Why Is Google Sucks Trending? Top Reasons And Justifications


30 May 2023


Google Sucks

If you are of the opinion that Google sucks really bad, then let me tell you something— you are not the only one who thinks like that!

Well, if I have to give my personal opinion or take a stand on this particular trend where I take a stand on why I think Google sucks or doesn’t and what is the reason behind my point, there is one thing that I would like to state at the very beginning. And that is the fact that I really LOVE using Google.

This is not only the largest and most used search engine in the world but also has a lot of products that people from across the world use o a daily basis. However, there can be times when you do not really prefer some of the things that happen in and around the billion-dollar company.

If you have been searching for the reasons why Google sucks, well, you have come to the end of your search. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about the same…

Google Sucks! And Here’s Why!  

Google Sucks! And Here’s Why

It is impossible to imagine going about our daily lives without being able to “quickly Google” this or that because Google has become such a large part of our culture.

However, there are a few things that most people do not know about when it comes to Google. In this article, I will be talking about these few points which is why Google sucks!

So, if that is something that you have been searching for, you do not have to look any further. Here are the top five reasons why Google sucks:

1. It Stores And Steals Data  

The fact that there is zero protection for consumers’ privacy is the primary reason I believe Google is bad. To put it another way, Google is terrible at ensuring the privacy of its users.

Almost all significant websites have experienced data breaches or privacy issues at some point. Google is also no different.

It’s tougher to avoid as hackers get more skilled and we divulge more of our personal information, but when a company as big as Google experiences one, it’s in a different league.

Over 500,000 individuals’ personal information was exposed due to an API issue on the now-defunct Google+, a serious breach of privacy.

It made it possible for third-party apps to access private information as well (third-party programs occasionally need permission to access a small bit of the data held by Google on a particular user in order to function).

This could contain extremely private information like your job title, nickname, birthdate, and email address—information that could be easily exploited to access financial information, personal documents, and other things.

2. Pretty Litigious  

When you have the wealth and clout that Google possesses, it’s essentially game over for businesses and people that cross them.

Google has faced a variety of bizarre and interesting legal challenges over the years, including complaints from individuals whose privacy had been infringed by Google Maps photos, fraudulent personal information returned in searches, and inaccurate information that caused harm. Indeed, a class-action lawsuit over click fraud resulted in a $90 million settlement that Google was compelled to accept in 2006.

And how many instances of fabricated material, photographs protected by copyright, incorrect and damaging information, and erroneous advertising do you believe Google still engages in? Millions! That’s why I think Google is a somewhat litigious company, in my perspective.

3. Does Not Reward Its Content  

The issue is that there will always be ways for dishonest people to use the rules of an organization that is solely governed by algorithms for their personal gain.

Without having extremely substantial financial resources, it is almost impossible to rank well for your content.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that search indexing is a fair process, yet nothing could be further from reality. Information on websites ending in.edu,.gov, and.org, as well as websites with links pointing to them, is given a higher.

A greater volume of information is also seen favorably, therefore websites that plagiarize from other sources but have a high publication rate can go up the results by virtue of posting three times per day.

Because there aren’t enough resources in this area, spam reports are frequently handled without being taken any further. Thus, political propaganda and copycat content are permitted to gain prominence.

4. Follows You Around  

Many individuals now have Google-capable devices in their homes.

You might have an Android phone with built-in Google tools (including Chrome, Navigation, Play Services, Music, and more), a smart TV, a laptop that runs searches, or an Alexa-enabled speech assistant in your home.

Google will now constantly pursue you across the web with advertising content pertaining to those themes if it determines that you are interested in something.

Therefore, if you ever looked for something mildly embarrassing, it might still be lying around in your advertisement cookies, waiting to be brought up at a meeting at work or when the in-laws visit.

Additionally, Google has ingeniously buried the privacy policy settings for all of this data in places where most people wouldn’t think to delete them. However, doing so wouldn’t stop Google from keeping the information they already have about you.

5. Site Indexing Issues  

I am aware that Google’s core business and origin was site searching, and some could claim that since they are currently ranked first, they are succeeding well. I concur in part. Here is my justification on why I think Google search indexing is bad.

I’ve heard that Google’s search indexing and ranking are “democratic” quite a bit. Simply said, that is untrue. Given that backlinks from.org,.gov, and.edu domains are more valuable than those from other domains and that they are frequently acquired through donations and sponsorship, this is only democratic in the sense of a large corporation. Today, it’s actually very tough to become very successful without finance and without advertising on the Internet.

Wrapping It Up!  

In case you were searching for the answer to why is Google Sucks trending these days, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, kindly feel free to let me know.

All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. Do not forget to share your suggestions. And I will be there to answer them all for you!

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10 Google Pacman Doodle Facts

On May 21, 2020, Pac-Man Doodle completed by 40 years. It was launched in the early 1980s. It was the most famous arcade game till now. As I know, Pac-Man was a massive hit in pop culture. It is still strong today. But the interesting fact is Pac-Man is made with full certainty. The designer Toru Iwatani initially had no interest in games. But his creation got the success that surprised him too. Here are some exciting facts behind the scenes about Pac Man's making. So, keep on reading till the end of the article. Google Pac Man Doodle: Interesting Facts Pac Man is a Japanese video game created by Toru Iwanti in the 1980s. He is known as the father of Pac Man. But it is developed, published, and owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Google Doodle celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man on May 21, 2010. After this celebration, Google PacMan Doodle gained a mass audience. Many people got to know about this classic arcade game due to Google. Now it is also available on Google Play. This huge popularity of arcade games has many hidden facts that can be an influential matter. Scroll down to get the fascinating facts. Read More: How To Delete A Page In Google Docs 1. Toru Iwatani, Pac Man Designer Had No Training Toru Iwatani started work at the age of 22-year-old at Namco in 1977. But he has no particular interest in making video games. Before Pac-Man, Iwatani was busy to designing Cutie Q (1979), Gee Bee (1978), and Bomb Bee (1979), but before ended up these games, two years later, in 1980, he launched Pac-Man. 2. Pac Man Inspired By Space Invaders The theme of the Pac-Man Doodle has come from the success of Space Invaders and Galaxian. Pac-Man Doodle was a masculine space, full of dark shooting space, which was popular among the people.  In 1986, Iwatani said, "All the computer games available at the time were of the violent type—war games and Space Invader types, there are no games that everyone could enjoy, and especially none for women. I wanted to come up with a 'comical' game women could enjoy."  This is the reason the father of Pac Man isn't copied from war games. Instead, he takes the theme of black but not violence. Iwatani began to think about making the game 'comical'. He takes the idea from the word 'taberu', which means 'to eat'. And eventually, the concept of the game is called 'Pakku-Man'.  3. Pac-Man Doodle Shaped Inspired By Pizza Do you know how Iwatani got the idea of the shape of Pac-Man? While he was eating a pizza, it looked like a pie missing a slice and it had become the shape of Pac Man Doodle. How interesting it is!  In an interview, Iwatani exclaimed that "In Japanese, the character for mouth [kuchi] is a square shape. It's not circular like the Pizza, but I decided to round it out." And thus, Pac-Man was born. 4. Pac Man's Ghosts Were Motivated By Comic Book Characters As Iwatani began to develop the idea, he added the concept of the maze (a power cookie), which has the extra power to eat ghosts. Later, the creator revealed that the power up idea had come from Popeye, who defeated his arch-rival Bluto by eating spinach. Now you may want to know where Iwatani gets the idea of ghosts. It's another interesting fact of the Pac Man doodle. He said that he takes ideas from comic books. When he was a kid, he watched animation and manga. For instance: Casper, Obake no Q-Taro. 5. Pac Man Was The First Game To Introduce Cut-Scenes Pac Man doodle is a very simple game. It is a cartoon-like interface, where you can see an enormous Pac-Man chasing a terrified ghost across the game screen. But, Iwatani's programmers wanted to implement the idea from "coffee breaks" and argued that interludes a little bit to the game, but the father of Pac man won this battle. 6. Pac Man Is Nothing Without Enemy AI The behaviors of the ghosts were the most tricky part while Pac Man was programming, Iwatani stated. He also said that it takes 18 months to develop the games. His sound designer Toshio Kai, and Programmer Shigeo Funaki failed to create something more entertaining. Iwatani admitted, " There's not much entertainment in a game of eating, so we decided to create enemies to inject a little excitement and tension." One of the most intelligent aspects of Pac-Man Doodle is that each ghost behaves differently. If you play Pac-Man doodle, you can see one ghost chase the player while trying to attack Pac-Man from the front; the fourth will chase and suddenly change course. Iwatani said that, "This is the heart of the game ... The AI in this game impresses me to this day!" 7. It Was Unexpected To Be A Hit At the beginning stage of the arcade game Pac Man was not thought to become one of the most popular games among the masses. Iwatani exclaimed in an interview that the game might be popular among youngsters and women. But, American Distributors picked up "Puck- Man" and named it "Pac -Man" and the rest is history. 8. Pac Man The Most Successful Arcade Game After launching this game in the early 1980s, within 18 months, 350,000 arcade machines were selling and generating more revenue. But Iwatani, the father of Pac-Man, the designers and programmers, was working in Japan at the time with Tomohiro Nishikado, the creators of Space Invaders did not directly profit from all the success. In 1987, Nishikado said, "The truth of the matter is, there were no rewards per se for the success of Pac-Man, I was just an employee. There was no change in my salary, no bonus, no official citation of any kind." You May Like To Read This: Pros and Cons on Google Translation Accuracy 9. You Can Make The Highest Score Of 3,333,360 Points Pac- man does not have a so-called ending as such. But, if you consumed every dot, fruit, and power pellet on each of the 255 levels, you can get a maximum score of 3,333,360 points. Legendary video game champion Billy Mitchell was the first one who won this maximum Pac-Man score. 10. Google Doodle Pac Man Still Be Played Today Google celebrates Pac Man's 30th birthday and launched Pac-Man google doodle of the playable version. According to the report issued by a time management company, the game takes 4.8 million working hours. This is the first-ever Google doodle that can still be played today. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Here is some more information regarding Pac Man doodle, you can look out at once if you want to get more. 1. How Do I Get Google Pac-Man? If you want to play pac-man, you can go to google.com and search for "google pac man" and you will get the result and select the first link and you will get the "Google Pac Man".  2. Can You Play A Pac-Man On Pc? Yes, you can play on your PC. You can play this game by using the keyboard button left-right and up-down buttons, or you can use Bluestacks. 3. How Do You Beat The Pac-Man Doodle? In order to beat Pac-Man, you have to eat all the dots in the level and try to finish at one time without taking life. Once you have done that, the enemy will chase you. You need to lead them into the four corners of the level; they will freeze. Wrapping Up: It Is Still Famous Pac man doodle is one of the most famous arcade games in the world. From the 1980s to the 21st century, it has had a huge fan following in the game industry. These facts about Pac-Man make this game more interesting. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article too. Please let me know your words below the comment section. If you want to know more about games and the fun facts behind the games, you can visit our website also. Read Also: 10 Top Games for PC Gamers10 of eSports Most Popular Video GamesTop 3 Most Entertaining Educational Games

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What Report Indicates Where Users Start Or Exit The Conversion Funnel?

What report indicates where users start or exit the conversion funnel? Actually, the conversion funnel is a phrase used in e-commerce to describe the journey a consumer takes via a search engine or internet advertising, converting to a sale, or navigating an e-commerce website.   This is exactly the way to visualize the flow and conversion path of potential customers into paying customers. These visitors can be generated via a number of methods such as cold outreach, paid ads, social media, content marketing, and SEO.  A Simple Guide To Conversion Funnel [caption id="attachment_28122" align="alignnone" width="693"] https://www.megalytic.com/blog/understanding-the-funnel-visualization-in-google-analytics[/caption] Funnels help us to view the process easily by provisioning us a visual representation of the conversion data between each step. This enables you to: Be aware of bugs, technical nuisances, and browser issues. Determine what language or copy might be modifying our customer’s emotional behavior during sign-up or checkout. Discover what steps are causing errors or customer confusion. A standard funnel visualization report might command such discrepancies, and it is not soft enough to cope with sudden user behavior. However, in these types of cases, the Google Analytics goal glow report is useful to a great extent.  You can track the conversion funnel in Google Analytics by using your funnel visualization report for insights and analysis. According to our research, pageviews can occur non sequentially for funnel matches. All You Need To Know About Google Analytics Goal Flow Reports A Goal Flow report illustrates your sales funnel. It describes how efficiently visitors to your eCommerce site are driving the route from awareness to sales, to desire, and to interest. This report is going to help you identify loops and stuck points. At the same time, it can provide strong insights that can leverage to boost returns on investment (ROI) and conversion rates.  Besides, you can create your own custom report and track the same via Google Analytics report. To access the goal flow reports, navigate to Conversions >> Goals >> Goal Flow.  You would never know the goal flow and visualization reports without having to implement a goal and setting up a funnel.  What Can You Do With The Goal Flow Report? [caption id="attachment_28123" align="alignnone" width="693"] https://www.megalytic.com/blog/understanding-the-funnel-visualization-in-google-analytics[/caption] Now, with the goal flow report, you can review questions such as: Is there one segment of traffic that acts differently? Is there a spot where traffic loops behind? Are there many surprising exits from a step in the core of the funnel? Where do users enter my funnel? In addition to this, you can determine information such as: Exit points Funnel steps skipped Stuck points Internal loops Conversion rates Drop-off points Percentage of traffic completing your goal Percentage of traffic visiting certain pages The popularity of landing pages Sources of traffic. What Report Indicates Where Users Start Or Exit The Conversion Funnel? The answer to your question What report indicates where users start or exit the conversion funnel? is Goal Flow. This report is used to perform a funnel analysis. Moreover, start and exit in the goal funnel provides you an overview of which steps users exits or enters in your conversion process. This is a very important part that you need to understand in detail. All the points in the funnel are vital to complete a conversion successfully. The goal flow report also displays the path your traffic traveled towards goal conversion. This report helps you know if unexpected problems or visitors are driving your content as expected.  Therefore, to view the goal flow report, you need to Sign in to your Google Analytics account, and then you can open the reports to view the same.  The Final Thoughts What report indicates where users start or exit the conversion funnel? Goal Flow is the correct answer to this query. The above-explained information describes the reasons for this. However, if you come across any doubts, you can mention them in the comment section below! More Resources: 5 Smart Ways to Boost your Credit Score The Importance of Writing Business Reports in College Different Types of Conversions to Make the Most of Spare space

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Your Complete Guide To Google Play Balance Transfer: How To Manage Your Digital Wallet

Let's just say you have money saved in your Google Play balance and you are thinking of transferring it.  Your thoughts could be going in the direction of your bank account or transferring it to your Google Pay account. We will try to help you with this. In this article, we will explain how Google Play works, what the dos and don'ts are, and how you can transfer it to other devices or accounts.  What Is Google Play Balance?  Suppose you want to buy a digital book, a movie, games, subscriptions, apps, and other digital content. Google Play balance will help you pay for all of these services with the amount attached to your Google account. This can be done in the Google Play Store. You can also use it to make in-app purchases while using certain apps and games. Keep in mind that google play balance cannot be used to buy goods or services physically from a store. More amount can be added to the google play balance if you redeem the gift cards and codes. Or you could use a debit or credit card, Paypal, and other different payment methods. If you want to check your balance on google play, open the google play store app on an Android device. It will also show you the transaction history while helping you manage the payment methods on the same page. If you create a Google Play Family Library, you may also share the Google Play balance with others. By doing this, you can purchase content once and distribute it to up to five family members who also have Google accounts. You may also limit the amount of money your family can spend from the shared balance. The material can also be accessed. Restrictions With Google Play Balance  Image Source You are however subject to some restrictions when using your Google Play balance. You cannot, for instance: Transferring the amount to other Google accounts is not possible. Your Google Play balance is tied to your Google account. No official method exists for you to transfer the Google Play balance towards bank accounts and other forms of payment. Transferring the amount onto a Google Pay account will enable you to use your phone to pay for items both online and in physical stores. Google Pay is a different service. Your Google Pay account cannot be funded or used to make payments using your Google Play balance. Transfer the balance to different devices: All of the devices that are logged into the same Google account have access to your Google Play balance. It cannot be moved to a separate device that is signed in with a separate Google account. You cannot request a refund after adding an amount to the Google Play balance unless a legal requirement exists. Only digital items from the Google Play Store may be purchased with it. How To Transfer Balance From Google Play To Bank Account?  The ability to transfer your Google Play balance to other accounts and other payment methods is not officially supported. But there are some underhand techniques that some individuals claim to use. They are not advised because they might be against Google Play's terms of service or entail fraud or frauds. Some of these techniques consist of: Online exchange of Google Play gift cards and vouchers for cash- If you still have unused gift cards or redemption codes, this might work. This could be dangerous, though, since you might run into dishonest buyers who don’t pay or deal cards or codes that have been compromised. Purchasing digital products from the Google Play Store to resell them for money online- If you purchase in-demand software, games, movies, books, or subscriptions then resell them on eBay or Amazon. This might work. However, you run the risk of breaking the terms of service of the platforms of the content providers. Using apps or websites from third parties that promise to exchange your Google Play balance for cash. If you can locate a reliable app or website that provides this service and costs a fair price, this might work. But that could of give hackers or con artists access to your personal information and payment information. As a result, we do not advise utilizing any of these techniques to transfer your Google Play balance to a bank account. It could make you lose money, get you banned from Google Play, or put you in trouble with the law. How To Transfer Balance From Google Play To Google Pay?  Image Source There are no Google-supported methods to use your Google Play balance to make payments or transfer it to a Google Pay account. The balances in Google Play and Google Pay are two distinct objects that cannot be combined or transferred. Only subscriptions, applications, games, books, movies, and music can be purchased from the Google Play Store using Google Play balance. Only Google Pay transactions or bank account withdrawals are permitted with Google Pay balance. Why then are you unable to transfer Google Play credit to Google Pay? The primary explanation is that the terms and conditions for Google Play balance are different from those for Google Pay balance. For instance, unlike Google Pay balance, Google Play balance can have expiration dates or have different refund policies. Additionally, not all payment options or supported currencies for Google Pay are compatible with Google Play balance. You will need to find other options if you wish to use the Google Play balance toward anything. For example, you could purchase digital products from the Google Play Store. In other words, you cannot directly transfer Google Play credit to Google Pay. You must use your Google Play balance for its intended purpose or find alternative means of conversion.  Wrapping Up: These are the options for desktop and Android devices to quickly transfer your Google Play balance to a bank account. You can utilize other third-party apps to transfer your balance if you have trouble using the aforementioned methods to transfer the money. The charges involved are usually the biggest disadvantage of using third-party apps to make transfers. More Resources: “Is Google Chat Safe?” Let’s Find Out 5 Smart Ways To Boost Your Credit Score Breaking Boundaries: A User’s Manual On Altering Google Play’s Country Google Play Cancel Subscription: The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your App