Social Media Usage: Pros And Cons


17 October 2019

Social Media

social media usage

The impact of social media usage on all our lives is immense these days! There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use social media today and thus, the number of users keeps increasing every day on these social platforms. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. have seen a massive surge in the number of users in the past few years and with the ongoing digital revolution, it is surely going to see more such upfront. 

But is this good for the common people? Are people benefitting or losing more in this social media revolution? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using such social platforms? Well, we shall discuss this in detail below as to what are the pros and cons of social media usage. Read on


The major benefits of these social media sites lie in the vast reach it has around the world. It is a mode of communication and connection that is formed between people sitting in any corner of the world. You can use social sites to get in touch with them anytime you want. 

Apart from that, these days the social platforms are used for marketing and advertising purposes which target the concerned audiences and reach out to them without having to invest much in the promotions of products and services. 

These sites are easy to handle and thus needs no help from anyone to be handled. The social sites have saved people a lot of time and money in such promotional events which otherwise needed a lot of it to be invested. These are some of the advantages of social media that must be taken into consideration.


Though there are not many disadvantages of using social media, there are some which you need to know. Like there are many fraud people who fake their identities to con you personally and professionally in these social sites. Apart from that, the need for an active internet connection all the time to get social media services is also an issue at times when you don’t have a connection. 

Also, the idea of over-indulgence and exposure in these social sites also call for a “no personal space” issue for many of us. There are some of the advantages of using social sites that people must have knowledge about!

The closure

If we go by the online facts collection site, the number of active users on social media sites have already crossed a billion and more. There are various usages of social media in terms of knowledge, entertainment, skills, tech and many more and thus we cannot say that social media is useless. 

Unlike before, when these social sites are only used for chatting and communication, today these platforms are used for various purposes which is one good sign. But we can also not ignore the dark side of these social sites wherein cases of fraud, bullying, using identities, etc. have been reported. Thus, it can be concluded that there is both the good and bad side of social media usage which needs to be taken care of by the ones who use it for any purpose.

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What Is Storiesdown What Is Storiesdown? Is It Good To Use? Current Update 2022

One of the most significant disadvantages of Instagram is that it gives no option to download the stories of others. We often come across beautiful story posts which we want to save on our device but can't due to Instagram’s user privacy policy. If you are also going through similar troubles like me, here is a piece of good news for you - Storiesdown Instagram. I hope some of you have heard this name which brings you here today. Well, I will be explaining in this guide whether the Storiesdown platform is effective or not for Insta story download. So stay tuned with us and keep reading till the end. Background Idea About Storiesdown Storiesdown Instagram is a digital social media tool used to solve the issue of Instagram story download. According to the storiesdown. Com, you can save any Instagram stories you like until and unless their privacy is public. The two best parts of this tool which I like the most are: It’s Free and anonymous. This Instagram story downloader platform is not spyware. The main intention of the developer was to help people download entertainment and educational Insta story content on their devices. The Fundamental Features Of Storiesdown Instagram Story Downloader Storiesdown has brought a myriad of distinctive features, all related to the Instagram app. Take a quick look: 1. Stories Down Is In Incognito Always IG Stories Down allows you to download the stories and posts in an anonymous way. This means that the account owner will not know who you are. 2. Storiesdown Is An Open Source And Free Tool Storiesdown Instagram is a free-to-use platform. Also, this open-source website doesn’t have any special paid packages. 3. Instagram Story Downloader And Post Downloader You can now download all the stories and posts of Public accounts and share them amongst your friends using this tool. 4. It’s Compatible On Any Device Insta Stories Down is suitable for both desktop and mobile phones. The tool is super compatible. Pros And Cons Of Using Storiesdown Instagram Story Downloader Storiesdown is truly a useful tool, but there are certain risks that you need to be aware of before using it. Wanna know them? I hear a YES!!  Great! Check the points below. Pros Of Storiesdown. Com IG Stories Down is free. It’s anonymous. The platform works on any device. It works by embedding the search engine in its own algorithm. Cons Of Storiesdown. Com The app’s algorithm works against Instagram user policy. There are high chances that your data may get leaked. Your account is at the stake of receiving penalties and getting banned. The platform is not for locked accounts. How Can You Use Storiesdown To Download Instagram Stories? Downloading posts and stories with Storiesdown is a pretty simple process. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step procedure I’m rolling out below: 1st Step: Navigate to the Storiesdown Instagram Story downloader official website from your mobile phone or desktop browser. 2nd Step: Enter the surname of the account from where you want to save the posts or stories. Make sure that the account is open to the public and not a private one. 3rd Step: Now hit the profile that comes, and you will see the stories and posts on his account. 4th Step: Find the story or post you want to download and click the “download” option. 5th Step: You have to select now the destination folder on your phone where you want to save it. 6th Step: Finally, click on the word “Save,” and that’s how it is done. What Alternatives Can You Use Instead Of Storiesdown? After going through the pros and cons, if you are not convinced to use this tool, we have a list of other alternatives as well. IMGINN: IMGINN is a website similar to IG Stories Down. It helps you download stories, posts, IGTV Videos, videos from a public account. InstaVideosave: It’s a fast and free tool to enable you to download Instagram reels video, photos, stories, IGTVs, etc., in respective formats. IG Story Downloader: IG Story Downloader allows you to download and watch Instagram stories, videos, posts, and IGTVs offline. Storiesdown Blog Storiesdown website, i.e. has its own blog where the team posts intriguing pieces of content on different helpful Instagram tricks and tactics. For example, there are Beginner’s Guide Instagram, Best Instagram Marekting Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Brand, How To Recover Instagram account, etc. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): Q1. Can You Use Storiesdown Instagram Story Downloader On Desktop? Storiesdown Instagram Story downloader is compatible on both mobile and computer. This is one of the greatest advantages of Insta Stories Down. Q2. What Are Some Similar Tools Like Storiesdown? Some of the similar tools like Storiesdown Instagram Story Downloader are as follow: Picuki Instavideodave Storisttalker IMGINN Q3. Is Storiesdown Free? Storiesdown is a free, open-source online software for watching Instagram stories Privately. You don’t have to spend a single penny on it. Q4. Can Instagram Ban Your Account After Using Storiesdown? The concept of Instagram story downloader Storiesdown is against Instagram user policy. Therefore, your account may be at risk of getting banned, data breaches, and receiving a penalty. What Do We Think About StoriesDown? Is It Good? Now that you know every detail of Storiesdown Instagram Story Downloader, it's time to let you know our thoughts on it. Considering the unique features and advantages Stories down Instagram is giving you, we would give a THUMBS UP. Oppositely, as per the cons involved, there are several risks you may come across. However, if you don’t want to use it regularly, give it a try atleast once. There is nothing wrong is gaining experience.  Do not forget to post your queries or opinions about IG Stories Down in the comment area below. Read Also: How to Download Music from YouTube? 6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business 5 Content Ideas to Use with Instagram Influencers

whatsapp not working

WhatsApp Not Working: Why It Happens And How To Fix It!

Thousands of users appear to be unable to use WhatsApp every other month. A number of users complain on Twitter about not being able to send/receive messages on the social messaging app. One of the most widely used instant messaging apps available today is WhatsApp. Many rely on it for everyday communication. You can only imagine how annoying it can be when WhatsApp stops functioning out of the blue. WhatsApp may stop functioning for multiple reasons. While certain WhatsApp problems are unavoidable, there are other issues that you may resolve to resume sending and receiving messages. Are you also having trouble using WhatsApp? Do you want to know why your phone isn't working with WhatsApp and how to fix it? We want to help. The causes of WhatsApp not functioning on your phone are listed below, along with some potential fixes. Why Is WhatsApp Not Working On My Phone?   Here’s a swift look at a few of the issues that could cause WhatsApp to malfunction on your phone: Internet connectivity WhatsApp is dated Account deleted Smartphone expiry WhatsApp server down Internet Connectivity    WhatsApp may not be functioning on your phone because you may have neglected to turn on the internet. Or there may be a problem with connectivity. Sending and receiving calls via the instant messaging app requires being online. To find out if your internet is functioning, you might try using different programs or browsers. If something appears to be wrong, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can always get in touch with your internet service provider if nothing else works. WhatsApp Not Working: How To Enable Data Connectivity   To allow internet connectivity on your device for WhatsApp to work, you need to keep your mobile data on. If not, you must be connected to an active Wi-Fi. Here's how to activate your phone's mobile data. To enable mobile data on both iOS and Android smartphones, slide down the notification panel and hit the arrow icon. In case you cannot locate it, proceed with the steps listed below to activate the internet on your device: Open Settings. Go to the SIM card and mobile data or Mobile Data management section, depending upon the OS you are using. Toggle the Mobile data switch. WhatsApp Is Dated   Verify that your WhatsApp is up to date if everything else with your internet connection seems normal. WhatsApp frequently stops supporting older versions, which might leave your data vulnerable to hackers. WhatsApp releases new versions with enhanced security and other features frequently. The app can stop functioning if your WhatsApp is using an outdated version for an extended period of time. You'll receive a notification saying that in order to continue using WhatsApp, you must update. It's time to upgrade WhatsApp if you receive a message like this when you launch it. To update WhatsApp, click the Download icon located at the bottom of the screen. WhatsApp Not Working: Ways To Update WhatsApp    Here's how to manually update the app, in case you'd like to: Launch the App Store and Play Store, then look up WhatsApp. To update WhatsApp, click the WhatsApp search result and press the UPDATE option. It is not usually necessary to update WhatsApp frequently in order to utilize the service. But to stay safe, make sure you're using the most recent versions in order to avoid any problems. Account Deleted    This can also be the cause of WhatsApp not functioning properly on your device. It's possible that WhatsApp erased your account if you haven't used it in a long time. In the event that your account is inactive for 120 days, WhatsApp retains the right to remove it. Whatsapp claims that it takes these precautions to protect users' security and privacy. WhatsApp won't erase your account as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet and has WhatsApp installed. The only thing you can do in this situation if your account has been destroyed is to make a new one. Smartphone Expiry   Each year, WhatsApp publishes a list of gadgets that violate the platform's security and privacy guidelines. WhatsApp is forced to stop operating when the business stops providing support for these smartphones. Most of these gadgets are running outdated operating systems (OS). Recently, WhatsApp support for Apple's first-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus, as well as handsets running Android 4.0.4 and earlier versions, was discontinued. As of right now, the app is limited to Android 4.1 or later, iOS 10 or later, and KaiOS 2.5.0+ devices. You should absolutely check the status of your operating system and upgrade to the most recent version if it's available if WhatsApp isn't working on your phone. WhatsApp Not Working: Checking For Updates   Here's how to check for updates on your iPhone and Android smartphone. Open up the Settings app on your phone. Look for updates to the software. Select the Software update option and then click Check for updates. Install any updates that are available by downloading and installing them. To use WhatsApp on your phone, you must have a suitable device. If your phone doesn't fit the minimum requirements, your only option is to think about upgrading. WhatsApp Server Down   This has to be the most obvious reason, that is beyond your control. If WhatsApp is unavailable, it won't function on your phone. Occasionally, a glitch in WhatsApp's servers could make it impossible for you to send or receive messages or even make phone calls. As it's a backend problem, your only options are to verify if the servers are truly down and bide your time till WhatsApp provides a solution. You have no choice but to wait until the massive instant messaging company resolves the problems if this is the case. Wrapping Up   These were the potential causes of WhatsApp not functioning on your device, along with potential fixes. The remedies provided in this post to fix WhatsApp not working are thorough. After reading over these answers in detail, you will be well-equipped to protect yourself from scenarios that could cause you distress when using WhatsApp.If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask about WhatsApp not working, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you! More Resources: Ways To Fix YouTube “Something Went Wrong” Prompt Mastering The Art Of Connecting: How To Reach Out To A Recruiter On LinkedIn   Get Rid Of Boring Instagram Theme: Learn How To Change Theme On Instagram

Social Media

How Social media Playing a Role in career building?

Nearly everyone aspires to have a meaningful and successful career. But unfortunately, many of us fail to make a satisfying job decision, either due to lack of resources or awareness. But, have you ever tried to discover the power of social media in career development? Read also: How Studying Abroad Can Benefit Your Career Social Media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are becoming increasingly popular tools. It is playing an imperative role in career building. It offers numerous opportunities as compared to traditional employment methods. These platforms provide you with the amenity to enhance your visibility. Here are some more vital roles of social media in career building: Organizations utilize these platforms to know about candidates: As per annual social media recruitment survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 60% of the employers use social media networking sites to screen the job candidates. The social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter gives a better glimpse of the candidate’s personality and behavior. It provides an insight of the candidates which is more comprehensive than a cover letter or resume. Moreover, LinkedIn not only provides the complete details of a candidate’s job history but also their activeness in community and involvement in organizations. The recommendations on LinkedIn give the idea of people’s perspectives about you. Read also: 9 Ways To Use Pinterest To Promote Your E-Commerce Store It helps to discover job opportunities: Nowadays, many firms embrace social media as an imperative part of the talent attraction strategy.  Therefore, they advertise the internship and graduate opportunities on the social media networks. As mentioned above, Assignment Writing Service companies also use these platforms to get proper insight about the candidates. It assists in interaction with the professionals: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are called social networks, aren’t they? These are great ways to interact and develop relations with the people of your chosen field. LinkedIn is a social media channel which is specially developed for professional networking. It has an approximate of 200 million members all over the world. It allows you to follow and engage with particular brands which create a direct impact on the follower’s perceptions about you. It offers job seekers an opportunity to learn from the social media profiles of the companies. It’s a perfect way to know about their activities, values, and feedback of customers and clients. Read also: How To Write An Effective Resume That Get Noticed? It allows engagement with the targeted clients and customers: Social Media not only allows interaction with professionals but with targeted clients and audience too. You can make use of these platforms to brand yourself to the potential customers and clients. The two-way communication line permits you to get customer reviews about your products or services. You can show the targeted audience that you appreciate and respect their views by giving prompt replies to them. It keeps you updated: Are you acquainted with words such as “Newsfeed” or “Twitter trends”? Yes right! The Newsfeed is the place which is constantly updated with the latest stories, news, statuses and much more. Twitter trends show you the latest news and world events through hashtags. Due to worldwide followers, almost every social media platform gives you insight regarding all the events happening. Furthermore, social media also increase your knowledge regarding marketing and career prospects. Some special social media tips for you: Your profile photo should be relevant and worth sharing with your networking. The Profile should abide by the social media etiquettes and have a level of professionalism in it. You must try to engage with people to your best because engagement leads to network building. Share your valuable opinions in conversations related to your career and professional interest. You should refrain from presenting anything negative about yourself as it lowers your chances of being selected for the job. Are you ready to utilize these key platforms for job searching and career development? Great! All you require is a good internet connection to remain active and an enriched online profile with recommendations from clients and colleagues. Read More:  Using Social Media To Promote Start-Up Businesses Social Media Marketing Role In Technology Why Your Business Should Care About Social Responsibility Football Fans Now Have Their Own Social Network