Ways On How to Advertise Coupon Codes in Social Media

Advertise Coupon Codes

For most e-commerce websites today, be it a small one or a big one like Verizon Wireless, Coupon Codes are essential to have the business advertised on the right portals. Most coupon sites promote your brand and keep it top in the competition with similar brands.

If you thought that coupon codes essentially sacrifice your revenues to get more sales, you could be quite wrong. Sometimes, even a huge discount coupon code could help drive a major sales hike. The best way to get more traction with your audience and stand out is by using effective social media strategies. Wondering how to get it done? Check out here

Set Your Goals :

Before you start working on your promotional campaign on social media channels, it is crucial to set your goals. Apart from getting you new customers, coupon codes can also retain existing customers when you place them right on social media.

There are many interesting ways to set up your social media promotional coupons. If you are intending to clear out stock, you could start a buy one get one offer. If you would want to do it on a regular basis, the best way to do it is by setting a weekly or monthly clear out sale for your social audience. Your weekly or monthly promo cycle could help your audience look forward to your posts on social channels. This also aids customer retention.

By offering a promotion on the most popular product in your shop, you can attract new customers. Set specific goals and plan your coupon code offer that suits best.

Here are some of the most popular offer types:

Offer Types using coupon codes:

  • Percentage off on a specific product – 20% off all shirts
  • Percentage off on a sale cart – 5% off on your cart at checkout
  • Dollar off on a specific product – $10 off on your first product purchase
  • Dollar-off on a sale cart – Buy for $100 or more and get $10 off
  • Free shipping coupon code
  • Buy Two Get One offers or Buy One Get One offers

Coupon codes promotion on social media at regular intervals would make your brand more popular and sought after. With short-life coupon codes, you can get a good brand following. Promotion helps you fix any market gaps that your brand might face. A perfect promo plan can help you work positively towards your goal.

Create Your Coupon Codes :

If you are using Shopify or Bigcommerce, creating your coupon codes is pretty simple. Amazon also offers a promo code feature that is designed for social media platforms. You might also consider using tools like Snipcart to create your coupon codes and promoting them. Platforms like Rignite offers one-stop for coupon codes on social media, you can create, share as well as track the effectiveness of your coupon code that you use.

It does not matter how you create your coupon codes, what matters is tracking and monitoring the campaign to derive results.

Designing Your Social Media Posts :

It is important to create engaging and interesting social media posts to promote your coupon codes. When you schedule your posts, make sure that they go live at the same promotional period that you have set in the system

All About Creating Your Promotional Posts :

When you create promotional posts for coupon codes, place your coupon codes both on the image as well as text. When your audience sees your promotion, make it clearly standing out to help them see the value. Adding a sense of urgency like short-life coupon codes or setting up a set number of codes can help to make better conversions. Adding relevant hashtags also help to promote your posts and taking them up in the right direction.

Spend On Social Media Advertising :

Paid promotion on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter help reach your campaign to a specific target audience outside your main followers base.

Micro-Influencers Promote Your Business :

Micro-influencers are a great way to promote specific niche related coupon codes. Although their audience may be smaller in number they are usually more involved and attentive to posts. Promoted posts hold more value as the base audience are usually peers who trust the micro-influencer. To partner with micro-influencers, you can use Dealspotr to find your perfect match.

Branded Videos Impact On Promotion :

Another effective way to promote your coupon code is by creating relevant branded videos. One of the overlooked platforms to advertise your product is YouTube. If you find creating a video difficult, you could also contact a micro-influencer from YouTube to promote your brand. Famebit is one of the popular channels to connect you with the right influencer.

Tracking and Measuring ROI :

Always monitor your social media promotions to find out what works best for you. Tracking down the platform that brings you more conversions is one of the most effective ways to focus your time and money on what’s most effective for your brand

Social media is one of the places to find the right target audience for your brand. Instead of using bargain shopping websites like Groupon and Coupon.com, promoting your coupon codes on social media is the right way to target potential buyers.

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E-Commerce Platforms

Performance Testing For E-Commerce Platforms

Are you an E-commerce brand or platform that is looking for experts to run mobile app testing for your channels? Do you how specialized software testing services can help you climb over your competitors in the E-commerce space? Have you looked at enlisting the services of experts like QA Madness that can help you grow your E-commerce platform?Time and again, we see blogs on the internet that suggest running an E-commerce platform is as easy as eating a piece of cake. To be honest, if being successful and generating sales in E-commerce would be so easy, everyone would be acing it.The fact of the matter is that E-commerce is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, time, strategy, and resources. You cannot simply create an E-commerce website and hope to become the next Jeff Bezos!In this article, we look at how performance testing for E-commerce platforms is essential for garnering success. We take help from leading experts and friends at QA Madness to understand what goes into making a successful E-commerce business. What is Performance Testing and why your E-commerce Business should Invest in it?In simple words, without sounding too nerdy, let us try to look at what is Performance Testing.Performance Testing is the process of rigorously testing all the tech and digital components of an E-commerce business. This includes the desktop version of the platform and mobile app testing. The key is to look at and analyze how the entire tech and digital ecosystem operates when exposed to real-world use.Imagine hundreds of people are using the E-commerce platform app at the same time. The questions that then arise are-Is the server being able to handle the heavy load of all the traffic using the mobile app at the same time? Is there a lag or breakdown that any of the users are experiences or are the UI and UX getting compromised under stress? What are some of the benchmarks and standards that should be used to judge speed and whether the platform is exposing some bottlenecks?Performance Testing is more than just looking at loading page speeds. It seeks to test each aspect of the E-commerce platform and suggest the perfect optimization for the same. 4 Important Things to consider during Performance Testing for E-commerce: In this section, we request experts at QA Madness to help us. Specifically, to list down some important things that should be considered during Performance Testing- 1. Testing Financial Transactions- One area where things can go wrong is in the area of financial transactions. With so many people using the same platform at the same time, you need to test to ensure that every transaction is going through. Integrations with Payment Gateways, the ERP, and Inventory Management Software are all areas that should be covered under this software testing services. 1. Checking the Mobile App Exhaustively- Mobile app testing perhaps constitutes one of the most important verticals for Performance Testing. How the app performs, is the search is optimized, whether the graphics are getting compromised are all issues that mobile app testing will help resolve. In addition to the app, the mobile version of the E-commerce platform’s website also needs to be tested rigorously. 2. Region-Based Testing for Different Geographies- If you are starting an e-commerce business, you are looking at a truly global audience. This is why you need to make sure that the internet protocols of the different countries are not interfering with how the customers in those countries are engaging with your platform. Changed domain URLs, IP addresses, and other rules and regulations need to be considered. 3. Data Management Testing- Any successful E-commerce ecosystem is incomplete without integrated data management. For an E-commerce platform, data is the lifeblood that helps all its verticals- marketing, sales, and CRM. Performance Testing needs to ensure that the data collection, cloud storage solutions, and the final outputs are being generated in a systematic and orderly fashion. The Three KPIs of Performance Testing as stated by QA Madness- While there can be multiple KPIs that software testing services can help E-commerce brands with, QA Madness states that the following are the three major ones. They refer to the same as the three ‘S’s of their Performance Testing goals. 1. Speed- When it comes to speed, we are referring to the speed of the website, mobile version of the web, and the mobile application. It also includes the speed with which users are progressing from one page to another on the app and the website. The higher the speed, the better will be the user experience. This combines to deliver the best sales and revenues for an E-commerce platform. 2. Scalability- You do not want your website and app infrastructure to be so weak that it crashes only after a hundred visitors. Your E-commerce website and the app must be tested for scalability to handle massive loads all at the same time. This will help you provide a fluid experience to millions of users and potential customers all at the same time without compromises. 3. Stability- A lot can go wrong on an E-commerce website when it is put under stress. Graphics can fall out of place and payment gateways can collapse. You never want the users to experience these problems on your platform. An E-commerce platform needs to be stable all the time, with or without load. Performance Testing seeks to build the stability of an E-commerce platform. The Bottom Line: There is no set rule as to when an E-commerce platform should go for Performance Testing. Some believe that it should be done at the early stages of development. Others believe that it should be done once the development of the platform is complete to identify the loopholes and then plug them accordingly.No matter when you get them done, Performance Testing is essential for your E-commerce platform. If you want to create a highly optimized and result-oriented business, this is a great investment you should look at making.If you have any other questions on software testing services or mobile app testing, feel free to ask them. Use the comments section to drop your queries. We will once again request, or disturb, as the case may be, our friends at QA Madness to help you out.Read also:The Right B2B E-Commerce Platforms to Sell Your Used Machinery Approaches for Increasing E-commerce Sales Through Inventory Reports 5 Reasons to Use Magento for Your Next Ecommerce Website

Your Product

Make Sure Your Product Hits the Market As Soon As Possible

If you have a product that you want to make and market, there are countless things that are surely on your mind. Be it supply, production, or marketing, it can be pretty overwhelming to keep track of everything.In most cases, the packaging comes last and at that point, people no longer have the energy and the will to innovate and experiment. That’s why most people work with box manufacture and design professionals. However, there is a way to optimize your packaging process and make sure that your product is available on the market as soon as possible. Here’s what you should do. Shape and Size Matter : Before you make a decision about what kind of packaging you need and want, you need to be clear about the size and the shape of your product. There are certain norms and traditions when packaging certain products. You can learn more about that here https://www.boxcoop.com/boxes-by-industry/.However, even if you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of others, there are still certain designs and shapes which are not suitable for certain product sizes and shapes. What’s more, even the weight and fragility of the product can be an issue that takes serious deliberations when picking the perfect packaging option. Choose the Right Material :Not only the design options are limited by your product, so are the materials you can use. For instance, it is really difficult to package fragile products in a thin, one-layer paperboard without risking breakage. Once again, there are some typical and traditional packaging options for various product types.For instance, high-end electronics are typically packaged in thick, highly compressed cardboard boxes, whereas food items tend to be safe enough in thin paperboard, and so on. However, if your product is not limited by such factors, it is entirely up to you what kind of material you choose. In that case, you can take other factors into account, including the price, the availability of printing options, and so on. Collaborate with Professionals : When choosing your partners, there are several factors which you need to take into account. Some people will give you fantastical prices and timelines which they are not very likely to uphold. Make sure that you only collaborate with people with good track records. You can do a lot of research online and find genuine and verified information about the company you want to do business with.The old maxim ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’ makes perfect sense in this situation. Manufacturing anything costs money and takes time. Assess whether your proposed partners can actually deliver what they are promising. You can also ask for samples of their work to evaluate the quality of their work. Speak Your Mind : Once you have been given the preliminary packaging concept, it is time to give your opinion. There is plenty of time to make adjustments and change things that you don’t like before the sample is manufactured on a larger scale. The graphic designers from your packaging manufacturers will surely do as much as they can to reach a mutually agreeable option.However, once you approve the design, it is likely too late to change anything in the packaging design, at least for the first batch, so make sure you genuinely like it and want it to represent your product.Once your product is ready to hit the market, you should be confident that you have chosen the right packaging and the right design options.Read Also :How To Get Product Ideas For Your E-commerce Business 5 Steps On How To Market Your Business Using Social Media Get The Details On How Sferic Protect Can Benefit Your Business & Its Safety

Amazon's FBA

Your Review of Amazon’s FBA Wholesale Marketing Course

There are now different tools and platforms that can help any individual earn money. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), for example, allows individuals to purchase products directly from the manufacturer, send these products to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and have Amazon handle the picking, packing, and shipping of these products for a customer’s order. Under this service, Amazon will also handle your customer service and product returns. Because you’re just purchasing products from a manufacturer, you’re not launching a brand or trying to add value to a product – you’re just buying products from well-known brands and work as a seller on Amazon.Selling wholesale products through FBA doesn’t require a large investment unlike other types of businesses. Because Amazon is already a household name, sellers can be assured that they will be working with a reliable brand once they sign up for FBA services. Aside from these, you can also experience the following benefits once you sell wholesale under FBA: 1. Established customer base:When you’re a neophyte in the business arena, it’ll take years before you can gain loyal customers. You’ll have to study the market, know your target audience, and be ahead of the competition before you can achieve that goal. Fortunately, selling on Amazon can make the process easier and faster. Amazon has been providing products and services for decades, allowing them to earn millions of customers from different parts of the globe. Once you sell using this platform, you don’t have to worry about looking for your target audience – they’re already there in Amazon! Regardless of the products you choose to resell, you can guarantee that Amazon has the suitable target audience for them. 2. Scalability: Getting a lot of orders is always good news for business. When this happens, you’ll have the opportunity to gain loyal customers and increase profit. However, when these orders are not met promptly, your name as a seller can be adversely affected as well. Over time, customers might see you as an unreliable seller. Selling wholesale products through FBA steers you away from this direction. Since you’re getting your products from another party, it’ll be easy for you to place orders based on the demands of your customers. If these products are selling like hotcakes, you can quickly increase your inventory in order to satisfy the demands of your customers. Less idle time, more satisfied customers. 3. Lower risks: Usually, starting a business will require a lot of things. For one, you’ll need to have financial resources to set up your own brick-and-mortar store, hire employees, and use different kinds of marketing mediums. If your business doesn’t thrive and succeed, all of these investments will go to waste. Selling wholesale products through FBA lessens this kind of risk. Because you’re not required to have a store or make use of any marketing mediums, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money. Most often than not, you’ll only need to have enough money to purchase products from a manufacturer. Hence, when your attempts don’t give you any positive results, the loss is not that big.Before deciding on the type of business you should engage in, it’s important that you also consider the disadvantages of your options. This will allow you to properly set your expectations and determine if such option is apt for your needs, lifestyle, and preference. Selling wholesale products through FBA might provide a long list of benefits, but it also comes with several cons: Finding products that aren’t already sold on Amazon:Amazon has been an online platform that sells different kinds of products since 1994. This brand has been operating for years, attracting more and more sellers every day. Because of the variety of products already available through Amazon, you’ll have a hard time looking for another product that is still inexistent in the website. Amazon basically has everything a customer could ever want and need – from cosmetics and electronic devices to books, decors, and even holiday costumes! Successfully competing with other sellers: As mentioned, looking for a product that is not yet available on Amazon can become a struggle. As a result, you’ll end up choosing products that are already sold on Amazon. This option still gives you an opportunity to earn, but you’ll have a lot of competition – some of which are already influencers or well-established brands in the market. Leveling out the playing field might mean you’ll have to come up with carefully thought-out pricing and marketing strategies and use other resources such as journal review coaching program. High order quantities: Being a reseller in Amazon will only require you to buy products from well-known manufacturers. However, since manufacturers sell products in bulk, you’ll have to make a significant financial investment upfront. You’ll have to pay a large amount of money just so you can purchase their products, sell these in Amazon, and make a profit from it. But the challenge doesn’t end there. Since you brought the bulk of products (probably around a hundred or more), you now have the responsibility of looking for a certain number of buyers just so you can earn from your investment. If you purchased 150 products from a manufacturer and only sold 20 of these, you’ll end up having a stale inventory and not being able to make the most of your investment. You’ll lose money instead of earn. Being Different Is Good: More and more people are choosing to purchase products from online platforms rather than doing it from a physical store. The former is more convenient and accessible to many. If you think selling wholesale products through FBA can satisfy these demands and can help you earn a steady income, go ahead and sign up for an account. Just make sure that you’re also using different strategies that can make your products stand out in the market. Remember that you’re not the first and only seller to use this platform.Read Also:Looking For A New Watch? Shop Branded Ladies Watch With Up To 70% Off On Amazon. Top 5 Electronics Gadgets To Buy From Amazon US