Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid When Using SMS Marketing

Published on: 31 January 2023 Last Updated on: 07 June 2024
SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become increasingly popular for entrepreneurs to reach out to their target audience and boost sales. However, like with any form of marketing, there are mistakes that entrepreneurs should avoid when using SMS marketing if they want it to be successful.

This blog post goes over the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when using SMS marketing software and how they can fix them. So read on to learn more about SMS marketing!

Not Having a Clear Objective

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when using SMS marketing is needing a clear objective. Before sending out any message, you should have a goal that you would like your message to achieve. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Are you looking for increased sales? By setting clear objectives before sending messages, you can craft messages tailored toward achieving those objectives.

Not Having Clear Messaging Guidelines

Another mistake entrepreneurs often make does not have clear messaging guidelines before launching an SMS campaign. Without these guidelines, it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to measure the success of their campaigns and ensure that all messages sent out are consistent with each other and the company’s overall branding and messaging strategy.

It’s essential to establish a set of guidelines that outlines how often messages should be sent out, what type of content should be included in each letter, who should receive each piece of news, etc. so that all messages remain consistent and on-brand throughout the campaign.

Not Getting Permission from Recipients

Not Getting Permission from Recipients

The law requires companies to get permission from recipients before sending them promotional or transactional text messages. Please do so to avoid legal issues and a poor reputation among your customers. To ensure compliance with this law, companies need to provide customers with options on how they can opt in or opt out of receiving text messages from the company at any time during their relationship with the company.

This ensures that customers always have control over whether or not they want to receive text messages from your company and helps protect both parties from potential legal issues or reputational damage in the future.

Not Testing Messages Before Sending Them Out

Testing Messages

It’s also essential for companies to test their text messages before sending them out en masse so as not to send out incorrect or incomplete information, which could lead customers astray. Before sending out any message, companies should test it thoroughly by testing different versions of the same message until they find one that works best for their audience and goals.

This will help ensure accuracy and consistency throughout all aspects of your SMS campaign while also helping you avoid potential pitfalls such as typos or incorrect information being sent out in your messages which can lead customers astray or give them a negative impression of your brand.


SMS marketing effectively enables entrepreneurs to reach their target audience and boost sales. Still, there are several mistakes entrepreneurs need to avoid when implementing an SMS campaign if they want it to succeed. Companies must have a clear objective before launching a campaign and setting up clear messaging guidelines. Hence, as not keep track of its effectiveness over time while ensuring consistency across all aspects of its communication strategy with customers.

Additionally, companies need to get permission from recipients before sending them promotional or transactional text messages to stay compliant with laws regarding texting campaigns and protect their reputation among customers.

Finally, companies must test their text messages before sending them out en masse to avoid sending wrong information, which could lead customers astray. By avoiding these common pitfalls, businesses can maximize the success potential of their SMS campaigns.


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Online Brand Reputation Management

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, maintaining a pristine online reputation has become an indispensable part of personal branding and business strategy. With digital footprints being scrutinized more than ever, it is not only what you do in the physical world but also how you're perceived online that can define success. This is where Search Manipulator steps in—the vanguard of online reputation management. CEO Matt Peters, at the helm of Search Manipulator, unravels the importance of curating your digital narrative. As both a shield and a sculptor, Search Manipulator adeptly protects against online vilifications while simultaneously amplifying the positive aspects of your digital persona. In today’s digital-first world, Google search results hold the power to shape destinies. The content ranked at the top of a search result—be it laudatory or defamatory—has substantial influence over the prospects and perceptions encountered by businesses and individuals alike. Key Elements Of Online Brand Reputation Management The success of a business depends on establishing the credibility of a brand. This is why a business organization earnestly engages in the online world to spread a compelling story. It helps establish the brand identity. However, on the other end, some elements work with a vicious intent to tarnish your reputation. This is where the role of brand reputation management becomes important. This section discusses a few key elements of brand reputation management. Your Digital Presence Establishing a strong digital presence is important for an effective online presence. Reputation management begins with optimizing diverse online platforms. They include reviewing websites and also the industry-specific directories. Consistency in the branding efforts across platforms helps create a good image. Customer Service And Behavior Another key element to online brand reputation management is customer service and behavior. The brand needs to oversee the different social media channels actively. Besides, they review websites and other platforms. It ensures addressing the pain points and grievances of the customers. Employee Advocacy  The employees can be effective advocates for online reputation. A business organization must ask employees to engage with the brand's online presence. It helps share the positive experience and, after that, contribute to the thought leadership initiatives. It helps build authenticity and credibility among diverse groups of people online. Customer Feedback And Engagement Actively asking for customer feedback with the help of surveys and reviews increases the brand's credibility. Positive customer reviews work both as a brand reputation and also serve as valuable social proof for the potential customer. Great Content Strategy Content is the king in the market, and a business must do all to ensure its content resonates with the audience. This way, they can position themselves as industry experts and thought leaders. If you have been successful in creating a brand strategy using the social listening tool, it can help you create a variety of content formats like videos, infographics, and also blog posts. It ensures high-quality content and then enhances the credibility of the brand. Analyzing The Competitors  Online brand reputation management involves actively working with one’s competitors and studying the competitors' efforts to improve their online reputation. It is crucial for maintaining a competitive advantage in the market. Brand online reputation management is also about pinpointing the areas where the competitors are doing well. It helps them extract insights and build potential strategies to improve the brands’ online presence and reputation. This very information assists in active decision-making after that, ensuring that the brand remains relevant in the digital world. This is where the positive role of the search Manipulator becomes important. Brand strategy and shielding one’s reputation is key to staying competitive in the landscape of shoestring competition. What Search Manipulator Does? Addressing this decisive factor, Search Manipulator leverages cutting-edge SEO strategies to assert your best foot forward. It's about more than quelling the flames of negative reviews; it’s about igniting the fire of your most commendable work and letting it guide the narrative. The freedom of expression that the internet provides is often a double-edged sword—one that can cut through a reputation within moments. From a single customer’s negative review to personal attacks like vendetta-driven articles, the web can be unforgiving. Search Manipulator understands the gravity of such scenarios. Their sophisticated software suite is designed to suppress undesirable content, ensuring that past grievances or misleading postings don't overshadow your true value.  Strong That Managing An Online Reputation  At Search Manipulator, the belief is strong that managing an online reputation transcends beyond an immediate quick fix. It's a methodical endeavor enveloping all facets of one’s life: mending the past, nurturing the present, and securing the future. Bolstering Your Reviews By highlighting positive articles, bolstering your reviews, and optimizing your home page with best-in-class SEO practices, Search Manipulator positions you to not only avoid reputation pitfalls but also to connect genuinely with your audience and thrive in all your digital engagements. Matt Peters states, “ "SEO is integral to any digital marketing strategy," Matt states. "It's a powerful tool that can dramatically increase the likelihood of consumers finding and choosing your business over competitors. By investing in SEO, brands not only improve their online presence but also contribute to their long-term success." Solutions  Search Manipulator’s innovative solutions have drawn esteemed accolades, including recognition as the 2022 Impact Company of the Year by Dotcom Magazine. Their methodology and results have been spotlighted in prestigious platforms like the Huffington Post and ESPN Radio's Lunch N' Learn, demonstrating their authority and effectiveness in the realm of reputation management. Search Manipulator's mission is to provide a complete suite of services tailored to manage your online reputation. From removing complaints to enhancing your online ratings, from driving website traffic to connecting with customers—Search Manipulator equips you with the arsenal needed for the digital age. Conclusion In conclusion, in a world where your digital presence is as significant as your presence in reality, Search Manipulator is dedicated to ensuring that your online footprint is a true and powerful reflection of your real-world integrity and excellence. Take charge of your online store, and let us help you shine in the vast digital cosmos. To learn more visit: Read Also: Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path? Customer Service Gripes Revealed In New Survey How Customer Service Is Impacting Your Business In 2022!  

Wasting Money on Marketing

Ways That You are Wasting Money on Marketing

Marketing is vital to every company's success. Without the correct marketing strategies employed, no one will know about your business. Even if you have high-quality products, no one will care about them since they do not know that your business exists in the first place. It is true especially for small companies that are yet to create a name in the industry. Allotting money for marketing plans could boost your success. Make sure though that you spend it wisely; otherwise, you will be wasting the opportunity to advertise. You started marketing without a strategy: Not all marketing strategies work. Some of them are expensive, but you do not see the results. Others are free, but the tactic could attract a lot of people. The marketing plan is a long process that begins by researching the people that you are targeting. You need to know what they want and what advertising strategy appeals to them. For instance, if you decide to release a video ad online, it needs to be short and concise. Within that short time, you can capture attention if you have a strategy; otherwise, no one will watch it. You are not spending enough money: If you think of using a portion of your budget for marketing, you need to go all-in; otherwise, you are wasting the opportunity. Some marketing strategies are expensive and require you to invest a lot. However, you also build your company's name in the process. For instance, if you want media coverage in a massive event that is going to happen in your area, you need to spend money to be a major sponsor. If you are going to release a TV commercial, you need to spend money on quality production. You still need to be smart in determining how much to spend, but you cannot keep reducing the budget. You expect quick results: The problem when some people spend money on advertising is that they expect results right away. It does not work that way. When you advertise, you need to wait for a while before you see things go in the right direction. The reason why it is essential is that some people decide to give up and stop spending when the advertising efforts are still going on. Once you choose to use an advertising strategy, you cannot abandon it in the middle of the process just because you think it is not working. You are spending everything on one strategy: It would be a disaster if you invested all your money in one marketing effort, and it failed. Diversifying your tactics will help a lot. If you think that online marketing works, you can invest in it. However, you cannot assume that it will be successful. As such, it also helps if you spend money in other areas like the use of conventional marketing methods. You can try garment t-shirt printing since it is a proven technique that many businesses still use. You may also start giving out flyers and posters. Be careful in using your money for marketing and make sure you are investing it in the right way. Read Also: Top Tips For Making Business Purchases 7 Social Media Tips For Your Business Dos And Don’ts Of Marketing For Technology Companies The Importance Of Saving: The Bedrock Of A Bright Financial Future

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The Ultimate Guide To Guest Posting: Scale Your Business In 2022

If you are a savvy blogger, you are most probably aware of guest posting. But why is guest posting important for your business? The concept of guest posting is quite simple - You write articles for another blog that you don’t own. Guest posting is a mutual relationship between bloggers and the owners of the website. Both get the benefits of a guest posting. Guest posting is a new opportunity for both bloggers and website owners. They are exposed to a wider pool of audiences and get new traffic from the web. Due to its several benefits, today, online startups and established businesses use guest posting to reach new audiences. However, if you are a startup owner, not familiar with the whole guest posting concept, and looking for sites that accept guest posts, you are at the right place. Today, I am going to tell you how you can use guest posting to scale your business in 2022. Best Strategy For Guest Posting At Scale In 2022 We are already at the end of the year. The year 2021 has been a tough year for businesses. The businesses that survived the first post-pandemic year are expecting great things from the year 2022. This expectation has really burdened the guest posting strategies. Market experts believe that if the businesses want to take their game higher, guest posting might play a key role. Guest posting is a tried and tested method for attracting new yet relevant audiences. It can help your business establish itself as a market expert and present itself as an authoritative figure. Step 1: Start With Setting Your Goals The first step towards creating an effective guest posting strategy is to outline your goals. Having goals will ensure that you are walking on the right path. Ask yourself: Why are you planning this campaign? How will this campaign affect your business? Your answer to these questions will help you determine your goals and make things clear for you about the objective of the guest posting campaign. Step 2: Look For Prospective Sites Creating a guest posting strategy means that you first need to find a platform you can contribute to. This step is crucial as you cannot just post your content on any website. It is imperative that you post your blogs on websites that matter the most to you and are relevant to your niche and industry: Here are a few criteria that should be met while selecting websites. Relevant niche. Huge social media following. DA of at least 40. Keeping your search filtered to these key points will ensure you high-quality, relevant websites for guest posting. Step 3: Make Your Pitch Once you have listed down the website, you want to write for. The next thing is to make a comprehensive and convincing pitch. This is where you will be selling your content idea to the site owner via mail. Do not go for generic pitches; they do not stand out. Furthermore, the website owner will show no interest as he receives hundreds of pitches every day. Here is what your pitch should contain. Introduce yourself and showcase your area of expertise. Show appreciation for the post published on the website. Tell them about your goals. Present your idea. You can even add a brief outline of your idea along with the mail. Step 4: Craft Your Content If your pitch is accepted, it is time to craft your content. Now, what most people do - they think, as this is not their website, giving any content will do. However, that is not the case. Remember, guest posting is a mutual relationship. If your content is of poor quality, it will not perform on the website. Hence, your purpose of guest posting will stand void. Always focus on quality content, as this content will become your advocate. If the content is of high quality, readers would want to know about the author and will trace you back to your website. Step 5: Write An Interesting Author Bio As we have already said, people check the author bio of the writer who creates high-quality content. Hence, it is important that you write an appealing author bio for yourself. An author bio is the only place to directly market yourself, talk about your skills, and even add links back to your website. However, while writing an author bio, don’t make it too long. Just keep it enough that the readers know the kind of person you are. Step 6: Promote Your Content After your guest post is accepted and published on the site, you need to promote your post. This ensures that your content reaches as many people as possible. Here is a cool trick you can use to promote your content. Ta or Mention the site while sharing or writing your content. Step 7: Keep Track Your work is not complete after the guest post is published. In fact, you are just halfway through. One of the advantages of guest posting strategies is that they are scalable. That means, if you can enhance their performances, you can easily scale up your reach. Once your content goes live, make sure to go through the comments. See what readers feel about the content and respond to their comments. Actively engaging with the readers creates a good reputation in the industry and makes the reader feel that their words are taken care of. Guest Posting Is A Communication Exercise You must see guest posting as a communication exercise that needs practice. You will have to accept the fact that even after trying and following all the best practices, you are bound to make mistakes or might not get the results you desire. Making mistakes doesn't mean the end of your effort. Instead, come out with experiences and pitch again—this time ensuring that you do not repeat the same mistake. Like a communication exercise where you talk more instead of thinking, the same thing stands true in guest posting. The more you pitch and connect with the other bloggers in guest posting, the better you would become. 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