What Are the Important Parts of a Free Business Credit Report?

Credit Report

Did you know that small businesses make up 99% of employer firms in the U.S.? Small businesses are an important part of the economy.

Everyone knows it’s important to have a good personal credit rating. But, did you know that it’s also important for your business to have good credit?

If you own a small business, read on to learn how you can get a free business credit report and why it’s important.

Why is Good Credit Important?

If you’ve ever applied for a home or auto loan, you know that good personal credit is important. If you don’t have credit, it’s difficult to get a loan.

No credit doesn’t always mean you have bad credit. It means you haven’t established a credit record.

If you’ve handled credit poorly, then you have bad credit, and you might not get be able to get a loan.

Lenders check your credit score to ensure your ability to pay back your loan. It’s critical to build and maintain a good business credit rating.

How to Build Credit :

Not everyone carries a credit card, but it helps to have one if you want to build your credit score.

Too often, college-age kids get one or more credit cards and find themselves in debt and are unable to pay it back.

It’s important not to overuse a credit card.

Credit cards charge high interest on the money they loan. It’s okay to buy things with a credit card, but make sure you pay the entire loan off monthly as much as possible.

If you don’t pay the entire loan monthly, the interest you pay adds a significant amount of money to the cost of your purchase.

Unfortunately, if you don’t use a credit card, it’s harder to build credit.

In addition to paying your entire credit card balance on a regular basis, be sure and pay all your other bills on time as well.

Late charges aren’t the only problem you’ll have if you pay your bills late. Late fees also hit your credit report and lower your score.

There are other ways to help build your credit as well.

Getting a Free Business Credit Report :

It’s important to know how to check your free business credit report and to understand what it contains.

According to the law, it’s possible to get your personal credit report for free on an annual basis.

The law doesn’t say a business credit report has to be free on an annual basis. But, it’s possible to get a free business credit report. Here are a few ways:

CreditSignal :

Dun & Bradstreet offers a free business credit report at CreditSignal.com. This is a great place to get your business credit report because it also has a learning center.

It’s an easy service to use, and it comes with a mobile app that’ll alert you to changes in your Dun & Bradstreet credit score. The service gives you fundamental information about your score.

To get the full service, you’ll need to get the paid subscription.

Try Nav :

Nav.com is another service where you can find your personal and business credit scores for free.

While CreditSignal only tells you about your Dun & Bradstreet score, Nav offers information regarding your Dun & Bradstreet and Experian score.

Free Trial Demos :

You can also get a free business credit score if you want to sign up for a free trial from companies such as Credit.net, CreditSafe.com or Scorely.com. Remember that once the free trial is over, you’ll be charged for a subscription.

What Does It All Mean?

Now that you have your free business credit report, what does it all mean?

When checking your personal FICO score, look for a number between 300 and 850. The higher the score, the better your credit rating.

Don’t panic when you check your business credit score and the number is under 100! Unlike the FICO, business scores range from zero to 100.

Business credit reports are confusing because they’re not all calculated the same way.

The Big Three :

There are three major companies where you can check your business credit. These are Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax.

Dun & Bradstreet calculates your credit score based on information from partner companies or payment info reported to directly to them. They use a Paydex score that ranges from zero to 100.

You’ll need to file through the Dun & Bradstreet website to obtain a DUNS number before you can get your score. Your report will show you creditworthiness, payment history and trends, and public filings.

Experian offers a business credit score between zero and 100, as well as a financial stability risk rating. You’ll also see a credit summary and payment trend summary. The payment trends are thorough, including monthly and quarterly trends.

If your company has any judgments are liens filed against it, these will also show on the Experian summary.

Equifax also uses the zero to 100 score. But, you’ll also see a business credit risk score that ranges from 101 to 992. This score determines the likelihood that your company will fall behind on payments.

With all three of the large credit bureaus, the credit summary is easy to read and self-explanatory.

It’s important to pay close attention to everything in the report so that you can correct any incorrect items that could hurt your credit.

Obtaining a Loan :

One of the most important reasons to maintain good business credit is so you can obtain a small business loan. Whenever you open a line of credit, such as a credit card, there’s a hard hit to your credit report.

This means that applying for any sort of loan is actually bad for your credit score!

This is one more reason to make sure you maintain good credit, in case you’re in need of a loan to purchase necessary company equipment.

It’s sometimes possible to obtain a small business loan without a hard hit to your credit. Read more now to learn about one of these loans.

Learn More About Business and Finance :

Business can be complicated, but don’t let the details scare you. Work on building and maintaining good credit to help with your personal and business finances.

Looking for more great articles on business and finance? Take a look at our many resources here.

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They must ensure that the business makes the best use of the resources to stay ahead in the competitive framework of business. This is the reason moving into personal debt can be extremely difficult for one to manage in business.  Taking Too Much Loans When you are running your own business, it involves your sole risks. Sometimes, the lender goes for a loan that enters the periphery of risks and uncertainty. It may invite issues. Therefore, you must go for a big amount but not too big to manage. With a lump sum loan, you will always be in the corridor of risks and uncertainty. Damaging Your Credit When you are applying for credit, the banks always look for your credit score before giving you the loan amount. With one single missed loan, it can completely damage your credit score. Since you know that the credit score heavily impacts your financial DNA, you need to keep it in check. So, you need to ensure that you do not damage your credits. 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By setting up a separate business bank account, you can easily keep track of business-related expenses and revenues.To get a more nuanced understanding of how to separate these two entities effectively, check this website for detailed guidelines and tips. Also, consider consulting a financial advisor to ensure you're taking the right steps in keeping your personal and business finances distinct. 2. Have A Detailed Business PlanA well-crafted business plan can serve as your roadmap, outlining crucial elements like market research, financial projections, and operational plans. It provides a clear pathway for your business and assists you in avoiding unnecessary expenses that can lead to debt.Most importantly, a robust business plan can help you attract investors and secure loans, which are safer and more structured ways to raise capital compared to using personal credit. 3. Budget Wisely Being a business owner means you have to be proficient, not just in your area of expertise, but also in managing finances. Create a realistic budget for all aspects of your business and stick to it.A budget will allow you to allocate funds for different parts of your business, prevent overspending, and help you identify areas where you can cut costs. 4. Consider Alternative Financing Options Personal debt often accumulates when business owners use their credit cards or savings to finance their business. Before doing this, explore alternative financing options like grants, crowdfunding, or venture capital.These options not only help you avoid using your personal credit but also offer the opportunity to validate your business idea in the market. 5. Build An Emergency Fund Having an emergency fund for your business acts as a financial cushion in times of unexpected expenses. Whether it's for replacing faulty equipment or covering costs during a slow business period, this fund can be a lifesaver.This way, you won't have to rely on personal savings or loans to keep your business afloat during tough times. 6. Monitor Cash FlowCash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Effective cash flow management ensures that you have sufficient funds to operate and grow without relying on debt.Utilize accounting software and, if possible, hire a professional to keep tabs on your cash flow. This will help you make informed decisions about your business and minimize the chances of falling into debt. 7. Be Cautious With Credit While it might be tempting to use a credit card to make quick purchases for the business, it can quickly lead to accumulating debt. If you must use credit, opt for a business credit card and limit its use to essential expenses. Always pay off the balance in full every month to avoid interest fees and the potential for accumulating debt. Conclusion Starting a small business doesn't have to mean plunging into a pit of personal debt. By separating your personal and business finances, budgeting wisely, and exploring alternative financing options, you can significantly reduce the risk of financial complications. A well-crafted business plan, an emergency fund, and a close eye on cash flow will further solidify your business’s financial foundation.Remember, the best businesses are not necessarily those that started with a lot of money, but those that managed what they had effectively. Be mindful of your financial choices, and your business can thrive without compromising your personal financial health. Read Also:How You Can Invest In Your Small Business 6 Incredible Tips To Reach Your Small Business Customer How To Apply For And Get The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) For Small Businesses

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By understanding the different types of lifting gantries, how you can choose the best one, and the different characteristics of lifting gantries, you can choose the top option for your factory.Let's see more information about what a lifting gantry is, why you need one, and how to choose! Need help with your factory? Use a lifting gantry to lift heavy objects!If you are new to the factory or construction world, then finding out how to choose the best lifting gantry is key to being able to safely and effectively complete your daily factory tasks. Portable lifting gantry (adjustable) - If you need to move the lifting gantry between various spots in your factory, using an adjustable lifting gantry is an absolute must!If you are using your portable lifting gantry in a workshop, factory, or business and you frequently need to lift heavy objects in multiple places, then using the adjustable lifting gantry is a must. Use the adjustable lifting gantry to change the height so you can accommodate various shapes and weights of objects! Adjustable lifting gantry with a thicker beam - If you are looking to lift heavier objects and need a less portable lifting gantry, using one that has a thicker middle beam is a must to lift weights that are between 120kg and 175kg. Using the stronger aluminum lifting gantry is the best way that you can avoid using multiple workers in your business to lift excessively heavy objects. External trolley - Another way that you can choose the lifting gantry for your needs is to be able to accessorize and customize the gantry. For some factories, you might need to use an external trolley to work in tandem with your aluminum lifting gantry to add extra versatility, movability, and transportability. Parking jacks - Another accessory that you can use with your lifting gantry is parking jacks - these stabilizers are ideal for helping keep your loads steady and avoid any mishaps. Bigger gantry cranesAnother option you can consider using for your factory is a bigger gantry crane. Although these are typically used in a shipyard and outdoor spaces, if you have a big factory you can use the oversized gantry cranes to lift heavy and unwieldy objects, like big shipping containers and multi-ton objects. Full gantry crane - If you need to use a gantry crane to lift extremely heavy objects, consider using a full gantry crane to lift ships, big pieces of equipment, and heavy objects that cannot be moved with portable lifting gantries. Some of the biggest gantry cranes are as long as 140 meters! Rubber tired gantry crane - Smaller gantry cranes are another option for smaller factories that still need to lift heavy objects in outdoor spaces, such as containers and big pieces of equipment. Typically, you'll find that small rubber tire gantry cranes are straddle cranes that can effectively lift containers with ease. 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This way, you can lift various objects between locations without having to worry about the safety of your workers or other equipment Capacity - The majority of mobile lifting gantries are very sturdy and durable. Typically, you will find that the lifting gantry options that are used for factories can lift up to 5 tons with ease. If you need stronger lifting gantries for your factory, consider using a full gantry crane for your outdoor spaces. Custom height and accessories - The last reason that you should consider using a lifting gantry for your factory is that you can customize the height of the gantry to work with various shapes of boats that you are lifting. Not to mention, you can add accessories to make your lifting gantry more versatile, easier to maneuver, and more stable. Conclusion Are you working in the faucet or construction industry? If so, using a construction lifting gantry crane is ideal to be able to lift heavy loads, keep your workers safe, and increase the flexibility of your workplace. By having portable lifting gantries, you can lift heavy objects between locations in your factory without worrying about the safety and health of your employees - not to mention, you will increase the efficiency and productivity of your workplace!Read Also:How To Operate A High Lift Jack Safely And Effectively All You Must Know About Construction Business Management Software 5 Ways Construction Businesses Can Gain New Clients Having Business in Foreigner Country, Advantages and Disadvantages Commercial Construction After COVID-19: How Developers Can Adapt