Ways On How to Advertise Coupon Codes in Social Media

For most e-commerce websites today, be it a small one or a big one like Verizon Wireless, Coupon Codes are essential to have the business advertised on the right portals. Most coupon sites promote your brand and keep it top in the competition with similar brands.

If you thought that coupon codes essentially sacrifice your revenues to get more sales, you could be quite wrong. Sometimes, even a huge discount coupon code could help drive a major sales hike. The best way to get more traction with your audience and stand out is by using effective social media strategies. Wondering how to get it done? Check out here

Set Your Goals :

Before you start working on your promotional campaign on social media channels, it is crucial to set your goals. Apart from getting you new customers, coupon codes can also retain existing customers when you place them right on social media.

There are many interesting ways to set up your social media promotional coupons. If you are intending to clear out stock, you could start a buy one get one offer. If you would want to do it on a regular basis, the best way to do it is by setting a weekly or monthly clear out sale for your social audience. Your weekly or monthly promo cycle could help your audience look forward to your posts on social channels. This also aids customer retention.

By offering a promotion on the most popular product in your shop, you can attract new customers. Set specific goals and plan your coupon code offer that suits best.

Here are some of the most popular offer types:

Offer Types using coupon codes:

  • Percentage off on a specific product – 20% off all shirts
  • Percentage off on a sale cart – 5% off on your cart at checkout
  • Dollar off on a specific product – $10 off on your first product purchase
  • Dollar-off on a sale cart – Buy for $100 or more and get $10 off
  • Free shipping coupon code
  • Buy Two Get One offers or Buy One Get One offers

Coupon codes promotion on social media at regular intervals would make your brand more popular and sought after. With short-life coupon codes, you can get a good brand following. Promotion helps you fix any market gaps that your brand might face. A perfect promo plan can help you work positively towards your goal.

Create Your Coupon Codes :

If you are using Shopify or Bigcommerce, creating your coupon codes is pretty simple. Amazon also offers a promo code feature that is designed for social media platforms. You might also consider using tools like Snipcart to create your coupon codes and promoting them. Platforms like Rignite offers one-stop for coupon codes on social media, you can create, share as well as track the effectiveness of your coupon code that you use.

It does not matter how you create your coupon codes, what matters is tracking and monitoring the campaign to derive results.

Designing Your Social Media Posts :

It is important to create engaging and interesting social media posts to promote your coupon codes. When you schedule your posts, make sure that they go live at the same promotional period that you have set in the system

All About Creating Your Promotional Posts :

When you create promotional posts for coupon codes, place your coupon codes both on the image as well as text. When your audience sees your promotion, make it clearly standing out to help them see the value. Adding a sense of urgency like short-life coupon codes or setting up a set number of codes can help to make better conversions. Adding relevant hashtags also help to promote your posts and taking them up in the right direction.

Spend On Social Media Advertising :

Paid promotion on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter help reach your campaign to a specific target audience outside your main followers base.

Micro-Influencers Promote Your Business :

Micro-influencers are a great way to promote specific niche related coupon codes. Although their audience may be smaller in number they are usually more involved and attentive to posts. Promoted posts hold more value as the base audience are usually peers who trust the micro-influencer. To partner with micro-influencers, you can use Dealspotr to find your perfect match.

Branded Videos Impact On Promotion :

Another effective way to promote your coupon code is by creating relevant branded videos. One of the overlooked platforms to advertise your product is YouTube. If you find creating a video difficult, you could also contact a micro-influencer from YouTube to promote your brand. Famebit is one of the popular channels to connect you with the right influencer.

Tracking and Measuring ROI :

Always monitor your social media promotions to find out what works best for you. Tracking down the platform that brings you more conversions is one of the most effective ways to focus your time and money on what’s most effective for your brand

Social media is one of the places to find the right target audience for your brand. Instead of using bargain shopping websites like Groupon and Coupon.com, promoting your coupon codes on social media is the right way to target potential buyers.

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