Get ready for the Festive Season with Souq’s Super Saver Offers

All of us who love shopping will agree that there is nothing better than mega sales and super saver offers. There are frequent sales on clothing, accessories, shoes, bags but the sales on household essentials are not very common. So I’m sure you would have a long list of items ready with you and Souq will help you fulfill all your wishes, this festive season.

There is some super saver offers to go on along with which you can also avail Souq coupons. You can pay for these products using credit or debit cards and can also choose cash on delivery as an option. Get ready to grab some amazing deals on different categories of products including beverages, snacks and biscuits, pastas and noodles, baby items, diapers and tissues, aerated drinks, tea and coffee, confectionery, breakfast and cereals, dairy products, rice and pulses, cooking ingredients, canned food and soups, laundry, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, skincare, men’s grooming, hair care, personal care, skincare and pet care.

Bundle Offers :

There are many special bundle-offers in this sale on categories like snacks, laundry, seasoning, spices and preservatives, beverages, plastic and paper products, health and personal care, among many others. These offers include:

  1. 50% off on 12 bottles of Arwa Water (330ml)
  2. 32% off on 6 kg of OMO Active Fabric Cleaning Powder
  3. 36% off on 3 boxes of Fine Ply tissues with lotion (100 sheets)
  4. 50% off on 3L + 900 ml of Dettol All-purpose cleaner
  5. 17% off on 12 packs of Vimto Cordial Dilutable Juice (710 ml)
  6. Buy One Get One Free on Fogarty 25 Piece Dubai Desert Chocolate Covered Dates Gift Box

There are many more of such Souq bundle offers on household essentials across the site that you can avail. The different brands that are providing these bundle offers are Purna, Dettol, L’oreal Paris, Green Valley, Fine, Ariel, Persil, Maggie, Garnier, Kleenex, Pringles, Heinz, Tang, Tide, Gillette, along with 70 more brands. There are average customer reviews on almost all the products which will help you decide which product is the best as per your needs.

20% to 50% off on cleaning supplies and laundry :

The categories of cleaning supplies and laundry have discounts ranging from 20% off to 50% off on brands like Harpic, Fairy, Vanish, Finish, Spin, Dettol, Ariel, Clorox, Tide, OMO along with 50 other brands. You will find bathroom cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, dish cleaners, glass and window cleaners, tile cleaners, dishwasher cleaners, detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, clothing care products and many other types of products. These products are available in bottle, box, jar and pouch packaging. Some of the famous offers in this category are:

  1. 31% off on Earth Choice Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner
  2. 25% off on Harpic Fresh Pine Liquid Toilet Cleaner
  3. 23% off on Method APC Spray
  4. 24% off on Finish All in 1 Dishwasher Detergent
  5. 44% off on Ariel Green Automatic Platinum Fragrant HD Clean Washing Powder
  6. 25% off on Clorox Clothes Stain Remover and Color Booster

Supersaver offers on snacks, cereals, dairy items, and confectionery :

The different products available in all these categories include biscuits, cookies, spreads, crackers, chocolates, candies, mints, drops, cereal bars, oats, crunchies, honey, brownie bars and a lot of other options. The section for snacks and biscuits has discounts ranging from 15% off to 30% off. The different brands which have their products in this section include Nutella, Oreo, Pepperidge, Heidi, Bee Natural, Mr. Krisps, McVitie’s along with many more brands.

The discounts on breakfast, cereals, and cooking ingredients section start as low as 12% and go up to 50% so this is definitely not an offer to miss. Grab the items from all the top brands like Quaker. Oreo, Tabasco, Al Alali, Nutella, Purna, Zane, Tiffany, Fitness, Vitaplus+ and more of such brands. 10% off to 30% off discounts on dairy items are also worth checking out once. You will surely find the things you want at low prices.

The brands under discount for this section are Lacnor, Al Safi, Nestle, Nido, Rainbow, Savio, among many others. Our favorite confectionery section is also under discount and they are as high as 30% off. You will find Rafaello, KitKat, Cavendish, Bounty, and many more tasty names in this category and in all flavors including orange, mint, fruit, cherry, and coffee. These products are available in a jar, can, box, bottle, and pouch packaging. Some of the famous offers in these sections are:

  1. 21% off on Tuc Original Biscuits 300 gm
  2. 22% off on Oreo Thin and Crispy Cookies
  3. 18% off on Nutella and Go Spread with Malted Breadsticks
  4. 12% off on Fitness Strawberry Cereal Bars
  5. 31% off on Quaker Oats Tin 500g
  6. 27% off on Lacnor Essential Milk Full Cream
  7. 10% off on Al Safi Low Fat Long Life Milk
  8. Buy One Get One Free on Mentos Gum Sugar-Free

Many more such offers are available on the website to tempt you into buying all that you want. Go ahead and give your taste buds and sweet tooth the treat that they deserve.

Up to 80% off on self-care products :

The discounts on skincare, hair care, personal care, men’s grooming, and dental care are also worth going for. The discounts start at 20% off and keep going till 80% off. All the major brands like Dettol, L’Oreal Paris, Olay, Nivea, VLCC, Johnson’s along with 200 other brands have products available under this category. Some of the famous offers in this section are:

  1. 19% off on L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Green Mask
  2. 26% off on VLCC Complete Fairness Kit
  3. 16% off on Clinique Anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion
  4. 12% off on Nivea Purifying Face Wash
  5. 41% off on The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil
  6. 29% off on L’oreal Men Expert Anti Irritation Shave Gel
  7. 10% off on VLCC Men Refreshing Face Wash
  8. 20% off on Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Wash
  9. 60% off on Fa Lotus Flower Fresh and Dry
  10. 14% off on Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream
  11. 43% off on Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System
  12. 63% off on White light tooth whitening system
  13. 14% off on Listerine Fresh Burst Mouthwash

The list of offers covers everything you need at amazingly affordable prices. The delivery system for Souq is hassle-free and thus you need not worry about the mishandling of products throughout the process.

Huge discounts on Pet Care and Baby Care products :

You can also find great products for your pets at discounted prices with a wide variety of options to select from many reliable brands like Bobby, Hartz, Allforpaws, Vidapets, Nature’s Image USA, Pugga, Ferplast, Thomas, Adidog, Purina, Omega Paw, tetra Germany, Purrfect, Fancy Pets along with many more brands. The discounts in this category start with a high number of 40% and go up to 75% off. The various products available in the category include collars, harnesses, leashes, apparel, accessories, toys, beds, and furniture, grooming supplies, health supplies and many more. These products are used for cats, dogs, fishes, small animals, reptiles, horses, and birds. Some of the amazing offers in this category are:

  1. 74% off on Dogs Pets Clothing Clothes Cute Fleece Bumble Bee Lovely Wings
  2. 64%v off on Window-Mounted Sun Bed for Cats
  3. 40% off on Portable Metal Cat Shower Cage
  4. 70% off on Winter Style Pet Dog Superman Clothes Costume Suit Puppy

There is a broad range of products related to baby care on the website and all your favorite brands are slashing down prices for these super saver offers. The discounts range from 30% off to 80% off. The products are from various famous brands like Pampers, Johnson’s, Huggies, Fine Baby, Kami, Sanita Bambi, Pixie the Smurfs, Angry Birds, Shopkins, Tommee Tippee, Himalaya, Chubs, Mastela, and 50 other brands to choose from. The different products that you can buy for the little ones from the site include baby wipes, diapers, bathtubs, baby oils, baby shampoos, towels, disposal cassettes and boxes, toilet seats, nappy creams and much more. Some of the amazing offers in this category include:

  1. 10% off on Fine Baby Super Dry – Smart Lock, Small 3-6 Kgs, Jumbo Pack, 68
  2. 25% off on Pampers Active Baby Dry Diapers, Size 3, Midi, 4-9kg, Double Mega Box, 272 Count
  3. 29% off on Children Folding Bath Tub Green
  4. 10% off on Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes, 3+1, 224 Count

Almost all the products throughout the website are Souq assured which means that the quality and genuineness of the products is assured by Souq and the majority of the products are eligible for free shipping.

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