Use the Galaxy S7 Edge as a Pixel Art Tool

Don’t allow stress and anxiety to press you down. Engage in pixel art coloring games on your galaxy S7 edge and unwind while having fun. Besides, through coloring, you will have a colorful pictures gallery to share with the world.

Most gamers enjoy pixel art games through their smartphones. That’s because the devices enable them to access the game anytime, anywhere. You can download the pixel art coloring app and play the game while offline. Therefore, there is no need to look for Wi-Fi to color.

This article looks at why smartphones are the best pixel art tools and the benefits of pixel art coloring games to users.

Why Use a Smartphone as a Pixel Art Tool

  • Ease accessibility: People move with their mobile devices everywhere they go. Therefore, they can play their favorite coloring game anytime, anywhere. You can play the game while at work, during your break time to blow away work pressure. Also, after such a stressful day, engaging in pixel art color by number game will help you calm down, relax and forget about the day’s stress.
  • You can play the game offline: You do not need to get to Wi-Fi every time you want to engage in your coloring game. Once you have downloaded the pixel art coloring app on your smartphone, you can color by number while offline.
  • Easy to use and color: Pixel art comes in an intuitive design that has simple gameplay. You can easily access the coloring tools like the magic wand and color splash through your mobile devices. Also, you can use the 3D coloring artworks that will make you have a superb coloring experience. Besides, the game provides daily fresh coloring pages that range from easy to the most challenging. It is a guarantee that you can never get bored with the game.
  • Regular pictures update: It feels great to have a gallery with fresh photos every day. That way, you will have various beautiful and colorful images to share with your friends and the world. Also, you can access and view the photos on your smartphone anytime, even at work or when traveling.
  • You make use of the pixel art camera and picture maker: You can capture photos and take selfies on your mobile device using the pixel art camera. Also, you can color by number all the pictures you already have for free and make your gallery very colorful.
  • Quick sharing: When you have the pixel art coloring app on your phone, you can take timelapse videos and send them to your social media platforms. You can also email the videos to those people you wish to view. That way, the entire world will get to see your aesthetic and colorful images and enjoy them too.
  • You incur a low cost: Pixel art color by number game offers over 10000 3D artworks for free. You can also download the coloring app for free and play the game offline. Also, the coloring pages and games are free. The costs involved in accessing the game through your mobile device are so minimal. Therefore, everybody worldwide can access and play the coloring game.
  • The best thing about using your smartphone to play pixel art games is that you do not have time constraints. You can stop playing the game whenever you want and continue playing at the time that is most suitable for you.
  • You get a wide range of artworks for selection: Some artwork includes sweets, flowers, unicorns, and color by number Mandalas.

Benefits of the Pixel Art Coloring Game to the User

  • The game helps players to relax by getting rid of stress and anxiety.
  • It is the best way to have fun while utilizing your free time.
  • The coloring game renders you into a meditation state. Therefore, you can let go of negative thoughts and freshen your mind.
  • Through color by number, you can take a break from monotonous daily routines.
  • The pixel art game is entertaining and helps you have an exceptional moment anytime, anywhere.
  • It helps the gamer to calm down and take time to unwind.
  • Gaming enthusiasts boost their concentration through coloring.
  • Many players learn and improve their color matching skills, precision, and accuracy.
  • Gamers have time to let out their inner artist freely.


Smartphones like the Samsung S7 edge have made it easy for many users to access and play their favorite coloring game. That’s because, through mobile phones, you can engage in the game anytime, anywhere, with no time constraints. The costs involved are very minimal. Through that, you get a wide range of features that make the game more fun. Pixel art game users benefit more from the game as they let go of all the day’s stress. The game is a must-try for everybody.

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