3 steps to successful online shopping 


18 June 2021


online shopping

We used to go shopping on the weekend, we’d spend the whole morning, afternoon or even maybe a whole entire day at the mall. We’d be looking for one specific thing or a few different things. This usually means walking around endlessly, checking in various shops, and asking staff members if they have the item that you’d like to get in stock. 

When you eventually find it, it may not still be in stock. Then you need to wait for however long for it to be in stock, then repeat the process. What am I trying to say? Well, the point I’m trying to get across is that physically going to stores and shopping is pointless. 

Nowadays with all of the different and amazing technologies. We should make the switch to online shopping. In this article, I’m gonna give you a step-by-step helpful and informative guide to shopping online. In fact, I’m gonna completely transform your online shopping experience

3 steps to successful online shopping

3 steps to successful online shopping

Here are some of the best tips for successful online shopping that you must know. 

Step 1 – Check if you can track your post first, and look for any ‘fishiness’

Step 1 - Check if you can track your post first, and look for any ‘fishiness’

I live in China, the post here is actually very organized. Things don’t often get lost, I always make sure the site that I’m ordering from has ems tracking available. China ems shipping and ems China tracking are very reliable like I already said. I’m not sure how other companies in the US or Europe perform. But I have to say for sure having China post ems tracking is a must for people looking to do orders in china or wanting to buy from China. 

It’s often unsure when your package will actually arrive, but having that peace of mind can be really helpful when you’re making a big order. Also let me just add, if you are not sure on the website that you want to buy a product from. Find someone with experience to check it over for you, this person could be your Son, Neighbor, or Nephew. 

It doesn’t matter who it is really, as long as they have experience in making purchases online. Some signs of a dodgy website are – Extremely cheap prices, security warning on the entrance, and generally badly built. Being aware of these signs could save your bank account from being scammed.

Step 2 – Always order from a secure connection

Step 2 - Always order from a secure connection

In this day and age, everyone just wants your money. So you need to be careful out there, things have changed. Many thieves and scam artists are now operating online as opposed to on the street. In this way of doing things they can easily target people online who aren’t stupid, but they just haven’t been informed about the dangers one can come across on the big wide web. 

If you do not protect your PC from potentially scam software there is a chance your financial credits, card number, ID registration numbers, and passwords as well can be stolen from you. This process is so simple, only a small number of the USA proper are trying to protect their computers using special software or using a secured connection.

The first step is as follows: try to use a secured connection and do not forget about the computer’s firewall system. Wireless connection should be secured too, during your online shopping session. 

Public networks could be a high risk too, especially when you do not know if this network is a private one or secured, most of the scams are performed when people are using the public wireless connection. 

This can lead to you being scammed for your money, this would be a horrible experience and it may achieve 2 things. 1 – It could scare you away from using any kind of online shopping website again or number 2 – It’ll teach you a lesson. If you want to avoid both, take this advice here! You won’t regret it, that for sure.

Step 3 – Use a secure method of payment

Step 3 - Use a secure method of payment

There are so many different ways of paying for your online goods. You can enter your card details on the site, although this can occasionally be dangerous. Just make sure you’re using a secure connection but otherwise, you should be ok, but as you already know it looks fishy go somewhere else. 

But I’d have to say the easiest, safe, and streamlined way to order online is by using PayPal. There’s a reason why it’s used by over 20 million people in the US alone, it’s an accepted method of payment on many online shopping websites and it’s safe and effective. 

Shopping online without a secure way of making the final payment is kind of like driving without a seatbelt, or riding a bike without a helmet. It’s usually ok, but if it goes bad, it’ll happen fast and you can’t do much about it if it does. 

So my recommendation to you is to sign yourself up to PayPal or something similar with a good reputation online. It won’t take much time at all, and if you look at the benefits of it, it’s kind of a no-brainer! Good luck!

Final thoughts on this topic

So, above I mainly talked about your safety online. This is a very important part of online shopping. Like I previously said, if something goes wrong you can do either number 1 or number 2. To avoid these mistakes you know what to do. But please don’t let this be your be-all and end-all, if your gut is telling you something is up, then you know what you need to do. 

Also, I’d like to add one more thing, and it’s about sizing (specifically clothing and footwear). Remember to check the company’s sizing guide. When ordering in different countries they use different measurements, so be sure to check up on that because making returns can be expensive, and it can also be time-consuming. Happy online shopping!

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Last month I got a pair of sandals as a gift for my birthday. Everyone keeps asking me where they can find a pair, but I don’t even know what they’re called. You may be here because someone told you they were wearing espadrilles and you got curious or just want to keep up with this hot summer trend. Either way, let’s talk about espadrilles. Most likely you’ve seen them somewhere or even own a pair. These shoes come in a variety of style with that characteristic woven rustic exterior. It’s a bit confusing, but please bear with me as I explain. Espadrilles can be in any design ranging from sandals, flatforms, mules, closed shoes or even wedges. Generally, you get them in a beige color, but if you are lucky, you may get them in a partially or all black set. They are a great way to diversify your casual look. Fun facts about espadrilles Typically, espadrilles have a fabric top and a bottom covered with a braided rope. Some may have lambskin tops, giving you all sorts of options for a trendy look. Everyone’s included They’re made for men and women but in different designs. Men espadrilles are great for going to the beach or for picnics. Basically, they are ideal relaxation shoes. They go well with everything You can wear them with a variety of outfits. With all their shapes and forms, your outfit choices with espadrilles are almost endless. You might want to pair espadrille wedges with that bohemian maxi dress, go for it! Try out the sandals with that leather mini skirt. The options are endless. Built for comfort Espadrilles have a rustic charm about them. The fact that they are made from natural products like rope and in some cases cotton fabric add to that natural look you’re going for. Don’t be scared to try out the wedge. They are not only trendy but also super comfortable. Espadrille tip: if you can’t manage the high wedges, why not try the midi wedge? Or better yet the flatforms that still give you that laid back stylish finish. How to choose the right the pair for you Whether you want wedges, flatform or flat espadrilles, choosing the right pair to suit you can be tricky. First thing you should think about is location. Where do you plan to go with these shoes? The top can be plain black or patterned. This makes them a different piece to add to your closet. Grab yourself this trendy summer shoe option. Going shopping If you don’t own a pair, it may be time to go shoe shopping. Finding the right pair to suit your style might be a little tricky. When the options available at your shoe store don’t impress you or are too single toned, try shopping online. Lily lulu Fashion is a great place to start. You can check out different varieties that are sure to catch your eye. Boys and espadrilles You heard me! This item is not exclusive to women. You can grab yourself a pair if you’re looking to give off that chilled out cool dude vibe. Maybe you want something different to wear with your shorts, why not get a nice flashy pair of espadrille flats? They are a great way for guys to diversify their look. Espadrilles have a combined loafer-sneaker effect for guys. You get that semi-formality with maximum comfort. Don't be scared to add a little espadrille spice to your style; they could be the item that gives you the ultimate wow factor you've been looking for. The weird thing about closed espadrilles WHY DO THEY FEEL SO SNUG? Don't be so alarmed. That's how they feel the first time you put them on. Its not that they aren't your size; they need to be broken in. There's a right way and a wrong way to wear closed espadrilles. Here’s a little trick to help you out: stretch them out with a shoe stretcher or paper. Wear them with thin low cut socks for an easy slip on. If this tight fit is a no, try getting yourself the open toe flat or flatform kind. 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You can travel to new places in stylish comfort. Choose espadrilles as a good option for an effortless vacation look. Espadrille No-no’s Like with most fashion, a little print goes a long way. When wearing the print espadrilles, be careful not to choose items with clashy patterns. Instead of boosting your look, you might end up taking away from it. Try them on with those unusual items in your closet and see how well these two complement each other. Final thought These are like the holy grail of summer shoes. They are a fabulous mash-up of comfort and style. While ideal for relaxing, espadrilles can be a great way to spice up your office look. The fact that they pair well with many pieces makes them an ideal item forever wardrobe. Espadrilles are a shoe staple for every wardrobe. Read Also: How To Plan Your Holiday Shopping To Actually Enjoy It The Clever Consumer’s Guide To Shopping Online How To Save Money When Shopping Online


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Recreational riding has stepped a bit further with the innovative hoverboards available on the market these days. With new exciting features and excellent functionalities, hoverboards are now becoming the next generation solution to walking. A lot of things have changed within the hovering industry in just a few years and you can definitely expect more for the coming year. With the New Year fast approaching, you might start to wonder what is the best hoverboard in 2017. The great news is that you do not have to wait to find out what the year 2017 awaits you. Here are the top five hoverboards on sale in 2017 you can always look forward to. 1. Powerboard Hoverboard One of the best hoverboards in 2017 is the Powerboard Hoverboard that provides a stable, long-lasting and faster riding experience to users. It has a self-balancing technology to enhance your personal safety and ride quality. With 10 km per hour speed, you will be impressed with this wonderful hoverboard. It also features responsive foot controls that efficiently ease control and acceleration. It also allows you to easily lean forward and backward, allowing you to have complete control of your motion. 2. Lamborghini Hoverboard, Water Proof with LED The Lamborghini Hoverboard has no design flaws and offers an amazing riding experience. It is waterproof and features LED headlights that improve visibility, making it safer to ride even during nighttime. Its mechanical and electrical components are certified safe and durable. With this impressive hoverboard, users can benefit from smart battery management, rubber bumpers for their protection and improved downhill traction. 3.10 inch Hoverboard The latest 10-inch Hoverboard available in 2017 can easily beat the competition when it comes to aesthetics. It comes with a music speaker, a free carry bag, Bluetooth and a remote control once you purchase. If you are looking for an ideal self-balancing scooter for the coming year that will give you the best riding experience, you can never go wrong with 10-inch Hoverboard. 4. Gold Chrome Hoverboard Sturdy, highly-responsive and comes with a unique battery management system, the Gold Chrome Hoverboard is a famous hoverboard, especially among kids, students and even adults alike. It can carry more than two-hundred pounds and its balancing technology is offering a smooth riding experience, especially for learners. Inexperienced users will feel safe with this impressive hoverboard, featuring sensors that smoothen the rides and improve the ride experience. 5. FB299 Black Hoverboard If you are looking for the best hoverboard in 2017, you can never go wrong with FB299 Black Hoverboard. It can run for up to 21 kilometers per charge, allowing you to enjoy riding experience for a long time. When you purchase FB299 black hoverboard at $297, you will take full advantage of unique accessories that come with it. Its package actually includes 1 by 2 wheel self-balancing scooter, a charger, and a user manual. Now that you have the top five hoverboards in 2017, you can now enjoy a safe, easy and efficient maneuvering by purchasing the best product that will match your needs.