Simplifying Finance: The Role Of UX Design In Financial Services


13 June 2023

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Exposure to financial services in this busy economic market is sky-high.

However, not every financial service is up to the mark with its customer-centric approaches. In turn, FinTech is the next big thing in the financial world.

Digital platforms are engaged in interacting and perceiving with the users. The innovative capabilities of FinTech applications largely determine user experience (UX). To make financial services more accessible and approachable to users, ux design financial services are far better than traditional complex financial services.

The world of digital finance might seem intimidating to many for its complex terminology and lengthy processes. Moreover, a lack of customer-centricity is the main concern for many while dealing with the complex economic market.

Simplifying finance is best possible through “Humanizing FinTech,” which is largely convinced with UX design.

What is UX design?

Well, at the core, the main terminology here is to define an intuitive design to embrace a better user experience and bridge the gap between financial services and users.

Prominent Roles Of Ux Design In Financial Services

Prominent Roles Of Ux Design

The pivotal experience of financial service should be ecstatic for the users. It cannot be complex and boring. Financial aspects are already boring, and things need to be easy with digitalization.

So, FinTech, through UX designs, can be more accessible and engaging for the users.

Every financial sector is trying to solve the users’ problems and manage the people’s concern. Apart from that, a financial service cannot be vulnerable to its security aspects.

However, the best part is that UX designs can provide you with a streamlined process to simplify financial services and engage better digital finance to ensure security while bridging the services gap with users.

Bridge The Gap

One of the main roles of UX design is to eliminate the gaps between user understanding and financial services. UX designers want users to understand the financial concepts and also become intuitive to the processes.

What do you want?

A boring spreadsheet? Or a colorful graph with pie charts?

No one wants a boring data sheet that is complex to navigate and also not eye soothing. In contrast, UX designers help accomplish financial tasks quite easily for any user.

For instance, transferring funds, managing insurance policies, and considering stocks are different financial services, but UX designs make it all easy for you to understand and navigate.

No one wants to increase their learning curves while using financial services. Common people do not use complex financial data. They are unaware of the critical financial exposures but need to manage their finances instead.

So, if you are using an app, you would like to get some attractive features that are easy to understand and ready to help you with colorful approaches.

Well, demystifying complex financial data and presenting it easily to the users is the foremost priority of a UX designer.

Focusing On User Trust And Security

The role of UX design in financial applications is fostering customer loyalty and creating a positive user experience. However, gaining the audience’s or users’ trust in the FinTech industry is quite tough.

Well, a streamlined process is the only solution to generate an intuitive design for a better user experience. However, it does mean anything to gain the trust of the users. If you want to trust them, you must focus on creating a better security process.

For instance, if you use a biometric authentication process like facial recognition or fingerprint scanner, it can generate a better user experience. These are the ultimate solutions to present a user-friendly approach in advanced ways to engage people in a non-intrusive way.

Reinforcing the trust of the people is best possible with UX designs like encrypted notifications and secure connections.

So, it is time for you to foster user experience and gain their trust.

Streamlining The Complex Financial Process

The biggest role of UX design is to transform the traditional banking process into a digital landing platform.

Well, what are the features of the traditional banking process?

  • Lots of paperwork.
  • Lack of transparency.
  • Lengthy approval times.

However, with digitalization, things are changing. Financial sectors are becoming more and more efficient in dealing with the instances of consumers and getting friendly. This is where digital landing platforms efficiently manage your concern with various features.

  • Real-time updates.
  • Time efficient services.
  • Ensures transparency.

The whole approach of UX design is to provide you better user experience by analyzing the streamlining process. So, now the loan approvals will be quick through digital applications, and you will also get the best seamless experience.

Engaging User Satisfaction

The difference between UX designers and graphic designers is that UX designers follow a user-focused and multidisciplinary approach. In contrast, Graphic designers maintain the curves with specialized pixel-focused consequences.

Apart from that, emotional design, creative thinking, and prototyping are the common responsibilities of these designers.

It is hard to believe that 90% of people stop using an app due to poor performance. So, a positive user experience with better quality and usability is expected.

Enhanced user satisfaction with customization may increase the retention rate for a financial service. For instance, if you are using a banking app, you would like to check your account balance or transact money quickly.

Now if it has an easy-to-use interface and you can work on it quickly, then you would like to keep the app on your phone.

Digital financial services are difficult to avoid in this fast-paced world but also cumbersome to use in many cases. Finding a better UX-designed financial service is always a better resolution to avoid inconsistency and engage proximity.

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WordPress is Awesome! Creating a WordPress website and maintaining a website are two different things. It is very important to keep your internet presence up to date and in good condition. However, maintaining WordPress website can be a tedious task. It is important to be updated with the latest version of WordPress so that it remains safe and secure. There are so many things that can affect your website. It can be anything from losing your website data to hacking your website due to security loopholes. Neglecting a basic to maintain WordPress website regularly can have many consequences like: -Increasing website load time -Bad User Experience - Declining Search engine Rankings Regular maintenance of a website is necessary in order to generate business from it. In this post, we will discuss upon few tips for maintaining WordPress website without any technical assistance. WordPress Updates Keeping your WordPress website updated is really important. Make sure you take a full backup of your site when you update WordPress website. A Newer version of the update includes new features, code updates, security fixes and many more thing. In fact, failure to update is one of the most common reasons why WordPress sites get hacked. Read More:  The 10 WordPress Plugins Every Sucessful Blogger Uses 4 WordPress Plugins To Make Your Blog More Powerful Optimize Website for Better Speed Website loading time is very important. If your website takes too much time to load user will leave the website very quickly. From an SEO perspective Google loves fast loading sites. High-Resolution images can slow down your website loading time. You can use plugins like WP Smash to boost your site loading time by optimizing your images. Similarly, the database can be optimized with plugins like WP clean up. Secure Your WordPress Website Most of the new businesses and bloggers don't give much importance to WordPress Website security. To maintain WordPress Website , you must keep it secure to prevent any hacking attacks. Plugins like ButtleProof security and Limit Login Attempt can help you to keep your site safe. Limit login attempts plugin will limit the login attempt and block the IP of the computer system from which password hacking tries comes. Manage User Account Effectively WordPress website can have multiple users managing the site. You need to make sure other accounts and their passwords are secure enough. Due to the carelessness of the users sometimes it becomes vulnerable to attacks. Make sure your users don’t use “admin” username for your WP account. Try unique username with the lengthy and difficult to break the password. You can also change the URL of your admin panel or login page. Remove Unused Plugins WordPress plugins are a great way to extend website functionality. Using many plugins can affect your website’s performance & security. You only need to keep the plugins that are used on the website and remove the unnecessary plugins. Update Your Portfolio Your website is a virtual catalog for your business. It is really important to keep updating the website. The portfolio is one of the most important pages on the website. You might have done amazing work for your client and it is equally important to showcase it to your website visitor in order to attract new leads & business. Conclusion Maintaining a WordPress website isn’t too hard. With a little effort, you can manage your WordPress website. You might not need an expert every time you want to update or manage the site. What’s more important than seeing your website load faster and search ranking rising quickly? It is worth a little effort to maintain your website. Many WordPress Development Services Companies are available to help you with the WordPress website. Read also: Top Torrent Sites For Games Download 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A CDN With WordPress 10 Best Premium WordPress Themes 2017 WordPress Developer: Job Profile And Key Responsibilities