The Whys And Hows Of Unlinking Facebook And Instagram In 2024!


09 January 2024


how to disconnect facebook from instagram

Have you had enough of sharing your content on Facebook and Instagram in tandem? Would you prefer to maintain distinct accounts? Are you looking for ways “how to disconnect Facebook from Instagram?”

You can easily delink your Instagram and Facebook accounts from one another on desktop and mobile platforms, but how do you do that? We’ll walk you through the process of separating your Instagram and Facebook accounts in this post.

You can start by de-syncing your desktop and mobile accounts for Facebook and Instagram. If you decide you no longer want to cross-post content, then you can easily unlink your accounts.

If you have more than one linked account, you can also delete an account from either platform. Remember that you will need to change one of the passwords if the login for both accounts is the same.

It is also possible to delete your Instagram account from other social media platforms.

You can unlink your Instagram account from your Facebook account by going to the Accounts Center if you want to stop posting your Instagram photos to other social media platforms.

We’ll guide you through the process of removing the connection between your accounts as well as ceasing to share your Instagram posts on other platforms.

How Is Facebook And Instagram  Connected

How Is Facebook And Instagram Connected

Your Instagram posts will automatically be shared on your Facebook timeline if your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked. For individuals who would like to share their Instagram photos with their Facebook friends without having to post them twice, this feature is useful.

You can unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts if you’d rather keep your accounts separate or are done sharing content between them. When you link them, you are essentially giving Instagram access to your Facebook account when you link your two accounts.

This implies that Instagram has access to personal data from your Facebook account, including your email address, name, as well as a profile picture. Furthermore, Instagram can post on Facebook on your behalf.

So, you might want to unlink your Instagram and Facebook accounts for many reasons.

Do you want your Instagram and Facebook accounts to be kept apart? Does cross-posting content across the two platforms sound too monotonous?

Do you want Instagram to no longer be able to access your Facebook account? Take these steps to unlink your Instagram and Facebook accounts:

  • Log in to your Instagram profile by opening it.
  • Choose “Settings” by tapping the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • After swiping down, choose “Account.”
  • Click on “Sharing to Other Apps.”
  • After selecting “Facebook,” tap “Unlink Account.”

Remember that removing the connection between Instagram and Facebook accounts won’t remove any of your content from either site. All it does is cut off the communication between the two accounts.

You might want to keep Facebook and Instagram separate in case you use them for personal connections on Facebook and business or creative endeavors on Instagram. You can avoid confusion as well as overlap by keeping your identities separate by unlinking the accounts.

It’s possible that you unintentionally share your Instagram reels, stories, or posts on Facebook when you link your accounts. In case your target audiences on both platforms are different, this might be awkward or inappropriate.

You’ll have more discretion over what you share and where by unlinking the accounts. When you automatically share your Instagram posts on Facebook, or vice versa, this is known as cross-posting.

Although it may seem practical, your followers may find this bothersome or spammy. By removing the links between the accounts, you can customize your content for every platform and avoid cross-posting.

Unlinking your Facebook and Instagram accounts can be a wise move if you’re worried about privacy on social media. It will lessen the chance of any security lapses or hacks and stop any data or information from being shared between the two platforms.

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram On Mobile?

You can unlink your Instagram and Facebook accounts if you no longer want them to be connected. Here is how you can do it using your smartphone.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the lower right corner of your profile picture.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the three horizontal lines.
  • At the bottom of the menu, tap Settings.
  • Press the “Account” button.
  • On Linked Accounts, tap.
  • Press the Facebook icon.
  • Select “Unlink Account” by tapping.

Your Instagram and Facebook accounts will be disconnected after you’ve finished these steps.

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram On Desktop?

The procedures listed below can also be used to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram if you’re using a desktop or laptop web browser:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • If you are not already logged in, log into your account.
  • In the upper right corner of your profile picture, click on it.
  • Select Settings by clicking.
  • Select “Account” by clicking.
  • On Linked Accounts, click.
  • Select Facebook.
  • Select “Unlink Account” by clicking.

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram On iOS Or Android?

If you want those posts removed from Facebook, you will have to remove them manually. It’s easy to unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts on your mobile device if you decide you no longer want to share content between them. Here are the steps that apply to both iOS as well as Android devices.


  • Tap the icon for your profile in the lower right corner of the Instagram mobile app after opening it.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the hamburger menu icon, then choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • After swiping down, tap “Account Center” (or, depending on where you are, “Accounts Center”).
  • To unlink an Instagram account, tap “Accounts & Profiles” and choose the desired account.
  • Again, tap the account name and profile picture.
  • Select “Remove Account” and tap “Yes” when prompted to confirm.


  • Tap the hamburger menu icon located in the lower right corner of the Facebook mobile app after opening it.
  • After swiping down, tap “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings.”
  • Click “Accounts Center” and choose “Manage Connected Experiences” from the menu.
  • To unlink an Instagram account, tap on it.
  • Select “Remove” and then “Remove Account” from the prompt to confirm.
  • It’s crucial to remember that you cannot unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts if you use the same password for both. You must change one of the passwords.

Furthermore, you might need to go to the app settings or preferences of that social network to unlink your previous account in case you wish to relink your Instagram account to it.

Try these suggestions in case you are having trouble unlinking your accounts:

  • Verify that you are running the most recent versions of the Instagram and Facebook apps.
  • To confirm that you have granted Instagram access to your account, check your Facebook settings.
  • Verify that you are logged into the correct Facebook account if you have multiple accounts.

If you’re still having issues, then get in touch with Facebook or Instagram support for additional help.

Wrapping Up

Removing the connection between your Instagram and Facebook accounts can help you maintain privacy as well as segregate your data. Additionally, it can stop unwanted content sharing between the two platforms.

You must go to the “Linked Accounts” section of your account settings to unlink your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can then choose which Facebook account to deactivate and take it out of your Accounts Center.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about how to disconnect Facebook from Instagram please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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Are you looking for ways on how to lock Facebook profile to increase the privacy of your account? Those who are not on your Facebook friends list will only be able to view a restricted portion of your profile if it is locked.Only friends on the friend list will be able to see the images and posts on the timeline, cover photos, stories, and new posts on a locked profile. Additionally, only your friends will be able to see the "Public" posts you previously made.It should be noted that there is a workaround available for the desktop version of Facebook if you would like to lock your profile. You can lock a Facebook profile using the mobile app or your browser. Moreover, this functionality is exclusive to the Android app. Continue reading to learn how to lock your Facebook profile. What Is Profile Lock Users will notice a Lock sign on your profile after you add a profile lock. This will limit the amount of photos and posts on their profile, cover image, and other areas to just their friends.Upon locking their profile, users prevent others who aren't on their friends list from viewing the profile. They won't be able to download cover photos and profile photos either. They are also unable to view the Stories that a user has added to his profile.Previously shared posts are now marked as friends instead of public when using the Lock Profile feature. The timeline review and tag review are activated. This implies that you must grant others permission to tag you in their posts.Additionally, the About section of their profile will only be partially visible to the public. Now that you are aware of how Facebook's lock your profile feature operates, let's examine how to do it on various platforms. How To Lock Facebook ProfileLocking your profile has quite a few advantages. It has some drawbacks, too. If you have a security concern, you must lock your profile immediately from treats such as identity theft, data manipulation, and so on.Here are the different methods you can use to lock your profile on desktop, android, and iOS devices. How To Lock My Facebook Profile On DesktopAlthough there isn't a direct method to lock your app from the browser, if you can't access the mobile app, you can use the following workaround:Open the Facebook website and click the icon for your profile. To make the URL read "," change "www" to "m" in the URL.This will open Facebook in a mobile format on your desktop computer. The Edit Profile option should have a three-dot menu next to it.Click the Lock Profile option that appears in the three-dot menu.The following screen, which has the option to Lock Your Profile at the bottom, will walk you through the locking process, just like the Android version does.This will lock your profile for enhanced safety.iOS users can either borrow an Android device and follow the previously mentioned instructions, or they can use the desktop method to lock their facebook profiles.The procedures to unlock your Facebook profile are the same for desktop and mobile apps. There will be an Unlock Profile option in place of the Lock Profile option. Tap on it and select Unlock on the resulting screen. A description of how to unlock your profile will appear, and when you click the Unlock Your Profile option at the bottom, your profile will be unlocked. How To Lock Fb Profile on AndroidIf you want to lock your profile using an Android device, here is what you have to do:On your Android device, open the Facebook app.Tap your profile picture on the main page.Click the Menu with three dots.From the options on the page, choose Lock Profile.On the Lock Profile Page, select the "Lock Your Profile" option located at the bottom of the page.After that, a pop-up notification stating, "You locked your profile," will show up on the screen. The posts and images on your timeline are only visible to your friends.To finish the procedure, tap OK. How To Lock Facebook Profile In iPhone Here are the steps to lock your profile for iPhone users:Navigate to Facebook and select your name from the three-line menu located in the lower right corner.Put three fingers on a dot for your name.Use the Lock Profile button to secure your profile.Press Lock Your Profile again just to be sure.You can simply exit that page to confirm that your profile has been locked. Next, sign in to your profile once more. The notification that your profile has been locked will appear there.You can manually change the Facebook privacy settings to enable lock profile mode if your page does not have profile locking. However, it is important to note that not all locations have access to this feature yet. Only a few countries allow you to lock your profile at this time. Why Is It Important To Lock Your Profile Facebook claims that hackers from Vietnam and Bangladesh compromised the company's entire privacy system in December 2020. Furthermore, they have taken Facebook users' personal information. These groups won't be able to misuse Facebook and harvest data from users' accounts all over the world thanks to this lock profile feature.To support Facebook's privacy system, users should refrain from accepting friend requests from unreliable sources and clicking on dubious links. Vanish mode was also introduced by Facebook to address privacy concerns.This model's unique feature is that once activated, it erases all chats and media files after a predetermined amount of time. It also has one more important safety feature.Facebook will instantly notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your profile. The steps to activate vanish mode are as follows.Visit the Play Store or App Store to download the most recent version of Facebook.Launch the particular chat.From the chat's bottom, swipe up.Vanish mode will be activated as a result. This causes the chat's background color to change to black, denoting that the mode is now active. Wrapping Up Facebook is a great social media platform for communication on a global scale. But now that data privacy is a global concern, it's imperative to secure your Facebook accounts permanently. Your data is protected from hackers and stalkers when you lock your profile.You will need to reenter your password on each device after locking. Facebook will add an indication to your profile once you have locked it.But keep in mind that you won't be able to publish to the public after you activate this feature. Rather, friends are limited to viewing and sharing the posts.Read Also:Here Is How To Delete A Facebook Page Easily?How To Stop Scammers On Facebook Marketplace?Facebook Settlement: What Went Down And What Was The Final Result?

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Today, Facebook has developed into one of the most potent social media networks available. Facebook Touch is a new app that offers a Facebook app alternative. 2009 saw the release of Facebook Touch, a sophisticated third-party app designed for touchscreen devices. It includes high resolution audiovisuals, friend connections, sharing of images and videos, and more.Facebook Touch was designed by H5 rather than by Facebook itself. Lighthouse has recently acquired it. In contrast to Facebook, it provides an easy-to-use interface to enhance the user experience. It effectively functions as a condensed mobile version of the Facebook website thanks to its slick design and performance.Facebook Touch shares many visual similarities with the Facebook app, but it has fewer features. Facebook Touch is browser-centric, so even with a slow internet connection, it can function more quickly and use less data than the latter.Touch will also improve the way that graphics and images are displayed, allowing you to view them in high definition and with faster loading times. This means that Facebook Touch offers a better audiovisual experience than the app. Furthermore, Facebook Touch is a web-based service that works with any browser. Thus, you don't need to be concerned that it will consume all of the memory space on your phone or drain its battery.What Is Facebook Touch?Facebook Touch is a sophisticated Facebook application with a wide range of unique features. It was developed by H5 Apps as a touchscreen-specific app.Facebook Touch is a fine user interface that is available and applicable on all smartphones. It is a substitute for the standard Facebook App.Facebook Touch and the Facebook App differ primarily in that Facebook Touch has an easier-to-use interface and better graphics. Additionally, it operates more quickly than the previous one.Difference Between Facebook Touch And Facebook AppThis discourse now leads us to the question, how is Facebook Touch different from Facebook App? Here are some key differences:Facebook Touch is compatible with slow internet connections as well.The web address that appears when you open Facebook in a browser is The web address for Facebook Touch is will notice better displays and higher-quality images once you are on Facebook Touch. A Facebook website typically has fewer images and less data.Because Facebook Touch is exclusively suitable for smartphones, it has a better user interface while using less data.Facebook Touch has more functionality overall than the standard Facebook version. This is due to the fact that Facebook Touch works best for mobile users, whereas standard Facebook suffers from lower resolution on smartphones.How To Download Facebook Touch On Smartphone?It's not really a viable option to download Facebook Touch from your smartphone's App Store or Play Store. You will only see the "Facebook App" in the search results if you decide to type "Facebook Touch" into your Android Play Store or App Store.You will need to obtain an APK file and download Facebook Touch from that location. After downloading, sign into your account to peruse the improved user interface and higher-quality images. To obtain the APK file for Facebook Touch, adhere to the instructions provided: To begin downloading Facebook Touch, you must first modify your device's authorization settings.Give your smartphone permission to install apps from senders you are not familiar with.Select the APK file that satisfies all the terms and conditions listed among all the files that appear.After deciding which file to download, click the download button and wait for it to finish.To avoid using up a lot of your mobile data, try to keep your phone linked to WiFi.You can choose to install the application after downloading the APK file.To complete this task, click the "Install" button.Open Facebook Touch and log in with your Facebook Touch login credentials to start using the application.Pros Of Facebook TouchFacebook created Facebook Touch with user feedback in mind, ensuring a seamless user experience. Let's examine a few of its noteworthy characteristics:It provides a faultless Facebook user experience. There's not any latency because of a bad internet connection.You can view high-resolution images more quickly when they load.In terms of page accessibility and group accessibility, the version is more inclusive.Facebook Touch is available as a web version and an app.The UI is easy enough for beginners to use.Post width has no limit in any way. The post's display is in an incredibly large size.Facebook's chat window is a good one. Cons Of Facebook TouchFacebook Touch still has its limitations even though it is unquestionably an improvement over the standard Facebook. Let's examine these in more detail:Not everyone will be able to distinguish between Facebook Touch and standard Facebook. It might be challenging for those used to Facebook's standard version to make the transition.Facebook has already released other touch device versions since the release of Facebook Touch, which is most likely superior to Facebook Touch.Facebook Touch's desktop version might not be accurate in comparison to the standard version.The advantages outweigh the limitations, so ultimately, it's up to you whether or not to use this.Messaging On Facebook TouchFacebook Touch users can only enable direct messaging through the Messenger app. This means that if you want to message someone, you must first download Messenger. In 2011, the Facebook Messenger app was released. You can send instant messages on Facebook with this app. This takes the place of Facebook Chat and is accessible to users without a Facebook account as well.Downloading the Messenger app from the Play Store or App Store will allow you to use it on your iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and other devices. Add-ons are available if you use Messenger in a web browser to access it more quickly. Messenger is primarily designed for texting, so sending individual and group texts is simple.With Messenger, you can also send attachments like photos, videos, and GIFs. Emojis and stickers can also be sent. You will be alerted within the chat window if the person you are speaking with is typing. The delivered and read receipts were also visible to you. To find out the precise moment the message was sent and received, look at the timestamps.You can use text keywords to search within the messages and look for messages from particular individuals or groups. You can view message requests from individuals who are not on your list of friends in Messenger as well. Additionally, you can see messages that have been filtered, archived, unread, spam-tagged, and those of users who have been active on Facebook at a specific time.Wrapping UpFacebook Touch is a very useful app for anyone who uses Facebook on their phone. It not only elevates your experience to a whole new level but also makes it simple for you to use Facebook's features. By obtaining the Facebook Touch app, you can seize the chance to enhance your Facebook platform usage experience.Get the developed version and have fun watching content with visually appealing and eye-catching content. Not only will this feature elevate your Facebook Touch experience to a whole new level, but by making the appropriate investments, you can maximize your Facebook marketing journey. All things considered, this app won't let you down and upgrade your Facebook experience.Additional Reading:How To Stop Scammers On Facebook Marketplace?Strategies To Generate Quality Leads On Social NetworksFacebook Blueprint: Building A Strong Foundation For Social Media Advertising

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A Playful Guide To Mastering Facebook Pokes For Beginners

If you've been on Facebook for a while, you may recall a chaotic period a few years back when the Poke Wars posed a threat to the social media platform. A pointing finger appeared next to a user's name on Facebook once, and you could use it to 'poke' people. That's all, though.It was just a virtual, meaningless jab without any words, images, or other content. The next moment, you receive a notification stating that you have been poked. And you had the option to poke back straight from the notifications. There was pointless "poking" back and forth in a cycle.Do you want to know how to poke on Facebook? Here is a detailed guide.Are Facebook Pokes Still A Thing?Naturally, poking became perceived as a sloppy kind of flirting. Enter "Facebook Poke" into Google and look up related queries such as "what do pokes mean in Facebook" and "is a Facebook poke flirting?" However, the majority of people asked us, "Is this still a thing?" and "can you still poke on Facebook" when we brought up the subject of Facebook Pokes.The answer is yes. Facebook Pokes are still there, but they're not at the top of the page anymore. On desktop and mobile devices alike, you must click or tap several times before you can Poke because the Poke has been hidden behind a menu.Majority of Facebook users appear to have completely forgotten about the Poke.How To Poke On Facebook?If the contempt of technology does not persuade you to refrain from poking, it is quite easy to do so. Simply go to the profile page of the person you want to poke on a desktop or mobile device. Click or tap the three dots menu button. You'll find Poke there. Once you click or tap on it, you're done. You'll just see a popup stating that you poked the person.It is not possible to spam people in this way because you can only poke them once before they poke you back. You will only see a cancel button and a popup stating that your previous poke has not been answered if you have already poked someone and they have not responded.We were interested in learning more about Facebook's use of the poke feature because the majority of the people we spoke with were unaware that it was still available.Facebook is reportedly attempting to restore the Poke button's prominence, though none of the users we spoke with had noticed this, so it may only be available in the US for the time being.The Poke button will appear next to the message button beneath a person's name on their profile page if it becomes more widely available. Furthermore, Facebook is converting poke into greetings, in the same way that it transformed the 'like' into a sequence of responses.How To Reject A Poke?We've already talked about how to poke someone on Facebook, but how do you reject one? Rejecting something on Facebook is as simple as poking at it.You always have the choice to ignore someone's pokes if you don't want to respond to them. Furthermore, you can remove these unwanted pokes from Facebook by clicking the "X" icon next to the notification. If the poke notifications are still bothering you, you can immediately block the sender.Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Facebook does not permit users to poke someone more than once. This implies that you won't be bothered by someone on Facebook or have several pokes from the same user flood your notification panel.Wrapping UpFacebook's Poke feature was all the rage in 2007. People were swiping back and forth on Facebook! For fun, they used to poke their teacher, crush, family, as well as friends. It was a huge thing and sparked discussions.Sadly, the feature's use waned in 2011, and Facebook decided to discontinue it in favor of new and exciting features. Most users nowadays are unaware of the secret existence of this feature. It does, surprisingly, but it's not too convenient. Facebook has the potential to transform the "Poke" gesture into something more interesting and viral.It will remain a legacy feature and the source of many friendships until then. For some, it's even a stroll down memory lane. Whether using the Facebook Main App, Facebook Lite App, or Facebook desktop mode, the option is still available.Now that you know how to poke on Facebook, you will now be able to use the feature on Facebook. Check it out on Facebook and give it a whirl!If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!Learn More Also:Here Is How To Delete A Facebook Page EasilyHow To Stop Scammers On Facebook Marketplace?Guard Your Space: A Step-by-Step Guide to Locking Your Facebook Profile