Six Supplement-Free Gym Performance Enhancers for Weightlifting Ladies

Weightlifting Ladies

In the current times full of hyped marketing claims of what works and brings the results that you so badly desire, you may not be sure of what really works and what does not. Many products promise to help you achieve toned muscles, lose weight and excel in games and competitions, but most of the time those are just marketing gimmicks. A properly balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep are the most important things in achieving fitness goals. In addition, some doses of great steroids, like Clenbuterol, can work to hasten the achievement of these goals. So what are some supplement-free gym performance boosters that ladies who lift can put to use? Read on for a look at the boosters.


Sleep is a great performance booster for ladies who lift, and for other people who work out. In fact, sleep is a crucial part of the training regimen. Sleep performs a crucial role in the recovery of damaged tissues and brings about a healthy immune system, which is very important for people who exercise regularly since working out temporarily weakens immune functions. An adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to sufficiently recover and to boost their performance. Also, the production of growth hormones happens while one is sleeping, so good sleep boosts muscle development.


Water consumption is vital for people who are training, as they lose lots of water through sweating. It is ideal to drink water throughout the day and not to wait until one feels thirsty. Women who weightlift get a performance boost by drinking enough water. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is vital in increasing blood volume, cooling the body, thinning the blood, and reducing the heart rate. Being properly hydrated will enable ladies who lift to feel that the workout is easier, hence allowing them to work more intensely and for a longer duration.

After-workout snacks, meals, and drinks

In the same way as water, post-workout snacks, meals, and drinks are crucial in cases where the participants are working out for more than an hour and at moderate to high intensity. Post-workout meals perform two major functions: They replenish the exhausted glycogen in readiness for the next session or game, and they provide some proteins to aid with muscle repair. Weightlifting women need post-workout meals to boost their performance.

Foam rolling

This is like another form of stretching. It reduces muscle soreness, thus the participant is able to attend the next session and deliver at other events, such as sports.

Group motivation

Performing tasks as groups help to raise motivation and thus may boost performance for women weightlifters. They should have their friends and relatives working with them so they can all motivate each other.

Setting realistic goals

Working toward a goal that has been well defined can help you to continue doing the workouts, even when tired. Lady weightlifters intend to gain throughout the whole season.

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Choosing A Diet Based On Your Personality Type

People generally tend to choose a diet plan depending on various factors like how tough it can be, how long it has to be implemented, how much weight loss it guarantees, and so on. But a new trend is catching on pretty fast – choosing a diet based on the personality of the person, so that way, before wondering if intermittent fasting works, you should first find out if it's in line with your lifestyle and attitude. And if you are also interested in such things, then this post will give you a brief idea of what kind of diet lifestyle suits certain personalities. 1. The One Who Likes To Socialize With People: People who are fond of socializing very often with others face a unique problem when it comes to dieting. Since they will go out to parties a lot, they will only have the choice of eating foods that are salty and fatty. In addition, there will likely be lots of alcohol present. The best diet plan for such people should include something that helps them avoid such foods and alcohol. As such, the diet should not be too focused on eating a fixed number of calories at fixed times. Instead, the time schedule must be flexible enough that they can eat a lot of food in one go just before they leave their home for a party. This will ensure that their stomach is full and they don’t end up eating the fatty, sugary, salty, processed foods at the parties. 2. The One Who Is Obsessed With Rules And Guidelines: Some people are extremely obsessed with following every single rule applicable to a task at hand. So, if the rule says that a screw has to be twisted 8 times in order to tighten something to a wall, such people will twist the screw exactly 8 times, nothing more nothing less. As such, extremely detailed diet plans that take care of every single aspect of their food right from when to eat, what to eat, how to eat, and so on, are the most suitable diet program for such people. For example, such people will likely find the HCG diet to be very useful since it involves a lot of strict rules which can lead to impressive weight loss results if followed correctly. And in case you are interested in the HCG diet, you can easily find all the Answers to the Top Queries about Starting HCG Diet by searching online. 3. The One Who Constantly Keeps Thinking: Some people like to constantly keep thinking about something. It does not even have to be related to anything important in their lives. In fact, it can be as ridiculous as possible. But if anything catches their fancy, these people start thinking about everything associated with it. For example, while cooking in the kitchen, they might see that a spider has caught an insect in its web. This might trigger them to think about what the spider web is made of, what would happen if spiders got huge like elephants, and so on. Such types of people also tend to eat a lot in order to keep up with their constant thinking. As such, a diet plan suitable for these people should focus on frequent low-calorie meals each day. So, if they are already consuming 3000 calories every day, and the diet aims to limit it to 2000 calories, then the meal plan can be set in a way that they consume 250 calories over 8 meals during the day. 4. The One Who Acts Impulsively: There are people who act impulsively. No amount of planning will be of use to such people since they usually tend to override all plans with what they spontaneously feel is the right thing to do. With such people, a detailed, step-by-step diet plan is useless since they will be unable to follow it. As such, the best thing to do is to only focus on a few general rules while leaving the specifics to them. For example, suppose that you want them to eat specific food items during lunch. Now, they are not going to plan what they are going to cook for lunch a week in advance. No. So, the best thing you can do is to stick the refrigerator with low-calorie, high-nutrient foods. As such, when it comes the time to cook a meal, they will only have healthy foods to cook. 5. The One Who Is Constantly Worried About Everything: Such people can easily be spotted by their extreme obsession with always worrying about every single thing in their life. For example, if they usually go back to their home from work in a metro, but the metro is closed for any specific day for some reason, then the prospect of having to take a taxi will trigger them into thinking about road accident statistics, cases of assault from taxi drivers, and so on. A diet for such type of people must provide a detailed list of potential negative effects of the program, the food items, and such. Having knowledge of the negatives of a diet right away will help to focus their attention on the positive aspects of the diet so that they can choose a program suitable for them. 6. The One Who Is Looking To Experience New Things: A few people are always on the lookout for new experiences. They are usually bored by doing the exact same thing over and over. In contrast, whatever is new excites them to such a degree that they will go to great lengths to try it out. You can easily spot such people jumping from one job to another because they found the previous jobs ‘boring’. The best diet plan for such people should include a variety of foods every day. Ideally, the meals must be exotic, from different cultures. The prospect of experiencing a few tastes and cooking methods every day and week will surely make them stick on to the diet program. The above is just a small glimpse of how diet plans can be structured according to the personality and preferences of a specific individual. If you take a detailed look at a person’s interest and tastes, you can customize it to such an extent that the individual will be far more likely to follow the diet plan. 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Out-diet Your Training

You Can’t Out-diet Your Training

The common phrase goes: “You cannot out-train your diet.” That is, you cannot use exercise to eat anything you want. Similarly, you cannot out-diet your training either, or simply, you cannot minimize calorie intake and increase workouts. Consumption of too many calories, or missing out on your cardio exercises will make your body experience constant weight fluctuations. However, the intensity of your workouts should not rely on how much calories you take. People tend to think that starving themselves while burning more calories will help deal with excess fat in the body. In reality, though, this approach does not work. For you to build muscles, you have to burn calories. Cutting your calorie intake can even reduce your muscle mass and size. Quality muscles can also be obtained by use of winstrol compresse - Samento, an anabolic steroid available in both oral and injectable forms. Why out-dieting does not work Restriction of calorie intake and increment of cardio exercises for burning calories will definitely result in the loss of muscle mass. Nobody likes losing muscle, because muscle burns calories even when they are in the state of rest. Muscle tissues can burn calories when you are sleeping. An increase in metabolism can be enhanced by increasing your muscle mass. The greater your metabolism, the more calories you can take. Do not eat less to cut on your calorie intake, neither exercise more to burn calories This method is counterproductive as it hampers the body's natural ability to burn calories on a daily basis. Instead, to improve the body composition, put your focus on how you can build your muscles, and how you can grow stronger and fitter. This way, your metabolic flexibility can be improved. Building skeletal muscles increases the energy requirements of the body and burns fatter. This means that the more the muscles you have, the easier it is to burn fat. Muscle can only be built by training, something that will not be achieved with just diet. Read More: 8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better Train for performance Training for performance is a very motivating approach as the intake of calories is not restricted. You should focus on performance and not the numbers shown on the scale. This makes you strong physically and mentally, thus boosting your confidence. Performance training involves the use of compound exercises like deadlifts. These exercises work on a lot of muscle groups at the same time. This induces the secretion of growth hormones, which in turn increase muscle mass and density. Read More: 7 Ways To Kick Off Your Fitness Routine Do intermittent fasting Fasting scares a lot of people, but if it is carried out in an intermittent manner then it can be effective. Your metabolic flexibility can be improved by skipping breakfast. If you want to burn fats then your body must be taught how to fast. Consumption of adequate calories is healthy as it helps fuel your workouts. Slashing of calorie consumption and spending more hours doing cardio does not really work, but rather, makes you feel miserable. Strictly depriving yourself calories and doing excessive cardio exercises leads to failure. Examine your diet and training regime closely. Train for muscle development and not for burning fats. You do not have to starve your body to burn fats. Read More:  What Are Popular Mind And Body Exercises Available At A Gym? Who Can Benefit From The Elliptical? 5 Common Weightlifting Mistakes Women Should Avoid


CBD for Pain Relief: Dosage Guidelines and Safety

A lot of people have been using CBD oil for pain relief. One of the wonderful effects of using CBD is the effective pain relief it can provide for people experiencing various kinds of illness and conditions, including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain. You can consider CBD like a multivitamin which takes some time and some getting used to for the body to experience its benefits. Also, the effects can vary from one person to another, which is why it is essential to consider the best way to dose CBD. CBD Dosage for Pain How little or how large a dosage of CBD to take will depend on a few elements, including your body weight, your body chemistry which is unique from others, the condition or illness you are trying to treat with CBD, and the concentration of the CBD product you are taking, whether it’s in the form of CBD infused beverage, oil, capsule, pill, gummy, or balm. And while there is no ‘right' CBD dose that can work for everyone, one can set his own dosage instructions with the passage of usage and time. One of the easiest ways to figure out the best CBD dose to start with, especially for beginners, is based on body weight. If you have an average weight of 150 lbs. to 240 lbs., a starting CBD dose of 15 mg to 20 mg would be enough to relieve pain if you are looking for a variety of ailments. It can be taken either once or twice a day. The effect of this dose can differ from one another. Some might experience its effect right after taking the dose while some others might take time noticing its effects. General CBD Dosage Guide The general CBD dosage guidelines will depend on your body weight and at what dosage range to start and how to progress from that. 1. Mild Range Taking CBD should be gradual. It will be ideal if you start on a lower dosage, especially if you are considering CBD for the first time. It would be smart to make your body well acquainted with the effects of CBD before taking them in large doses or as you need. At this range, the recommended dosage for an average weight between 46-85 lbs. is 9mg, 12mg for between 86-150 lbs. average body weight, 18mg for between 151-240 lbs. average body weight, and 22.5mg for average body weight more than 240 lbs. 2. Medium Range If you need a higher dosage of CBD or if you are not experiencing any benefits or effects with the mild CBD dosage range, then you can move on to taking the medium dosage range for CBD. At this range, the recommended dosage is 12mg for 48-85lbs average body weight, 15mg for between 86-150 lbs. average body weight, 22.5mg for between 151-240 lbs. average body weight, and 30mg for average body weight more than 240 lbs. 3. High Range If the medium dosage range still hasn't given you the desired effects, then you can go all-in with the high CBD dosage range. At this range, the recommended dosage is 15mg for 48-85lbs average body weight, 18mg for between 86-150 lbs. average body weight, 27mg for between 151-240 lbs. average body weight, and 45mg for average body weight more than 240 lbs. When to Dose CBD? After figuring out the best dosage to start with when using CBD for pain relief, the next thing is to find your preferred CBD dosing schedule. There are three main dosage schedules you can choose from when taking CBD. Hourly Micro-Dosing Every Two to Three Hours Once or Twice a Day You can choose what is more convenient for you, as long as you stay with the recommended dosage amount per day. CBD Edibles Dosage Guide There are various CBD products you can take, and it doesn't necessarily have to be in the oil form. There are CBD edibles available if that is your preferred way to take CBD. It often comes in capsule or gummy forms. CBD edibles usually come with a guideline as to how much CBD there is for every serving. Aside from CBD oils, this CBD form produces a more prolonged effect, which is perfect for using in a once or twice-a-day dosing schedule. You can take one or more capsules or gummy depending on your needs or dosage. CBD Balm Dosage Guide You will either need to apply very little or a lot depending on the strength or concentration of the CBD balm. Using a small amount of the balm on the affected area is the best way to start and reapplying as needed. The dosing of CBD mainly lies in the product, its quality, and its concentration. Some companies that produce CBD products provide dosing guidelines, but that is often specific to their product only. If you want to get your desired results, you can make use of this dosing guide, to begin with, and find the best dosage for your needs. CBD for Pain Safety Concerns As much as CBD can be beneficial for pain relief, that is only true if CBD is used the right way. Here are some guidelines when consuming CBD. 1. Make Sure You Are Dosing CBD and Not Other ‘Similar’ Oil There are a lot of oils you can find in the market, and some can be mistaken for CBD oil. If you want to get the best benefits CBD can offer, then you have to choose your products well. If you are going for an oil-based CBD product, then make sure it's CBD oil and not hemp oil. The two are not the same, even if you think they are. 2. Start Slow and Work Your Way Up from There CBD can have very intense effects, depending on who takes it and how much. As a beginner, it is always recommended to start small and go your way up from there. That way, your body wouldn’t feel the shock of the effects of CBD. There is no single ‘dosage' that can work for everybody when it comes to CBD. The amount of CBD you take for pain relief will depend on several factors like body weight and chemistry, as well as the quality and concentration of the CBD product you have. The best way to figure the dosage of CBD for pain relief would be to use this starting dosage guideline and enjoy the process of figuring out which amount or dosage range works perfectly to achieve your desired effects. Read Also: Should You Consider Drinking Cbd Water? How To Make Your Own Cannabis Topicals Cannabis Can Help In The Fight Against Drug Addiction