Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid When Using SMS Marketing


31 January 2023


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become increasingly popular for entrepreneurs to reach out to their target audience and boost sales. However, like with any form of marketing, there are mistakes that entrepreneurs should avoid when using SMS marketing if they want it to be successful.

This blog post goes over the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when using SMS marketing software and how they can fix them. So read on to learn more about SMS marketing!

Not Having a Clear Objective

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when using SMS marketing is needing a clear objective. Before sending out any message, you should have a goal that you would like your message to achieve. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Are you looking for increased sales? By setting clear objectives before sending messages, you can craft messages tailored toward achieving those objectives.

Not Having Clear Messaging Guidelines

Another mistake entrepreneurs often make does not have clear messaging guidelines before launching an SMS campaign. Without these guidelines, it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to measure the success of their campaigns and ensure that all messages sent out are consistent with each other and the company’s overall branding and messaging strategy.

It’s essential to establish a set of guidelines that outlines how often messages should be sent out, what type of content should be included in each letter, who should receive each piece of news, etc. so that all messages remain consistent and on-brand throughout the campaign.

Not Getting Permission from Recipients

Not Getting Permission from Recipients

The law requires companies to get permission from recipients before sending them promotional or transactional text messages. Please do so to avoid legal issues and a poor reputation among your customers. To ensure compliance with this law, companies need to provide customers with options on how they can opt in or opt out of receiving text messages from the company at any time during their relationship with the company.

This ensures that customers always have control over whether or not they want to receive text messages from your company and helps protect both parties from potential legal issues or reputational damage in the future.

Not Testing Messages Before Sending Them Out

Testing Messages

It’s also essential for companies to test their text messages before sending them out en masse so as not to send out incorrect or incomplete information, which could lead customers astray. Before sending out any message, companies should test it thoroughly by testing different versions of the same message until they find one that works best for their audience and goals.

This will help ensure accuracy and consistency throughout all aspects of your SMS campaign while also helping you avoid potential pitfalls such as typos or incorrect information being sent out in your messages which can lead customers astray or give them a negative impression of your brand.


SMS marketing effectively enables entrepreneurs to reach their target audience and boost sales. Still, there are several mistakes entrepreneurs need to avoid when implementing an SMS campaign if they want it to succeed. Companies must have a clear objective before launching a campaign and setting up clear messaging guidelines. Hence, as not keep track of its effectiveness over time while ensuring consistency across all aspects of its communication strategy with customers.

Additionally, companies need to get permission from recipients before sending them promotional or transactional text messages to stay compliant with laws regarding texting campaigns and protect their reputation among customers.

Finally, companies must test their text messages before sending them out en masse to avoid sending wrong information, which could lead customers astray. By avoiding these common pitfalls, businesses can maximize the success potential of their SMS campaigns.


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Get Into Content Marketing

How to Get Into Content Marketing

Growing traffic to a website is the goal of any business owner. More visitors can mean more conversions. As the pandemic showed, eCommerce is on a steep upward surge, and competition therefore can be fierce. In 2020 more than 2 billion individuals made purchases for goods online, according to Statista. These customers made purchases because they had either used a particular vendor before or had found one through a search on the net. Organic traffic is the desired way to increase visitors and to do this content and keywords are crucial. Content marketing is one key way to grow organic traffic, but what is it exactly, and how do you get into it? What is content marketing? This basically refers to the creation of online content for a website. It could also refer to social media posts. However, for it to work effectively, the content must be of relevance, and it has to engage. The content doesn’t necessarily need to promote any specific brand, but it should be a topic that holds an audience's attention and helps to generate traffic and leads. There are points to consider when building a content marketing strategy. You will surely have competition in your niche, and it's important to see what content they are creating. Links are important, and quality backlinks can boost your content’s audience. Keywords and the content itself are vitally important. Performing keyword research and optimizing this area will help improve how effective your content is on SERPs. Effectively, content marketing is a form of SEO and is designed to help generate more organic traffic. Why do businesses need content marketing? Businesses need content marketing to help them appear higher in search rankings, attract more visitors, and then reduce their bounce rate. A report by the Nielsen Norman Group shows the average user spends less than 20 seconds on a webpage. This statistic shows how hard it is to keep the attention of the average web user. Posting regularly on social media, and improving the content of a website can help to keep visitors on the webpage longer. If you can hold a visitor’s attention then they are more likely to visit again, and hopefully, make a purchase. The point of content marketing is to keep a business’s brand in someone’s mind for when it comes time for them to make purchases online. Good content with quality backlinks can help to promote brand awareness and to increase trust and loyalty. How can you get into content marketing? There are a couple of possibilities for getting into content marketing. If you have a website yourself then you can perform some SEO on that. This means writing content that is suitable for your target audience and making adjustments to optimize it for search engines. Long-form content is more desirable than shorter blog posts, but relevance and quality are key. If you have old content on your site then revisit it and check that the facts are still accurate and the links are working. Perform some keyword research and freshen up the content a bit. Another way to get into content marketing is to purchase existing niche websites. Firms such as Content Marketing Plans basically purchase, service, and then flip websites in this manner. Purchasing older websites that have some authority is a great way to get into content marketing. Once you have improved the content and made the site perform better you can then use it for generating leads, or for affiliate marketing. By doing this you can monetize an existing website instead of building up a brand new one. What advantages does utilizing content marketing give? Digital marketing takes on many forms, and working on SEO and content is just one of them. The usefulness of content marketing is as you can see here. Increased brand awareness Retention of audience Increased organic traffic Increased revenue and conversions (hopefully) Higher rankings on Google and other SERPs Are there any negatives to content marketing? Content has and possibly will always be king in regard to SEO and rankings. However, that doesn’t mean it is perfect. The main problem with content marketing is that it doesn’t offer a quick solution. It can take months for the positive effects of content marketing to take hold. This is why some people turn to black hat SEO techniques for a quick fix. However, this always turns sour over a long period. So if someone cannot wait for a new website to grow, purchasing an existing niche one is a better option. Summary Digital marketing in all of its forms can help a business to grow online. Ecommerce is only going to expand, and attracting visitors is vital to remain viable. Quality content can help a site to rise up the ranks of the search engines, and to improve organic traffic. Good content marketing will improve the website’s performance, and will also increase a brand’s presence online and its reputation. Read Also: 5 Benefits of Digitalization in Marketing The Top 7 Content Marketing Challenges for 2022 Required Content Marketing for Your E-Commerce


How to Get What You Want at Work By Strategic Negotiation

There are things at work that employees want to get and things that employees want to achieve at work, but they keep thinking that it is hard. However, there is something that employees can use to get the things that they want, and that is through strategic negotiation. Negotiating is one of the things that people seriously don’t like. Whether it is a confrontation or mindset that they are people that don't deserve to win, there are a lot of people who avoid any situations which require negotiation. However, strategic negotiation doesn’t have to be always like that. Negotiation can be helpful to achieve the things that you want. Here are the things that you can do to utilize strategic negotiation in getting something at work successfully. Always Prepare   When entering a negotiation without a proper plan, strategy and preparation can already conclude your defeat. Always prepare for the battle. Start with yourself. Ensure that you are apparent on the things that you want. Conducting research is important. It can be helpful to understand their needs, as well as their weaknesses and strengths. Ask for your manager or co-employees for some help and opinions. Take Your Time     Instant approval for any request at work can tend to be lousy. Some managers do not enjoy negotiating and want to get done with it as soon as possible. It is understandable. However, it is important to take time on asking for something. Just like SEO experts in NYC who take their job seriously, It’s much better when you don’t rush things. Negotiating Process is Continual, Not an Individual Event Excellent negotiating results are just an outcome of a healthy relationship with the involved party. It is necessary to cultivate a relationship ahead of time. For the same reason, it is important that you constantly look for opportunities that will grow your relationship with the management. There are cases that even before having any discussions, managers determine the outcome already. Find the Bargaining Chip  In addition to taking advantage of someone’s weaknesses, focus on taking extreme advantage of your strengths. It is essential to establish a firm foundation while negotiating. You can also demonstrate your expertise and knowledge about things. However, make sure that the skills that you’ll show will have a substantial impact on the thing or position that you need. It can determine a good result especially if the managers see that you deserve it. You are already establishing your credibility at work. It is challenging playing catch-up while negotiating, so it is better to take the initiative and guide the process in the direction that will favor you. Don’t Tag Your Ego Along Employees who attain success in getting the things that they want don’t usually show that they care about the result. However, it is their strategy to make the other side feel that it is okay to reject them, just as long as they tried. Timing is Everything Timing is everything, so it is important to pay attention to it. Timing is key in any negotiation. It is important to know what to ask, but you also need to be sensitive when to ask for it. There are times that you can go forward, and there also times that you need to wait. It is best to look for the best time before pressing for the thing that you want. However, watch out of pushing things too hard, because it may pollute a long-term relationship with you boss. Go For a Win-Win Solution Throughout the negotiation, always try to determine things that are acceptable for the management. It can be a mixture of various things that aren’t necessarily everything that you wanted. It is important that you understand the management or your supervisor's priorities, like how you also understand your priorities. So it is better to think of the things that you would do if you were in their position. When constructing a negotiations or requests to your boss, it is okay to attempt in satisfying some of the company's priorities but make sure that it doesn’t weaken your position. Always be ready to give up some things in exchange for the things that you want. It is smart if you know your limits, and how far are you willing to go just to get the deal. Stick To Your Principles As an individual and employee, you will have your set of values and principles that you don’t want to compromise. If you see that the negotiations will break some of those principles, then it can be something that you can throw away. Getting What You Want You can compare successful negotiation to a chess game. It requires different things like awareness, creativity, timing, and anticipation of your opponent’s next move. When using negotiation to get something from work, it is important to anticipate that your boss might have something up their sleeve to rebut and say no to your request. Your moves must be progressive so that you can expect the same from your boss. While creating the plot of the strategy, it is important that you anticipate the end game. Also, you need to be ready for the outcome. After getting the job done, and getting what you want, it is appropriate to end the negotiation with a handshake. Takeaway As an employee, some requests and promotions seem too hard to attain. Negotiations can be helpful for employees to have an approval on the requests and promotions that they are aiming. With proper planning and an in-depth strategic negotiation, you can easily achieve it. The things listed above are the things that can help you get what you want at work.

Email Marketing

Snov.io Review: The Missing Piece of the Marketing Outreach Strategy Puzzle

If you have not been living under a rock, you are probably aware that the importance attached to any marketing or sales strategy through the productive use of an email finder is a quintessential step towards guaranteeing success. Whether it be for Link Building, Building a Blogger Data Base, Influencer Marketing, Lead Generation, or Generating Reviews and Ratings, we cannot stress enough on the fact that a viable email outreach strategy is necessary for you. However, if we are to do all the things listed above singularly or collectively even, the same is going to take a lot of time, effort, resources, both financial as well as in terms of workers, among other things. This is the challenge that not only affects many marketing experts but also is incremental in terms of determining their growth and the growth of the campaign or marketing strategy that they are presently working on. An Easy, Powerful and Efficient Email Marketing Tool for Outreach:   When we have identified the problem, it makes sense to come up with a solution as well. Enter Snovio, a strategically robust and defined marketing tool that is designed to help you not only as an email finder guide but also more importantly as an email validator. Snovio is not a tool that is useful only for marketers; it is also very useful for Sales Representatives, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Recruiters, HR Professionals, and anyone who wants to find emails and relies on email outreach or outbound research. It helps you drastically cut down the time it takes to find and collect leads and candidates. Snovio offers a set of useful and productive services that are aimed to help individuals looking for an expert outreach strategy. Some of the tools that Snovio provides are: Domain Email Search Email Verifier Email Drip Campaigns Email Tracker for Gmail Professional Email Search Technology Checker The Importance of an Email Finder as a Dynamic Part of Prospecting: For most professionals who belong to the sales, marketing, or recruiting teams, locating an official email id is often the final part of completing a strategy circle. They know who they want to reach out to, what is their TG, but most often than not, they lack a coherent database of concrete and verified contact information. Most of these professionals find emails through manual searching or by using email toolsets, which are cumbersome, complicated, and quite expensive. Snovio aims to solve all those problems by its ease of working. Snovio is a verified Google Extension that works seamlessly not only in terms of standardized Google searches of people and professionals in a given region, but also carefully disseminates official emails from the professional social network. One of the most important features that Snovio provides is the function of not only searching and locating emails but also verification. Some of the emails that are collected may be invalidemails; with Snovio everyone has the opportunity of collecting and verifying leads, prospects, and human resources. An Email Finder that Works Seamlessly on LinkedIn: Most of the times, as a recruiter or a marketing professional, we turn to LinkedIn to browse hundreds or professional profiles, in order to look for prospects, investors, entrepreneurs, and a host of other search related activities. Snovio works flawlessly creating verified email lists from LinkedIn’s extensive database of individuals and companies. If you see the image above, we had searched for professionals in the field of SEO, and as you can see from the Snovio extension on the right, the software crawls and collects, all official email addresses of the professionals.   Following the search and categorization, Snovio prepares a user-friendly and uncluttered ‘People List’ giving you credible and verified email addresses of targeted individuals and professionals. You can also directly verify from the list whether an email is a valid one or not. A Powerful Sales and Marketing Outreach Tool that is Budget Friendly: We are sure that you have never heard about an outreach tool or an email finder that is cheap to use and fits well your quarterly budget allocations. We are also sure that you have never heard about an email finder tool NOT asking for your credit card details, once the free trial period is over. Well, Snovio is not only inexpensive to use, but it also offers a forever free, renewable plan with 100 monthly credits and 30 drip campaign recipients for you to try out all the tools and features. If you need to go over this limit, you can purchase a plan that suits your needs best. By the way, the pricing is pretty affordable - the cheapest plan of 1,000 credits is $29. All the features of Snovio are open to usage even in the free plan. Unlike most competitors, who restrict usage in the free plans to one or two services, Snovio’s entire repertoire of services is open for consumers, even when it is free. You can distribute your credits however, you like. Snovio notifies you about the credits to be used beforehand. The export feature is also available in all paid plans. The Final Verdict: Snovio is not just any other tool for lead generation and email outreach. After a very long time, we finally have a tool and an email finder that is not only user-friendly, uncluttered, professional, and dynamic but also inexpensive, trustworthy, credible and offers great post-sales customer service. With Snovio, you can rest assured that all your outreach strategies will be streamlined and you will definitely be able to see a spike in your conversions. If you are not yet ready to go for paid plans, we would strongly suggest you trying out their free plan, as they are good in terms of offering the complete arsenal of services. With all the above advantages, we would find it very difficult to understand if someone still does not want to give Snovio a chance. Read Also: 10 Top-Notch Tools To Improve Your Business Writing Skills A Guide To Running Your Instagram Marketing Campaign