Preparing for an English Literature Degree? Follow These Tips

English Literature Degree

If you love the written word, in all its power and persuasion, then chances are you have considered pursuing a University English degree.

English degrees allow you to take a deep dive into different cultural and historical perspectives. They teach critical thinking and careful media literacy. Through the reading, they share necessary intersections with philosophy, creative writing, history, social science, and linguistics. In other words: it’s a well-rounded education.

Further, English degrees have relevancy beyond university. Countless modern jobs benefit from a strong foundation in English: marketing director, communications manager, publisher, editor, advertising copywriter, or technical writer, to name just a few.

Luckily, it’s easy to prepare for an English degree. Whether you’re a freshman in high school or an adult looking to head back to the classroom, here are a few ways to get ready.

Get a Head Start on the Syllabi:

One advantage that English degrees have over others is that the materials covered are often readily accessible and inexpensive. It’s not always easy to get your hands on a niche microbiology textbook (and, if you do, you pay through the nose). On the other hand, you can find a copy of, say, Great Expectations at the nearest bookstore or library.

Use that access to your advantage. Research the syllabi of first-year classes and get a head start reading the material as you await enrollment.

Enroll in Grade 12 English Online:

Enroll in Grade 12 English Online:

To apply for a university English program, you need a prerequisite of English 12, usually with a minimum grade of 65 – 70% (though this varies according to the institution). If you don’t have that credit, or your grade in English 12 is less than the minimum required, don’t worry.

You can easily, flexibly take ENG4U online at an E-learning high school. Because online high schools allow you to complete a course at your own pace over a twelve-month timeline, you can comfortably fit the course amid your current workload.

Hone Your Close-Reading Skills:

Whether you’re taking ENG4U at an online high school or simply spending your summer reading before university, try to hone your close reading skills.

Don’t just read texts; study them. Stop frequently in your reading to ask direct questions about how the language, images, and syntactic structures inform and support the overall themes of the text.

To help, start by reading a book on literary theory. This article lists a few great introductory and intermediate books on literary theory and criticism, including the comprehensive Norton Anthology.

Join a Book Club:

There are no objectively correct readings in English literature. Part of the beauty of learning English is seeing texts through different lenses according to critical studies (a feminist lens, for instance) or individual interpretations.

One of the best ways to expose yourself to differing opinions is with a book club. Before you embark on your English journey, try joining (or starting) a reading group that tackles canonical and contemporary books. You might be surprised by what you can learn from others.

Aside from the points above, just remember to stay curious and engaged. The best preparation for a major in English is an open mind.

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The efficiency of online learning is not in question. And everyone creating a course of their own today know to make it simple, informative, and clear. However, there is a difference between a good eLearning course and an excellent one. These factors are what make that difference. 4 Factors To Consider While Making An eLearning Course eLearning Course is different than the regular educational course. In the eLearning course, you have to make your course more attractive than the traditional course. As you are not using the pen and pepper you have to design your course with a more student convenient approach.Here are four tips that are going to help you to make your robust eLearning course. 1. Make your visuals engaging instead of distracting : Visuals are an invaluable part of an eLearning course because they help memorize information better. Psychology Today lists quite a few studies that explain how and why human brains rely on visual input for memorization and information processing. However, they fail to caution how this can have a negative effect on your course.The trick here is to choose the right kind of visuals. Otherwise, your learners might lose their focus and get distracted from the lesson. The ‘rule of thumb’ here is to use only the graphics that enhance the course. If you aren’t 100% sure that the video/picture/infographic helps people learn the subject better, leave it out.Remember that the visual design of the course also needs to be considered. Go for practicality here and discard any backgrounds, animations, and other visual details that don’t contribute to the educational value of the course. 2. Get the course localized for foreign learners : When developing a great eLearning course targeting different cultures, you’ll need to have it localized. It’s not only about the language, so you can’t use some translation software to ‘convert’ the content. Localization is about adapting the material in a way that will make it more understandable to the targeted audience. This means changing the language as well as adjusting some points to make them more clear in the context of the local culture.The difference between translation and localization is subtle and can be understood by professionals only. That’s why you should seek the services of an experienced company that can offer a truly comprehensive package of localization alongside its eLearning translation. 3. Engage learners through rewards : When you work in a classroom setting, you can complement your learner's and otherwise offer positive encouragement. However, eLearning lacks the ‘personal’ approach, so you’ll have to engage them in different ways. Offering rewards is a great method of keeping people motivated, so says research.A great eLearning course should not only have its inner system of assessment that will allow learners to earn points (add extra points for special achievements). It also should be integrated with social media. This way, you’ll give your learners a chance to share their successes and progress with their friends. Although not a ‘reward’ in the common sense of the word, this feature will be as good for motivation as offering a cookie for right answers on a quiz. 4. Keep it short : The most important things that you need to understand about today’s learners are that they are impatient and short on time. This means that you have to offer information on ‘small bites’ to keep them engaged.It might be best to develop a series of short courses that’ll take no more than 6 hours per week. Organize them in a way that’ll allow learners to start using their new knowledge between the courses to motivate them to learn even more. Conclusion: These four tips are going to help you to design an eLearning Course. If you have an idea about your audiences and the target of your audiences. Then your course design will become more robust. So what is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.Read More : 1. 5 Questions To Ask Yourself While Finalizing An E-Learning Platform For Quality Education 2. Things To Consider Before Finalizing An Online Barber Training School3. Have an Assignment Problem? Try Assignment Help Online


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Finally, you’re out of high school, and your dream is to become an international student. But you don’t know how to apply, let alone have it accepted. Fear is almost driving you crazy. Don’t be afraid! That’s how the journey to becoming an international student begins. But that’s not to say that being afraid will have your application accepted. No! In fact, the more you keep postponing the appeal, the lesser your chances are of admission.  Some people have applied to international universities for years without success. But that’s because they don’t know the trick to the game. Tips to Having Your Application Accepted: 1. Keep your chances open: Yes, you want to study in a specific country and university abroad. Also, you want to take a particular discipline. Don’t you think you’re too rigid to win the game? No country has one specific good university. So broaden up! Also, there are many excellent disciplines you can study. Be Flexible!  Research the reputable universities in that particular country. Apply to at least four of them. Also, provide different disciplines. Even the person viewing your application will know you’re a flexible person. You can also apply to other countries in the same continent. One university may not accept your bid but not all.Furthermore, your application may get rejected in one country but not in all states. Have a look at UCLA admission requirements and apply. You never know your luck! 2. Be realistic: Yes, become realistic in all your application. Different universities have different requirements. Read through the needs of every university you want to apply.  Do you stand a chance? Bidding blindly is the worst mistake you can make. You cause yourself depression. Also, deny another applicant an opportunity to apply to the same university. So, before messing yourself and others, read through the requirements!   For example, understand UCLA admission requirements and bid if you fit. Some universities require that you have a particular grade to apply. If you don’t meet those requirements, don’t apply. 3. Read about how to apply: Many students think they know it all once they discover that they meet the requirements. “How to apply” information is the catch for most reputable universities. They know they’ll get more applications than they can handle. So they specify one way to send the form. Don’t be in a hurry to apply. Take your time! Read every detail, including the appropriate way to bid. Some may want you to apply through their website. Others may want you to send the application by post. If you don’t meet this need, they will reject your request. Remember you’re not the only one applying.Moreover, you’re not the only one with the best results. Many have incredible ones. The university is looking for differentiation. Those who read every detail and adhere will have a competitive advantage. Conclusion: There are many more tips to having your application accepted. With the above, you don’t have to fear. Use them, and you’ll meet your dream of becoming an international student.Read Also:How To Impress A Recruiter If You Are Still A Student Top 6 U.S. Universities That Offer Health Science Course


Scholarship and Financial Aids for International Students to Study

York University is a public research university which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This university is counted in the top three universities among the Canadian Universities. This deemed university was established in 1959 and consists of around 52,300 students, 7,000 faculty and staff, and around 2, 95,000 alumni across the whole world.The university accepts students from all around the world. If you are an International Student and you wish to apply for any of the courses available at York University, you must be looking for funds. However, York University also offers Scholarships and Financial Aids to deserving students. Keep reading the article to know the details about the Scholarships and Financial Aids available to International Students at York University. Besides this, can be of great help in this regard.The following types of scholarships are available for International Students at the York University: York Entrance Scholarships and Awards York University offers numerous scholarships and awards to International Students. There are numerous awards available at the university. Some awards don’t require any application and you are automatically considered for them. However, there are some awards which require an application and you have to apply for the same. York University Automatic Entrance Scholarships International applications who are studying the Canadian curriculum within or outside Canada are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship need not require any application.Based on the Final Admission Average:95%+ (42-45 IB diploma points) - $3,500 (renewable for up to 3 extra years)*90-94.9% (36-41 IB diploma points) - $2,00085-89.9% (33-35 IB diploma points) - $1,00080-84.9% (30-32 IB diploma points) - $500 Extra $500 – Student Life Award Students who are eligible for any of the scholarships mentioned above and accept the admission offer by the university. Students who accept the offer of admission before the last date are also eligible for the Student Life Award worth $500 which is granted just once. The aim of introducing this award is to help students with the cost of books, living on the campus, and other expenses. York University Talent Entrance Scholarships This scholarship is awarded to those students who apply for programs in the School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design (AMPD). No award application is required to avail of this scholarship. Lassonde Entrance Scholarships This scholarship is awarded to those students who apply to the Lassonde School of Engineering. No award application is required to get this scholarship. Columbia Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Entrance Scholarship Students who apply for Liberal Arts and Professional Studies program in the university can avail this scholarship. However, you don’t have to pay any application fee to get this scholarship. Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Entrance Scholarship for International applicants This scholarship can be availed by the students applying for the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies program at the university. Liberal Arts & Professional Studies of India Entrance Scholarship (By Ryan Schools) This scholarship is for those students who apply for Liberal Arts and a Professional course at York University. No award application is required to avail of this scholarship. Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship Students who apply for the Faculty of Science can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is availed by both resident and international students. However, no application is required for the same. York Science Scholars Award This award is granted to the students who apply for Faculty of Science courses. This award requires an application fee of $5,000 as an entrance scholarship and $5.000 as a guaranteed summer research position. International Scholarships and Awards that Requires an Application To avail of any of the scholarships and awards mentioned below, candidates are required to submit an application for the International Student Scholarship and Award. These awards and scholarships are for those students who have a splendid academic record and also for those who show leadership in community services and excellence in the field of Arts and Sports. Necessary Conditions Need to be Fulfilled to Avail These ScholarshipsThe candidate must be an International Student having a study permit to study in Canada. Applicant must have applied to a UG degree course at York University. Candidates must hold an excellent academic record. Students must be nominated from their high school to study at York University. Candidates have to upload a letter of recommendation.On submitting the application for the International Student Scholarship and Award, you will become eligible for the scholarships mentioned below:International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction – This scholarship is awarded thrice per year, the value of each scholarship is $35,000/ year. If the student maintains an outstanding academic record each year, this scholarship can be renewed for an additional three years.Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students – This scholarship is granted two times every year, the value of which is $20,000 per year. If the student maintains an outstanding academic record each year, this scholarship can be renewed for an additional three years.International Circle of Scholar’s Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded once every year, the value of which is $15, 000.York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students – Five to ten of these scholarships are granted every year, the value of which ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.To know more about the scholarships and awards mentioned above, you can also visit the official website of York University and check the complete details over there.