What Are the Penalties for Drug Possession in Arizona?


22 November 2018


Drug Possession

With the opioid epidemic at an all-time high, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drug possession offenses all over the country. Arizona is no different. In Arizona, if you are caught with drugs on your person or in your car, you can expect to face some serious legal repercussions. This also applies to anyone caught with drug paraphernalia in their possession. Depending on the type and amount drug, you could be facing some serious fines and jail time.

Arizona takes drug possession very seriously. The bottom line is if you are caught under the influence of drugs or with drugs in your possession, you will probably be charged with a felony. In order to be found guilty of drug possession in Arizona, the state must prove the following:

  • You knowingly possess the drugs or paraphernalia- It’s not enough that you are found in a house where drugs are found. There has to be some connection between you and the drugs in order for you to be found guilty.
  • The substance was, in fact, an illegal or illicit drug – Just because you think something is a drug, doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted of the crime of possession. If you have a bag of oregano, you can’t get charged with possession of marijuana – even if you bought it thinking it was marijuana.

Arizona also breaks drugs down into different categories. Drugs can be defined as any of the following:

  • Marijuana – This category includes synthetic marijuana, edibles, or regular marijuana.
  • Peyote
  • Prescription drugs – This would include anti-anxiety drugs and other drugs that are legally prescribed. To be charged with drug possession, you would have to be found with drugs that you personally don’t have a prescription for.
  • Dangerous drugs –this would include methamphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.
  • Narcotics – Pain medication and other opiates.
  • Vapors – This would include inhalants.

What are the Different Penalties for Drug Possession?

If you are busted with drugs in Arizona, you are going to face some serious consequences. The severity of the penalty will depend on how much of the drug you have in your possession. If you have just enough for personal use, it will more than likely qualify as simple possession. If, however, you have more than you could be expect to use yourself, you’ll be charged with possession and intent to distribute.

In Arizona, you will not be sent to prison for your first or second offense of drug possession. You will be sent to mandatory treatment and will be handed some pretty stiff fines. Additionally, you may be given a suspended sentence or probation for your first or second offense. Arizona will not impose a prison sentence until your third offense.

Defenses to Drug Possession:

As with most crimes, there are defenses to drug possession in Arizona. Your criminal defense attorney will raise any and all of the applicable defenses in your trial. He will also use these defenses as a bargaining tool when he tries to negotiate a reduced charge or sentence with the prosecutor. The available defenses to drug possession in Arizona include:

  • Lack of Knowledge – If you truly had no idea the drugs were in your possession, you may be found not guilty. Examples of this are when third parties placed drugs in your car or purse. It is very difficult to prove lack of knowledge.
  • Illegal Search – If the police had no reasonable basis for conducting the search in the first place, the charges will have to be dismissed.
  • Religious Use – This defense is rarely successful. In order to use this defense, you have to prove that you were using the drugs as part of a religious (not merely a cultural) ritual.

Medical Marijuana Card – If you are caught with less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana and are a legitimate marijuana patient, you may raise this defense. You will still have to prove that the drugs came from a genuine and legal dispensary.

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Divorce 101: How To Get Through This Difficult Time and Come Out Stronger!

Going through a divorce is never easy. There’s, of course, the prospect of a marriage ending, but there are also a lot of other processes you have to brave through. The first is obviously is deciding if it’s truly over. Then comes the hard bit. Don’t believe us? Keep reading! Divorce 101: How To Get Through This Difficult Time and Come Out Stronger: Hire a Good LawyerA great divorce lawyer is a key to getting through your messy divorce with dignity and peace. The folks over at the Lawrence Law Office, among others, have experience with this. A reliable and experienced divorce attorney will know exactly which strings to pull to win your case. Of course, there’s a ton of things you should consider before you hire an attorney but eventually, you will have to hire one. We suggest you start as early as possible. Embrace the Unknown Now onto the more messy, emotional bit. You're going to be so scared of the strange that you're going to reason with yourself. You’ll tell yourself that you're at least comfortable, even though you're miserable, and that you can continue your troubled marriage. You'll try to convince yourself of this, though you know it's not true in your heart. But you're going to tell yourself lies and reason that you're not supposed to split–for the kids, finances, etc. You are going to negotiate with yourself because you are afraid. Know this is all normal. You have to get up and go through with it because hey, there’s a reason you wanted an out in the first place. Pay Attention to Your Self Esteem You may shatter your self-confidence and you will be hopeless for validation and love. You will think no one is ever going to want you again, and you may be tempted to date quickly and latch on to the primary person who is handling attention. Resist this urge to attach yourself, even if for a long time you didn't have that romantic touch or intimacy. Trying to fill that void with a different relationship robs you of an opportunity to heal. Go with the flow and try to stay on track. Don’t Let Your Spouse’s Action Affect You It may seem as if your spouse is attempting to cause your life as uncomfortable as they possibly can, which, if you let it, could end in a long, drawn-out, costly, soul-sucking divorce for you. You'll need to remember that while you can't control their behavior, you can control how you're responding. It is entirely up to you to decide to take the high way notwithstanding how they act. It'll be easier said than done, like many things during the division. You’ll just have to take deep breaths and continue with the divorce process. Cultivate A Support Group Even though you might say you're okay, you'll need a support system: a therapist, a support group, good friends, online forums non-judgmental anonymity. Whatever system combination you choose should help you achieve two goals — creating a secure place to wind up while also helping you find effective means to cope with divorce in a healthful way.Read Also:Think Positive: 6 Realistic Benefits of Getting a Divorce Tips and Tricks to Hire the Best Lawyer for Your Case


What Are the Costs of Our Aging Infrastructure?

After World War II, America became a global leader of commerce and saw an incredible boom in the prosperity of its citizens. This was fueled, in large part, by the building of infrastructure and the rise of the middle class in our country. Over a 50-year period, beginning in the 1950s, the United States invested billions of dollars into its infrastructure by building roads, airports and schools that were innovative and ambitious and that literally paved the way for one of the most impressive stretches of growth experienced by any nation in global history. This small bit of U.S. history is vital to understanding a major problem we currently face. The ambitious undertaking of building America’s infrastructure has slowly become a serious economic challenge. There is a seemingly endless stream of news reports and columns devoted to the daunting task of fixing all parts of our infrastructure, including our roads, bridges, airports, oil lines, water lines and waterways. But we don’t have to look to newspapers or scholarly essays about the challenges posed by our aging infrastructure. We experience it on a daily basis, from the potholes that cause tire blowouts to the corroded service lines that have unleashed dangerously high levels of lead and caused upheaval in a number of communities across our nation. There has been much effort devoted to examining the challenges, the costs and the need for fixing our infrastructure. Let’s break down just a few of the categories to get a better perspective on what we need and why we need it.Roads - Our roadway infrastructure, which includes highways, interstates and local roads, received a “D” grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Fixing our infrastructure will be costly, and the fact that federal funding accounts for only a small percentage of road funding is a reflection of the fact that our crumbling roads impact us at a very local and personal level. The costs come in the form of stretches of roads plagued with structural deficiencies that cause our vehicles to break down and roads whose initial design, while once adequate, now fails to keep pace with the traffic they currently need to accommodate. For example, think of the long list of cities that experience incredible congestion on a daily basis or the potholes which are left unattended on our neighborhood roads. Read also: Experts Recommend: Top Interior Design Trends for 2017Bridges - The ASCE actually gives our bridges a “C+” grade, which - believe it or not - is one of the three highest grades given to 16 categories graded by the organization. Even though it is graded slightly higher than other sectors of our infrastructure, it is still in dire need of repair. The cost to drivers also comes in the form of breaks in surfaces and inability to accommodate traffic flow, but perhaps more alarming is the possibility of collapse. Another important statistic before we move on to the next category: One out of every 10 bridges in the United States is structurally deficient.Pipelines - While our roads and our bridges are often several decades old, many of the pipes used in the United States are even older. It is not uncommon for certain systems to have been built over a century ago, long before we knew just how dangerous the materials used would become for future generations. Two examples highlight our challenges in this particular area. First is the lead contamination of our drinking water that has caused lead poisoning of communities across the country. The ASCE’s latest report card gives our drinking water infrastructure a “D” grade. The costs, they say, could be up to $1 trillion over the coming decades. The second example is frequent gas line explosions, one of which occurs, on average, every other day in the United States, as reported by USA Today. Our energy infrastructure gets a “D+” grade from the ASCE.Airports - Just like many other structures in the country, our airports are struggling to meet the demands of more passengers and higher volumes of traffic. The average airport in the United States is around 40 years old, and our country is struggling to fund the maintenance of these facilities, even as other countries are making available significant investments to improve their airports. The ASCE gives our airports a “D” grade and points to the Federal Aviation Administration’s estimated cost of congestion and delays at roughly $22 billion. The investment needed to modernize and fix the infrastructure of our airports is even greater, over $75 billion, according to the Airports Council International-North America.Schools - One of our biggest challenges is fixing the infrastructure which accommodates our young people. The majority of our schools were built for the baby boomer generation, according to the ASCE, who gives our school infrastructure a “D” grade. It will cost around $270 billion to modernize and maintain these facilities. The aging school buildings present a number of threats for children and teachers alike. Old water lines carry contaminated water into several school systems across the United States, and structural deficiencies also make these buildings hazardous to students. Yet another danger is the presence of asbestos in school buildings.  Any school building constructed prior to 1980 is likely to have asbestos. Once asbestos deteriorates or becomes airborne, it can cause serious complications to those who are exposed to it, including lung cancer or mesothelioma.Meeting Our Challenges The costs of fixing our infrastructure are great, but the costs currently being suffered by Americans are already taking a significant toll. We are paying for the challenges we face in ways that go way beyond tax dollars and construction projects. Unfortunately, we are paying the price through injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The same country that built these incredible stretches of roads, bridges, and pipelines is also capable of repairing them, despite the large price tag that comes with such a task. When we consider what we need to do to move forward in this country, let’s not forget about the actual roads that lay in front of us. Ignoring this responsibility will not just place a burden on future generations -- it is a burden we are already carrying. The Law Offices of John R. Colvin focus primarily in the areas of Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Workers’ Compensation, and Social Security Disability. They represent clients in the Tennessee Valley region, including Tennessee and Alabama.