Retail Tips for Success Post Brexit


24 August 2018



As the UK’s divorce from the EU grows closer there are still many questions that need to be answered. The impact of Brexit on companies who retail both domestically and overseas is still uncertain as politicians attempt to thrash out the finer details. Whilst some businesses are sitting tight, waiting to see what transpires, there are others who are trying to take a more proactive approach by looking for solutions and even advantages. And it is with this in mind that we offer some retail tips for success post Brexit.

Consider the Customers:

No matter what the outcomes of Brexit are, perhaps the most important thing for retailers to do is to consider their customers – let’s face it if customers walk away in their droves, then little else matters.

Post Brexit customers will still be looking for value and they will still be looking for a great service. Maintaining this is paramount to the ongoing success of any retail operation, but what does it involve?

There needs to be an equilibrium between the three involved parties; the supplier, the retailer and the customer. If price outstrips value, then the customer is likely to look elsewhere. Retailers may need to re-examine their relationship with suppliers should Brexit bring about cost increases.

Focus on Retail Spaces:

In order to meet the challenges that Brexit poses and to exploit the opportunities it brings, a new focus on retail spaces may be required. The high street is now notoriously difficult to navigate for retailers and so optimizing the return on investment is vital.

Increased agility may be the answer and to achieve this the expertise of a real estate advisory service such as GVA Worldwide may be the most effective solution. If retailers are looking for a prime urban location, for example, the help of a team that has intimate knowledge of the environment could prove to be pivotal. This is particularly relevant if companies are looking for retail space in the EU.

Employ First Class Logistics:

It would be naive to think that e-commerce will not be a key feature of a post-Brexit retail world and that capitalizing on it will be a necessary factor for success. And as customers come to expect more and more, a first-class logistics service will be required – one that can operate just as well across borders as it can in the UK.

Retail companies need to use logistic providers that can offer a fast, quality service to anywhere in the world and who are safe and reliable – world markets will become even more important in a post Brexit business climate.

Protect Your Staff:

Many companies who are based in the UK employ staff from the EU and protecting them will help ensure success after Brexit. Staff comes second only to customers when it comes to the retail business and making sure that they are safe and secure should be high on the agenda. Consulting immigration lawyers may be one way of protecting your staff and therefore your business.

In the short term it is unlikely that there will be any great changes post-Brexit, but looking to the medium and long-term is what retail companies need to do for ongoing success.

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Software for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Having Software for Your Business Matters

Are you running a business on your own? If yes, chances are you may face many hurdles along the way, especially if things get too busy in your shop. You have to look out for numerous aspects to make sure that your business will grow and every operation will run as smoothly as possible.Businesses flourish not only because of the customers buying their goods but also because the operations inside are also well-controlled and tracked, thanks to various business software that makes the hardest tasks easier!As a business owner, you must be wise in making decisions and taking rightful actions to smooth sailing sales. This is why having software for your business matters because it could make complex things simpler. Also, get a chance to save a lot of money too! You may check out the information stated below about reasons why having software matters in running a business. Reduces WorkloadIf you have a fast-growing business, it is not a shock to encounter complex and numerous customer demands. Not to mention, trends change from time to time, which adds to the workload you have to face.To better handle these kinds of situations, business software could make the challenging and most time-consuming jobs finish faster than manually. So, if you're one of those starters who can't afford to hire new employees, having the right kind of software could help your company's progress. Additionally, you could significantly cut costs of your business and allow your employees to focus on other, more important priorities. Helps Improve the Company's Customer ServiceIf you want to build a good and long-lasting relationship with your customers, getting business software could help. As technology gets better over time, connecting with a wide audience is also more accessible and faster. Software specializing in phone systems like Weave VOIP phones could help you track your customer's requests and easily respond to them right away. In this way, you could also build a better business image.Additionally, having great software makes it easier for you to reach out to your customers and respond to numerous requests, even if you have a long list of notifications. You could manage, organize, and be reminded through the software about your urgent schedule with it. Makes Scheduling Easier and FasterTime management is vital in running a business. There's no time you could waste, and employees should be productive in their work. In helping you improve in this aspect of your business operations, scheduling business software could help promote better workflow and prevent misunderstandings. Not to mention, it gives a better work-life balance and cuts down on labor costs and the overtime employees.As your business grows, you will also deal with training new staff, adding time shifts, handling orders, and the good thing is that software will take charge of your scheduling needs. It could also remind you of your important tasks and projects to help you keep track of your progress. If you could execute professional scheduling in your business, you will see positive changes. Good and Reliable Tracking In having a better run business, you must have a backup wherein you could keep the important information of your customers using the software. The software will make things easier for you and help in organizing them too.For instance, if you have a customer that you have not gotten into contact with for a couple of months, your chosen software could help you identify who they are and give you valuable information about the history of the relationship you have with them. Through this, you could establish a better response to them. Eliminate Space for Mistakes Everyone is indeed capable of committing mistakes. That is something that we all cannot deny. Committing an error is a natural part of life. Still, with the help of software, it could significantly reduce the usual human errors that are usually the roots of losing customers and business profit.Technology has grown better over time, and obviously, more people are now dependent on gadgets and various advancements. Thus, it has been very beneficial to business owners who use software to reduce human error since technologies are accurate and well-trusted.Some of the common mistakes that software could help solve are misunderstandings, forgetfulness, proper standardization, and more. But,  you have to remember that you must not be frustrated when something goes wrong. Mistakes are made for people to learn and improve, and fortunately, the software is one of the best ways to reduce its likelihood of occurring. Takeaway There are many more ways on how good business software could help create better and faster operations. Having software is proven to help in management, sales, tracking, and many more. If you wish to have business software in handling some of your business needs, this could be the right time. You may check out the reasons, as mentioned earlier, why it's good to have one!Read Also:The Value of Business Systems Try These Mac Screen Recording Software For Your Next Webinar Tips to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software


Why Automation of The Procure-to-Pay Cycle Is Critical?

Organizations across the world are facing the brunt of rising commodity prices and increasing procurement costs. Executives are hard-pressed to make a tangible difference to supply chain profits. But cost-cutting is adversely affecting investment decisions and chances of expansion across the board. Read further to know the top Reasons Why the Automation of the Procure-to-Pay Cycle Is Critical.Technology enables companies to look offshore for cheaper resources and raw materials. Procurement has become a more important process than it had been before and geographical boundaries to availability are diminishing. The procure-to-pay cycle is considered a crucial strategic operation, in which expenses need to be closely monitored. 10 Reasons Why Automation of Procure-to-Pay Cycle Is CriticalOrganizations need a comprehensive approach by which operations are aligned to lower procurement costs. Every department needs to be made accountable for its costs and effective use of assets. This is only possible through automation, which includes monitoring of requirements and expense optimization. It helps to procure the assets at competitive prices. Automation of your procure-to-pay cycle can bring immense benefits to minimal investments. Here are 10 of them. 1. Save time Automation means faster cycle times. An Aberdeen Group report found that organizations that have implemented e-procurement initiatives have halved their transaction cycle time. This means faster order processing, instant approvals, and better decision-making. The future belongs to organizations that have automated systems, as speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of procurement solutions provide a competitive edge in the market. 2. Save money Big savings are now possible with manual procurement fading into the future. Shortened procurement and fulfillment cycles reduce administrative costs and improve staff productivity. Employees can use their time more strategically instead of pen-pushing. Consolidation of orders from different departments results in manifold advantages like decreased cost per transaction, reduced maverick spend, increased negotiation power, and volume discounts. 3. Reduce errors Automation ensures better accuracy. Multiple receipts, documents, and bills are no longer in the picture as vendors log in their quotes and departments key in their requirements. Endless matching and re-submission of documents are no more the order of the day. Clerical errors are minimized and you can identify the best and worst-performing assets and other variables to plan for the future. 5. Be compliant Automated procure-to-pay solutions ensured standardized procurement practices, pre-negotiated pricing and real-time data that ensures compliance. Maverick spending comes down to zero as procurement managers look out to established vendors who provide better prices than the rest. Standardized equipment and products are bought only from vendors that ensure compliance across the board. 5. Improve negotiations Large volumes are open invitations for vendors who can provide discounts and still get better profit margins. When there is the consolidation of requirements from different departments, procurement managers and executives are better placed to negotiate stronger terms that deliver profits. 6. Get vendor visibility Automated procure-to-pay solutions provide better visibility to the procurement process and ensure single-window clearance. Vendors do not need to meet multiple stakeholders and fill up diverse forms just to quote the price. All they have to do is log in to the cloud-based system and fill up the electronic forms. 7. Be better informed Procurement policies can easily be accessed and any deviations can be instantly red-flagged. Executives, vendors, and agencies just need to access the procure-to-pay system for clarification about the process and polices to ensure compliance. 8. Communicate completelyProcurement communication is never blocked as every transaction leaves an audit trail. The information that can be accessed immediately upon authorization and the entire pipeline is better managed. 9. Enhance control Executives and managers have access to real-time business data that can instantly refer to the financial health of their organizations. With automated procure-to-pay solutions, you can access all spending with the click of a mouse. Minute information that can change purchase decisions for the betterment of the company is available. Detailed control of the process helps limit spending and stick to the budget. 10. Gain the competitive edge Reduced costs, increased accuracy, better control, and transparency give you a smart, streamlined, resourceful supply chain. The smarter purchasing decisions boil down to better financial health that can give you a competitive edge in the market.Automation helps you to build a smarter procure-to-pay system. It is imperative that organizations move on from cumbersome manual operations to cloud-based automation systems to streamline their supply chain and procurement processes.Expensing platforms are easy to use and adaptable automated systems which facilitate procurement, invoicing, and expense management. With Expensing procure-to-pay systems, the procurement process becomes better streamlined, with faster cycle times and better control and visibility.Image Credit: stampli.comRead Also: Reasons to Support Nonprofit Organizations That Help Save the Environment How To Choose A Practice Management Software For Your Law Firm

Using An Accounting Recruitment Agency

Maximising Opportunities: The Advantages Of Using An Accounting Recruitment Agency

Navigating the job market, especially in the field of accounting, can be a challenging task. In such instances, accounting recruitment agencies serve as invaluable resources, connecting employers with qualified candidates and assisting job seekers in finding suitable roles. These agencies are pivotal in maximising opportunities for employers and accounting professionals, streamlining the hiring process with expertise and efficiency. Expertise In Industry Knowledge And Trends One of the primary advantages of utilising an accounting recruitment agency is their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. These agencies specialise in accounting and finance roles, possessing insights into market trends, industry demands, and specific skill sets employers seek. Leveraging this expertise, they match candidates with positions that align not only with their qualifications but also with the evolving needs of employers, ensuring a better fit for both parties. Access To A Diverse Network Of Opportunities Accounting recruitment agencies have access to a vast network of employers and job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised. They often have relationships with numerous companies, including small firms, multinational corporations, and specialised accounting practices. This broad network grants job seekers access to many job openings that align with their career aspirations and expertise, expanding their options beyond what may be available through traditional job searches. Streamlined Job Search Process Partnering with an accounting recruitment agency streamlines the job search process significantly. These agencies act as intermediaries, simplifying the application and hiring process for candidates. They assist with resume optimization, offer interview guidance, and provide insights into company cultures and job requirements, enabling candidates to present themselves more effectively to potential employers. Customised Career Guidance And Support An accounting recruitment agency offers personalised career guidance and support tailored to the needs of job seekers. They assess candidates' skills, qualifications, and career goals, offering advice on professional development, skill enhancement, and potential career paths. This personalised approach helps candidates refine their career objectives and strategically navigate the job market. Temporary And Permanent Placement Options These agencies offer diverse placement options, catering to candidates seeking both temporary and permanent positions. For those exploring contract or temporary work in accounting, these agencies provide opportunities to gain experience, exposure to various industries, and the potential for full-time employment. Simultaneously, they assist candidates in securing permanent roles that align with their long-term career objectives. Negotiation Support And Offer Guidance During the hiring process, an accounting recruitment agency provides invaluable assistance in negotiating offers and navigating the intricacies of employment terms. Their experience handling negotiations helps candidates secure competitive compensation packages, benefits, and other employment terms, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the candidate and the employer. Conclusion In the competitive landscape of the accounting profession, partnering with an accounting recruitment agency is a strategic move that maximises job seekers and employers' opportunities. These agencies, equipped with industry expertise and extensive networks, offer a streamlined job search experience, personalised support, and access to diverse career opportunities. By leveraging the resources and guidance provided by accounting recruitment agencies, individuals can enhance their prospects, advancing their careers within the dynamic realm of accounting and finance. Additional:Notary Business – 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money Reasons Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Solutions How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Custom Merchandise