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There is an interesting study in California that compares the intake of calories for schools which has banned soda water vending machines. It was found that on average that students consume 158 fewer calories daily. These studies are of course not conclusive but it is encouraging to see that reducing the amount of soda being consumed can help to cut down on the amount of sugar a child can take.

I personally wish that more such studies can be conducted to show folks that cutting down these sugary drinks can help to reduce the obese problem that is facing America right now. In my previous post on New York City banning soda water, I argued that this is the right policy decision although it is likely to face much resistance from the companies that manufacture of best soda maker.

This is where studies such as what I have highlighted comes into play because they provide strong support for governmental policies. With scientific proof, it is being much harder to gain support from the rest of the community.

That being said, I also foresee the cases where companies will undertake their own research and prove that drinking soda water has no correlation with obesity. This is the kind of games that the Tabaco companies have been playing and I see soda water manufacturers doing the same thing. In fact, I am not so sure that smoking and drinking excessive soda water should not be on the same level of concern in everyone’s mind.

Readers, if you see more such reports, please share them here so that collectively, we can know for sure what are the health benefits of drinking less soda water.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Carbonated Water Maker

The carbonated water machine is about the size of a coffee maker and uses no batteries or electricity. All the work is done by a CO2 canister placed in the back of the machine.

It only takes a few seconds to enjoy nearly unlimited amounts of sparkling water and soda. Here are 10 reasons why you need a carbonated water maker:

1. You Control the fizziness 

For seltzer loves, one of the best parts of a carbonated water maker is that you get to control the fizziness of your drinks. Some people prefer a gentle fizz. Others like lots and lots of bubbles. Usually, it only takes 2-3 button presses to fully carbonate a liter of water. I always add an extra push of the button.

2. Drink Healthy 

Not only do you control the fizziness, you also control all of the ingredients. This provides an excellent opportunity to teach your family about healthy alternatives to high-fructose corn syrup name brand sodas. Instead of sugary syrups, why not use a squeeze of lime juice or a splash of cranberry juice. You can also make your own flavors with ginger, tea bags, or anything else you find in your kitchen.

In addition to flavors, you also control the water source. You can use ordinary tap water, or you can use chilled water from a water filter.

3. It is good for the environment 

Many people would argue that this is the most important benefit of owning a home carbonated water maker. Most of these machines include one or more reusable soda bottles that are good for three years or more. By reusing your bottles instead of throwing them away, you greatly reduce your plastic bottle waste. Reusing is even better than recycling.

Secondly, these machines help you reduce your carbon footprint. There is no point in paying for someone else to manufacture, fill up, and then truck plastic bottles around the country when you have all the materials at home.

4. Cut your grocery store bill 

The CO2 canisters included with most carbonated water machines are good for about 60 liters of carbonated water.  Large sizes are also available.   Name brand sparkling water can cost several dollars per liter at the store.  Home seltzer machines can make a liter of carbonated water for about 15-20 cents per liter.

5. Unlimited Carbonated Water, Seltzer Water, and Club Soda 

Since you have all the materials at your fingertips, these machines can make virtually unlimited amounts of carbonated water on demand.  If you run out of soda at a birthday party or club soda at a cocktail party, it only takes a few seconds to make more.  You won’t have to run off to the store to buy more.

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The present medicinal analysts have discovered massage treatment can give advantages to the individuals who encounter emotional and mental health issues, for example, sadness and tension. Specialists have indicated many sorts of massage treatment can be an incredible supplement to psychotherapy for treating certain conditions. 5 Mental Health Benefits of Massage Therapy That You Must Know Here are a few conditions massage treatment can affect: 1. Stress and Anxiety Stress is a well-known emotional issue, and it can adversely affect many lives. Researches have demonstrated massage treatment can lessen manifestations of misery and nervousness. At Japan's Kyushu University, a group of specialists discovered facial massage relieved members' physiological pain. They reasoned that massage actuated members' thoughtful sensory system, lessening their tension and enhancing their state of mind. Before your next massage, request that your expert enable you to pick medications alternatives that help your downheartedness, uneasiness, or some other emotional well-being issues. 2. Neurotransmitters and Hormonal Balance Scientists have indicated massage treatment endorses neurotransmitter functions that can diminish uneasiness and lower pressure hormone levels. Specialists have discovered massage treatment affects individuals who were encountering a scope of psychological well-being issues, including melancholy, dietary problems, and tension. The examination group found around a 30% expansion in dopamine and serotonin levels in the investigation members who experienced a massage, and in addition a diminished in cortisol pressure hormone. These discoveries recommend massage was in charge of expansion in feel-great neurotransmitters and a lessening in pressure. 3. Pulse and Circulatory Problems The right massage specialist can help bring down your pulse rate and in addition the systolic and diastolic hypertension. An analyst at the University of South Florida considered the impacts of a back massage on the high blood pressure and discovered circulatory strain decreases in think about members who got a massage. Those admonishments keep going even after 2 days after the massage treatment was given. On the off chance that you encounter hypertension, converse with your specialist about having massage treatment in your present treatment. In spite of the fact that massage enables many individuals to feel better, it may not be a prompted answer for everybody, particularly on the off chance that you have profound vein thrombosis. In such a situation, make a point to converse with your doctor before planning a massage arrangement. 4. Lightening Symptoms of Illness Individuals with dangerous ailments or infections regularly encounter nervousness and misery. Massage treatment can extraordinarily build personal satisfaction, arranging for mental and physical health benefits. Numerous doctors prescribe massage as an integral treatment to therapeutic watch over its recuperating force and low frequency of reactions. Columbia University Medical Center specialists contemplated kids with growth and discovered massage treatment oversaw many symptoms of tumor treatment, including torment, nervousness, wretchedness, hypertension, and diminished insusceptible capacity. 5. Business-related Stress in Health Care Professionals Mayo Clinic scientists as of late examined 38 attendants who got massages once every week for about ten weeks amid working hours. The medicinal services experts who got massage treatment encountered a diminishment in many pressure-related side effects, as well as joints and muscles torment; bear the strain, exhaustion, cerebral pains, and a sleeping disorder. Regardless of your profession, customary massage treatment can build your well being, prosperity, and stamina. Numerous associations contract massage specialists to bring down representative feelings of anxiety and enhance profitability. Not exclusively can a massage treatment can make you rest easy it can also enhance working environment effectiveness. Read More:  The Relationship Between Oral Health And General Health How Can A Cardiologist Save Your Life? Top 5 Life Hacks Of Dealing With The Symptoms Of Menopause An Overview Of Schizophrenia

Dental Plaque

Dr. Maria Luong Discusses on Ways to Avoid Dental Problems by Keeping Dental Plaque and Tartar Away

Dental plaque and tartar are the main cause of tooth decay and tooth loss, but many people do not brush enough to keep them away. Even if you brush twice a day, you may be missing areas by using the wrong brushing technique or even the wrong toothbrush, causing almost as many problems as you fix. By controlling plaque and tartar properly, you can prevent tooth decay or tooth loss. Plaque is a sticky biofilm of bacteria that grows on your teeth, where it can destroy the enamel, leading to cavities and infections. Plaque is soft, making it relatively easy to remove at home with the right brushing and flossing techniques. However, within a few days, this plaque starts to harden into a calcified deposit known as tartar, which only a dental professional can remove. Without professional dental cleaning, tartar creates a perfect environment for more bacteria. This results in receding gums and bone loss as bacteria can grow below the gum line. Therefore, Dr. Maria Luong shares five ways to keep dental plaque and tartar from causing gum disease and tooth decay. Use the Right Toothbrush in the Right Way: Even if you already brush the recommended twice a day, you may still be missing areas, giving plaque time to attack your teeth and harden into tartar. To avoid this, make sure you're brushing with the right technique. Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle towards your gums and lightly brush or massage your teeth and gum with short, circular strokes, as recommended by the American Dental Association ( Don't hold your toothbrush flat against your teeth while brushing it roughly over the tooth surface. This approach misses unwanted debris between your teeth while hurting your gums. Holding the brush at a 45-degree angle makes it easier for the bristles to move between teeth, and brushing along the gum line lets the bristles reach under the gums to remove food and plaque that's hiding. Make sure to use a soft toothbrush. By using a medium or firm bristled toothbrushes, it can risk damaging your enamel and can irritate your gums. Clean Between Your Teeth: Everyone hates flossing. It's awkward and doesn't do anything visible, so most people avoid it. However, if you are skipping on flossing, you risk getting cavities and infections in between your teeth, increasing damage and cost to repair your teeth. If you have trouble with flossing, consider using a water flosser or a floss pick to get at hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. You'll thank yourself when your dentist doesn't have to go drilling for cavities in your teeth. Get Regular Dental Cleanings: Even with perfect brushing and flossing techniques, everyone is going to miss a little bit of plaque that hardens into tartar. It is essential to see your dentist every six months or more so that they can clean away the hard tartar before it starts causing problems. It's less expensive to visit a dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning every six months than have your teeth destroyed by cavities because you avoided seeing a dentist. Rinsing with a Mouthwash: For a full-mouth clean, commercial mouthwash rinse will also help wash away bits of food, along with destroying bacteria. It's important as brushing and flossing. Mouthwash is effective in killing bacteria that cause decay and gum disease. Not all mouthwashes are created equal, so make sure what you're buying is approved by your local dental association, usually by looking for their association logo on the label. For instance, the American Dental Association has a seal of approval that proves the claims on the bottle ( rinse). In addition, some dental associations, such as the Australian Dental Association, list approved mouthwashes on their website ( Reduce Sticky, Acidic and High-Carb Foods: Everyone knows that sugar i.e. sweets contribute to tooth decay, but that's only part of the story. Sugar leads to tooth decay because it provides an excellent high-energy food source for the bacteria that live in your mouth. This can produce acid that wears away at the protective enamel of your teeth. Bacteria can eat more than just sugar. Any high-carb food, from bread to French fries, is a perfect food for bacteria. Also, like the acid produced by bacteria, acidic foods and beverages can damage tooth enamel. These helpful hygiene habits do not mean you have to avoid these foods entirely but remember to brush your teeth relatively soon after eating sticky, acidic and high-carb foods, especially foods like potato chips that can get stuck on teeth. However, while it's good to brush soon after eating, wait at least 30 minutes to make sure the enamel hasn’t weakened from the acidic foods. Taking good care of your teeth may sometime seem like a hassle. By taking the time to brush and floss, and getting regular dental checkups, this will save you a lot of toothaches and expensive dental work in the future. “It is often those who avoid the dentist or have poor dental hygiene practices over long periods of time, end up having to deal with dental-related health problems – it is important to do your research and find a dentist you feel comfortable working with,” said Dr. Maria Luong. Read Also: 5 Dental Hygiene Tips For A Healthier Smile How To Choose The Best Fort Lauderdale Dental Office Dental Health: 6 Essential Dental Care Tips You Need To Know Essential Things To Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Protein Shake Recipes

10 Best Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss

Market economy foresees an abundance of products for various human needs. In other words, you can go online or to a retail store and buy what you need. However, such an option is not always relevant. The trend of recent years is to paddle own canoe in miscellaneous tasks including the creation of nutritional supplements. DIY protein shakes are rather popular among people who want to both gain musculature and reduced fat in the body. Unlike most marketed solutions, homemade drinks provide a guarantee that no artificial components are inside. Besides, users can control the so-called specification of the product namely the nutritional value. Also, read the shakeology review. If you share that approach, the following selection of the best protein shake recipes is right for you. Coffee Whey protein source - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Raw almonds/cashews (quarter/half cup); Instant decaffeinated coffee (one/two tsp); Ice (handful). Apple Cinnamon Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Chopped apple (half/one cup); Cinnamon (one tsp); Ice (handful). Chocolate Cherry Chocolate whey protein source - (one serving of the chosen powder); Almond milk (one and a half cup); Fresh/frozen black cherries (half cup); Ice cubes (up to five pcs). Pina Colada Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Fresh/frozen pineapple pieces (half/one cup); Coconut extract (half tsp); Ice cubes (handful). Creamy Peach Smoothie Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Fresh/frozen peaches (quarter/half cup); Fresh/frozen banana (quarter/half). Tropical Dream Chocolate whey protein source - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fresh/frozen pineapple (half/one cup); Ice cubes (handful). Almond Peach Delight Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Fresh/frozen peaches (half/one cup); Almond extract (half tsp); Cinnamon (half tsp); Ice cubes (handful). Blueberry Vanilla Pear Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Fresh/frozen blueberries (quarter/half cup); Chopped pear (quarter/half cup); Ice cubes (handful). Breezy Freezy Shake Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one cup); Reduced-fat mango yogurt (one cup); Fresh/frozen pineapple (quarter); One banana Melon Madness Whey protein source (preferably vanilla) - (one serving of the chosen powder); Fat-free milk or freshwater (one or one and a half cup); Fresh/frozen watermelon (quarter/half); All of the above are only ingredients. And a recipe stipulates a certain procedure of turning raw materials into a ready-to-drink product. One of the principal benefits of nutritional shakes and their variations like smoothies, rich-in-protein drinks, and others is the simplicity to prepare. You won’t need special kitchen equipment except for the blender. Naturally, one can blend ingredient manually and shed a couple of pounds while doing it but it is better to assign the task to automation. So, take that device, which is usually accompanied by a container. Put all the ingredients for your future DIY protein shake and push the Start button. The blending time is not limited. You are free to play with the blender as long as you wish. However, watch the thickness of your shake. Adjust the liquid level according to your preferences. It is not necessary that any of the mentioned recipes will be to your taste. Sometimes, a pinch of a certain spice can turn the flavor upside down and add the missing smack. That is why homemade drinks are so popular. You can create own taste and forget about the necessity to put up with the marketed flavor solutions. Read More: Anti Aging Creams – What To Consider Before You Purchase? How To Remove Acne Scars Naturally