Why It’s Important to Avoid Killing a Sale with Kindness

Published on: 14 April 2019 Last Updated on: 18 April 2019

Salespersons are of two kinds- there are those who are smart enough to sell themselves and are charmers. Then there are those who know how to sell products and services. They might not be presentable enough, but they do know their business. Employers are often tempted to hire people with pleasing personalities, rather than people, who know how to do their job.

While it’s always important to be polite, sometimes these basic niceties can get in the way of sales – it might even prevent people from closing sales. Feeling too pushy to pull the trigger will no doubt affect performance negatively. This kind of occurrence is called “Yielder Call Reluctance.” The first step in overcoming Yielder Call Reluctance is to understand what it is and how it could be affecting you. The following criteria may help you determine if you are too nice to close the deal:

  • You are fearful of bothering people unless you’re given an explicit “ok” to talk brass tax
  • You are afraid of being too pushy, intrusive, or manipulative while talking to a client or potential client
  • You are afraid to incite conflict while talking about a sale and its specifics
  • You are taking clients out for dinners and lunches, as well as other lavish outings, but you aren’t breaking even or haven’t actually made a big sale yet
  • You have a number of relationships with clients set out, but your production goals have not been met

If you answered “Yes” to three or more of the above questions, you may be suffering from Yielder Sales Call Reluctance.

It’s important to raise it to the attention of the employee or candidate in question because a lot of people simply are not aware of their own awkward dispositions or they are trying too hard to be pleasant and gregarious.

By taking them aside and letting them know about what their actual role is, you can help them take the first step towards making the necessary adjustments. This will also help them when it is time to interact with customers.

If you want to see someone in action, you should always try one small trick. Try and listen to their phone calls. One of the best things about listening to a representative’s call is figuring out whether he is trying too hard to be nice and approachable. You should also ask them to assess or evaluate their performance for themselves. Always remember, self-learning is the best form of learning.

Once the problem has been identified and the sales representative has narrowed down the issue at hand, it is your task as a sales manager to coach and changes their professional behavior. This is the stage where you provide your representatives with useful coaching, tips, self-practicing scripts, and sort their approach.

In short, a candidate with too much potential for phony small talk and feigned joviality can help tell you how to spot an unsuitable sales candidate quickly and efficiently.

After the entire process has been completed- reviewing, coaching, and on-field practice, you need to do a final assessment. This can involve listening to the representative talk over the phone with a client. It can also involve seeing them in action on the floor of the store.

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Company Secretary in Hong Kong

Demystifying the Duty of a Company Secretary in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, Chapter 622, makes it mandatory for every company to be registered in Hong Kong to have a company secretary. So important is the company secretary that indeed, your company will not be registered without one. In this post, we will look at the duties of a company secretary in a Hong Kong company. What is a Company Secretary? First, it is important to appreciate that a company secretary is completely different from common clerks who do clerical work. According to the Companies Ordinance, a company secretary is a senior officer in a company who is responsible for efficient administration, especially with respect to ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. So, you need to ensure that only the most qualified and committed person gets the job. The Main Duties of Company Secretary From the definition of a company secretary, there is no doubt that the roles he does and how he does them will greatly impact the company's success. So, let us start by understanding the duties of a company secretary. Fulfilling the Company’s Tax Obligation When opening a company in Hong Kong, it is important to understand that the administration runs a business economy because the registered enterprises serve as the primary source of revenue. Therefore, the administration takes tax matters very seriously. Your company secretary is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the company meets all its tax obligations. Some of these obligations include: Overseeing the filing of the tax returns correctly and on time. Seeking additional approval or clarifications on tax-related matters. Registering the company with IRD (Inland Revenue Department). Keeping Statutory Books The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance also designates the company secretary as the custodian of the statutory books. This implies that the secretary should have every document that the government might need to inspect. In addition to keeping these books of account, the company secretary is also responsible for: Updating the details on statutory books. Producing and distributing company accounts and reports. Planning and Attending Company Meetings As we indicated earlier, the company secretary is involved with top-level management, and one of that roles is planning the company's meetings. This is considered an important role because it is in these meetings that actions to be taken on different areas, such as books of accounts and employment, are made. Here is a breakdown of these duties: Organize board meetings. Participate in board meetings. Prepare the agenda of the company meetings. Implement the decisions made during meetings in compliance with laws. Advise the company on compliance with the law. Other Duties of a Company Secretary While the roles we have outlined above are considered the core for a company secretary, they are not the only ones. Other administrative duties include: Communicating with shareholders, the Stock Exchange, and regulatory bodies on behalf of the company. Observing the company developments and giving advice to the board of directors. Guiding the company through the process of liquidation. If you are planning to incorporate a company in Hong Kong, the position of a company secretary is very important and should only be entrusted to a qualified and experienced person. With the best company secretary, you can rest assured that the business will make the best decisions and grow into the multinational of your dreams. Read Also: A Closer Look At The Common Types of Business Accounting Services How Portal Software Improves Communication Between Board Members 5 Places you should see if you’re visiting Hong Kong for the first time

Husband and Wife Business

How To Easily Buy The Perfect Husband and Wife Business

Do you love the idea of running the perfect husband and wife business? Rather than starting your own from scratch, you and your partner may have an interest in buying a business that has already been started and is now available for sale. Doing something you love with your partner is a great way to make a living, but you do need to make sure you are making the best investment to secure your financial future. Follow these steps on how to buy the perfect husband and wife business. Come Up With a List of Things You Are Both Interested in Doing: If you want to run a business with your significant other, you need to find something that you are both interested in doing. Whether you would like to run a daycare center, provide spa services, or even take over an e-commerce business where you are selling certain products to consumers, you need to figure out what you both like and have an interest in selling for years to come. When you are both passionate about the business that you are starting together, there is a greater chance for you to have more success because you are both going to feel motivated and encouraged to work harder each day. Research Different Businesses That Are Currently on the Market: After narrowing down the list of businesses you would both have an interest in running, you will need to start looking at some of the different businesses that are available for sale. You need to find out what those businesses offer to the consumers, but you should also get as much information as you possibly can, including details on how much money these business owners have made over the past several years. It gives you both an idea of how much you could start bringing in.  Using a business broker, like Verified Businesses, to assist you in identifying businesses that are for sale in your area is highly recommended. Apply For a Business Loan to Complete the Purchase: After selecting the business that you would both like to purchase and run together, finding funding for the investment is the next important step for you to take. While you may have some money saved in a bank account, there are other expenses that you might not have the money for at the moment, but that is why business loans are available. Apply for a business loan with your partner to get the help you need with investing in a husband and wife business. Look for a loan with a low-interest rate. Sign the Paperwork and Complete a Plan for the Business: When the funding is situated, it is time to get to work. You will need to properly handle all the paperwork form the purchase and then create a complete plan for the business. Both you and your partner should come up with ideas when it comes to marketing and having the most success possible. Work together as a team to get things done. If you want to know how to buy a husband and wife business, these are the simple steps you will need to follow. If you and your partner can find something that you both love to do and can get the funding needed to make the investment, you both can eventually become successful business owners. Read Also: Small Business Guide To Private Health Insurance Exchanges 5 Tools That Can Help You Get Your Business Organized 6 Loan Mistakes Every Business Owner Must Avoid