The Hidden Damages In Workspaces: 5 Steps To Reduce The Risk Of Workplace Injuries!


24 April 2019


Workplace Injuries

Cleaner workplace means high performance, increased employee productivity, and safe, healthy stuff. However, the always going production services increased workloads, and busy schedule causes the standards to dip.

Of course, it’s obvious that safety and health hazards occur on workspaces that have heavy machines and equipment where workers are engaged in strenuous manual labor. However, a place where most of the tasks are completed by just sitting on the chair posses less danger.

According to the national safety council, in every 7-seconds, a worker is injured with most occupations like transportation, construction and more being the most common places for injuries.

Here are a few things you need to look to reduce the risk of workplace injuries:

To Minimize Falls:

Things like trips, slips, and falls are the most common type of workplace injuries. To reduce them:

  • Stay Clean And Clutter-Free: Things like files, boxes and other items in the walkways create a tripping hazard. So, make sure you store all the items in a proper location to prevent piles of clutter. Keep oils and other lubricants at separate shelves to avoid slips and falls. Besides, apart from posing electrical hazards, keeping cords and cables in the walkways poses more risk at workplaces.


  • Step On The Chair: Using chairs and stools to pick up things comes in fall hazards. Therefore, employees who want to search for something at some height should use a stepladder. Just make sure that the ladders you give to employees should be placed on a level and stable ground.


  • Make Sure Things Are Visible: There might be situations when workers can collide when taking a turn to blind corners. However, to prevent this, make sure to install mirrors (convex mirrors) at the intersection to minimize a collision. This way workers will be able to see who’s coming and collisions will be less likely to occur.


  • Work In Skid-Resistant Floors: Placing carpets and having skid-resistant floors help reduce falls. Further, marbles and tiles can become slippery, especially in wet weather. However, having professionals like Commercial cleaning services Las Vegas will keep them clean and will reduce the chance of falls.


Minimizing The Accidents Occurred From Moving Machinery:

Moving Machinery

Machines that are not guarded are at high risk of safety. And, if anybody part get caught in or struck by the exposed part, without the protective guard, the result can be disastrous. Crushed hands, severed fingers, blindness, and injured arm are some of the common machine-related injuries. Moreover, these injuries occur in places where heavy equipment and machinery are used. However, protective equipment and attention to minor details help to avoid these injuries.

Reduce Vehicle Injuries:

Workers who drive for business purposes, often get injured in auto accidents, which can vary from the minor ones to the fatal ones. However, the employees safe-driving training and driver policies can help to reduce accidents.

Reducing Falling Object Injuries:

Objects that fall from shelves or by another person can result in serious injuries, with head injuries being the most common one. Employee’s negligence and employer’s hard work to keep the work environment free from any injuries. Of course, you should train employees for the usage of gears and machines.

Falling Object Injuries

Overexertion Injuries:

Things like pushing, lifting, pulling, carrying and throwing heavy objects at work can also cause serious overexertion injuries. Those who experience overexertion injuries can result in medical bills, physical therapy, missed work time. In fact, overexertion injuries are the second leading cause of on-job injuries and accidents.  These are some most common associated injuries:

  • Back Injuries: These injuries vary from mild strains to severe spinal cord injuries.
  • Neck Injuries: Neck is the most sensitive body part, and any injury to this section can result in deleterious effects.
  • Muscle Strains: while muscle injuries are not serious ones, they can prevent a worker from doing serious work. Pushing, lifting objects, carrying heavy things can result in muscle strain.

So, those were some common work-related injuries. Keep them in mind and keep your employees safe and sound!

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Zero Trust

What Is Zero Trust In Cybersecurity Context?    

Since the concern about cybersecurity has developed worldwide, organizations have promptly started to transition their cybersecurity strategies to mitigate any risk threatening cloud-based resources, sensitive data, and a remote working environment. One of the systems developed to protect paramount assets is Zero Trust Security. What is Zero Trust? Most cyberattacks happen at network perimeters. So, the traditional network security systems deploy security solutions that work on the network perimeter. Yet not all threats are external, modern enterprises need an additional layer of security that blocks suspicious actions from inside the network. At this point, Zero Trust is superior to any other legacy products.    Although Zero Trust definition can be various, Zero Trust refers to a framework comprised of technological implementations, efficient security strategies, and practices. With this structure, a boundary has been created around vulnerable assets, and sensitive resources are prevented from disclosure while the application entrance is restricted.     The Zero Trust Architecture requires both in and outside users to authenticate to access the sensitive resources. This technology uses robust authentication methods, preventing lateral migration, and putting the ‘never trust’ policy into action. To eliminate the ‘’always trust’’ principle, you can implement these steps. How does Zero Trust work fundamentally? By breaking an entire business network into smaller segments, Zero Trust offers to enhance your monitoring environment and intensify the security of the user validation process. Each endpoint, user, or device must be authenticated and validated. Separating the whole workforce, the organization’s capability for data loss prevention becomes advanced. Here Are Three Stages Of Establishing A Zero Trust Framework: 1-) Analyze and visualize your resources  To enhance your cybersecurity and prevent cyberattacks, you must consider determining your priorities and analyzing sensitive data resources and assets. With this, you can recognize where your resources have been kept and who has the authorization to reach them. 2-) Detect and mitigate threats Malicious activities can be eliminated by monitoring user activity, creating trust-based borderlines, and predefining user roles. Also, halting intrusions into the most valuable assets and avoiding doubt or unauthorized movements from users and devices can be favorable. 3-) Optimize protection Zero Trust Security combats cyber threats using tools 2FA, biometrics, and SSO. It is easy to integrate, scalable, and modular. Regardless of location and time, you can optimize your IT infrastructure and upgrade your user experience.    What Are the Benefits of Zero Trust in Terms of Cybersecurity? As cloud-dependent, hybrid cloud, and fully digital businesses are becoming universal, enterprises’ financials, reputation, and maintenance have predominantly lied on IT systems. Companies’ all core chunks now rely on technology, and here are examples that Zero Trust protection yielded in terms of companies’ assets: 1-) Increase Your Data Protection  It is vital to control data transmission to avoid any breach that threatens your sensitive customer data or intellectual property. Zero Trust helps you to mend your data security shortcomings. Also, it improves your data protection capabilities. 2-) Enhance Your Remote Workforce Security According to Statista, most remote employees consider their work devices as personal devices since remote work has become common. While using work computers or mobile phones for personal reasons climbed up among employees, companies started to be concerned about data breaches. Zero Trust decides whether to permit users onto the network or not. Each user has been given limited access to resources. For example, change in a job description, an employee can be locked out of the resources that he used to have authority to access. So, the abuse of privileges has been prevented by using this technology. 3-) Widen Your Protection Against Brand New Threats  Zero Trust uses Micro-segmentation, location ID, and behavioral trust score to enhance your security and your capability to get protected against internal and external threats. It detects the request’s location and time for tracing the breaches before they happen. 4-) Automation and Simplify IT Management  With Zero Trust Architecture, enterprises can imply measurements and no need for human resources for Cybersecurity implementations. The Zero Trust also offers automation that covers manual cybersecurity skill blackness. Conclusion Zero Trust Security offers a brand-new framework for data security, cyber threats, and intrusions. Due to the evolving workplace environment and concern for the secure, Zero Trust, with its ease of integrating your business, comes as a holistic technology. Phase out the VPN solutions to a widened protection technology for each enterprise in terms of the changing dynamics of today’s business requirements. Soon, almost all organizations will adapt themselves to Zero Trust security and must urge you to implement Zero Trust Security in your business. Read Also: Common IT Security Risks in the WorkplaceEverything You Need To Know About PKI In CybersecurityWould Your Ecommerce Website Pass the Cybersecurity Test? Here are 3 Things You Could be Doing Wrong

Decentralized VPN Protocol

MYST: A Decentralized VPN Protocol

While the internet has had a big role in the development of society, that doesn't mean it's been perfect over the years nor that it will be in the future. There are many areas in which the internet has failed, and perhaps the biggest and the most significant one for everyday internet users is privacy. And while people are afraid of sharing everything on this massive platform, there’s perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel for our online privacy—the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the form of a decentralized VPN protocol. You've probably heard about VPNs by now and even started thinking about how they can improve your online security. But if you're new to the world of VPNs, you might be confused as to what VPNs actually do and how they work. The advantage of using a VPN is that it provides military-grade encryption, thereby allowing you to protect your IP address. Unfortunately, there are still many disadvantages associated with traditional VPNs; most importantly, these networks are expensive and require plenty of server nodes around the world. However, the MYST VPN seeks to solve these issues by using nodes that are hosted on home users' laptops. In this article, we will try to demystify the concept of the decentralized VPN protocol, known as MYST. What Exactly Is The Mysterium Network? The Mysterium Network is an open-source and free environment that intends to "liberate the web" through tools, protocols, and digital infrastructure. In actuality, developers are attempting to build a "censorship-resistant" technology for a new generation of online products, with the VPN serving as the first of many examples. Their blockchain-based strategy has proven to be successful, with over 100,000 active members and 3,800+ nodes around the world. Along with Orchid and Sentinel, it claims to be the first decentralized VPN of its sort. Payments are handled through a native cryptocurrency token called MYST in the peer-to-peer decentralized private virtual network (VPN). VPN Payments With Mysterium Mysterium VPN is a pay-as-you-go service that accepts MYST coins as its native form of payment. According to Mysterium, 1 MYST is about equivalent to 10 GB - 30 GB of streaming, with a single MYST coin costing around $0.17 at the moment. Instead of the subscription-based model used by most other premium VPN services, MYST tokens can be used to pay for the date and time you use. According to the official website of MYST, Mysterium only accepts cryptocurrency as payment, enabling you to pay for your privacy discreetly. This isn't necessarily a negative thing, but it would probably make the system less accessible to new users. The most recent version of the app (10.1.0), however, now allows you to top up your account with a credit card using USD, GBP, or EUR. Mysterium's Aims MYST’s goal is to create a more secure, private, and decentralized internet through the use of blockchain technology. The project aims to build a global community where everyone can connect freely. MYST’s objective is to decentralize access to internet services such as Facebook and Twitter by allowing users to access them directly from their own devices at any time, with no restrictions or censorship. This will allow individuals and businesses alike to share information freely and collaborate with their peers without having to rely on centralized servers. Comparing It To Other VPNs Traditional VPNs are based on centralized technology, which means they have a single point of failure. However, Mysterium is decentralized, meaning there's no single point of control or storage for the user's records. As a result, even if they wanted to, they can't keep or track logs of the user's traffic. That's a big positive for anyone concerned about internet privacy, particularly in a world where alliances like the 9 Eyes, 5 Eyes, and 14 Eyes exist. It moves users away from a trust-based system in which we must rely on periodic audits to ensure that VPNs adhere to their logging policies. Because traffic is dispersed across their vast network of residential IPs, it is technologically difficult to store user records centrally in a decentralized system. Instead of sending data via tunneled servers for encryption, they use a vast network of nodes that are managed by volunteers. They claim that the service closely matches the design of TOR, but has the same ease of use as a VPN and that there is no way to sign in with a number, email address, or any other identifying information. Final Thoughts Mysterium VPN seems to be a useful Web 3.0 application with enough features to set it apart from other VPN providers. Take, for instance, the pay-as-you-go approach or the lack of centralized infrastructure. These are important advantages that set it different from other well-known brands in the industry. It works to unblock streaming services, and they have a vast global network of nodes. Overall, Mysterium VPN is expected to improve further in the future. Decentralized systems may be a reasonable alternative to most competitors' successful subscription-based model, but limited payment choices may be a major barrier to customer acceptance. We'll have to wait and see. Additionals: Top 7 Torrent Applications with VPN SupportYou Don’t Need A VPN To Access The Pirate BayHow VPN works on Windows and how you can benefit from it

Maternity wardrobe

How to Save Money on Your Maternity Wardrobe

Being pregnant is truly a blessing, even though it can be annoying and exhausting at times. This is the time when you spend hours doing research about what is best for you and your baby, and prepare your living space for an additional family member. Being a mom makes it a priority to stay healthy for the sake of you and your baby, but you also want to look good. Modern moms-to-be like to stay true to their unique style, and luckily this has never been easier. Do I Have to Change My Style? Remember seeing in the movies pregnant women dressed in what looked a flowy tent? This is because baby bumps were considered unattractive and women felt like they had to hide themselves until they get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Luckily, those days are way behind us, and women all over the world are showing of their growing bellies and look amazing. You know that you will not be able to wear all of your clothes, but when going out to buy something new, choose items that wrap around your middle, since these will look stylish and will not restrict your movements. If you feel like hiding your stomach a bit, choose darker colors like navy or black because these will make you look slimmer. Read More: Yoga For Pregnant Women Layer Up! Listen, the more fabric, the less flattering it will look on you, so try to find a middle ground somewhere. The best decision is to layer up since you can choose the items and combine them to get the best look. All those lovely open-fronted cardigans and stylish denim or leather jackets can be worn over tunics, dresses, and jeans, and not only will they keep you warm but you can choose to wear ones in pastels or adorable prints which will show your sense of style and trends, but will still be wonderfully comfortable. The best thing is that you won’t have to go out buying new clothes, you can wear your old items and simply leave them open in the front. Remember, you will not be able to imagine life without your comfy maternity jeans, so choose them carefully. Thrift Stores? By All Means Yes! You are not going to be pregnant forever (thank God), so the clothes that you choose to wear n those months you will probably not wear later on. Instead of going out shopping and spending hundreds of dollars on clothes you will only wear for a few brief months. Try finding good maternity clothes on websites like eBay and; women who sell their maternity clothes probably didn’t wear them for a very long time and certainly don’t need them anymore. What you can do after childbirth is to collect all of your maternity clothes and simply give it to someone who needs it, or sells them to a thrift shop. This way you will not only be earning a few extra bucks, but you will allow someone in need to save a few as well. It is difficult not to compare yourself to so many celebrity moms and their perfect pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies, but keep in mind that all of them have teams of experts to help them stay fit and get back in shape. What is important is to stay healthy and be comfortable, because your baby feels good when you feel good. Luckily, ‘comfortable’ does not exclude ‘stylish’, so go ahead experiment, and don’t hesitate to show off your lovely baby bump. See also 1. Wardrobe Dreams: Statement Pieces to Last 2. 5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices for Petite Women