Most Important Steps To Take When You Think You Have Been Treated Unfairly

Finding a great job can be difficult. The better the job the more competition there is, meaning that you have to stand out from the crowd. However, what do you do when you have started your dream job and find that you are being treated unfairly.

You may think that you simply have to put up with it, after all, what other options are there? But, the simple truth is that every person has the right to be treated fairly. You need to identify if you are being treated unfairly and do something about it.

Identifying Unfair Treatment

The first step is to look at how you are being treated in comparison to others in your workplace. There is a difference between unfair treatment when you are treated differently from others, and bad treatment when everyone is treated badly.

It can help to speak to a reputable unfair dismissal lawyer, even if you haven’t been dismissed. They will help you to identify whether and how you are being unfairly treated. They can also be of assistance in resolving the matter.

Step 1 – Bring It Up

Step 1 – Bring It Up

The first step in dealing with unfair treatment is to bring it up with the company and the specific individual. In many cases, this is your direct boss. Talk to them about the issue you are facing and see how they respond. This can be enough to end the issue.

You must remain calm when talking and it is advisable to take a witness into any meeting. You should make notes regarding the entire process.

Step 2 – Contact Superiors

Step 2 – Contact Superiors

If this has no effect and the business has an HR department you can bring the issue up with them. They will have set procedures that need to be followed to assess your claim and deal with it properly. If your business doesn’t have a separate HR person that you can talk to then you will need to go to the boss or owner of the company.

Of course, if this is the person unfairly treating you that won’t help!

Step 3 – Involve The Professionals

Step 3 – Involve The Professionals

Should both the above steps have been unsuccessful then it is time to speak to your unfair dismissal lawyer again, even if you haven’t been dismissed.

They will be able to contact your employer for you and remind them of the law regarding the treatment of employees. The fact that they are already in the loop means it will be easier for them to assist you if the employer reacts badly and dismisses you.

Of course, you need to be aware that dealing head-on with unfair behavior at work means you may not feel welcome in the workplace anymore. If this is the case you can leave and file an unfair dismissal claim as you have been forced out.

Again, it’s a good idea to speak to the unfair dismissal lawyer first to ensure you get the best advice and follow the right protocol.

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