How a Smart Guy Gets an Amazing Commercial Lease with Bad Credit


25 July 2019


bad credit

Sometimes, things can go south when you need to take up a commercial lease, but you discover that your credit score is bad. There is an unfortunate stereotype about people with a bad credit score as they are seen to be a typical bad guy, starved off trustworthiness.

Yet, in reality, a bad credit score can occur to just anyone. Bad credit essentially means a financial history of your inability to pay up loans when you were obligated to.

Worry not, for in this guide, we will show you how to secure your dream commercial lease, even in the face of bad credit.

1. Do a wide search of your options:

Honesty is quite needed here, and you have to search for all the options open to you. Your real estate advisor or lawyer can help you do it, but you need to be honest about the reasons why you were unable to meet the previous financial commitments so that they have adequate information to help you.

When you know you have several options, you will be more relaxed to seek out a property owner who can accommodate your bad credit.

2. Get a good guarantor or co-signer:

If, for instance, you’re considering getting an office space for lease Seattle with bad credit, getting a guarantor or co-signer with a high credit score to sign as a surety for you can help you secure the commercial lease.

The property owner would know that he or she would have nothing to lose as your guarantor or co-signer will be held liable to pay if you default.

Admittedly, since your credit is bad, it could be hard to get a guarantor, in which case, look for a family member or friend whom you would be willing to offer a percentage of the business proceeds, making the deal more lucrative and mutually beneficial.

3. Be willing to stake high:

Negotiations for an office space for lease Seattle with bad credit could be quite tricky, but you can still get a fair deal. You would have to increase your stakes to make your offer attractive, despite your low credit score.

You can offer to make a hefty security deposit, add collateral, or even agree to pay a higher interest rate. A business-minded property owner would be more interested in offering you a lease with such these attractive conditions.

4. Consider bartering:

Bartering means exchanging what you have for something that you need. Identify a connection between your line of business and what the property owner can get in place of the payment and have the willingness to exchange, even if you’re a bit on the losing side.

If finding a connection is difficult, you can join a barter club where the credit scores of the members can be used towards your lease.

5. Go for a motivated property owner:

Property owners can sometimes be motivated to advertise that they are willing to bargain or offer leases to people with bad credit. Search out for them and be prepared to commit to their terms, giving assurance that you will keep to the lease agreement.

When you need a commercial lease, and you have a bad credit score, you don’t have to panic. There are some things that you can do to rectify the situation. The bottom line is that whatever arrangement you decide to use, you have to document and sign it to protect yourself in the future.

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Procurement management

What is The Procurement Management Process?

Procurement contracts can often be very overwhelming to create and manage. It involves a lot of different moving parts, from negotiating to price, setting out milestones, defining the scope of work and so much more. You want to ensure the top quality of work for your company without incurring too many extra costs. Learning about the procurement management process can help you navigate this journey with a bit more ease and confidence. What is the procurement contract management process? Having a procurement contract management process involves managing the ordering, receipt, and approval of materials from suppliers. It also deals with managing relations with suppliers and sellers. By having an established procurement contract management process, you can ensure that the materials and services provided meet your needs. What does the procurement management process look like? The process of procurement management will look different from any project, but loosely follows the following workflow: Before you even think of procuring anything, your company will realize it needs a certain product or service. Maybe it is something as simple as new computer monitors for one department, or a much bigger project like the construction of a new building as your company expands. PlanningIn this stage, your team will smooth out the details related to the project, determine the budget, and start to draft out a contract. You will begin to write SOW (statements of work) to serve as a document outlining the work being contracted, for all outsider contractors you work with. Check out a sample statement of work here.Depending on the size of your company and who is in charge of purchasing, you may need to request approval from a higher-up at this point in the procurement management process. A senior manager may need to approve budgets and make amendments to the statement of work. Requesting quotes After approval is given, whether that is from a manager or from yourself, you can send out a request for quotations (RFQ) to various sellers. This is when different companies bid for your project. Depending on the risk involved, whether that be physical or financial, there may be more or fewer bidders. Reviewing and finalizing proposals This is the stage where your team selects the vendor you want to work with. Usually, teams will have a set of criteria that will use to determine which seller to go with. The reputation of the company and prior experience working with them may also come into play during decision-making. Negotiation and signingOnce you’ve finalized your selection, your team will have to negotiate with them. After both the buyer and seller are happy with the procurement contract, they will sign the contract and purchase order (PO) will be sent to the seller to purchase materials. At this stage, the contract is active and the project is underway. Managing and overseeing contractors The procurement management process doesn’t quite end there. Having someone request frequent status updates and oversee the project will help you keep up-to-date. The progress can be tracked down and in this way you can prevent your company from getting blind-sided by huge issues late on. Monitoring and tracking their work will help you understand if the project is going as planned. If things aren’t going well, at least you can take action earlier in the project than react to it at the end.Having a records management system in place will make things much easier at the end of the contract as you move closer to payment. End of procurement contractOnce the contractor completes the work set out in the contract, the procurement management process has ended. This is when the contract formally releases liability and payment is processed. At this stage, invoices, records and other documents from both parties are matched and compared against to ensure that the fees are correct, this is usually achieved with the help of a purchase requisition platform like Coupa's system.Knowing what the procurement process is like is integral to any business. You may be on either end of the process, either buying or selling to someone. Governmental bodies often undergo procurement to take on projects like marketing or auditing.Read also:5 Important Considerations to Get Supply Chain Management on Cloud

Crypto Staking

Crypto Staking: Locking Up Crypto Holdings To Earn Interest

Staking cryptocurrency is a growing trend since it allows individuals to generate passive income from their existing cryptocurrency holdings.Making money in the crypto space can be done in several ways. You can join in DeFi and stake your cryptocurrencies, acquire and keep coins with the expectation of price appreciation, or trade on price speculation via crypto CFDs.In this post, we will define staking and walk you through the steps necessary to begin staking your own coins. What Is Crypto Staking? How Does Staking In Crypto Work?By "locking up" assets to maintain the integrity of a cryptocurrency network, "staking" allows users to receive a passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings without ever having to sell their coins. Investing in cryptocurrency through staking is equivalent to putting money into a high-interest savings account.Staking allows cryptocurrency networks to obtain consensus on the status of transactions via a proof of stake mechanism, with the tokens themselves acting as a kind of internal security rather than the computer power and electricity consumed by the network.This is demonstrated by the success of proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot in the cryptocurrency market. These networks are able to process a high volume of transactions with low transaction fees because of the various staking mechanisms they employ.Blockchain infrastructures benefit from this because they become more adaptable, affordable to users, and eco-friendly. Besides improving cryptocurrency's safety, scalability, and efficiency, staking lets its owners make passive revenue.To maximize their returns, many long-term holders are taking advantage of staking rewards. Staking, however, has some negatives, such as a reduced ability to sell assets swiftly in the event of a market downturn.The network chooses validators according to the number and age of tokens they have staked. Staking more tokens for a longer period of time increases the likelihood of getting chosen as a validator.Users that have a lesser portion of tokens have a decreased likelihood of contributing to the network's security and earning incentives as a result of their participation. Because of this, users with a lower stake make use of staking pools so that they can take part in the network. Staking Pool Definition To increase their chances of being chosen to validate blocks and receive block rewards, cryptocurrency network users can form staking pools by pooling their funds with other users.Those who have stakes in the pool receive a proportional share of the block reward based on the sum of stakes they own. Staking pools, therefore, often result in lower payouts than individual staking. In contrast to the reliable and predictable payouts from staking pools, solo staking involves a significant investment in the crypto network.Operators of staking pools, typically cryptocurrency exchanges, are in charge of maintaining the network's validator nodes. Participants in the pool are obligated to store their funds at a predetermined public blockchain address. The pool has a nominal price for this convenience.Other options enable users to stake money from their wallets directly into pools. Cold staking is one method that allows users to participate in pools while still using their hardware wallet.Users who don't feel comfortable managing and running their own node but still want to contribute to the security of the cryptocurrency network can do so through staking pools. Why Is Staking Limited To Some Cryptocurrencies? Whether or not a cryptocurrency network supports staking depends on the consensus process used.Many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin, are not stackable because of the consensus method they employ. The double-spending issue that plagued early attempts with digital currency is resolved by crypto networks thanks to their consensus processes.These consensus procedures are resilient in the face of opposition because of the careful economics they employ. The economics of the first cryptocurrency networks relied on mining, the mechanism through which nodes competed to solve cryptographic challenges with computational power.Tokens and transaction fees are awarded to the node that verifies the right set of transactions and solves the cryptographic issue first. Bitcoin mining has come under fire due to concerns over its impact on the world's energy supply.Later, in 2012, Peercoin's developer presented the notion of staking as a solution to the problems with the proof of work consensus mechanism. By risking their tokens, nodes demonstrate their support for the right set of transactions without having to solve complicated cryptographic challenges. Staking is only possible in cryptocurrencies because only they use this particular consensus methodology.However, in order to attain consensus, several cryptocurrencies use a hybrid approach, combining proof of stake with proof of work. Bitcoin and Litecoin are examples of very straightforward cryptocurrency networks that can function adequately using proof of work.Moreover, proof of work is notoriously time-consuming and expensive, making it unsuitable for use in cryptocurrency networks like Ethereum. How Are Crypto Staking Rewards Calculated? Crypto staking calculators are utilized to determine the value of staking incentives. These calculators provide you with an estimate of the amount of interest you will get after the investment period has passed.Calculators work with the number of tokens invested, the annual percentage yield, and the length of time the tokens are held. Be sure to do the math on the potential winnings from your bets before you place them so that you can pick the solution that works best with your goals. What Are The Benefits Of Crypto Staking? As is the case with all different kinds of investments, there are potential downsides as well as potential upsides. Find out more about the benefits of staking cryptocurrency below:It validates financial transactions with a little amount of energy consumption. A cryptocurrency network can have its own internal security without having to rely on third-party hardware. Provides customers with the ability to generate passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings. It contributes to increasing the scalability of cryptocurrency networks. Provides an incentive for users to contribute to the safety of blockchains by reducing the required investment in their tokens.Is Staking Crypto Safe? There is some risk involved in staking, despite the fact that it is a revolutionary and relatively simple technique to generate passive income from your crypto holdings. Before staking their coins, investors need to be aware of certain risks, including the following: Low Liquidity When staking cryptocurrencies with a lesser market cap than Bitcoin or Ethereum, users frequently run the danger of being unable to sell their tokens once the staking time has ended. Choose a cryptocurrency that has a high level of liquid market activity and one that supports staking in order to reduce the impact of this risk. Lockup Periods Users will not be able to access their tokens while they are participating in the staking process since several staking protocols have lockup periods. You will not be able to sell the staked token in order to reduce your losses in the event of a personal financial crisis or if there is a significant reduction in the value of the staked token.Alternatively, you may have to pay a high price to get at your tokens, reducing the number of tokens you have staked. Staking tokens without lockup periods is one way to deal with this. Validator Limitation In order to enhance their likelihood of successfully validating blocks, certain protocols mandate that validators keep their nodes online and operational at all times. In addition, validators need to exercise extreme caution whenever they operate a node.If validators make a mistake and include invalid transactions by accident or if they default by going offline, they run the risk of having their staked tokens wiped out, which could include the tokens of individuals who are associated with that node.Protect yourself from this by either becoming a validator by learning how to host a node or by staking your tokens with a trusted staking pool. Conclusion If you have cryptocurrency that you may stake and you do not have any immediate plans to trade it, then you should consider staking it. You won't have to put in any effort at all, but your cryptocurrency holdings will grow as a result.What happens if you don't currently possess any cryptocurrency that you can stake? Researching cryptocurrencies that support staking is something you should do because of the potential returns.There are many platforms that provide this service; nonetheless, it is important to determine whether or not each cryptocurrency represents a sound financial investment. You should only buy a cryptocurrency with the intention of staking it if you are also convinced that it is a suitable long-term investment.The proof-of-stake system has proved useful, not just for cryptocurrencies but also for investors in crypto assets. Proof of stake is a method that can be utilized by cryptocurrencies to facilitate the processing of a high volume of transactions with a low associated cost.Since you now have a better understanding of staking, you can begin looking into cryptocurrencies that have this feature.Read Also:Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention To Cryptocurrencies In 2021 Is 2021 The Most Critical Year For Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies? 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