoft guns. The gel beads are ideal for CQB skirmishes as well.

What are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are the first type of toy guns introduced to the world. Originating from Japan, airsoft guns were made as an alternative for civilians who were prohibited from owning real guns. Despite their incredibly realistic experience, airsoft guns are essentially toys.

Airsoft guns are banned in some countries due to the high velocities with which they shoot plastic pellets.

The Essential Differences between Gel Blaster Guns & Airsoft Guns

Both guns – the airsoft guns and gel blasters are fun to use in outdoor battle games. But – there are a few differences between both toy guns, including safety, ammunition, and legal aspects.


Despite the fact that airsoft guns and gel blaster guns are toy guns – these two aren’t the same when it comes to safety. The pellets used as ammunition for the airsoft guns are made of hard plastic, which makes them painful.

This aspect perfectly explains why you might want to get one of the top-rated sniper gel blasters in Australia – especially – if it is your first game. Compared to gel blasters, the pellets shot by airsoft guns can cause injuries.

Gel balls – on the other hand – burst upon contact, which could make it impossible for them to bruise them. Nonetheless, it is essential to mention here that irrespective of whether you are playing with airsoft guns or gel blasters, you will always want to wear your protective gear.

You will want to wear full-body protection – including a helmet and gloves- for airsoft guns. If you are getting your game mode on with gel blasters, you will want to ensure eye protection.


Both toy guns use different materials for ammunition. Gel blasters use gel balls that are made of sodium polyacrylate, which perfectly explains why gel balls are known as jelly or water beads. Before you use these gel balls as ammunition, you will want to soak them in water for at least four hours.

You will want to allow the gel balls to soak properly so they can reach their full momentum. On the other hand, airsoft guns use plastic pellets which are about 6mm to 8mm in size. The plastic pellets are also known as bbs.

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These days, it's rare for people coming out of school and entering the workforce to know what a fax machine even looks like. The technology is considered outdated by most, and legacy fax machines are rare. Despite the digitization of information technology, though, there are still some industries that require the extra security provided by faxes. The good news for those working in or communicating with companies that work in the healthcare, finance, and legal industries is that there are simple solutions for sending faxes that don't require investing in outdated technology. Arguably the most effective of them is faxing by email. Why Send Faxes By Email? There are many benefits to faxing with your email account. This method for sending faxes requires no legacy equipment or specialized software solutions, and it's easy to implement. Faxing by email combines the security of faxing with the convenience of sending emails, offering the best of both worlds. Read on to find a step-by-step guide to the process. Step One: Choose an Email-to-Fax Service Anyone who plans to send or receive faxes that contain sensitive or protected information should take extra care when choosing an email-to-fax service. Some of them provide greater levels of data protection than others, so ease of use isn't the only concern. Look for an email-to-fax solution that's as secure as it is simple. Step Two: Compose the Message For shorter faxes, users can compose messages in emails. For longer documents, uploading an attachment to the email is a better solution. A good email-to-fax service will accept a range of document types, including DOCX, PDF, JPEG, and others, but it's still best to check to make sure the file type is supported before sending the message. Step Three: Address the Message Correctly The message should be addressed to the recipient's fax number, complete with the "1" designated to US and Canadian fax lines. What follows the @ symbol will vary based on the service provider. Expect the word "send" to appear in the address along with the domain name. Step Four: Send the Message Once the message has been composed or attached and addressed correctly, all that's left is to hit send. The email-to-fax service will take care of all the rest by converting the document into secure fax and delivering it to the number indicated in the email address. You May Also Check: Fax Over the Internet How To Review Messages? One of the great things about using an email-to-fax service is that it's easy to review fax history. Authorized users can access all of their sent faxes from a secured web portal. In comparison to making physical or electronic copies of documents and then storing them on-site, this is a much easier and more secure solution. How To Receive Messages? Signing up with an email-to-fax service provider also gives users the ability to receive faxes by email. Each user will be assigned a virtual fax number, which can be given to the sender. Any time documents are faxed to the number, the fax-to-email service will convert them into digital documents and deliver them to the user's email address and store copies on the web portal. Work With the Best Whether users want to set up one digital fax line for personal use or they need to scale up to accommodate entire corporate teams, an email-to-fax service is the best solution. It's convenient, safe, and affordable, and it doesn't require maintaining legacy equipment. Read Also: How To Scan From Printer To Computer?How To Find The Best Check Printing SoftwareWhy You Need A Secure Wifi Connection In Shared Space

Eufy RoboVac

Eufy RoboVac vs. iRobot Roomba: brands comparison 2019

Cleaning is one of the most horrible things one should do while doing domestic chores. If you think genuinely, you will find out that at least a month in the year you spend cleaning. So, why don’t you keep and save this time? Why don’t you get a real autonomous helper, like a true robot vacuum cleaner but also between different brands. In this article, we will look over the eternal war between Eufy RoboVac vs. iRobot Roomba and define which brand should be victorious. Short brand overviews Eufy Eufy is quite young nonetheless quickly uprising brand that provides not only robotic vacuums it is famous for; it also performs other smart devices, lights, and domestic electronics. It is a middle-class oriented brand, so, the robotic vacuum cleaners it offers in the market are of the budget and affordable ones. iRobot Roomba Roomba made by iRobot is a world-famous robot vacuum cleaners brand. Most people when saying about robotic vacuum think about Roomba and vice versa. The brand has a broad line of the robotic vacuums to fit any budget, so if money is not a problem for you then make sure you have Roomba as your robotic device. Otherwise, try to find out models that offer you the same options due to the less price. Brand comparison To make the comparison honest, we will exclude the Roombas of the high price level from the review and will observe those models that can be put in one price row. So, let’s look over the average parameters of those robot vacuums:   Roomba 690 Roomba 675 Robovac 11+ Robovac 11S Height 3.6 inches 3.5 inches 3.35 inches 2.85 inches Diameter 13 inches 13.4 inches 12.8 inches 12.8 inches Power 500 Pa 600 Pa 1000 Pa 1300 Pa Bin size 0.3 liters 0.3 liters 0.55 liters 0.6 liters Runtime 60 min 90 min 100 min 100 min Filters HEPA-style HEPA-style Triple-Filter System Triple-Filter System Navigation iAdapt 1.0 iAdapt 1.0 Smart sensors Smart sensors Boundary Yes Yes No No Wi-Fi Yes Yes No No Mobile App iRobot Home App iRobot Home App No No Smart assistant Yes, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Yes, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant No No   As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both brands.  Eufy robots win the size, power, runtime, and bin size battles.  So, if you think these parameters of the first importance, Eufy robot vacuum cleaners will fit you perfectly. The battles that Eufy loses are that of cleaning efficacy, usability, and functionality. Roombas of higher levels work with HEPA filters ― the most efficient filtration technology. HEPA-style filters in Roombas of 600s series are of less efficacy, but still more efficient than the personal triple-filtration system of Eufy products. It doesn’t mean that Eufy triple-filter is terrible, but if you are an allergy sufferer and short of money, then Roomba is your choice anyway. Deep research of the parameters  power Suction power is an essential parameter for every vacuum cleaner. The higher power is the more efficient vacuum works. So, the high suction power allows the device to collect every type of dirt without depending on the surface. So, looking at the power, we can see that Eufy Robovac provides more efficient power than Roombas. size Size and dimensions of the device define its maneuverability and ability to get hard-to-reach areas. The thinner the robot vacuum is, the easier it can get under the very low furniture. So, if you have furniture with short legs, maybe Eufy is your choice. bin size Bin size defines how long the robot vacuum will work without emptying the dustbin. The larger dustbin capacity is, the longer the device will move through the rooms vacuuming. As you can see Eufy here is the ultimate winner. runtime A runtime defines how long your vacuum can continue the cleaning process without being recharged. As you can see, Eufy performs excellent in this parameter, but keep in mind that the runtime can change depending on the surface the device works. So, if it vacuums the carpet, it can run shorter than if it works on the hard floor. The same is for Roomba. Connectivity, navigation and other parameters Bellow will be parameters in which Roomba beats Eufy. To be honest, Roombas are smarter than RoboVacs, and you can see it observing their navigation, connectivity, and performance. If you want a fully connected device which you can control remotely via smartphone or with voice command, Roomba is your choice. Although the devices of 600s series are weak in power, size, and dustbin capacity, they are perfect in connectivity. You can schedule the vacuuming a week forward; you can begin the cleaning immediately with one tap of the finger. Navigation is another essential parameter that keeps the robot vacuum cleaner from mistakes. Most autonomous vacuums navigate due to the laser or IR-sensors located on the body of the vacuum cleaner. So, the higher the sensitivity of the sensors, the more efficient navigation a robot vacuum will perform.  On this level, Roomba has no rivals nor in the face of Eufy neither in the face of any other brand. The final thoughts The comparison we made above is supposed to help the middle-class customer to choose the best and most efficient robot vacuum cleaner for the home. Both brands are intense rivals and offer a number of exciting models. We described several essential features of each brand, so, now it depends on you which one to choose.

VPS Hosting

The Complete Guide To Choosing VPS Hosting

What Are Virtual Private Servers?  Virtual Private servers are hosting plans that most hosting providers offer- it is a 2 in 1 package - it offers features of a dedicated server and also the capacities of shared hosting accounts. This is done because shared hosting plans usually have limited capacities and a dedicated hosting plan might be too pricey. VPS web hosting plans provide top-quality performance at a lower rate and is a popular choice for medium sized websites that require a lot of resources.  VPS hosting is done bay physical servers that are housed in data centres. This server is then divided into partitions to create each individual virtual server. When you purchase one of these sections you are the only with access to that part of the virtual environment - which means that you can use the resources available in a similar manner that you would on a dedicated server hosting accounts.  In addition, the VPS area performs like a dedicated server even though it is part of a physical one. This feature makes it a good choice for websites that need resources similar to that of a dedicated server but do not have the budget to match.  Who uses VPS hosting?  A lot of website owners prefer VPS hosting because they get more control over their server environments. Even though they do not utilise all the system resources allocated to them, the control they have over resources is usually worth the extra expense. Website administrators who wants dedicated hosting but do not have the technical skills or cannot currently afford a plan, consider VPS hosting as a good starter package.  Things to consider before choosing a VPS hosting provider  1.The content management system offered: acquisition, technology shifts or management changes can alter the value of a web hosting plan. It is good practice to ensure that your web host allows you to unlock your website, so you can quickly switch providers or make changes.  2.Decide how much support you need: a basic customer service comes with access to phone support and email . The turnaround on request however would vary from provider to provider. Some web hosts offer 24-hour customer support, while others can only be contacted by email. One of the drawbacks of a non-managed service is that even though you may be able to ask questions about the basic configuration, you may not be able to get the support you need.  3.If you would like to completely delegate the management of your site, then you should consider managed hosting. Web host who offer and manage WordPress hosting will ensure that your system  is configured properly, patch your software when needed, manage backups, and keep an eye on security issues as well as other tasks.  4.Do not fall into the trap of unlimited: loads of hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth and storage for a few dollars a month. This offer isn't always how it is represented. For example, if you pay $3 for a month of hosting, there would be a clause in your terms of service that allows your web host to stifle website performance or shut down completely after a usage threshold has been crossed.  5.Own your domain: it is pretty common for domain registrars is to offer web hosting services. If your domain registrar is also your web host, you should ensure that you have complete control over your domain name and you can switch registrats if you need to.  6.Estimate traffic volume expected: most hosting providers charge based on bandwidth and storage usage. If you anticipate that only a few people will visit your website then you are bandwidth needs will be low but if you are suddenly featured at the top of a Google search engine result page or if a product campaign ad goes viral, you can expect increased bandwidth usage. Defining this will help guide your web hosting selection process.  7.Understand the server type: the cheapest hosting plan available on the market is usually a shared hosting plan - where hundreds or thousands of websites share one server. The performance of your website would depend on the load on the other sites are putting on the house. Shared hosting also limits your access to server resources, limiting your ability to upload files via FTP - limiting the amount of database you have access to, the programs you can run on the service, and preventing shell access.  Managed VPS web hosting solutions  Server Virtual Private server plans do not come with complete server root access but is managed by the hosting company. However, with the increase in the popularity of managed hosting service, the user tackles this. Which means that if you have one, you can customise your VPS server in any manner that you desire. But you can also get the help of your web hosting provider to resolve any technical issues you cannot address yourself.  What are the features of a VPS hosting plan?  The features that would come with a VPS hosting plan will vary depending on the provider. However,there are a couple that you should be on the lookout for.  1.Managed data backups: like with any other hosting service, your VPS plan should come with a backup option for your data. Because anything can occur within your provider's network, we recommend that you choose a service that makes it possible for you to manually backup your data - in order to ensure that your website can be restored at any time. Thankfully, most VPS hosting plans  offer an inexpensive way to get the flexibility, features, control and resources of the more complex and costly dedicated server hosting plans. With the rapid development and increased popularity, the price of VPS hosting is rapidly reducing so,it is possible for you to find a VPS solution that suits you.  2.Root access: with root access, you get complete control over your VPS account-software installations, configurations and so on. All these actions can be done from the interface of your control management system.  4.Multiple domain hosting: even though a lot of hosts offer multiple domain hosting with their shared hosting plan, most times they lack the required resources needed to guarantee smooth performance. Many VPS web host offer plans that make it possible for you to host multiple sites without compromising on performance. Typically, you can also set up - separate email accounts and allocates specific resources for every individual site you create.  5.Support and management: just like a dedicated hosting account, VPS hosting requires you to manage your own server. However, there are many web hosts that provide management and support services to help with administrative tasks. This feature is invaluable if you do not have technical skills.  7.Server monitoring: a good VPS service provider will constantly monitor network and hardware that your account is hosted on. Which guarantees the physical security of the server and guards against cyber threats such as DDOS attacks, hackers and malicious software.  What are the benefits of virtual private server web hosting?  There are many benefits of VPS web hosting but top on the list are:  1 Flexibility: you are free to choose the software and operating system you would like installed on the stock server  2.Stability: as opposed to shared hosting, increased activity and traffic will not adversely affect your websites  3.Dedicated resources: VPS hosting plans come with dedicated RAM, disk space and CPU.  4.Better performance: having your own dedicated resources allow your visitors to enjoy faster load times on your website.  How to use VPS web hosting  The web hosting data storage space on a primary virtual server is managed via a hosting CP user interface. There are tons of websites hosting CP tools on the Internet, so you are not limited to the one supplied by your web hosting provider. For example, cPanel can function on most servers OS. Apart from this, everything is pretty much the same as with shared hosting accounts -database management, file management, electronic mail management and so on.  In most instances, web hosting control panels come with a reseller back-office tool which can be used to set up and resell web hosting plans to other individuals. This is a good way to generate money as there are a lot of web users who are looking for good quality web hosting service.  Is VPS web hosting a great option for you?  Sometimes, choosing the right hosting plan can be a challenge however, if you have a website that has outgrown a shared hosting plan and needs more resources, then VPS web hosting is a good choice. You will get enough resources to manage the increased load matter the type of website you operate.