Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Ask When You’re In An Accident

When it comes to hiring a trusted and reputable motorcycle accident lawyer, you have to choose one who is qualified, experienced, and familiar with your local personal injury law or tort law, specializing in motorcycle accident cases. However, when you’re in the actual situation, it can be tough to choose a lawyer if you’re not prepared.

When you’re in an accident, you need to contact a motorcycle accident attorney right away after ensuring that you’re safe. In this post, you’ll learn the relevant questions to ask when you’re in a motorcycle accident.

Can You Come Over the Place of Incident?

You’ll prove that a motorcycle lawyer is earnest in helping you by asking this question. This is why it’s crucial to choose one who is locally available or located in your area. No matter how busy the lawyer is, your situation is considered an emergency. A willing motorcycle accident lawyer will say ‘yes’ or try to send a legal representative to answer your questions in case the attorney is in the middle of an important meeting or unable to come.

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

The things you’ll do after a motorcycle accident will have a significant impact on getting the maximum compensation benefit you’ll receive for your damages. Your motorcycle attorney should know what specific actions can hurt or help insurance claim settlements and jury verdicts.

Here’s what a motorcycle accident lawyer usually suggests to help protect your interests after an accident:

  • Seek medical attention immediately. More than anything else, your health and safety should be your priority. The common injuries associated with a motorcycle accident include burns, disfigurement, fractures, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries, and the hospital or emergency room staff should document all of these.
  • Don’t talk to any representative of an insurance company.
  • After receiving medical treatment, you can contact your lawyer to discuss your case.

Do I Need to Make a Statement to the Police?

Don’t give your side of the story or any statements to the police without your lawyer. Insurance companies usually combine data to police reports as evidence to point out that the rider might be at fault, thus reducing or denying compensation benefits. Tell the authorities that you can’t make any statements because you need to seek immediate treatment for your injuries. It’s your right to remain silent and refuse to give a statement, most especially if you’re still in a state of shock or confusion.

Do I Need to Take Pictures of the Accident?

A motorcycle accident or any road crash can be chaotic. Taking photos is critical after ensuring your safety because pictures are compelling evidence. Motorcycle accident photos documenting the damages and injuries can make a big difference between an unsuccessful and a successful insurance claim.

Here are the essential benefits of taking motorcycle accident photos:

  • Show the contributing factors that led to the accident
  • Show the extent of damages and injuries that you suffered caused by the collision
  • Show details that can prove the relevance of your claim, like witnesses and posted traffic signs
  • Remind you of the smallest details of the incident that you’ve forgotten
  • Evidence to substantiate the fault or mistake of other parties and your injuries

How Should I Take Motorcycle Accident Photos?

Since you know how essential taking photos of the motorcycle accident scene is, it’s also important to ask your lawyer what pictures to take to be accepted as good evidence.

Here are some suggestions from expert motorcycle accident lawyers:

  • Take photos of property damages, including external and internal damages to all vehicles involved, damage to road signs and roadways, and buildings or objects.
  • Capture multiple shots of the motor accident damage, including debris, skid marks, and pedestrian lanes.
  • Take pictures of your bruises, wounds, and other injuries.
  • Take pictures of nearby traffic signs that can present clues in reconstructing how the motorcycle accident happened.
  • Photograph police officers, the other driver, passengers, and witnesses to help you recall the people you’ve dealt with after the accident.
  • Take pictures of the license plate number and the make and model of the other vehicles, including the driver’s license, registration information, and insurance of the other driver.


You can recover the full compensation that you’re entitled to by immediately contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer to ask the right questions when you’re in an accident. A successful claim depends on the things you do and don’t do after the accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer will guide you on the next steps to ensure your rights and best interests are protected.

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